Signs of the Zodiac – Chuck Missler (Znakovi Zodijaka – Hr. titl)

the signs of their zodiac we know them as Virgo the virgin and each sign of the two the 12 signs of the zodiac have deacons associated constellations with them who has coma the infant the desired one Centaurus Buddhas these are associated with virgo you have Libra who crux the cross lupus the victim grown of the crown and Scorpio which has a number of deacons associated with it serpens and Hercules and so on Sagittarius has deacons associated with that again a dragon Capricornus aquarius these are the labels that astronomers used because they take them from the Babylonian corruption of their earlier names from Genesis 11 on all this became very corrupted and boy we could expense time on each one of these I’ll try not to because we’re just going to go over this lightly now and they go for anyway they go from Virgo to Leo if you go around the 12 constellations let’s just take one of them and examine it more carefully when you go to a planetarium show they typically suggest that these pictures each one of these collections of stars have a label and that label is usually emblazoned with some kind of imagery they try to tell you well the ancients thought these things laid out that image that’s utter nonsense there’s no way this looks like a a woman there’s no way that Cassiopeia you look up in the sky it looks like a bent W doesn’t look like a woman chained to a chair see this is a myth that gets promoted in the secular world because they don’t know any better the secret to understanding the the the story that those stars are intended to remind you of is to know the names of the stars in the order of brightness each of the stars and each of these constellations have names the trick is to find out what is the name of those stars in Hebrew many of them in law have been lost through years but we can get some clue from the Arabic or in some cases the Egypt well let’s take a look at Virgo the brightest star is called speaker and among the astronomers that means an ear of corn in the Hebrew it’s called semuc which means the branch and the Arabic at South Summit which means the branch and Egypt it’s a spooly of the seed of the 20 Hebrew words translated branch the only the word summit is used exclusively of the Messiah engine and Jeremiah Zechariah and elsewhere the promised seed of the woman of course is a title of Jesus out of genesis 3:15 Verglas shown here with a branch in her right hand and an ear of corn in the left the branch speaks of the Nazarene and the ear of corn and corn dies and it cannot bring forth fruit there’s a there’s the constellation Libra which are scales were balances the wedge usually represented the hebrew word is a month anima which means scales weighing the arabic is also being at the purchase or redemption the coptic uses la magia which is a station of propitiation the Latin is Libre being weighing now the the brightest star is zubenelgenubi the price deficient a price that was inadequate if you will the next brightest star is zooming alchemy which is the price that covers so you got two prices one’s adequate ones not adequate the next brightest one is zuma Grob which is the price of conflict and it’s pointing towards cent arias and the victims lane we could go through the Deacons the cross a bunch of others I wouldn’t go through all of these in detail but let’s get to the climax of course at the end of the road is Leo the Lion in the in Hebrew it’s area that of the lion it’s associated with the tribe of Judah the brightest star the alpha star is Regulus traded treading underfoot adenomas the judge cometh then Oba L said which is the judge shall reign and the Deacons that associated with this are the fleeing open the cup of fire and the Raven so the message all together is let’s go through with the message if you go through all of this and get the stars what suggested is Burgos speaks of the seed of the woman the desire of the nations one of them is that the key one is a double star not a single star the double nature in humiliation the exalted Shepherd and the harvester Libra the price to be paid the cross that would be endured the victim that was slain and the crown that was purchased these are all echoed in the backgrounds of the constellations by their ancient names not the ones we know them by Scorpio the conflict the Serpent’s coils a struggle with the enemy the toiling Vanquisher of evil Sagittarius the double natured one triumphing the gladdens the heavens he builds far as a punishment he cast down the dragon and we could go through the rest of these life out of death the era of God Pierceton failing springing up again into abundant life Aquarius the life Waters from on high drinking in the heavenly food carrying the good news bearing aloft the cross over the earth in Pisces the multiplication of the Redeemers people upheld and governed by the lamb intended bride bound and exposed the bridegroom exalted Ares the lamb found worthy the bride released from making ready Satan bound the breaker triumphing Taurus the invisible ruler comes the sublime vanquish of the river of judgment the all ruling Shepherd Germany the marriage of the lamb the enemy trodden down the price coming in glory and it’s princely following and cancer the possession secured the lesser fold the Church of the firstborn and greater fold Israel it’s a folding into the everlasting Kingdom leo the king rending the serpent fleeing the bowl of wrath upon him and his carcass devoured interestingly enough now this view there are scholars that believe that the Persian tradition is that the matsarata was the way that Adam and his followers following generations taught their children the plan of God that’s why it was called the way and there are many that you know regard this is fanciful accidental they dismiss it but the UW Bullinger back in 1893 published the witness of the Stars Josephus ice published in 1882 actually was 1860 but it was reprinted in permanent prim evil astronomy in 1882 the gospel in the stars there have been a number of books more recently that pick this up and develop it but part of the problem is is to get back into the ancient names of what those stars mean to try to infer what the message that they’re conveying so we have a briefing packet on this that goes into detail for those of you want to chase it down but I think it’s fascinating to realize at least the possibility exists that in the heavens was God laid out the plan of his Redemption you and I in Christ you

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