Scorpio September 2019 MEND YOUR HEART Tarot Horoscope Reading | The Clarity Cure

Scorpio September 2019 MEND YOUR HEART Tarot Horoscope Reading | The Clarity Cure

hey everyone welcome to your September
2019 Tarot readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys
I almost said who’s my future partner reading because I’m so used to saying
that but one of the let you guys know that I am switching up the Tarot spread
September I may leave it like this moving forward I like the spread it’s
more of a general reading but the messages that come through a really
powerful what’s going on behind the scenes in hidden influences so make sure
you check out those readings coming up here really quick I also want to mention
that I am using a new deck in conjunction with these are oracle cards
that called the Astro tarot the numinous deck and I fell in love I am so in love
with these cards I can’t even begin to tell you I was going to do an unboxing
but I I couldn’t help myself I wanted to start using them right away
well look up on this upside down so you’ll you’ll notice these in the
readings also want to mention that I am doing a video within a video of me
shuffling the cards so you’ll notice and I’m sorry I forgot I lost Aries and
Taurus I made through you know deleted them by accident but anyway the video
within the video in the corner is showing me shuffling the deck for the
reading and I’m putting the cards face up so you know that it’s yeah it’s all
legit so legit I also want to mention that I’m available for private readings
you can book a Tarot session with me by going to clarity carat calm or in the
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away a couple of free meditations so check that out life purpose readings are
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your life purpose and why you’re here and understand that their astrological
readings that go deep into the chart through analysis and intuition
– yeah kind of tie all those loose ends together for you so you’re on the right
path if you’re hitting resistance in your life it’s probably because you’re
not on the right path so I love doing those readings they were available to
book with me and also twenty twenty readings I am putting those together for
free those are going to be here on YouTube so those should be out maybe in
the next couple of weeks really really excited new decade ahead guys so so much
to look forward to it’s gonna be a great great new year in 2020 lots going on
astrologically as well so it’s really kind of important to like stay connected
to who you are on a soul level so you can yea handle all the challenges in
life my free ebook is still available for download the body-mind connection it
does come with an e course which are video tutorials on how to do the
exercises and the meditations from the book so if you want to learn how to feel
your own energy if you want to feel have really truly powerfu you are definitely
get the book and the e course I highly recommend it and on that note to expand
upon that a little further my next course is going to be the how to develop
your intuition right knowing Wow is that in my head or am I really hearing my
intuition and how do I do that it is years of my own personal spiritual
journey and in to enlightenment too to put that all together for you alright so
with all that being said guys I’m with the readings god bless you have a
wonderful September we’ll see you in October
reach out leave a comment subscribe to my channel I’d love for you to be part
of my community here on YouTube and we’ll be in touch soon take care guys
alright bye bye okay Scorpio let’s jump right in Wow
time to forget it time to make amends and move on baby you are hanging upside
down for the month of September you know you’re ending your solar year sometimes
30 days out before you cycle into your new year it can be tough you know this
is the time to transform our lives if our need to make any changes and let’s
look at that let’s let’s I choose right to make changes in my
life you have to a TAC ops as you current present position here so you’re
doing it Scorpio you want more in your life you’re shedding you’re trying to
get a new perspective here you’re surrendering maybe some of you are
letting go making a sacrifice here taking a step back if you’re not if you
don’t feel this is what you need to do you need clarity and you’re waiting for
your clarity but it’s coming it’s coming don’t throw in the towel here baby
because you get the nine a pentacle and if it not a ones is your final outcome
card there’s illumination coming to your
situation but it’s time to heal and mends the eighth house to intimacy card
this is all about investments intensity this is your card contracts acts secrets
mysteries obsessions inheritance the underworld this is you are really going
deep you’re being asked to okay what they’re saying all right here here it is
okay you may not be looking at your life like so great right now but that’s the
advice you need to look at your life right now that you are completing
something of great importance in your life and that you’ve reached a milestone
you’ve reached a pinnacle bad or good okay September’s all about endings for
you and now you’re gonna be able to move forward this is a success a bonala
successful completion and triumph entertainment over a cycle a major cycle
in your life because in the world card it’s a major arcana you’re gonna step in
your power here look at this a queen of cups pisces Scorpio cancer in clinical
