‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Talks Billy’s “Emotional” Journey in Season 3 | In Studio

‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Talks Billy’s “Emotional” Journey in Season 3 | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Dacre Montgomery, and you’re watching In Studio
with The Hollywood Reporter. – We were talking a little,
a few minutes ago about you being a fan of the
show, of season one, and then you got cast
for season two as Billy. You sent in an audition tape. Can you sort of talk
about, was that your idea? – Yeah, I’d just got it
and I did it in the day that I received the email
about doing an audition. I kind of thought I needed
to be able to stand out because the show was
already such a huge hit three months post-release the first season or whatever it was. And then kind of went all out, but I believe in taking risks and it’s a competitive business. I like that I took an artistic
leap, big risk in this in many ways. – Part of that was Kiefer
Sutherland’s bit from Stand By Me, is that right? One of my favorite movies. I feel like Billy has a
little bit of that in him. Was that one of your influences when you were sort of like crafting? – Totally, yeah, well I
think when they had given me that scene, they hadn’t
obviously written too many, a huge amount of scenes for Billy yet. So they gave me, the other
scene was from the script, what became the car scene
with Max in the show. And then the other scene
was obviously Stand By Me. I think there were certain qualities, I was given a lot of Jack
Nicholson’s kind of career, I guess, to look at in general. I think he makes unusual,
unpredictable choices that keep the audience on edge. I was encouraged to do something similar. But the Duffers are great. I think I don’t really believe in copying someone else’s performance,
so they were great about building a new character from scratch and building the arc right
from season two through three, even when I started discussing the whole kind of course of Billy’s
journey right up until the end of the season you will have
all just finished watching. – So you knew from the
beginning that that was gonna be his arc basically, is that right? – And his end. – Oh, exactly. What kind of expectations
did you have going in, and what was the experience
actually like for you as a fan of something
to then be part of it? – I think you have to
separate yourself in some way from the fandom portion and the world so you can contribute to
the story in a real way. Do you know what I mean? Separating yourself in
some way shape or form. In terms of the actual experience, it was fantastic. It’s such a tribute to the Duffers being such collaborative artists. That’s why the show is so
successful I think in many ways. There’s a sort of handcuffs
feel like they’re off and you feel free and you
feel like you can create and it evolves as you
go through the process rather than feeling like it’s concrete from screenplay through the post. It doesn’t feel concrete. It feels like it’s
ever-moving and changing. And I think I admire Netflix for being a new, relatively, company that is able to give their artists that outlet to be able to change throughout
the process, I admire that. So it was better than my expectations. And you were asking me
before about watching it and can you separate yourself. I think you can because I think as a lover of film and
television, cinephile, when I look at product, I look, the best film and TV is
something that successfully creates escapism for me, and I think this show is able to do that and that’s why I’m able
to separate myself. Even though it’s an ensemble cast and there’s different
storylines happening, I’m able to separate myself
because of the cinematography and the score and everything
is just so fully realized. Yeah, I think that’s
what makes it what it is. – It’s so good.
– What Stranger Things is. – It’s so special. And I know Billy’s kind of like bad guy, but I found in season two, I
found him really refreshing. We had Steve in season one,
but it’s totally different. It’s like a very different
type of character. But if you’re gonna have
some sort of archetype of, some form of like the bad guy
or antagonist or whatever, but I still found it refreshing. And then especially towards
the end of season two, when you sort of understand
why he is the way he is, the scene with his dad and everything, that was really eye-opening
for the character. Did you know that also in the backstory? – It wasn’t written. I actually asked the Duffers. I said he can’t be bad because he’s bad. We’re all human beings, right? And I was interested in
humanizing the villain, and they’d spoken a lot about that. And they wrote that scene after we’d already shot episode four, they wrote that into the script after I had that conversation with them. And I think it was really good because what we’re interested in is the gray area between good and bad. That’s what’s interesting, right? That’s what drama spawns from for me. But I don’t feel like there is,
like we’re all human beings, and I think sometimes
the question is, well, how do you separate yourself
from playing that character, that’s such a bad person,
and I think, well, there’s qualities of that
person in me and vice versa. And I think it’s about finding
empathy for the character that you play, no matter what it is, and that’s how you can
humanize the villain, which was a quote that
I think Stephen King had once given that the
Duffers had refreshed to me a lot throughout the
shooting process in season two. – How do you expect fans
are going to be reacting now after season three? Is it similar, you think, to season two, or do you even, do you hear about fan reactions to your character? – Not a huge amount, I’m
not great with social media and all those sort of outlets.
