Tarot card counting using the Rider-Waite Deck

Tarot card counting using the Rider-Waite Deck

Card Counting is a powerful method of tarot
divination that develops your psychic and clairvoyant skills.
Card Counting allows you to develop a story and see how the Court Cards interact with
each other. This reflects people in real life.
Card Counting is based on the astrological and elemental attributes of the Tarot Cards.
Minor Arcana For the Aces count 5
For the Minor Arcana 2 – 10’s the number itself
Court Cards For the King, Queen and Knight count 4
The Pages count 7 Major Arcana
Mother Letters count 3 Planetary Cards count 9
Zodiac cards count 12 The astrological attributions of the Rider-Waite
deck are not well-known, so here is a recap Mother letters count 3:
Fool Air, Hanged Man Water,
Judgment Fire Planetary cards count 9
Magician, Mercury, High Priestess the Moon,
The Empress Venus The Wheel of Fortune Jupiter
The Tower Mars The Sun – The Sun
The World – Saturn Zodiac Cards count 12
The Emperor – Aries The Hierophant – Taurus
The Lovers – Gemini The Chariot – Cancer
Strength – Leo The Hermit – Virgo
Justice – Libra Death – Scorpio
Temperance – Sagittarius The Devil – Capricorn
The Star – Aquarius The Moon – Pisces Memorising the attributions will help your
divination skills. When the attributions and numbers are second nature, you will be able
to focus more on the events in your client’s life.
To practice card counting simply fan out a random selection of 10-15 cards
Start with the top card on your right hand side.
Count to the left Here we have the Fool, so we count 3.
the 3rd card is the 2 of Cups, then we count 2, which is always the next card.
King of Disks count 4 Page of Wands count 7
2 of Cups We counted back on to the same card which
completes the sequence. This is a simple story. The sudden beginning (Fool) of new love (2
Cups), when an older man falls for a younger woman, which is reciprocated (2 Cups). While it is good practice to start with the
top card, we can count from any card, and we can count in the opposite direction.
With a bit of practice all the attributions will become second nature so you can concentrate
on the interaction between the cards. Please like this video, and please subscribe!


  • Las cartas Lenormand says:

    Why do you count the Aces as 5? According to the Golden Dawn rules and those given in Aleister Crowley's Thoth book for opening the key, for Aces 11 must be counted. Could you tell us why this change is happening? Well I've looked at my books and it's true in the Golden Dawn rules there are 5, 4 elements and Spirit for aces.
    But why does Aleister Crowley make such a difference to the rules in his book by Thot? Because Crowley gives him the value of 11 cards. The Aces.
    Thank you for your response.
    ***I think it's quite possibly a typo in the Spanish impression.

  • Tre says:


  • Margaret Patterson says:

    Wonderful ! I just wanted to add that when I began my Tarot journey in the 1970's I took a class where we also studied the Kabalah.  We also wrote notation in the margins of our Rider-Waite decks.  The information in your video matches my notations except for: Judgement(Pluto), Fool(Uranus), and the Hanged Man(Neptune).   Neptune is neither a planet nor zodiac sign.  I plan to try the correspondences from the video.  I am so amazed that my ancient notes are so similar.  I even have the Hebrew letters for the Major arcana in those margins as well..  Thanks so much ! I always find your videos very helpful.

  • Andrew N says:

    Thanks. I usually only use the Thoth deck but have been recently experimenting with others. Your videos are always educational.

  • Skorpija BG says:

    This was great, been searching for "high low method counting cards" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Tonvelyn Xiylijah Trick – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  • mitsaso says:

    Excuse me I have a question…in this system we give the cards meaning comparing the 2 cards that are on the left and the right..So if we follow this rule…shouldnt we consider the fool with a negative meaning as long as he has the 10 of swords from the one side and the knight that brings it?

  • Desmond kether says:

    Excelent video! Would you say me a book to learn tarot? Thanks

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