SCORPIO April 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

SCORPIO April 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

SCORPIO April 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope welcome this is the energy vibration reading
for the Scorpio Sun moon rising signs. I wanna say thank you
for being here thank you for being back this is the month of April 2019 and a
bunch of April has to do with karma logic situation
I’m not justice and I want to say to you guys to first week it’s going to be fire
to last week is gonna be here okay guys hold on tight this you’re about to have
a right so you scorpions let’s see what’s happening we have four weeks in
this month please like share these videos for the extended reading part use the link
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it’s your video to what works to the extended reading is when we look at the
overall the general and love money reading and we look at everything that
is coming up okay so we have the energy oh if you’re in a position it can be
alternative paper now you’re dealing with in the street especially the first
week but it could be on management it could be you trying to build your
financial stability it could be a father figure that is an Aries Leo or a Sagittarius
so be aware of the situation what is happening but it has something to do
with work okay and if you have the tower is here whatever the situation is it
could be ended to your boss or someone in power and you’re seeing the truth of
a situation has happened and what is taking place and you are
coming out of this they’re very very very positive okay so obviously some of
you Scorpio could be dealing with people in power someone had was use their power
in the wrong way are am would be that now you are seeing the
truth to a situation whatever the extra inspired now the truth has come out and
it is being released from your Scorpio life you’re coming out of the once in a very
positive way you’re coming out of the month using your interval leg and going
within and find an old that you can use okay there is a situation as some of you
are dealing with people either in power loss or him just you as a business
person it could be a situation that is leaving your life in the second week so
we’re going to be looking at that so you call it up to the agency guys for a
scorpion to see what happened with the scorpions in the first week going for
second week and of course we going in the second week you’re going to be
receiving message from a boss course people in power okay the energy of the
tower is here and secondly going into turn B cure would be very very
successful very successful whereas situation extremely successful with the
situation so much whatever that was not you know whatever that is transpiring
with people in power or your boss or someone that has done something
injustice you’re going to be extremely successful because you’re going to be
seen the truth of the situation the third week going in the fourth week you
have a situation with the materialistic and also the nurturing so you could be
the person who is feeling nurtured or there could be a nurturing situation
that’s come in now what has happened on what ice to inspire to energy for the
nine of Pentacles is here and it fell out in the reverse now whatever the
situation is for someone why this energy I spelled out in the reverse it has to
do with a situation where there is going to be information coming out about money
so let’s strip out your reader because you have a month where whatever the car
Matic situation has to do with a woman so
you’re gonna be very successful with a situation with a woman this woman could
be removed out of your life once and for all and this person is an heiress we
appoint such targets okay success is going to be coming in it could be
success coming from this person or it could be you but whether this person is
in this situation you’re going to be seen the truth and dispersed is good
pyramids out of your life the Wheel of Fortune comes so this is good because
I’m successful the wheel of question is really especially successfully a
material world and the wheel of fortune let’s see what is the outcome of this
month you have the energy of the night of sword so whatever the situation is is
as if on some of some situation at played and this situation is that you
saw the truth of the situation okay success is definitely and positive new
energies is going to be coming in if you’re dealing with a mother that is a
Capricorn but she’s going to be very very successful okay so as if she is the
one that is going to be getting you out of the situation so if your mom is a is
a Capricorn this lady has used everything that she has and she has
gotten you out of a situation this is going to be acting in the last week and
the first week you could be getting receiving some message from your boss
and this person is a Aries Leo Sagittarius it could also be someone in
power it could be a lawyer or that sort of a thing whether this
person is there coming actually harsh with some you know really screaming at
you whatever whatever but whoever this person is is coming back to a past life
that word you or release in Carmen’s because you’re working out Karma’s with
this person your month is as if a chaotic situation
is not finally over okay it’s as if some of you were dealing with a chaotic
situation and now it is finally over a lot of people are not happy but that’s okay some of you are going to be finding
out some situation is going to be leaving your life but whatever is
leaving is going to be presented with something much better okay so let’s see
the energy of the power whether it has used their powers okay your intuition is
