Saturn Ketu Transit 2019 for All the Ascendants

Saturn Ketu Transit 2019 for All the Ascendants

in last video we discussed about Mars
and Rahu transit for all the signals in this video we are going to talk about
Saturn and key to the retrograde Saturn and k2 into the sign of Sagittarius for
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and k2 Saturn is retrograde we have talked enough about settle retrograde in
our previous videos if you have not watched my Saturn right overhead video I
will put a link in to the I button or in the description section okay just go and
watch that video about the settled retrograde right now Saturn is into the
sign of Sagittarius and it is conjunct the k2
okay what is the sign of screen what is Saturn the first thing which comes to
my mind when I think of Saturn is the negativity it is that distrust
negativity and a restriction okay all this sounds bad but I recommend you not
to think in terms of good and bad okay Saturn is also the significant for the
death Saturn is the kala okay so Saturn is about the debt about
the dark about the night about the negativity in life Saturn is a polar
opposite of Jupiter and now this Saturn is conjunct with Guido k2 is that
intensified spiritual energy which is all about our accumulated karma okay k2
are the things which we have already achieved in the past lives okay wherever
you have k2 placed in or wherever you have k2 k2 shoes the things which you
have already achieved okay so you feel very comfortable about it so you like to
cling to the things of k2 now let us move on to the conjunction of Saturn and
k2 if you combine the significance of Saturn like death negativity
restrictions hard work along with the k2 which is about the in world energy k2 is
a very intensified inward energy and k2 is a backward-looking planet but by
backward I don’t mean looking back or retrograde it is always into the
retrograde motion but what I mean is k2 signifies things which we have already
achieved in the lifetime now this k2 is concerned with the Saturn
the most important thing I like about this combination is Saturn and k2 brings
the spiritual humility Saturn is all about your humble approach Saturn is an
older guys Saturn is a very humble guy Saturn is a down to earth because he is
so insecure and so prepare for the worst
due to its negativity that he does not have that hope he does not have that
higher belief like Jupiter he’s just looking at the ground level whatever he
can see in front of him he’s looking for his bare necessities that is second okay
but suddenly is intelligent certain this is not dumb he may be poor but Saturn is
a very intelligent guy okay now the Saturn and Kate what it
shows is you will have the spiritual humbleness these people are so prepared
for the worst the these guys know that life is not
going to be easy things are not going to come easy to anybody so they are very
well prepared for it so they always ready for the worst okay so whenever we
have Saturn and Ketu conjunction the person with the Saturn and Ketu
conjunction has a next-level maturity like he is he will have biggest the
darkest period of his life but he will simply say that in just one would okay
yeah I just lost everything okay now I’m working here to build it again just to
sentence no drama nothing that’s Saturn and Kaito okay so
now we are going to talk about the effects of Saturn k2 conjunction for all
the senate’s there are there are three things we have to consider Saturn k2 is
into the sign of Sagittarius which is all about your hopes which is all about
your burger which is all about your higher beliefs and now you have now you
have that negative and gloomy and you know distrustful sat down there and you
have the intensified involve k2 there okay so wherever you have sign of
Sagittarius these these this condemns is going to impact you in a certain
different way okay so depending upon your ascendant you
will have a different experience of this so we are talking about the three things
to consider for this video the first thing is Saturn and k2 conjunction which
is happening into the sign of Sagittarius okay and on the other on the
other end of this axis Rahu Ketu axis Mars is conjunct with Rahu
so we all have Sagittarius and Gemini Rashi is somewhere in our chart so these
are the two focal points which are in question which are under scrutiny
because all the malefic planets are in these two houses okay because see we
have Akshay Authority are today when I’m recording this video it’s actuator idea
what is actually the actually idea is when moon and sun are exalted okay so
moon is into the sign of Taurus and Sun is in the sign of Aries okay and all
these drama is happening in the sign of Sagittarius and Gemini so moon will
definitely join the party in couple of days Sun will join the party in next
month or maybe fifteen days after whenever it will move from Taurus – the
Libra excuse me from Taurus to the Gemini okay so all these things are
