Saturn ♄ in Astrology: The Great Teacher Documentary

Saturn ♄ in Astrology: The Great Teacher Documentary

Of all the planets, we fear Saturn
the most. Saturn has an awful reputation. To ancient astrologers the planets represented
the will of the gods. They had a direct influence upon human affairs. Planet Saturn is named after an ancient Roman God.
He was the first God of the Capitol known since the most ancient times as Saturnius
Mons. Saturn was the God of regeneration, dissolution,
plenty, wealth, agriculture, renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also,
the God of Time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age, of
plenty and peace. But Saturn is also associated with other things, including human sacrifice. Saturn’s bad reputation doesn’t come from
Roman Mythology where he is seen mainly as a force of good, instead it comes from Greek
Mythology, where he is identified as Cronus. Cronus is the son of Uranus, father sky, the
ruler of the Universe and Gaia, Mother Earth. He is very jealous of the power that Uranus
has, and he is willing to castrate him to overthrow him.
Later on, Uranus and Gaia, tell Cronus, that one of his sons is going to overthrow him
in his turn; that there is a prophecy. Cronus goes insane and he begins to eat up
his own children as soon as they are born. But of course the prophecy can’t be stopped
and will come true, as one of his sons, Zeus, will survive. To modern astrologists the planets represent
basic drives or urges in the unconscious mind. They are energy flow regulators representing
dimensions of experience. They express themselves with different qualities
in the 12 signs of the zodiac and in the 12 houses.
The planets are also related to each other in the form of aspects.
Modern astrologers differ on the source of planetary influence.
Some of them believe that the planets exert it directly through gravitation or another
unknown influence. Others hold that the planets have no direct
influence in themselves but are mirrors of basic organizing principles in the Universe. In other words, the basic patterns of the Universe repeat themselves everywhere:
As above, so below. Therefore the patterns that the planets make
in the sky reflect the ebb and the flow of basic human impulses.
The planets are also associated with the basic forces of nature. Science hasn’t really been interested or
even able to prove that planets and planetary movements have any effect on earth, but they
have discovered that planetary cycles have an effect on solar activity.
Planetary cycles can combine to produce especially high or low solar activity and when this happens
the effect on earth can be quite dramatic by changing the weather.
High or low solar activity coincides with different periods in the Earth’s climate,
like the Little Ice Age during the years 1350 and 1850.
The bitter winters of this period of time, led to mass starvation and social upheaval
in Europe during the 16th and the 17th century. Throughout history Saturn has been associated
with the rise and fall of man. Saturn – the Time Keeper – measures birth
and death. Saturn is slow, but its effects immediate.
He requires change and restructuring, responsibility and wisdom.
“Grow up” he says, “Or else”. Yet, it is extremely difficult to predict
whether an important Saturn aspect will lead to a rise or to a fall.
The intentions, the psychology of the people involved, in a certain situation is extremely
important for how things will develop. The most interesting Saturn aspect is the
Saturn Return. And that means that Transiting Saturn conjuncts
Natal Saturn. It takes approximately 28 to 31 years for
Saturn to make an orbit around the Sun. So, every 30 years or so, Saturn will return
to the exact degree where it was when you were born, or when a nation was born even.
And a great change happens in life that helps you to grow and mature and if you take responsibility
this process is much easier than if you are trying to be mean, or if you are trying to
run away, stick to old ways, because Saturn doesn’t allow that.
And it can make your life extra difficult. So the first Saturn Return is the most important,
basically because it’s when you finally and definitely step into adulthood.
It’s when you find your purpose, you know who you are.
Maybe you have some kind of adult responsibility around that time.
Maybe you are going through a divorce as well, but if you are doing things in a way that
you make sure that you have done everything right, Saturn will eventually reward you.
The second Saturn Return is happening around 60, when you approach 60.
Around that time something significant can happen as well, you can have your first grandchildren
