Sanders, Trump, Clinton ~ Part II of II ~ ASTROLOGY ~ Who Can Win? ~ Presidential Election 2016

Sanders, Trump, Clinton ~ Part II of II ~ ASTROLOGY ~ Who Can Win? ~ Presidential Election 2016

Ok, here we are part two and if you haven’t
already seen part one I’d encourage you to do so because it really lays the groundwork
for these times and talks about the deep transformation this country is going through. The Plutonian
transit which is the transformation of power and this nations identity, a sentiment and
extreme that seems to be coming from Bernie Sanders side and a Neptunian transit, which
is more of a spiritual crisis; the dissolution and transcendence of life’s limits and boundaries,
a collective sentiment and extreme that seems to be coming more from the Trump side. And
Hillary, who is also very attuned to collective psyche and need, her chart being more of an
implementer and she’ll need to do some transformation of her own if she is to be a driving force
in this election. So, let’s do it…
Sanders, Trump, and Clinton. So what I’ve done is gone ahead with all
three charts and identify the “sensitive structures” within them. That is those structures
that tend to get “sparked” at important or pivotal events in their lives. And by identifying
these and what kind of connections they�re making now it will give us a really good perspective
on how the election might unfold for each individual candidate.
So let’s get started with Bernie Sanders… I can’t stress the importance of two sensitive
structures in Sanders chart that are present always present at major and pivotal events.
Zeus/Kronos=Mercury, which is his powerful and creative mental leadership
And Jupiter Vulcanus Pluto, one of the most successful midpoint structures, all kinds
of positive change and development and the influential and expansive development of power.
So leading up to the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sander’s chart is in this current
mode of expansion and will continue to grow over the year, but the energy will really
pinnacle mid-summer, around the convention. Sanders chart is strong and will continue
that trend as his sensitive structure Jupiter-Vulcanus/Pluto which is in powerful contact to his Natal
Moon and his Directed Poseidon and these two planetary pictures just heighten in energy
as we get closer to the convention in July. Now what that means with both the Moon and
Poseidon is that Sanders will continue to exert powerful public influence, developing
and building momentum while continuing to transmit his ideological concepts. This may
or may not mean he’s leading in the primaries but rather that his influence will remain
strong. Also building in strength over the next six
months is his directed Aries point, which is the world axis, in connection to his natal
apollon point which indicates widespread expansion, and with those Meridian/Jupiter-Vulcanus/Pluto
structure here too, probably a lot of money funneling in over the next several months.
Although his chart is still strong at election time, I’m a little bit less impressed with
it. Sander’s November chart just doesn’t contain a strong enough Zeus/Kronos=Mercury
axis, an axis that has been so active in past elections wins. And his chart also lacks a
connection to the world axis that would show in this type of event.
So the repeating theme in his chart over and over again is about this release of “idealism”
and the “inspiring of new growth, a �generation of power and development” and “expansion.”
The Neptune and Jupiter transits of both his Meridian and Sun over the next six months
continue these themes and the Saturn transit which is square will be challenging but serve
as impetus to keep building and do what is needed.
So Sander’s Neptune transit in these situations generally tends to inflate or dissolve, poof
and they’re gone. My guess is that Sanders will be relevant as long as collective unconscious
feelings are strong and there is a need for a mouthpiece, Sanders being their channel.
So now we come to Donald Trump. I did not to Ted Cruz’s chart as there is some uncertainty
as to a correct birth time on it so I made the executive decision to just leave that
one alone. But upon identifying the “sensitive structures” in Trumps chart, the ones active
at major events, we find a collection of inflations, deflations, successes and failures more than
anything else. One of the most important structures is where
four of the six personal points meet up and it the structure that casts the biggest shadow
in his life. Sun-Moon-Meridian-Ascendant with Venus-Hades/Saturn midpoint, tremendous self-valuation
issues; his uncertainty around his own inner value and worth and his bottomless need for
“proof of value or love” that serves as a motivation for everything that he does,
the White House being the ultimate trophy of self-worth and more poignantly personal
redemption. But this structure also sits on the nations
Ascendant and Neptune has been transiting this area for the past year and will continue
through the election stirring up and intensifying not only Trump’s deepest unconscious feelings
and longings but the unconscious feelings and longings of an entire collective. Neptunian
transits are crises of the spirit and in this case a collective spirit that has grown tired
of rules, limits, and boundaries. Trumps ability to channel these archetypal images is his
gift. And the Zeus-Kronos/Mars/Neptune with the
Mercury/Meridian in Trumps chart is what enables him to do so, to channel the collective. An
endless font of imagination that’s nearly always operating, intuiting what others want
him to be and then to becoming that person. A profound ability to read an entire auditorium
of people the way he can read an individual. Trump isn’t popular because he channels
collective fear and discontent. Donald Trump is popular because he captures the collectives
desire to dissolve and transcend the limits of life’s boundaries and just be who we
are. Trump is having the time of his life using his outrageously creative skillset and
people like it, they want that kind of freedom in their own lives and that is a universal
feeling. No matter how abominable you think Trump is, there is a kernel in everyone that
finds him oddly, offensively and uncomfortably attractive.
And so ramping up the next six months we have a very prominent Sun direction to his Ascendant
which is exact to the second during the Republican Nation Convention, which in my estimation
means strong possibility that he’ll be at the helm. Sun Ascendant directions or progressions
are like a “coming out party,” they’re major life transitions yielding energy, vitality,
recognition and confidence. Moving out of that period and into November
is where things really get interesting. On November 8th his chart as a whole forms a
22.5 degree aspect to itself, similar to a quarter turn of a dial. And this 22.5 degree
aspect, symbolizes action, it’s both motivating and a challenging but the direction it will