– Yeah, me neither. – But I am interested to sort
of see how they’ll respond. I’m excited. I feel it was a great season even though we see Billy immersed in this fantastical kind of sci-fi
component this season. I tried to treat it like,
so he’s possessed, right? He’s Billy the flayed or whatever, but I did a lot of study
on people with bipolar and split personality disorder and how one personality
has the spot and control over the being and how the other personality
can be suppressed. And in this season, I try to
treat Billy like a lacky band and he’s so taut and torn. And I try to play the flayed Billy, my physicality and the
real Billy behind the eyes, and in the end, we see
that lacky band snap. And I think it’s actually
a really redemptive ending and a really fantastic
payoff for the character, and I’m lucky that I have that arc, lucky to be part of the series. – Because it’s also, it’s a little sad in the first couple of
episodes, when you see Billy with Mrs. Wheeler at the pool and he sort of pushes her away so you can tell there’s
that human side of him who doesn’t, at first, you
have this flirtatious thing, which we could also talk forever about, Billy and Mrs. Wheeler, I
won’t do it to you though. But yeah, you can tell, it’s just, there’s this very innocent woman and then also with Max, there’s a scene where he’s talking to her. So it’s like, you can tell
that there’s that struggle inside him. But I kind of also want
to go back a little bit. I found out you’ve been acting
basically your entire life. – Well, I’ve been giving it a
red hot go, but I don’t know. I’ve been lucky of late, but yeah, I had a long
time I was giving it a go. – When was it that you
wanted to be an actor? Do you remember what, was it a movie? – Both my parents work
in the film industry, and I grew up on set. I don’t know. I think I fell first in love with the adrenaline of a film set. It’s like a family, 14
hours a day every day, and you just live for that,
there is nothing else. Then I fell in love with escapism, which is what I touched on earlier. My dad used to take me to films and just being, finding films on occasion that took me places that don’t exist, I was fascinated by it. And then I told my parents, look, I want to be in front of the camera. Luckily, I had really
encouraging parents, who, for that 10-year period
when I didn’t book anything and I always wanted to go to acting school and so on and so forth, they
helped me pay for everything and stuck it out. I think a lot of families
might, think, look now, it’s time to move on
and try something else. – Well, they probably understand sort of what you’re going through since they are a part
of the film industry. If this is what you want to
do, this is what it entails, and they probably have a little
bit more of an understanding than most parents. – Yeah, I was lucky, yeah, totally. – Because yeah, you went to
like proper drama school also. – In Australia. That was the first piece of luck, I guess that meant the preparation, was getting into school. I had a lot of growing up to do. I think if I booked a role
before I got into university, I think I would have really
messed up my chances. So it’s good. – Your chances at what? – I don’t know, having
a real shot at a career and being really mature and motivated. And I don’t think I had the
work ethic that I do now in the same way. You fell in love, you learn, if you’re gonna have your
heartbroken, a bit of everything, and I think that’s so important in terms of growing up. And I think if I can take
that elevated kind of life experience or emotional
maturity into my work, then I think it’s an important thing to come into this industry with a good head on your shoulders and keep your family and
friends around and keep humble and focused and read
everything under the sun and be really particular
about what you pick every opportunity or are given and every next step you
take in this industry. And I’m so excited to finally sort of be given an opportunity. – And now, what goals do you have now, now that you’re
post-Stranger Things world? What are you looking forward
to, I guess, for your career? – I’m doing a romantic comedy next, which is a big kind of risk for me. I think I’m very scared of comedy. I love to watch it, but
I’m scared to play it. The pace is different from drama. The world is different. I think it’s a really good