be dealing with a Pisces because the hangman is a Pisces card but you want
more and you know that you’re moving on from
what no longer serves you like I said earlier it can be sad okay maybe you
feel like you’re a little bit in solitude here but you’ve achieved
everything that you can and now it’s time to shift and change okay you’ve
experienced the highs and the lows I will tell you this that not to jump
ahead but watch your spending okay what you’re spending for September and
October we move into the final Mercury retrograde there’s there’s some hidden
influence here about you just needing to find stability right now cuz you’re
juggling a lot you’re juggling money maybe you’re juggling work maybe you’re
juggling this partnership this ups and downs and feeling unbalanced here or
you’re walking on a tightrope or it’s this pain this change does grief that
you’re dealing with you’re trying to get on this positive path and let go of this
old stuff and you’re shedding you are muting here and maybe there’s some
delays and feeling better or getting through this crap you know getting
through this shitstorm but it’s almost over Scorpio you got the nine of Wands
here it’s your final outcome and this is all about yeah you know whatever’s been
draining you whatever’s you’re tired of waiting there’s illumination coming by
the end of September don’t throw in the towel this is your last hurdle don’t
give up this cycle is about to close look at this I mean this this is your
advice hang in there oh my god I just got goosebumps be patient with yourself
be patient with the others around you dig deep if anybody can do it you can do
it Scorpio this is about intimacy intimacy for your own wife into some
intimacy for mending your heart and forgiving others this is really
heavy-duty this is like you may need some healings you know call me for you
know I do distant healings as well this is this is a time to heal and mend and you know focus on your heart and your
emotions and clearing the decks and stepping and moving into your power here
Scorpio because it’s gonna be okay get the queen of cops here you know and her
advice is release and let go of what’s been holding you back
okay because she knows how to follow her heart so take a step back and check in
with yourself and that’s exactly what she’s asking you to do and that’s what
the hangman is all about stepping back and surrendering
you know you maybe there’s some habits that restrict you you need to get rid of
sometimes you have to lose something to gain something greater you know I feel
like maybe you’re ending a relationship with maybe an air sign get the king of
swords here is your obstacle yeah air sign era queries Gemini and Libra this
is your obstacle this could be legal stuff too because there is money
involved here you’re juggling money this could also be a relationship until
you’re walking away from a relationship oh look at that two of cups it was love
you thought that was love was soulmate energy here what’s going on with this
you know maybe it’s not not every soulmate is the perfect match but there
is the two of cups here could be a partnership too or maybe they left you
you felt out in the cold look who’s got the 500 ones in the two
of cups something just didn’t work out with this relationship you know and now
you’re making these sacrifices and that doesn’t work for you but you’re looking
at it you’re hanging upside down taking a step back that’s what you need to do
here and recognize it as it being over mm-hmm you’re gonna see this this is
gonna successfully work out for you take a trip maybe get out of town there’s
you’re gonna be able to move forward here clear clear your head climb that
mountain and just let it go now four of Wands as you’re in your past
here maybe you met somebody at a party maybe this could even go a little deeper
than that and you’re mending a situation because you’re walking away from a
commitment was a time of great celebration spending time with family
being the change you’re coming from this place
of relinquishing trials and tribulations maybe this was a marriage maybe you
moved to a new home maybe you were at a point in your life where you thought
that the abundance was brought you the stability that you needed but we’re
gonna clarify this because something went awry here with this relationship
and now you’re you have to take a look here and there’s mending going on let’s
let’s clarify let me try this 4 of Wands I don’t understand where this is coming
from wands please all right page of swords
okay maybe being pessimistic about your relationship Wow four of cups now you
have two floors not really being happy with the relationship you know no offer
came in but you want more in your life and sometimes when I see the four cups I
always think like you know be careful what you wish for
you know don’t don’t put yourself in a box here and miss an opportunity ah six
of cups okay so this was a past relationship coming back around again
maybe it’s somebody you knew through your family and you just had to cut ties
you got the four of swords here at the bottom of the deck clarifying what
brought you to this point in this relationship
and you had to speak your truth it’s not for you that’s okay six of cups this is
you know again an energy of family legacy children maybe there’s children
involved here you know cuz I’m seeing this like commitment with children right
wishing things were the way that they were right in better times that’s what
