September Tarot Readings for Zodiac signs, rolling out ASAP!!     -Need & Necessity-

September Tarot Readings for Zodiac signs, rolling out ASAP!! -Need & Necessity-

hey everybody just checking in before I
start the monthly readings. I just want to say thank you again for being in the
beginning of this journey with me, and as I learn more and grow, hopefully it’ll be
a better experience for y’all out there! I did however pull a card for today to
kind of get an idea of what the readings are gonna be like for September for a
general collective energy of everybody, and the card that came out was- need and
necessity so I really feel like this card
represents a great Virgo/Libra energy that we’re going to be experiencing in
September, so keep that in mind as we fill out these readings. And ask yourself
where does need and necessity apply? And I’m gonna start these readings hope you
like ’em

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  • Dragonfly Wisdom says:

    I had some major issues with the audio and video for these videos, so some of you may experience this while watching and I apologize for it upfront. It was like a mini Mercury Retrograde for me when I was conducting these readings. I have since then upgraded my equipment, and even have a better microphone since the full moon readings for September. It's all coming together and I truly appreciate everyone who is baring through with me! The New Moon readings for September 28th should be clear and not glitchy!! *crossing fingers!

    Thank you for watching, your support is recognized!

    -Dragonfly Wisdom

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