or something else important happens, and you reach another sense of maturity.
The third and usually last one, happens when you are approaching 80, and that’s when
you have reached that wise old age. Basically Saturn has to do with our psychological
maturity, with our psychological development, and you can also call it spiritual development
also, because usually it is said that the end goal isn’t important but the journey
there. And that’s what Saturn is basically about. There are two forces that can affect people
and things at a distance. One is gravity. Another electromagnetism.
It is the Moon’s gravity that creates the tides, but the Moon’s electromagnetic field,
is quite insignificant. It’s not inexistent, but still random and
scattered. While there is evidence that electromagnetic
fields easily influence people’s moods, behaviors and morality, there isn’t any
suggestion that Gravity has a similar effect. The Moon’s and the Sun’s gravity influence
Earth the most. It’s gravity that makes the planets in the
Solar System stick together. But the gravity of all other planets in the
solar system put together do not have enough strength to throw the Earth off its course.
Therefore certain alignments between planets can never destroy Earth. I guess that at the moment, it is quite impossible
to find any kind of validity that is scientific when it comes to astrology.
Should any scientist come close to any kind of conclusion they immediately also turn it
around, and they try to hide from it, because they don’t want to be associated with astrology,
that is seen as highly unscientific. You can actually take and use astrology as
you wish. It can be a tool that directs your life, or it can be entertainment or something
to look forward too. Maybe you are a believer and still you are
not. And it doesn’t really matter, because astrology
is still fascinating us today. And there are so many that have done research
back in history and looked at planetary transits and returns.
They have actually come up with what a planet is likely to create in a person’s or a nation’s
life, but at the same time it’s not written in stone.
You can also give it a very general meaning, but you can’t precisely say who’s going
to do what and at what time, and do on. And it’s basically the same with psychology.
You know the circumstances of a person’s childhood, and education, and everything,
and still, you don’t know how this person is going to turn out.
Therefore I guess that, just like in a science like psychology, if you want to find confirmation
for something, you will find it, and if you don’t want to, you won’t. The heavy, serious planet Saturn changes signs
every two and a half years. As it does, new difficulties, obligations,
restrictions, duties, lie ahead. Yet, no other planet creates the same opportunity
for learning and development. It is Saturn that creates purpose in our lives
and gives us the necessary means that helps us live it.
All that Saturn asks in return is responsibility, discipline and hard work.
If you do your part he can help you strive towards goals and reach them.
Psychologically, Saturn is about overcoming fears and blockages.
By taking responsibility you only have you to blame. Saturn is actually not that bad. Because it
can bring responsibility because we get a new job.
It can make us put a lot of effort into things, because we care.
And it can bring about limitations, because we fall in love, and we are involved in a
very serious relationship. And nothing is really long lasting without
the touch of Saturn. No relationship, friendship or business.
So if you know which house Saturn is going to affect next it’s good if you set up goals,
because you are already heading in that direction more or less, but you might do it on the
thought level, but with Saturn, in that house, it’s about time to actually begin
to work towards it; To put effort; because Saturn is about reality and the material world.
It is not about dreams and fantasies. If you have your goals clear, it is more likely
that Saturn is going to assist you, instead of forcing you.
If you let’s say with Saturn in a certain house, are losing your job, it’s not because
Saturn wants to punish you, but it is because you have another purpose in life. And you
want to find out what that ideal job is for you and to learn new skills and do what’s
necessary, in order for you to get there. And that’s how you get most out of Saturn.
Even if you for a while have to work with something that you don’t like that much,
but still you are learning something new, you are experiencing something new, and a
new skill will always stay with you and at some point in the future, it can come to hand.