go will depend on Trump’s own inner evolution and development. But he does have a strong
direction of Pluto to Jupiter which is excellent for positive growth and development as well
as connections to the world axis on election day, chiefly a Moon-Vucanus/Meridan which
is a structure of tremendous public and political influence. But the curious thing here is that
this Moon-Vulkanus/Meridian structure which really starts around convention time is also
tied in with his Neptune/Pluto midpoint structure which is exact at convention time and this
means that there is both an intense mystical air that surrounds Trump, but that there’s
are also possibly deep imperceptible changes going.
So again, similar to Sanders, Neptune transits either inflate or dissolve because they are
so rooted in unconscious feelings, both Trump’s and the collective’s. Will he win the election?
His chart is slightly favorable and he does have a strong world axis and world axis connections.
He could possibly keep inflating up to the election and then “poof” he’s gone,
just like your typical Neptunian transit creating a lot of projection until it’s no longer
needed. Ok, Hillary Clinton’s chart. Same deal in
finding those sensitive structures at major events in her life, so let’s get started.
And we have a Mars-Pluto/Aries structure which is the midpoint for “civil servant,” but
it’s also someone who is ambitious, strong-willed and very skilled at developing building and
changing things. The Sun/Meridian-Aries structure can be a
very public figure and it also represents how one works and deals in the world as well
as their opportunities out in the world. So a little background on a chart I know well.
Hillary is someone with an extraordinary deep understanding of the collective unconscious
psyche combined with powerful need to implement collective needs. But internal issues around
“valuation” and the right use of “will and power” have impeded her for much of
her political career. So the reason why I wanted to review that point is because it
appears that Hillary has personally gone through some tremendous internal changes over the
past few years with the transit of Neptune to her Meridian around the time of Benghazi
and the subsequent resignation as Secretary of State, a time when she was probably feeling
tremendous discontent around what she was doing and the parts of herself that have stood
in the way from a deeper connect with herself and then by default the collective.
And so what is currently consolidating in her chart that will remain active for another
few months is a monster combination. Sun directed to Neptune, Uranus directed to her Meridian,
and Meridian directed to her Mars. This is not only deeply intuitive combination, tuning
her into collective psyche like a radio tower, but it also signifies tremendous vision, the
need to assert and an abundance of energy needed to harness the collective psyche into
workable goals and objectives. So this �tri-structure� is probably operating more internally right
now as she is gathers steam by taking stock of the collective needs and the lay of political
land. So I was really curious about this exact structure
and what was going on the only other time it was exact like this in her life which was
forty five years ago in 1968. So I Googled it and came across this Times article written
in 2007 where she was apparently immersed in a very similar transformative process as
she is right now. In Turmoil of ’68, Clinton Found a New Voice.
Mark Leibovich writes; “As the nation boiled over Vietnam, civil
rights and the slayings of two charismatic leaders, Ms. Rodham was completing a sweeping
intellectual, political and stylistic shift.” Hillary goes on to say;
“There was a sense of tremendous change, internationally and here at home which impacted
greatly how I thought about things.” And of many of Hillary’s handwritten remarks
from that year are still on file at Wellesley, as she wrote;
“Gaining power is at the core of effective activism. It is the very essence of life,
the dynamo of life.” “She was not an antiwar radical trying to
create a mass movement, said her friend Ellen DuBois. She was very much committed to working
within the political system. From a student activist perspective, there was a significant
difference.” She arrived at Wellesley in 1964 as a Republican
Goldwater girl and left as class President and an anti-war Democrat whose graduation
speech won her Time magazines “Voice of a Generation.”
So returning to Hillary’s chart in the here and now, as these three areas subside in energy
over the next few months, she’s got a locomotive train getting revved up that will slowly creep
and take her up to the election. The directed Meridian to Mars Pluto which is a tremendous
drive to go beyond limitations and initiate new situations, with possible and much needed
“rework” around the expression of the masculine in her chart and moving to a Meridian
Pluto direction around convention time indicating a profound release of personal power into
career. And then her Meridian she lands exactly at election time on the Aries point or world
axis and that is huge. When something connects to the world axis we will be seen and have
impact in the world. Of all three candidates here, Hillary’s chart has hands down the
most powerful placements on election day. The only other time that Mars/Pluto=Aries
and the Meridian like this was the day her husband was elected 42rd President of the
United States. What I don’t think is that all of these
planetary directions she’ll be having between now and election time will be easy, they’re
a square which in astrology is a very challenging aspect, indicating a lot of stress and resistance,
but equally as strong will be the desire to overcome the obstacles and tackle problems.
So with a chart like Hillary’s we’re dealing with a different kind candidate than a Trump
or Sanders in that Hillary is not an �idealist,� she has no ideology. Hillary’s is an implementer
who will most likely strategize a political run like a locomotive train; grounded, intense,
forward moving based on her reading of the collective psyche and need. If she can harness
and tap into what both Sanders and Trump are channeling and convince people that she is
the one to move and implement the collective current, then she will very likely win this
election. But more than anything she needs to come from heart, with a positive expression
of both her feminine and masculine. So Sander’s and Trump’s charts are both
strong, they are necessary and invaluable pieces to this transformative time. Hillary,
well she’s an implementer but we’ll have to wait and see if she can both harness and
swim the transition while moving the collective forward.
So that’s it. That’s what the lay of the land looks like. So stay tuned for my next
video which will take me wherever this incredible time in our history goes. And I’m open to
suggestions so if you want to connect with me you can do so at


