SATURN in Vedic Astrology (Shani in jyotish)

SATURN in Vedic Astrology (Shani in jyotish)

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about planet Jupiter, and how planet Jupiter blesses you with everything you want in life. The positivity. Today we are going to see
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Vedic astrological videos just like this one. In last video we discussed
about planet Jupiter, it’s positivity, how it blesses us. It’s benefit. All other core significations associated with planet Jupiter. Today we are going to
discuss our planet Saturn. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Saturn is the negative. Saturn is a planet of restriction.
How does it restrict you? Planet Saturn is the planet of time. It restricts you with age, death. These are the restrictions it puts on you. So Saturn is time. Saturn is kala. Saturn is your death. Saturn is your time, age. Apart from it, Saturn is your ability. Saturn can make you handicap. So these inabilities are also
the signification of Saturn. So second core signification
for Saturn is time. First is negativity, second is time. Third is restriction. Which we discussed. We discussed all three of them. So the fourth core
signification is endurance. Saturn is very hard working planet. It likes to keep working,
working, working. Every single day is the
bore of repetitive action, just like me. The repetitive action. Saturn is a very humble,
sincere and honest guy. So endurance is the fourth
signification of planet Saturn. What is the fifth signification? Fifth signification, it is, it shrinks. Shrinking is death. Expansion, Jupiter, is life. When we shrink, we are
inching towards death. That’s what older are getting shrinked. Saturn also signifies the older people. Saturn is death. Saturn is time. Saturn is restriction. Okay? But, it makes you enduring. It helps you increase your endurance. So Saturn is endurance. He is not bored of the repetitive action. He has tremendous sense of duty. He likes to do that, once he’s convinced, he is so honest, he is not
bored of the repetitive action. He will keep on doing that activity. Boom. He is not optimistic like Jupiter. He’s pessimistic. The pessimism is another
signification of planet Saturn. He does not trust anyone. So distrust also becomes another signification for Saturn. Saturn does not trust anyone. So most of scientist are kind of Saturn people. Who keeps on working, who doesn’t believe anyone, they don’t
believe in astrology. The don’t believe that
there is some entity called Saturn which
stores your karma, which restricts you, or anyhow
is going to affect you. So these are the
scientific kind of people. People with Saturn imminent
are the scientific people. In Vedic tradition they
are called as ya-ne-yogi or val-al-gil. They are not optimistic. They are not bothered about
the optimism and expansion. They look at life critically. They look at the facts as it is. So when you are critical, your analytical skills are very strong. So it is very helpful in
the scientific approach. So most of the people who are skeptic or don’t
believe in astrology are actually the people who
are, might have the Saturn working for them. So they don’t believe. Who is this guy? Who is that guy talking about Saturn? And how is it going to affect me? I don’t believe this. Show me the experiment,
show me the results. Show me how exactly it works. But, spiritual things are
not written on the stones. They are somehow very uncertain, and there is always room for the… There is always room
for the uncertainties. These are not fixed. That’s why it’s very difficult to explain it to somebody. It has to come from within. A guru might help you. Okay, so this is Saturn’s
critic and analytical skills. Apart from it, Saturn
represents the masses. The masses are often
represented by planet Saturn. Saturn, masses are the people
who are not the leaders. Who are not privileged. Who follow somebody. Who are the subordinates. These are the people denoted by, signified by planet Saturn, okay. Saturn is very ugly. So this ugliness is also
embodied into the Saturn. And another core signification
for Saturn is rejection. Saturn gets rejected. Rejection is due to it’s
ugliness as well as failure. It has always been rejected. It’s not welcome. So this also signified by Saturn. But this does not mean that he is bad. These experiences, this
negativity is far more important. Life is not only, life is
not all about this positivity and expansion of Jupiter. Saturn shows you the truth. Saturn is very critical
and analytical, we saw this in the last significations,
but, Saturn is objective. Saturn is not emotional. If Saturn is looking at
astrology, if a person with a prominent Saturn
is looking at astrology, he won’t get overwhelmed with anything. If someone is saying that Jupiter is this, Saturn is this, you will
have wealth, you will have so many things, he
won’t get excited with this. He will look at this. Okay, how does this work? Tell me about this, tell me about that. How this is working. Saturn is so far, how it
is going to affect me? All these questions will come up. He’s skeptical. He start questioning you. He will analyze it. He won’t believe you. Distrust. Pessimism. Criticality. Analytical skills. Logic. All these are the
qualities of a scientist, ya-ne-yogi or val-al-gi-ogi These are the Saturn qualities. When you develop this objectivity. When you develop this objectivity, you become distant. You’re not attached with anybody. You are detached from everybody. That’s what val-al-gi’s all about. So Saturn is the detachment. To summarize, Saturn is the
polar opposite of Jupiter. You will see many polar opposite things from Saturn and Jupiter. You can go watch the
Jupiter video and compare the significations, you will see that, just to mention a few, Jupiter is about expansion, Saturn is about restriction. Saturn is about decrease, Jupiter is about increase and surplus. It’s about optimism, it’s about pessimism. It’s about faith, it’s about distrust. It’s about faith, it’s about
logic, objectivity, detachment. And you will see many
more core significations in this polarity. Saturn gets exalted in
zero to 20 degrees Libra. And, from zero to 20 degrees
Aquarius it’s kumbha rashi. From 20 degrees Aquarius to 23
degrees Aquarius and complete Capricorn is it’s own house. It gets debilitated at 20 degrees Aries. Okay. What are the house
placements for the Saturn? If you see the natural zodiac,
the 10th house and 11th house is signified by the Saturn rashis. Saturn is the planet of karma. As well as the lover. Saturn not only restricts
you, he wouldn’t give you just like Jupiter. He will judge you, and, on
merit, he will give you. If you deserve, he will give you money, he will give you everything. And nobody can take it away from you. Once Saturn give you, it’s the final. It’s the final fruit of your karma. You deserve it. You definitely deserve it. That’s Saturn. So, house placement, the
best house placement for the Saturn is, Saturn
gets directional strength into the seventh house. And, Saturn works extremely
well in upper tier house, that’s three, six, 10 and 11. Okay, this was planet Saturn,
as much as I could hold, grasp, share and communicate to you guys. Please check out the description
section for the link. I’ll put in the link to the
free document, free handbook, you can go through it for
those significations, the rashis, houses, and then
watch the videos, you will have a better understanding
of the planet Saturn, and you will have a whole
of Saturn even more. And if you don’t know where
your Saturn is placed, go to my website, get
your free Vedic horoscope, and check out the placement of Saturn. Otherwise, we’ll see
you in the next video. Keep watching Paramanik astrology channel, hit that like button. Love and peace.


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