Hello, guys welcome to my channel Lala Tarot Reading, Today I want to do a reading on the Scorpios. Just want to read your twin flame energy for the month of August 2019. Don’t forget that the energies are interchangeable. Meaning the reading can resonate with you or it can also resonate with your partner. And in case the reading does not resonate with your situation it just means that I do not have a message for you today. The second part of this video will be available on Vimeo. So for those of you who are interested please feel free to click on the link below and have access to it. For those who would like to have a personal reading with me (English/French) feel free to send me an email at lalataro[email protected] So let’s get started. Scorpios, some of you are now realizing that you are fell in love or that you are falling in love unexpectedly with someone. For some of you, this could be a person that you may have hurt in the past or someone who has hurt you in the past. So since the energies are interchangeable, it could be you or the soulmate who is now deciding to come towards you or who is getting ready to come towards you and confess his/her love. Or getting ready to apologize. For others, if you have been waiting for an apology, you are now having this person getting ready to make the first move and come towards you to make the relationship work. For others, there’s a need here for you to get ready to have not only the soulmate apologizing for the betrayal and hurt he caused to you, but also the soulmate getting ready to propose to you and plan on a surprise engagement. So you might get married to someone who hurt you in the past; someone who caused you a lot of pain. For some, you could also be dealing with someone who you were supposed to get married to in the past and for some reason, the engagement got called off. For others, this situation could be very complex because you could be dealing with someone that you do not want to get married anymore. You could be asking yourself questions about the reasons why this ex is coming back into your life after you really closed the chapter and ready to move on. But it’s like no matter the amount of time you will say no to this person and reject this person, There are always circumstances that will bring you guys back together, Or it just that the person will never want to let you go. For some, you could also be dealing with someone who is not willing to let you go and is ready to beg you to stay by his side no matter what. Don’t leave me, don’t end this. For some, you are therefore in a situation here where there is a need for you to know if you are ready to forgive someone and forget about past hurt and betrayal. So are you ready to forgive this person? ready to give another chance? ready to start all over again? Are you ready to fall in love again? For others, you could be dealing with someone who made you the promise to get married to you once he/she is ready, And this promise was broken. And out of the blue, now this person just remembered the promise he made to you and is getting ready to come back in your life to fulfill this promise. You are having this person who now would like to gain your trust and gain your love back again. For some, you could be dealing with someone who now wants to have a business with you, wants to work with you and build finances with you. I also feel someone who would like to buy a house with you or rent a property with you. Someone here would like to move in with you and be a permanent figure in your life. For others, you could be dealing with someone who owns a farm or work on a farm. For those who are middle/high class, you could be dealing with someone who had enough finances to buy multiple properties or fields. This person could also be someone who just touched some type of inheritance from his/her parents. so you might be on the verge to get married to an inheritor. Let’s see if I can get a little more details on this reading. For some of you, if you are dealing with someone who is older than you, there’s a possibility that you met this person at work. So for some, you could be dealing with your twin flame. someone that you met at work and had been having difficulty to connect with this person since you guys met. For others, you may have refused to connect with this person because of your work ethic, and your unwillingness to see things from a different point of view. For others, you may have been willing to have a secret relationship with your partner, but things didn’t go according to plans. Someone here may have decided to reject you in order to protect his/her position at work. For others, it could also be that the soulmate did not want to lose his integrity. Especially if you were dealing with your boss or your manager. For some, you could also be dealing with someone who is having a hard time to sleep at night because of financial problems. So you could be dealing with someone who has a lot of debt. Tremendous debt. These debts are huge. Okay, let me take 3 steps backward and reexplain this a little better… For some of you, if you just got married to someone, there may be a situation here where this person may have taken on some financial debt in order to prepare a wedding. And now you have this partner who is stressing out about his financial situation. Stressing because he has to pay some loan back. And he/she doesn’t really know how to pay these debts back. For others, you could be dealing with someone who is older than you and who would is thinking deeply about his/her marital life status. So if you are dealing with someone who has multiple choices in love, This person is now trying to choose between his/her lovers or love offers who is the best person to move forward with. On the same hand, if you are dealing with someone who left you out of the blue; a person you decided to wait for; There is a chance for this person to come back in your life ready to propose, ready to walk you down the aisle, ready to claim you as his/hers. For some, you could be fearing to be rejected by your partner, But you feel ready to open heart and come clean about the feelings that you have for your soulmate. Someone here is wondering if his/her declaration of love will be enough to get you back, to get your trust back. So I will continue this reading on Vimeo, for those of you who are interested, please feel free to click on the link down below to have access to it. You could be dealing with someone who is Cancer, Pisces, Scorpios, and Capricorn. Thank you and bye-bye. 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