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Hi Scorpio, I’m Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV with your astrology horoscope forecast for 2020. Your challenge during
2020, Scorpio, is likely to be learning to switch focus between details and the
bigger picture. You like to obsessively plan and to stay in control, but this
year’s astrological events will challenge that principally through the
unusual Saturn Pluto conjunction, which occurs in your intellectual zone. You’ll
need to learn the difference between what you can control and what you can’t,
and you’ll also want to rethink your strategy for short-term and long-term
planning. Your beliefs and principles may be challenged too, as suggested by the
lunar eclipse in your philosophy zone as 20/20 gets underway. This is followed just
a couple of days later by the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction, which rocks
what you think you know. Your normally strong communicative skills may be
undermined in February, when mercury turns retrograde in your risk zone. And
with Mars arriving then in your intellectual zone, your mind may be
racing but your words aren’t keeping up. The good news is that your home and
family life looks secure and settled this year, according to the astrology, so
this provides a solid base from which you can address this existential
intellectual philosophical crisis. Saturn moves into your family zone in March,
keeping things on a steady and even keel there, while Venus transits your love
zone bringing harmony and peace. It may briefly be a different story in April
and May however when Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn
are all retrograde, bringing jealousies or anger to the fore, especially once Mars
moves into your risk zone in May. A lot of this may be connected to the
intellectual hoops you’re having to jump through, Scorpio. Perhaps your partner
isn’t fully on board with your urge for self exploration this year, or with your
many changes of mind and principle. A solar eclipse in your philosophy zone in
June finds you having to defend your beliefs, which you’ll do with typical
Scorpio passion. But with Mercury retrograde in the same zone, you’ll find
it tricky. Throughout July the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Saturn
Pluto conjunction, so your conflicts – between detail and scope, between ideas
and reality, between ethics and principles – all of these will intensify
until your head is spinning. July and August is a very good time for a
spiritual or philosophical getaway if you can manage it. A week or two in a
retreat would be the ideal way to sort your head out, especially once Venus
moves into your travel zone in August. There’s a reflective theme to early fall too, with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in October, and Venus transiting your
spiritual zone before arriving in Scorpio in November. A lunar eclipse in
your intimacy zone in November suggests a sudden relationship issue which will
need careful attention. However once Jupiter moves into your family zone in
December you should find that your stress eases and your intellectual
gymnastics can calm down too. You’ll end 2020 with very different ideas and
beliefs to how you started, but that’s good for your growth. Be sure to tune
into Astrology.TV for amazing new insights every day. you

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