Tarot Card Meanings – why can’t you remember them?

Tarot Card Meanings – why can’t you remember them?

Its time to test you knowledge of the meanings
of the tarot cards. See how much you really know. Here’s the first one:Strength, Nine
of Wands, Adjustment, Works, The Hermit, what does that mean? Satiety, Ace of Cups, three
of Wands, Six of Cups, Queen of Swords. How did you do? How many did you get? How many
meanings for each of those cards did you think of? One? Two? Ten? For me, I would probably
be lucky to get one, and I am a professional. Are you a failure if you only managed one
of those cards? By a lot of tarot teacher’s standards you would have failed. As you know
I read tarot cards professionally. My point of view is that actually people I like to
work with and study with, usually came up with one meaning. It sounds really surprising,
but I don’t rely on the meaning of the cards; I rely on techniques like card counting, pairing
and elemental dignities, astrology, and the structure of the tarot, just the energies
of the cards as well. Those things that really give a real purpose and sense of what the
reading is about. And you can find that the energy doesn’t necessarily match the person
or the person’s questions that do not fit together. Do you go by the meanings or other
meanings? The meanings are something that someone had to say somewhere that that is
what the card is. Are they that relevant these days? A lot of the times they’re not. If they
don’t change, and my meanings have not changed in 30 years – they have got worse. I can hardly
think of any… My mind goes blank when I try to remember them. I would fail every single
tarot course that is going on at the moment. I am not joking! There are other ways of looking
at things. The problem is that when you remember the meaning of the card you are taking yourself
into the unknown. Everyone says the Ace of Cups means a gift of love or Two of Cups is
love relationships. Yeah, it does, but, if you can’t remember then you think there is
something wrong with you, and there isn’t actually, what you are actually doing is allowing
yourself to go into a new energy, a new space that will allow something new to come out
of that thing. In Set Theory, (sets are just sets of anything, fruit can be apples, grapes,
pears, any kind of set), the is also the Null Set, and the Null Set contains nothing. And
if you’re happy and confident with not knowing anything then not knowing anything gives you
all the meanings of the cards. All the meaning of the cards, Known and Unknown are available
to you at that moment. Its a very powerful way of thinking. So instead of panicking,
OMG, I can’t remember, and struggling… where’s the book? You find it and the customer is
sitting there waiting, arms folded. “What on earth are you playing at?” “I thought you
were a tarot reader…?” Just sit there and be aware of the cards, you will find things
come into your mind that might surprise you, and if you mention it, you might just get
“OMG, how did you know that?” Well, you know, because you weren’t worrying about the meanings
of the cards. You know because of the energy and how it is working out, and how it is going.
This Null Set, the emptiness gives you everything! It’s extraordinarily powerful. Being having
that comfort with nothing means you are comfortable with everything. Just be aware of the energies,
you perceive best when everything is possible – it happens to me all the time, when I just
casually look at the cards. Sometimes I am simply talking before the reading starts,
and things comes up, pertains to the reading anyway. It gets dealt with before the reading
starts. The readings will be far more powerful , on the button rather than trying to go through
every meaning of the cards. It just makes everything flow for you, it increases your
confidence with life too. It benefits the clients, they wonder how you know things!
It just came to my mind… This idea of the power of the energy of nothing in Advaita
philosophy, an early yoga system, is called Neti Neti, or Neither Neither. Neither Neither
means not this, not this. What is that? That thou art all this. None of these things exist.
In two tarot cards, Sun, and The Moon. The energy is not the Sun, its not the Moon. Its
the energy between the cards, that space, that gap, that emptiness, that’s what the
Neither Neither, Neti Neti is, Neither of these cards, its something else. Its interesting
what comes to mind when thinking about these two cards right now is the Yin Yang symbol
of Chinese positive and negative, masculine and feminine. These cards are a kind of polarity.
It just creates that Daoist symbol of Yin Yang, and its the Yin Yang that is kind of
everything in the universe, in Chinese philosophy. Its amazing how that turned up! I didn’t know
I was even going to do this bit. So there we are, the energy, what is it? How would
you talk about those two cards, the energy would depend on who that person is, and what
they are going through, were they going to, what are they going to in their life. So you
never know, every time you pick these two cards you will interpret them differently.
And no one can say that interpretation is wrong, because you are doing that reading
for that person at that time. Its what’s required. Its what’s necessary. The thing is people
think you see, seeing is awareness, its not like a picture. Some people get a picture,
but a lot of the time its just an awareness, and awareness is of nothing. Which makes it
even more abstract. So this is the way to go, its going into the energy of nothing.
And the energy of nothing has no meanings, then you have all meanings.


  • Shadowfly325 says:

    Hi, I've been reading the cards for well over 2 decades. I Don't have a problem with the topic in this video, but I would like a suggestion from you?, if u may. I have an issue remembering the what planets belong to the minor arcana. I have no problem with the signs (ie, 2-4 Cardinal, 5-7 fixed, etc). What would be a good method on remembering the planets? Also, with the thoth deck, I would like more information on how the fool, the aeon,& hanged man are considered water cards &count as three in the numbering system. I know hanged man belongs to Neptune, but why not count 9? I'm curious in the teachings of the ootk. Also, ur video on the uncounted card was unclear to me&has me confused lol

  • seekah1 says:

    Excellent video as usual, thanks Paul, great to see you back.

  • david gagnon says:

    The null set does not contain all sets. The null set has zero elements.

  • E. Young says:

    i just remembered one key word (hierophant) im very new to the study

  • Ado Centyn says:

    Fluency is closely tied with sensing the symbolism every day – the hieroglyphs have a language of their own.  Symbols speak whether we want them to or not.  Your vids are packed with good stuff.  Thumbs

  • sage 83 says:

    Hi I just started with my deck of tarot card deck been trying to learn all of the meaning makes me tired what do you do to help and do you just read what u feel from the card or do u use the meaning of the card too

  • LookingGlassProject says:

    You can remember because it's like learning the multiplication tables by memorizing the results. So you go 2, 4 , 6, 8, etc. Instead of going 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4.
    So instead of memorizing that 9 of swords is cruelty, you learn that it's mars on gemini.

  • HOME GYM MAN says:

    I've been using the rider waite smith system for the past few years and had good results so far, but i'm finding the cards and meanings very limiting. I think by taking a more "keep it simple" approach there less chance of getting things wrong, complicated, or bogged down. I do like the OOTK method, and card counting that you use. However I'm not that big on astrology. I just wanted to ask if you could use simple card meanings instead of astrology in these OOTK/ card counting readings?

  • School of Divination says:

    The issue I have with this is that you have 35 years of tarot study under your belt, so while you may claim that you're not able to summon a specific card meaning to mind you do have a lifetime of associations that you have been embedding into your subconscious that you can draw upon when you allow yourself to enter a receptive state to witness the "energy" of the card. I do find your approach useful, because I'm in a deep dive in terms of learning many of the deeper associations at this time, and ultimately I'm finding it tedious and getting in the way of actually providing a useful, clear message. However I do also recognise that all study I've engage in influences my non-rational or subconscious navigation of the cards territory, whether I can recall specific meanings or not. Curious about your thoughts on all of this.

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