going to be very heavy in Gemini and Sagittarius axis and more so the Lord of
the Sagittarius which is Jupiter is into the twelfth house – the Sagittarius and
is retrograde okay so it is a very heavy and so it has that double impact okay we
have a retrograde planet into the sign of Sagittarius and the law of the
Sagittarius is also into the retrograde motion okay so the
things are going to get intensified during this period okay so let us start
from the Aries ascendant for Aries ascendant the sign of Libra is into the
third house we have talked about what’s going to happen with respect to the Rahu
and Mars in the previous video if you have not watched that video go watch
that video okay we are concerned about the ninth house like Saturn and k2 into
the ninth house of the horoscope for Aries ascendant
okay so ninth house is all about your higher beliefs okay so so so during this
period your beliefs will be tested your beliefs will be put under the scanner of
the retrograde Saturn so the retrograde Saturn will test you with respect to
your ideologies with respect to your spiritual beliefs with respect to your
religious inclinations okay for Taurus ascendant for Taurus ascendant this is
going to come in to the sign of Sagittarius in the 8008 house is the
house of your in-laws more so it is the house of the support house three or
seven thousand thousands the house of your partner
it is the supporting house the second house to the seventh house so it is kind
of a family of your partner so it is the house of your in-laws more so it is the
supporting house for the seventh house okay and now we have that Saturn and k2
conjunction into the sign of Sagittarius here so what it shows is you will have
to be careful with respect to the inheritance you have to be careful
dealing with in-laws okay more so this 8th Lord is into the seventh house
retrograde okay so all these you have to be careful with these two houses amazing
this is the battleground Sagittarius and Gemini axis are the battle grounds for
the malefics for these two months or two three months Mars Rock excuse me Mars
Rahu is Gemini in ascendant and in seventh house you have
Saturn and key – what is 7007 thousands the house of your partner and marriage
so your marriage will be under the scanner of the Saturn and under the
scanner of k2 so you will be you know you won’t be interested in to the
seventh house things because k2 is a planet of separation okay
separation need not be a divorce and emotional separation like you won’t feel
like dealing with other people because seventh house is also the house of your
business so you won’t feel like dealing with others and as Rahu is into the
first house you’re more concerned about yourself
okay Rahu marcin – the first house will make you go to the gym transform your
body think about yourself okay the next is cancer ascendant for cancer
ascendant this is happening into the 12th and the sixth house when the sixth
house you have sat down and k2 sixth house is all about the dates delays and
diseases and your hard work Saturn loves the hard work part of the sixth house
and it also delays the diseases and debts okay but k2 is a headless body so
you have to be careful dealing with your dates you should not go beyond your
capacities and also you have to be careful that mass and Rahu is also
expecting from the 12th house of the losses to the 6th house ok you cannot
isolate just Saturn and k2 in the 6th house you have to give 8h to the 12th
house mass Rahu because they are also in a significant
position they are directly opposed it to the 2nd k2 leo s in it for Leo ascendant
third and 9 axis comes into the 11th and 5th house so in the 11th house they have
Mars and Rahu and the 5th house they have k2 and saturn v house is about your
intelligence 5th house is about your children 5th house is the house of the
pure open is about the pool was cinch it okay
fifth house is also the mahadba home for the third house
it is the house where you literally manifest your hobbies or your inner
feelings Saturn and k2 does not go well with the fifth of significations of love
and romance but Saturn and k2 well signifies and correlate themselves with
the intelligence part of the fifth house so the person with the Leo ascendant
will feel that will feel they’re isolated from the love and romance they
will they won’t have that passion for the love and romance because Saturn
which is all about the negativity and which is all about distrust and Ketu the
planet of isolation and you know separation is coming into the fifth
house okay next is world wesenrein for what why sentient third and nine axis is
coming into the tenth and fourth house in penthouse for Virgo ascendant Mars
and Rahu conjunction is into the tenth house and for fourth house they have
Saturn and k2 fourth house is all about your privacy fourth house is all about
your nourishment fourth house is all about your stability 4,000 is the house
