Steve Says: America first in the Middle East

Steve Says: America first in the Middle East


  • TxHammer757 says:

    Chris Murphy and Pelosi should go live and become citizens in Iran!

  • angelo pandan says:

    LOL! America should leave in the Middle East Instead.

  • TxHammer757 says:

    America will no longer look weak! Trump did the right thing for everyone involved

  • Matthew Russell says:

    It's like a good game of poker lol

  • Matthew Russell says:

    Murphy is a nutjob way to far left even in his own state of Dems

  • Rabbit Skipper says:

    America first in the middle East? A land mass where the inhabitants largely don't want America there. And for good reason.

  • ian fleming says:

    Trump 2020!

  • shandi868 says:


  • Rocky Fjord says:

    Bald Steve in a T-shirt. What class, what style! Stupid dumbass on Fox.

  • lorne lemieux says:

    fox is guilty of treason for spreading lies and misinformation to simple people

  • Marta Twardowska says:

    America should leave Middle East, withdraw these troops and the rest and go back to America.

  • lisuya says:

    No more John Bolton! No more John Kerry!

  • Schmutzgreifer says:

    Double Bind as a Theory

    (1956) proposed that schizophrenic symptoms are an expression of social interactions in which the individual is repeatedly exposed to conflicting injunctions, without having the opportunity to adequately respond to those injunctions, or to ignore them (i.e., to escape the field).

  • Cool_ hunnitrunit says:

    On top of alot of great things We have the most hypocritical government on the world the Democrats and republicans and both of their media outlets points the finger at the other for doing the same thing.. he says no matter what Trump says dems say its wrong well no matter what ever trumps say Fox news and fox say it's right

  • obviouslyurmom dad says:

    This man is a very smart bro

  • Cool_ hunnitrunit says:

    Well Pompeo said we plan on not leaving the middle east

  • Remetski2401 says:

    Nice one!

  • bro beats bank says:

    First in Middle East and hopefully will never come back

  • Danny Slaton says:

    To forge peace takes backbone to those who criticize. Condemn. And complain. In congress. Our country has lost its backbone. Back president trump

  • Rocky Trump says:

    Democrats = Anti Ameican lying parasites.

  • Connie Jopek says:

    Pelosie should drop Dead!!!Trump 2020

  • Winston Smith says:

    Shouldn't it be Middle East first, in the Middle East? Why would it be America first thousands of miles from the US?

    This guy is the Jar Jar Binks of used colostomy bags.

  • Pavel Dybenko says:

    Have a British accent and a sycophant willingness and one can easily host a propaganda show…this guy is as informative as a yenta at a fence line.

  • Hong Trinh Tran says:

    God bless our President Donald J Trump

  • Bill Bailey says:

    There seems to be some sadness a general was killed to reduce the threat of terrorism.
    However, had this general masterminded a major strike on U.S. or allied assets, the next complaint is, "Why didn't you take him out in a surgical strike before he did this!"

  • iridescentgreen says:

    It would be nearly impossible for Iran to threaten americans if there were no americans in the middle east. Basically couldn't be done.

  • Cerilo Naive says:

    Iran will cry baby!hahHAha

  • micha McV. says:

    for this show , american interrest means wallstreat or what the FED needs ill fight for
    all what is left to say : wear your helmet for praying ..

  • Sherri Poplawski says:


  • portuguesse finest jones says:

    State tv haha look at ur network haba this guy couldnt make it in england haha

  • cybrscot says:

    No matter what he decides he's on his own, and shut up Fareed Z.

  • Sandra Lee Larsen says:

    Excellent, insightful, exposure program~

  • Richard Laub says:

    Boy do I hate these British people telling me about my country and how to live. I guess I should expect this as Fox is a company owned by foreigners. Just like Budweiser, and other big name companies, they are now owned by foreigners. What happened to America? Why is this foreigner telling me how to live? Fox News…Just another example of foreign influence in my America. It's so sad to see.

  • The Casual Citizen says:

    Yes, China is a major threat however, the real major threat to a free America are the extremist radical Leftists who reside within the country. The threat is that the uncontrolled influx of undocumented Democrats crossing the Southern border coupled with the graduates of the education system being indoctrinated by anti-America Leftist educators will eventually lead to a single political party leftist majority. That is the real threat to the free America left to us by the founding fathers.

  • S W says:

    This makes way too much sense.