it is so you know things don’t always work out but it’s time this does talk
about it’s time to make amends and move forward because you cannot live in the
past okay and you can’t unfortunately yeah you can’t you you can only hope
that things would be the same and they’re not but it’s just simply saying
that in the past there was some good times there was some good times in this
relationship and it’s over now you have the queen of swords and now you have the
queen of swords wolf and the king of swords here so this is cutting through
the mustard big time this is your blockage but this is you being able to
handle it okay this is like this couple you know you were this couple hmm yeah
you feel trapped but you’re not you’re not and that’s the sad part I think for
you is that you’re walking away finally I think you’re getting the courage to
finally walk away from what doesn’t serve you anymore
and feeling roped and tied and committed to this relationship or powerless over
it and you’re not you know you’re gonna rip off this blindfold and your hands
are loose you know you can get through these ropes and ties here and get out of
your head you know that’s that’s what they’re saying you know and you got the
moon card here too I can go on and on look five old swans been fighting here’s
the king of swords Wow fisticuffs you two you know what I think legitimately
the bigger picture here is this I mean this is so powerful you know every each
time we are hurt and we allow their hurt to pass through us without understanding
how it affects us physically we accumulate on wanted burdens and this
keeps us chained to the very things we need to heal the memories right you know
the echoes you know the past when times were good Scorpio so interesting read but take the time out in September you
know 20 20s around the corner whatever circumstances led you up to this
situation take the time out really and dig deep anybody can do it Scorpio you
can but don’t get lost don’t go too deep where you get lost in that Scorpio mind
I know all about it I have two Scorpio moon you know this is about going deep
in being honest and intimate with yourself to met two men to see that the
healing process comes with forgiveness and that that’s part of this shedding
process of transmutation of you being able to now you know take advantage of
this step back to get rid of all these feelings of being stuck and healing
what’s been restricting you by moving on and even though it’s sad and you’re
gonna you’re gonna be okay you got the nine on one this is gonna come to a
close here you know so be patient with yourself there is a sense of completion
your advice is to recognize it as a milestone in your life as a lesson
learned you know it’s pretty it’s interesting because this is Major this is major this is
going through a major change a major cycle is the world card like it’s not
like this is the tower or I’m trying to give you another scenario here the six
wands I mean this is almost a meant to be transformation and if anybody can
understand the depth of that you can it’s kind of like it catch-22 you know
you got a move on from what no longer serves you and it’s sad but there’s also
this energy of you embracing what it took to get there right to to look at
this as okay I’m healing I’m embracing I’m letting go and now I can finally
move forward with my life this shit’s coming to an end the nine of Wands yeah
you may go into October still with some yeah you’re gonna get you wish I love
that I was just thinking maybe you’re gonna go into October with still some
crap to deal with here but it this is the last hurdle
okay the cycle is about to close cycle is about to close Scorpio okay and
you’re gonna get you wish this is a total abundant something making you
happy beautiful mmm-hmm gonna get the illumination that you need to get your
wish you know set your intention now we have a Pisces full moon that’s a water
sign you can relate to that you know it’s good energy for Scorpio coming up
here in September so release set your intentions now I’m probably getting
these out a little late but we’re having we just had a what a new moon in Virgo
so right that abundance check Scorpio you could make it for whatever you want
love restitution mending mending your heart so you can move on because this is
this is attachment this is gonna drown you you know
and I think that’s tough for Scorpio sometimes because your waters run so
deep that it’s hard you know it’s not too hard to cut those ties but it’s time
it’s time and I think you can be very happy that you did all right guys so
listen I’m gonna leave it at that very interesting Reed I hope you guys
like the new spread would love for you like share and subscribe my videos
definitely definitely become a part of my channel here if you new today and I
love you guys yeah god bless you and we’ll see you in
October Oh make sure you check out your moon and rising sign as well okay could
be some additional information for you as well especially if this didn’t
resonate – okay all right take care bye bye


  • N W says:

    Thankyou ❤
    I get it. 6 yr relationship. Time for me to move on. I don't want too…I have too..sad truth..

  • James Hinegardner says:

    When you lose everything in life and have to start all over it's hard to forgive people who put you in that position. Thank you for the reading take care. My Scorpio Brothers and Sisters much love. 🦂

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