SUN in 10th House  of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

SUN in 10th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about Saturn
in the ninth house of the horoscope and that was the end of the planets through
ninth houses and this video we are going to start a brand new series of planets
through 10th House today we are going to talk about what happens when
you have Sun in the 10th house of your horoscope so keep watching Namaste and welcome to Pramanik Astrology channel i’m your host Prasad Mahajani help you raise your vibrations
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talk about Sun in the tenth house but before that what is Sun the first thing
which comes to my mind when I think of Sun is light Sun is about light Sun is
about stability its authority vision clarity leadership career work father all these things can be seen with the
Sun and depending upon the placement of Leo sign in your horoscope Sun can mean
many more things with respect to your own chart okay like you can be an Leo
ascendant Sun will represent not only the inherent significations
but it also will show the first house things for you because Leo is also into
your first house okay and you can be into your ninth house can be into your
third house fourth or Santos and you can keep on adding those layers to your
interpretation what is 10th house 10th house is the most important house 1 4 7
10 are the Kandra houses and tenth house is the ultimate house of your highest
achievement in this lifetime 10th house we often consider it as the
house of karma but more than karma it is also the house of highest achievement
and visibility that’s what we call Fame right if and person into authority takes
a decision everybody looks up to that decision everybody is looking up to what
he’s going to do if a president of any country is going to announce something
everybody listens to it everybody looks up to him like what he is going to talk
that’s what son is that’s what tenth houses 10th house is and if you have not
watched my behad boehmem of the tenth house I highly recommend you to go and
watch the powerbomb of the 10th house wherein we have discussed the tenth
house with respect to all other houses like tenth house is tenth from the first
ninth from the second eight from the third seven from the for 6 from the
fifth and fifth from the sixth fourth from the 7th 3rd from the 8th and 2nd
from the ninth 12 to xi and xi to the twelfth house so it has whole different
meanings to it than just tenth house so go and watch the 10th house divert on
video I’ll put a link into the description section or maybe an eye
button I highly recommend go and watch the video first tenth house is also the
house of your work is the house of your public appearance or visibility it’s the
area right above your head 10th house is the Zenit okay and Zenit is right above
your head right above your head it’s not the north
it’s the Zenit and when Sun comes in here what happens we are going to talk
about that later in this video right now we are talking about the tenth
house so 10th house is the most powerful house any planet coming into the 10th
house is becoming visible 10th house is about the law of jungle is the area
where you have to compete with others where you have to survive where you have
to thrive to survive 10th house can give you Fame and can show your highest
material achievements 10th house is 11th to the 12th so it’s again it’s a house
it’s the ultimate house of gains it is second to the ninth so it gives you the
visibility power authority fame success and a limelight you will be visible to
the people everybody will look up to you if you have powerful ten thousand ten
thousands okay so let’s move on what happens when Sun comes into the tenth
house of the horoscope tenth house is the house of your career the planet of
career comes into the house of career so this shows that this person will have
successful career these people will be in the position of an important decision
making positions be it local government or a central government federal
government whatever it may be these people will be in the key positions and
their decision-making is quite visible everybody can see what they are going to
do the planet of light is coming into the house of work area so these people
are clear about what they are going to do they have the clear vision about what
they are going to do tenth house is the house of karma and Sun is the planet of
vision and clarity the of vision and clarity comes into the
house of work now these people are sorted these people are not the people
who are looking for a life purpose or how I’m going to do or whatever they
know it they will start working upon their dreams their region even when
nobody believes them it gives them the authority tenth house is the house of
visibility the planet of leadership is coming into the house of visibility so
it makes person popular leader in government a person with the son in the
10th house will be renowned in the government he will be the most visible
person he’s the person who is going to come out and talk to media he is the
person who is going to be the key decision-maker in the government it can
be a local government it can be a small government it can be your home where you
are the leader and decide what the family direction will be it depends upon
the dignity of the son the condition of the Sun the power of the Sun ok the the
person with the tenth house Jupiter excuse me
tenth house son may not always be the president of the country but he may lead
his family in his own capacities and in his own sphere of influence and will
direct the family so you have to just zoom in you just have to think about a
family and the head of the family it need not be always the president of the
country but most definitely he will be the decision maker and will always be in
the limelight be it in the family or be it in the country government central
government local federal gorni when son aspects the fourth hours of the
horoscope wherever some aspects it brings in the
clarity it brings in the light and it brings in the shine from 10,000 aspects
the fourth house fourth houses the house of your mother
nourishment and now this house is getting the blessings and light from the
Sun so the mother of this person is capable decision maker next what what if
this son is debilitated you have son in the 10th house debilitated son gets
debilitated into the sign of Libra when the sign of Libra comes in through the
tenth house the first thing you have to do is look for the sign of Leo where is
sign of Leo the sign of Leo comes into the 8th house of the horoscope house is
the do tunnels know I’m going to lose everything
no 8th house is about certain ups and downs more so 8th houses 11th to the
10th house so 8th house is the ultimate sudden gains from your work area so
dough son is getting debilitated into the 10th house I believe it will still
give good results it will bring in the difficulty because of the lordship of
the 8th house but debilitation it’s just the one part of it because you
have to analyze the strength on to the 6th world there are six types of
strengths then we come to the rank of the planet which is called as the shadow
Allah then we have the east of Allah and cursed of Allah it has lot more to it
than just dignity but yes if you have a debilitated son you can experience this
what if you have exalted son into the tenth house son gets exalted into the
sign of Aries when you have alias sign into the 10th house first thing you have
to look for is where is the Leo sign Leo sign comes into the fifth house excuse
me the second half
new is the fifth Rashi it comes into the second house now this lot of the second
house is coming into this 10,000 is exalted so you can expect the financial
gains from your work area as well as it will give you the authority to speak
second house is the house of speech and tenth house is the house of limelight
and public so you can arise in your career with the public speaking yes this
was son in the tenth house as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys
it has a lot more to it don’t restrict yourself to just this ten minute video a
five minute video explore these two significations 10,000 son and come up
with your own notes and interpretation that will help you even more and if you
are just starting into Vedic Astrology go to my youtube channel go to the
playlist section and start exploring the playlist I would recommend start your
journey with how to get started into Vedic Astrology or must watch our
classics or planets through houses series just start exploring this
fascinating world of Vedic Astrology sending you tons of positive energy
sending your high vibrations see in the next videos love at peace


  • Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) says:

    Keep Shining..Sending You Tons of Positive Energy..Sending You High Vibes..Love and Peace

  • Terie Boyd says:

    R u reading my birth chart…lol. I have SUN in natal 10th. 21 degrees CANCER. THANK YOU. Learning lots.

  • reshu paliwal says:

    🙏👍🙇 Great video!if 12 house Lord for virgo ascendant is having sun in 10 house it is good.🤔👍.10 th house sun may help you to get government job.

  • sonal Dutta says:

    Nice vdo again.

    Cant find any transit vdos.. please do make them.

  • Dheeraj Sharma says:

    Sir you have given answer of many question of mine…pls reply if possible..for Leo ascendant Saturn mars in 2nd house hast 4nakshatra,Jupiter in 3rd house swati 1 nakshtra,moon ketu in 5th House purvasadha 2 nakshatra,Venus in 10th house rohini2 nakshatra,sun(purvasu1) ,Mercury(mrigsira3) n rahu (Adra4) in 11th house ..which planet has the best placement in over all chart or will give best results.

  • Rohit Singh Rathore says:

    Watching because it's 10th from moon. Will it work somewhat?

  • Aparichit Asiq says:

    In Leo ascendant I have Jupiter and saturn conjunction what will be the result

  • Aparichit Asiq says:

    In Leo ascendant 10th house I have Jupiter Saturn conjuction what will be the result can I become ias officer tell me about bro

  • Prithvi Ganesh says:

    Sorry for the late comment
    I have eyesight isuue today
    I'm not well today
    Any way sun in 10th house it's great placement

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