  • lastboyscout says:

    Isolation nuts? Smh. Wow… Keep insulting half of America it's a good way to lose your audience

  • Thomas Jones says:

    MS. Duckworth respectively needs to fly in a 360 degree pattern so fast her duckbill lands up her ars.

  • Alvin Marcus says:

    I'm with you good Sir but I do think you can put down Israel without being antisemitic. Definitely.

  • HitmanStark says:

    Reading these comments are hilarious

  • Fraoch Lee Burns says:

    Hey Warren, Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden how about you go over there while people like you in are back here at home bashing them while cutting military funding…and as you run out of ammo to fight back insurgents and as you die I want you too remember you did the exact same thing the last 15 years you were in office to soldiers that have been going over there since 2003.

  • Richard Willette says:

    Sounds like someone is starting an endless war as impeachment distraction

  • Grigorii Kalminskii says:

    7:42 He sounded like Patrick Bateman at Espace

  • Phyllis Martin says:

    How much I love our POTUS Trump, and his administration!

  • FixItYerself says:

    a redcoat rambling on about American politics. lol.

  • Philip Aldrick says:

    I thank God for you and Hannity and each and every one of you who are working so hard to bring truth and justice back and also to expose the evil works of these people who have also seriously damaged Australia too. Go, go, get 'em.
    Again, thank you.

  • leonardimas1 says:

    fracking is the solution??? this guy is crazy,fracking is forbidden in europe,for a good reason`!! in america the government doesn't care if the citizens are poisoned, they doesn't care when people have no money to pay their healthcare bill, or all this homeless people and vets, what a shame,bigger shame,the worst thing is that most citizens still don't understand it and think we have to be militarily active in middle east!! whit all this money spend for nothing we could live like in swiss,netherland,sweden,but nope,we prefer to give the mil.ind.complex billion of billions for nothing. Israel should send their youth to die,not our middleclass kits!!

  • John Doe says:

    Uh why is no one talking about how trump said Iraq didn’t knock down the trade center ? Hello ? He just admitted that

  • ryan myers says:

    Trumps not a puppet that is why they hate him they cant pull his strings and they loose their mind over it

  • Steve Miner says:

    Well said for a Britt😁 just joking

  • leonardimas1 says:

    bomb chinas PM, a no, sorry, they targed only rebels and state which we have destroyed with sanctions, but kharma will gome, you will see in maybe 5 years the US will be on the way to hell! China,Russia will help Iran with weapon,like they do in vietnam,europe will work with china and russia in economic development, all three wont stop the petrodollar,this will be the dead for the US!! 1980 1 USD = 4 SwissFranc/ 2020 1 USD= 0.90 SwisFranc!!

  • WhatIsTheTruth.Today says:

    As an American Indian thinker, Trump has my "families' full support. Money is not the reason for standing behind him. Equality of Life is the reason why I stand behind him. It is not socialism that I speak of. Trump gives everyone the chance to live by removing greedy government corruption that has lead the way in presidents before him. Trump 2020.

  • richard alvarado says:


  • jayce b says:

    I'm surprised they let this man speak so much truth how ever There was left vs right propaganda because you should know it's us vs them they are all related or at least best friends behind the scenes it's a spiritual war and untill people wake up it will only get worse for the American public. We need to stand up for each other, brother's and sister's. ❤️💙💚💛

  • Greg Johnson says:

    the American people need to learn the American history. George Washington did not want to be the President. The Continental Congress voted, and appointed him. After 4 years he wanted to go home and be a farmer. But they voted again, to keep him as president for 4 more years.Then they hated him for what he was doing, they were crooks, just like the dems today!!!!!!!

  • Greg Johnson says:

    There are a lot of Benedict Arnolds in Washington D.C.

  • Al_ Coholic says:

    Mexico didn't pay for no wall how do they expect Iraq is going to pay more hate towards America

  • delon a says:

    Those of us who voted for a Trump are extremely alarmed and disappointed by this illegal, unauthorized political assassination. The same lies and false intelligence got us to invade Iraq and now the same usual suspects are back again!! STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!!!!!

  • Rocco Conte says:

    Democrats are very dangerous un patriotic power mad people .

  • Shyndryths Concepts says:

    Thank you Steve

  • darkgrove says:

    The Democrats are the enemies of the American people. Their hypocrisy and lies divide this country day after day. It's time to vote Dems out of Congress. GOP and TRUMP 2020 !!!

