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hii everyone .. i am back with another video in the series
about the influence of different planets in the third house.
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today is Thursday.. and as i mentioned in my schedule.. am going to talk about the influence
of Jupiter in the third house of a birth chart. and watch this video completely because at
the end of the video i will tell you the best of fire earth air and water signs to have
a merc in third house. so lets start this…!!!
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To understand the influence of a planet in the third house of a birth chart.. first of
all, you need to know the about the significance
of the third house, the nature of the planet and it’s role in the birth chart.
so let’s have a look at this through my 3 step approach… step no.1 :- understanding the house
third house of a birth chart belongs to the kama trikona meaning individual desires..
you can say that they are short term goals or dreams like watching a movie on the first
day of it’s release. third house is associated with communication..,
gathering and sharing of information, mental abilities., skills, short distance travelling.
mental activities.,media, individuality, shoulders, lungs, hands, ears.
neighbors, younger siblings, courage, will power, ego, curiosity, interests, fun , friends
fall under the third house of birth chart. third house is categorized as a upachaya house..
the house whose results can get better with time. Now, step 2:
Understanding the planet: Saturn is a natural malefic planet. .
Saturn rules the tenth and the eleventh ZODIAC signs Capricorn and aquarius.
Saturn is exalted in Libra. Saturn is associated with hardwork, discipline,
delay, order, structure, patience, boundaries, restrictions, pessimism, fear, depression,
old people. Saturn is the karaka of sixth, eighth and
twelfth houses. Saturn aspects third, seventh and tenth houses
from it’s position in a birth chart. And now step3: understanding the planet in
a house. Effects of Saturn in the third house.
Saturn is a natural malefic planet. So being in the third house of younger siblings, this
can show friction in relationship with younger siblings, or some disappointment through them.
Saturn is a slow moving planet and is associated with restrictions and delays. So, in the third
house of mental activities, this can show a person who takes time to change his mind
and adjust to the situation. Saturn is a punisher, Saturn is the planet
that gives results based on our activities. So when Saturn is in the third house of activities,
this can show a person Believing in punishing the wrong guys.
It’s difficult to learn under Saturn. This can be a person who teaches to his students
with a stick in his hands. Because third house is hands and Saturn aspects
the fifth house and ninth house from here. They may not hesitate to use the stick if
the student isn’t learning it or if he lacks discipline.
Saturn is a malefic planet. So, having a Saturn in third house can give the courage to go
out and act on their ideas. And to be independent.
Saturn from the third house, aspects the fifth, ninth and the twelfth house.
Saturn aspecting the fifth house influence the creativity, relationship with children
and romance life. Saturn aspecting the ninth house influence
the beliefs, relationship with father and teachers.
Saturn aspecting the twelfth house influence the spiritual nature of the person. And before proceeding further to Saturn in
third house through different ZODIAC signs. Let me remind you all that the dignity of
dispositor is equally important to analyse the end result. So now, Saturn in third house in fire signs.
Saturn in Aries, not a desirable position to have Saturn. Saturn is twelfth and first
house lord, this can show Ill health and disturbances in relationship with younger siblings.
Saturn in Leo is also not desirable as sun is an enemy of Saturn.
Saturn is the lord of eighth and ninth house lord. This can show disturbances in relationship
with father. Saturn in Sagittarius is lord of fourth and
fifth houses. Saturn here can show some disturbance in peace of mind. Saturn in earth signs
Saturn in Taurus is eleventh and twelfth house lord.
Saturn here can make s person very stubborn in his decisions and beliefs.
And this can also show losses through younger siblings or ego.
Saturn in Virgo is seventh and eighth house lord. This can show a spouse who can be very
critical and intelligent. Saturn in Capricorn is third and fourth house
lord. This can show a good relationship with younger siblings. Saturn in air signs.
Saturn in Gemini is tenth and eleventh house lord. This can Disturb the relationship with
younger siblings and team mates. This can also show an entrepreneur.
Saturn in Libra is sixth and seventh house lord. This can show a person’s work involving
a lot of interaction with others, and spouse can be a very artistic person.
Saturn in Aquarius is the lord of second and third house lord. This can show an entrepreneur
and a very creative person. Saturn in water signs.
Saturn in cancer is ninth and tenth house lord, and this can show an emotional connection
with father and also mostly an independent profession.
Saturn in Scorpio is fifth and sixth house lord, not a desirable position to have Saturn.
Saturn here can show disturbances in relationship with siblings and father or fatherly figures.
Saturn in pisces is first and second house lord, this can show earning through self efforts
and creativity. And nw.. Coming to the best of fire earth
air and water signs to have Saturn in third house.
I would say Sagittarius in fire signs
Capricorn in earth signs Aquarius in air signs
And cancer in water signs. And friends, with this video my series on
planets through the third house is completed. Don’t worry…, I will be uploading videos
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