ego-stripping exercise, this next movie I’m
gonna be taking part in, to take the piss out of myself a bit, I think to not take myself so seriously, and really unburden
myself of that insecurity I think in a way is really important. I’ve been working on a podcast
for two and a half years which comes out next week. – Is that the spoken word? – Yeah, it’s really random, but very exciting and I
had all this big poetry that I compiled over the years and had all these amazing
musicians come together and compose scores and I narrate it. So that’s been really cathartic as well. I don’t mean too kind of meta about this, but it’s been a good
eye-opening experience too. And I think Stranger
Things has been fantastic because it’s opened up avenues, even just to use quite
a millennial example, like Instagram, to be able to access all these people around the world, like a plethora of different
artists, musicians. I don’t know the music world
other than being a fan. I don’t have any stake in that world, and to have these musicians
open up their hearts and kinda go, this is really random, this Australian guy’s
sending me this content and he wants me to
compose X, Y, and Z to it. But it’s been, people have
been really receptive, and I’m lucky about that
because there are a lot of, far more talented people
than me in the world who don’t get those kind of opportunities. – What was maybe a
challenging scene for you? Because it’s also pretty physical, even in just the first or second episode, I think is where you’re
getting sort of like dragged down those stairs
and into that basement. Was the physical stuff
challenging for you, and if not, what was? – I love the physical stuff. I love learning from the stunt guys. I think they’re incredibly
talented athletes, and they’re so particular about
where everything should be and the timing of everything. And I think it’s an art form in itself. I just saw John Wick
3, not to go off topic. It’s amazing.
– You’re fine. – So yeah, I’m a big fan of kind of really getting stuck
into that sort of stuff. There’s a scene in
episode four in the sauna, and it’s a hugely physical
and emotional scene halfway through the season. And I took all my prosthetics and my wig and everything off at the end of the week of shooting that scene. I was covered head to
toe in cuts and bruises, and I took all the skin
off on top of my toes. I mean, I just kind of invest
in it, it’s so much fun in a lot of ways. I just find new things to fall in love with about this every day. – Okay, well, speaking
of your prosthetics, we interviewed, one of my
co-workers interviewed Gaten, and he was saying that
it’s not fair, I think, that you had a hair piece. He had to grow his hair out naturally, and you got a head piece. – A lot of them have to live with it. Even when they leave set,
everyone’s living with it. It’s good I can put on
a hat and grow a beard, whereas you can see Joe
Keery from a mile away facing the other direction,
you know what I mean. – That’s true. What’s a favorite scene of yours? – The final scene between
Millie and I at the end, I really enjoyed. – [Natalie] How long did that take? – Three days, yeah. So much fun, huge set
component, huge CGI component. – And then what’s it like
when you step off the set at the end of that last? – I think you have to be able to strip it, you know what I mean. If you’ve got a partner to go
home to or friends or family, I feel like you can’t take
that kind of energy back. That’s what I mean by empathizing, finding empathy for the
character or similarities, so you can leave and kind of. I remember I had this super, kind of eccentric
drama teacher at university, and she used to say like,
pretend you’re washing water over your face, and I was
in school, I was like, that’s such drama, whatever. But then I get off set and I’m like, sitting in the car on the way home and I’m imagining the
water running down my head and it’s kinda nice, you know what I mean. Because you have such long days, I feel like that short time when you see your partner or whoever, you kind of bring it back. – We’ve all enjoyed watching you as Billy. You seem like a great,
super talented actor. – Thank you, appreciate it.
– Really excited to see where you go from here. Thank you so much for being here, and thank you guys all for watching.


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