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    nice production

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    Great job–thank you! I shared on my FB page.

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    great documentary – thanks …peace☼

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    Astrology is also a science, but not mainstream science.

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    I love your accent, are you Polish?

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    Very nice.  

    One thing, however:  Saturn's third return, if we make it, happens around 90, not 80, as you said.

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    Kool. 🌹 A Orange rose for a beautiful white lady… 😉

  • Arjan Plantinga says:

    If you throw overboard the notion that gravity is the driving force in this universe, and adopt the notion that electricity is, a whole new range of possible and logical explanations for astrology opens up.

    Think of our solar system as a Tesla-ball, where the planets alter the streaming of energies, each in their own way, from the Sun and from interstellar space.

  • 13x60 says:

    I'm assuming you're an astrologer. How do you see a Saturn in Capricorn (house 5), opposite Mercury in Cancer (house 11), and Mercury being the ruler of my Ascendant in Virgo? The rising Sun is in Gemini. This aspects has made me want to examine things in depth urging me for a deep understanding about life itself.

  • Lamont Robinson says:

    Very good video about Saturn in Astrology!! I also have made a video about Saturn, and its on my page, check it out (its named the #SaturnReturn) Again, loved your video. You put good information (like the 29 year orbit) , nice video (of the boxer) , and your own comments, too. Good job!!!

  • Stubs 87 says:

    If the Saturn Return occurs every 30 years then wouldn't the last one be around 90 not 80?

  • Cap'n Carny says:

    The planet Saturn is the Roman god, i.e. Saturn isn't named after the god, the god is named after the planet! Kronos is the greek name of the planet/god Saturn. El is the Hebrew name of the planet/god Saturn. An/Anu/Re/Frodhi/ There is no god but there is a planet and the planets Saturn(Kronos), Mars(Ares), Venus(Aphrodite) and Jupiter(Zeus) all apparently had real and striking effects on planet earth. Apparently over 10,000 years ago there were some amazing light shows above in the heavens.

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    Thank you very much! An enlightening documentary.

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  • John Mastroligulano says:

    I must disagree the machinations-false prophecy through Rhea-Gaia is to pit father against son, son against father to control creation-expansion something which always backfires. Zeus=zoo's=multi-verse, Cronus didn't eat his children he 8 them meaning to put them through a lifetime an infinite loop so that they can learn-grow, Rhea kidnapped Zeus to turn him against his father like what happened to Uranus/Cronus which is why Cronus it is said at this very moment is chained by NYX-NOX which means to stop or against X=Christ he is doing time(sacrificing for his family many of which have turned on him out of fear-jealousy) & when that time is up NYX & the rest of those seeking to keep other programs-people veiled-asleep-non sentient-enslaved will be revealed-exposed to the sanitizing light of truth=Luke 8:17. The signs are computer functions-designation of purpose/ability just like what names mean how you label characters within an AI construct. OC~~~


    ~SATAN (SON OF HEAVEN)👑👑👑👁👁👁☠️☠️☠️🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥🔥🐲🐲🐲
    Revelation 10:1 KJV
    [1] And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

    Amen Definition:
    noun, Egyptian Mythology.
    1. a god in whom Amen and Ra were combined: the god of the universe and the supreme Egyptian god during the period of Theban political supremacy.

    Revelation 3:14 KJV
    And unto the ANGEL of the CHURCH of the Laodiceans write; These things SAITH the AMEN, the FAITHFUL and TRUE WITNESS, the BEGINNING of the CREATION of GOD;

    Hosea 13:4-5 KJV
    Yet EYEAM the LORD THY GOD from the LAND OF EGYPT, and thou shalt know no GOD but ME: for there is NO SAVIOR BESIDE ME. EYE did know thee in the WILDERNESS, in the LAND OF GREAT DROUGHT.

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    So if I went to Saturn, manifested What I wanted there, it would manifest here on earth??

  • Love Always Wins says:

    Only now, at the cusp of my second Saturn return (Cap rising: Saturn in Aquarius in first house), am I able to feel some ease. I am grateful for the lessons, the humbling,s, wisdom, and blessings that Saturn offers. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Aloha from Kauai.

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    Amazing!! Pretty spot on!!

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    Meanwhile they can't replicate gravity…gravity hoax

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    The Planets are the Gods! Astrotheology is the true and only science. We can learn to use it in our day to day life. It’s amazing’n

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    This seems the opposite to the information I came across from a WW2 veteran who got involved with the Illuminati and Luciferian cult who worshiped the Sun and also understand the Romans originally had Saturday as the Sabbath but later became Sunday but Saturday should be the day of Jesus Christ this man Roger became a Jehovahs Witness and was protected from the demonic possession and they had no hold on him.

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    Interesting old Betty Boop cartoon. Deeply steeped in allegory and Esoteric knowledge.

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