right about a situation you have been having and your intuition about
something at your work or about something about your boss your right
hand target some of your and really having some intuition about someone at
your work and your boss intuition is right and toys right on target love is
going to be coming in love is going to be coming in and this love is going to
be powerful and it’s definitely going to be powerful and it’s the love it is
coming from a past life okay and it could be coming from a Capricorn a
situation between you and a Capricorn is going to be filled this could be a
mother child situation that has insurance far it’s going to be healed
because you’re going to be realizing how much this person loves you okay on some
of you this lady clinic you could reconnect with this lady it’s a past
life situation where you realize that this person is as if I’ve known this
person from a past life and as the universe sent this person back to you
and this person had true love this love that this person has is coming from a
good place the heart and the energy of the sir
whatever as strings bar between you and this person there’s a feeling that it’s
going to become an index um you know like you’re not even gonna be realizing
what this even is all about is if something that it’s just going to come
up unexpected you’re gonna have a strong foundation over someone some of you or
dealer this would be a woman that was an ex-lover or ex-partner or a mother or a
part of it you have strong foundation over a
situation and this could have to do with your house that you have very very
strong foundation at your business or in your home and there is power you are
going to be really really really um standing up especially you ladies you
ladies especially who are managers that sort of a day you are really going to be
seen it as it is well whoever this tourist burger or a
Capricorn person answer she she has your back
this is info whatever you guys have shared in night time in lifetime past
lifetimes she came back to bring stability in your world again and the
stability is coming but she she’s she has the power to bring down anything and
to make any changes it’s very powerful reading so it’s gonna affect people who
their parents or Taurus Capricorn and this lady is gonna make sure that you
receive a new start whether this lady is she’s gonna make sure that you receive a
new start so it is about healing the past okay it is about healing the past
and it’s the abundancy is coming up for simple you and this is going to be
coming in the last week so abundance is definitely coming up for some of you and
it’s going to be coming up in the next week now this abundancy is a chaotic
situation from and it has to do with at home
unexpectedly you’re going to be receiving at home and this is great to
bring you strong stability and foundation in your life the image of the
beer is here and the beer energy is that’s your gonna be standing in your
own power and this is great to be good you’re going to be spending in your own
power and it’s as if this lady came back to help you to stand in your own power
and this is going to be good because this lady is watching over you whoever
this lady is she is powerful and she’s definitely watching ultra few she is
holding back whatever blocks and horses that is coming at you and she is keeping
you and protecting you so it’s wonderful it’s all about even past relationship
and this love is going to be coming back and it’s all about the past and it’s all
about the emotion and it’s all about feeling the emotion and it’s going to be
good let’s see what cards are coming up for you guys we are two cards and we’re
using the energy of the animal energy in this month and we have two cards cards
one and car to now I’m going to put on my glasses to see what’s happening so in
card one we have the Rhinos spirit and it says overcome any obstacles number
five so changes is going to be coming in and some of you have been deal have been
a lot of obstacles in your life there’s obstacles you’re going to be overcome so
the right now you’re going to be taking on the Rhino energy and you’re going to
be overcoming all the obstacles that you have had to deal with the second card is
a little too far 51 so it’s thick so it’s all about the numbers and it is the
sand the Sandpiper Spirit and it said be playful certify the spirit it says be
faithful this is going to be wonderful because
whatever is coming up on whatever is drinks bar you’re going to be playful
about whatever is happening in your life but this is going to be good because
you’re going to be returning and the energy of six is all about love and you
have another six year which is all about not number 24 in the heart success
happiness joy that is definitely going to be coming back in your life and the
person was bringing this back it is a Taurus Virgo and Capricorn meeting she
is definitely going to be bringing this back so this could have been this is
definitely a past situation I’ve seen a situation with a house and wheedle
fortune and a house your work and real work situation or in your house
happiness stability is going to be coming back for you so turn came up it
came up so a lot of people who are dealing with your soul time it’s an
activation of the soul time so look at this card and try and activate your soul
time because what this is going to be doing it’s going to be re-energized in
and healing and removing all the emotional blocks from people and
situation that you have had in past life time ladies and gentlemen I wanna say to
you namaste and wishing and hoping a
wonderful month for you namaste until next month

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