of your home fourth house is the house of your emotional stability or happiness
quotient and when Saturn and k2 is into the fourth house they feel very
uncomfortable here okay so you have to be very careful when it comes to the
fourth house things for Virgo acident okay some career perspective you will be
very aggressive and you will go all out for the tenth Hosting’s but you have to
be careful with the four horses okay Libra Saanen for Libra ascendant third
house is coming into the ninth house excuse me third Rashi the third three
nine axis of Gemini and Sagittarius is coming into the nine
ten third house in the third house Saturn and k2 really scrutinizes your
communication its total house is all about the media is about the
communication is all about way you speak third house is also the house of
yourself effort okay so you have to be very careful with your communication
okay because to malefics are placed into the third house and to man effects are
expecting from the ninth house so you have to be very careful while speaking
anything okay you have to be very careful while posting anything on
Facebook or you know uploading any video any kind of communication you have to be
very careful the next is Scorpio ascendant for Scorpio ascendant
Sagittarius sign comes into the second house and Gemini sign comes into the
eighth house okay Saturn and k2 into the second house second house is the house
of your speech and the money is about your finances about the things which you
value is all about the tangible resources okay and what is Saturn Saturn
is an insecure old guy okay so he does not let you spend money Saturn is an old
guy he is not an immature guy like a mercury he’s a very serious guy he
speaks very less and when it is with k2 he’ll speak with you know with that
poised nature and will think twice before he speaks
okay during this transit the people with Scorpio ascendant also needs to be
careful while speaking because their speech is under the scanner of Saturn
and Kaito Sagittarius as a nun whoa we have three nine axis in one seven four
Sagittarius ascendant in the seventh house they have third Rashi Germany
Russia with Mars Rahu and in the first house these guys have Saturn and Kate
okay okay – in the first house makes you neglect things about yourself okay and
Saturn is also not much active guy so Saturn and k2 both are reluctant mmm
Saturn can make you lazy and k2 can make you indifferent so when they are
conjunct and into the first house you will feel lethargic you will distant
yourself from taking any physical activity because K to Saturn into the
Foresters for Capricorn ascendant second comes into the twelfth house along with
k2 I love this position though it is the twelfth house both these Saturn and k2
are very good for spirituality and as I told you Saturn and k2 conjunction makes
one spiritually humble person and when this combination is present into the
twelfth house of your spirituality it gives you the path to spirituality it
will help you make progress into the spiritual world okay and you have Mars
and Rahu into the sixth house energizing these two planets even more and more so
Mars and rah rah who loves to be in the sixth house in a competitive environment
Mars and Rahul loves to be in the sixth house for house tenth house because they
will get the total manifestation they would love to be in such houses 11th
house Aquarius house aquarius sign Saturn k2 comes into the eleventh house
of your horoscope and Mara who comes into the fifth house of the horoscope
when you have k2 and settling into the eleventh house what it chooses it will
make you reluctant about networking because Saturn is you know again that
old guy who is not willing to connect with people Saturn is a kind of a guy
who loves to work for himself okay he’s not much into the networking part he is
he believes in himself and because of the distrust it is
very difficult for him to connect with anybody and when kato also joins in here
it makes the saturn even more alone and 11th house is the house of connection
and networking so they really feel frustrated here and for Pisces ascendant
Saturn and k2 comes into the tenth house Saturn loves to be into the 10th house
Saturn and k2 in the 10th house can give good results to the Pisces ascendant
because 10th house is the house of your karma and Saturn is the Karaka of the
Karma when the saturn is conjunct with k2 in the 10th house it will give them
it will give them the drive to work for themselves okay and the lord of the
tenth house is into the eighth house okay which is the house of Bhagya okay
so for Pisces ascendant this transit can be very good for their career okay so
yes this was Saturn and k2 as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys
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sending your high vibes see in the next videos love and peace


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