  • MrBalluu58 says:

    "Pink – Dear Mr. President [Lyrics Video | HQ/HD]" GB

  • Joshua Kidd says:

    Is this guy even American -_-

  • Cheryl Moss says:

    As a South African I am amazed at how dumb the democrats are. Really defies any and all logic when tying to understand them and their stupidity.

  • funitude says:

    Really, you're literally in your underwear, go home son.

  • David Chapman says:

    It's a good job dem aren't in charge

  • buck taves says:

    Okay so now it's okay to o to war…can't keep up with Trumptsers…

    “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He’s weak and he’s ineffective, so the only way he figures he’s going to get re-elected, as sure as you sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.” Donald Trump

  • buck taves says:

    “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He’s weak and he’s ineffective, so the only way he figures he’s going to get re-elected, as sure as you sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.” Donald Trump

  • Emil Gunnary says:

    Chris Murphy is on the Iranian payroll.Treason

  • Terese Urzo says:

    Pelosi has to go ASAP

  • Thomas Mcrae says:

    Tell em TRUMP.!!!! Tell em.! God BLESS

  • crash override says:

    I hate how everything in my feed is mainstream news now

  • Ram Tom says:

    Yeah, keep cheering… until you realise that the petrol price is going up, up, up, hitting you where it hurts. Just wait for it .

  • Thomas Mcrae says:


  • hood manor says:

    i love america from england

  • d w says:

    Dems must get together each day and decide what the key term is of the day,,,,,

  • James Dunhill says:

    Iran threatens the USA = Mickey Mouse threatens the Hulk. Bring it on Mickey.

  • Barrett Russell says:

    🦊 news (full.of.extremism). One sided narratives, that's were I get real news. just hear everything in reverse , the Truth is Crystal clear.

  • Kelley Harris says:

    What Trump did is wrong, he's now a assassin and the rest of the WORLD KNOWS IT. We are the bad guys, the Middle -East want's us gone.

  • I Ship says:


  • Janet Sharpley says:

    This stocking footed little David Cramasson bumfiddler giving an opinion.

  • Vincent Mason says:

    80% of the leftist trolls who condemn our president, FOX, and conservative Americans are actually unemployed twentiesh males.


    Does Schumer always have to read from somebody else's writing is he that dumb

  • Kathy Smith says:

    I didn’t think the dems could get more stupid!

  • napalm777 says:

    You dont understand, they dont want TRUMP to be the one to go to war with them because trump doesnt hold back and just crushes them into the dust which means theres no money to be made.

  • GoreHead says:

    It is Saudi arabia first not america we should not be in the middle east to begin with if they wanna bomb each other let them.

  • stumpystever65 says:

    Unbelievably BRILLIANT analyse breakdown and if people don't stand by the side of Potus Trump, then they wish the fighting to carry on the deaths of our children, and loved ones. Through indiscriminate terror attacks, then those people are not the people you want running America!

  • John Butorovich says:

    How wrong headed have we become to think appeasement iis the answer.

  • Conservative View says:

    Defend why we're in the ME? WE have no business in other people's business. We're a reckless and cowardly nation that lives by double standard and hypocrisy. And you pathetic losers are proud of this. God! I wish you had all been born in Iran. That would teach you the lesson you desperately need. Entitled cowards!

  • Mayme Trumble says:

    I keep getting these Fake News site Epooch Times ads. Loosers.

  • Super Mann 3 says:

    Well then, you shouldn’t bulldoze your way into Countries that don’t want you there in the first place, after you’ve bombed them into the ground and poisoned their soil with depleted uranium.Its the U.S that owes them money, and lots of it.Has Mexico paid for the wall yet?Disgusting people.

  • Les Rosin says:

    Einstein said "I don`t know what weapons will be used in WWlll, but I know WWlV will be fought with sticks and stones." Right on the Bible comes TRUE, 1/3 of ALL LIFE ON EARTH WILL PERISH! Animals really, or mammals by definition of science.

  • T.J. whataburger says:

    TRUMP 2020

  • Success4TheBest says:

    Faux news

  • Zed Dead says:

    America First…to send the most boys home in a box.

  • One Fine Day says:

    When was Trump guarding Syrian border?

  • denlem agency says:

    This guy is talking through both mouths

  • Mike Dennis says:


  • ShakespeareCafe says:

    Who else is eating a salami sandwich watching this ? With a dollop of Grey Poupon, of course
    Ah, an aristocrat

  • ShakespeareCafe says:


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