STAR FREQUENCIES SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY HOW WHY IT WORKS therapies energy psychology conference 2019

STAR FREQUENCIES SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY HOW WHY IT WORKS therapies energy psychology conference 2019

frustrating things for the average person when they’re first learning about or investigating astrology is the first few questions that they ask the typical astrologer astrologist and that is why does it work how does it work and on average how does the astrologer or astrologist respond well a common response is I don’t know how it works I just know that it does in a lot of cases a Baths number of astrologers have a liberal arts humanities type background they may have a background in psychology nothing wrong with that those kinds of backgrounds can come in you know to be immeasurably helpful you know if they’ve got a client and they’re doing an interpretation you know and realistically if they’re interacting with other human beings but for someone who’s a bit more eclectic and you know [Music] has you know at least an you know reasonable desire to be rational as well as emotional at some point these questions are going to come up and certainly if someone’s more skeptical they’re gonna want answers to those questions so then another problem arises in that there are answers very very good answers to these kinds of questions but they’re not widely available easily in the public domain and you know what you end up having is kind of a small handful of astrological researchers that have been kind of like gathering these nuggets of information together and in some cases they may have a little bit of a science background or they may have a science background and they’re basically hoarding nuts you know and so if you had the occasion to have a conversation with one of these individuals you know and if they were able to present the information in a way that was easily digestible to someone that didn’t have their background then it would be probably really worthwhile conversation a short while ago I found myself in a I’m not a transhumanist but I was in a transhumanist forum I just joined it I was curious it would go on there I have a Saeta science background and I started to raise issues that were of a scientific nature but they were outside of the common mainstream framework that these folks engaged him and it drove him absolutely it didn’t matter if I presented facts and case studies and citations because there was a mindset in place that was skeptical and it was like a parroted script I just ran through their heads they threw it there you know they flew into a rage how dare I question anything it’s mainstream so if you’re new to this topic or if you’ve been you know involved or you’ve had an interest in this for some time but you’ve often wondered you know what’s really going on here you know is it valid if it is valid how so then this video is for you a little bit about my personal history many years ago I was raised in a religious family a number of the core beliefs you know I still have but one thing that was talked about was you know astrology is about and and you know you know Western religions are not the only ones that sometimes take a dim view of the subject but one of the problems was I up decades ago or not decades ago but but some long time ago I was one of the youngest contracting consultants working at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Washington in the States and I had the conditioning you know if anybody had ever wanted to have a chat about astrology I would have been I would have rolled my eyes and not to me it was just it was ridiculous it was fictional at best and you know approaching kind of a dark occult nature at worst but I had an associate I had a I had another contract with one of the largest independence publishing companies in the States at that time while I was working at Microsoft and she was the vice president said leave of the of the organization we became friends had a lot of conversations she had told me or had mentioned to me that I might be interested in talking to an associate of hers someone that was you know a person that gave her advisement on different issues and I ended up chatting with this guy and he was a astrophysicist he had been a former professor with tenure at Stanford University and when I found out the dude’s into astrology you know my basic you know when I was talking with this fellow you know my basic approach was you know you’re a scientist you know I’m a scientist how can you possibly be involved with astrology that’s ridiculous so he spent the next number of hours schooling me and at the end of it I was convinced and I think it was because he knew that I required a scientific understanding of this so since that time I’ve put in a great deal of effort hunting down some of the most interesting fascinating meaningful bits of information which have been woven into a tapestry and there’s a lot to it but the basic findings I’ve come up with is that there are at least two primary elements that play a part in the why of how it works and it has to do with variance in the gravitational effect on biology and also magnetic fields so one of the things is for people that don’t have a science or technical background jumping into some of this information you might think would be a little bit formidable but it’s not what I’ve done is I’ve put a lot of this information together both in the form of easy-to-read web pages collection of videos and the languaging is such that anybody can follow this you know you don’t have to be super technical to get it there’s also a robust selection of biology related articles and reports that clearly point to the functionality of astrology you know one of the problems that religions often have with astrology is that you know the the maxim is were to rely on God for guidance you know we’re not to to seek guidance for answers you know from spiritualism and then there’s there is an element within astrology that is that can be spiritualistic medium istic you know sort of like divinatory towards a spiritual eyes type medium but that’s not the common and you know most often use elements of astrology and you know like many tools many understandings they can be used you know bad way a good way or a neutral way and you know the the functional understanding of natural principles and laws that actually reside in the natural world which govern astrology you know the one of the things that I wanted to do is you know I went through astrology and I tried to see okay how much of this you know material and content is fiction how much of it is answer you know it’s sort of an anthro more Feist you know view where you know stellar bodies planet stars you know are being dressed up in human characteristics you know at what points is they’re actually the an objective mechanism or principle you know which we may interpret from kind of like a human perspective but which still stands on its own and so there there is there is a degree of content in astrology which is you know fictional and it can be dispensed with but there is also a very significant selection of you know rule sets that stand on their own which you know often can be interpreted in a human qualitative manner and so this is the kinds of things that can be really helpful you know if you’re new to astrology or if you’ve been into it for a while and you know you you really want to understand you know some of the most important things about it this content is gonna go you know a long ways in providing those insights so what I’ve done is in the comments section of this video below you’ll see a link click on the link if you’d like this information sent to you for free these are research materials that I put together for my online groups you know we have thousands of people across the planet that follow the research and development work that I do and so this material was developed you know for them and it’s usually kept within that circle but this is now being offered to people in the public that would like to get up to speed on some of this out so you can click on the link you can enter in the brief form and then this material will be sent to you and you can enjoy that and also if you’re in a situation where you’d like to know more about your own birth chart you want to know you know what what are the details that make up you as a person then within you know the response of this link you’ll get access and the you know to do to find out how you can do that how can you get that information you know within the birth chart as a generalism what we see is how the constitution of you as a being was formed at Birth you know part of this is in relation to what was the electrostatic precipitation mix of particles in the atmosphere when you came into this world one of the things that happens is on the planet we see variances in what this mix is over time I mean there is small amounts of change and so when a person is born you know it’s like you have a kind of snapshot of what was going on orientationally around you in the local and stellar environment and this is captured in part by the electrostatic precipitant mix of particles in the atmosphere that you as a baby pick up when you come out of the womb and that becomes like an embedded circuit of the moments in time that the instance of your nature was formed and then as you go through life this picture of the sky energetically magnetically gravitationally interacts with changes that are going on around you in the environment so what you’ll get back is more information finding out what is the specific details that describe your inherent strengths you know what are your challenges you know what are the trends that you can expect in your life and on top of that you’ll also find out one of the things that’s really important you know one of the most meaningful things when we’re planning our future oh I’m not going to discuss transits in this video but one of the things that you’ll also find out is there’s a kind of a graph that I provide for clients and it’s it’s an excellent graph that a person can use for planning but it gives an indication as to one’s financial forecast like over the given year so a person can look at this graph over a series of months weeks days and see okay well when am i likely going to be better off financially or not this can be really helpful when you’re planning things out in your life so you’ll find that out too I hope this is of help I’ll be following this up with more videos and I think that once you’ve got a chance you know to actually get your hands on you know it’s a drag that this information is not more readily available it’s abysmal that more astrologers are not aware of this information and they’re not providing this to clients or potential clients because it’s a real you know it’s it’s a real desert of the lack of knowledge but you don’t have to go through that desert anymore so you’re welcome to click on the link you’ll get this information we’ll go from there


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