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  • cutiepatootie1990 says:

    It seems Donald has been given the power to tap into harness the worst aspects of the human collective and run on that. Hillary has been excellent at implementing stratagies that have lined her pockets and her foundation using questionable sources (wall street, dictators). I shudder to think what her strong chart will bring during the election.

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    What about comparing the US chart to the candidates? No one I've seen is doing that. Trump has very strong aspects to the US chart. Regardless of what transits are doing they must have strong aspects to the US chart to win. Mars in Leo is very favorable for US presidents, but not Moon in Pisces.

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    Also let's remember the power of free will."The stars impel, they do not compel." You can have two people who both believe "I'm not good enough." One may become very successful so as not to feel bad thinking he's not good enough. Another person might be homeless and never bother trying because he believes he's not good enough so what is the point? Believing is seeing, not the reverse.

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    Well edited video. Jupiter in Virgo gives Sanders (first house) more popularity, later in 2016 Jupiter in Libra (2nd house); more income as president? Well, who knows! Other external factors to consider is the return of Saturn to Capricorn (structures are reorganized); like Berlin Wall, the end of Soviet Union, the start of the Balkan Wars (last time Saturn was in Capricorn). Trump and Sanders are challenging the structure of GOP and DNC, meanwhile, Brexit is structuring the economics of England and EU, and Podemos' win in Spain may lead to Hasta-la-vExit; leading all the PIIGS to exit the E.U. Saturn edging to Capricorn will lead to what kind of leader, more of the same or breaking-down-the-house.

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