Tarot for the Winter Solstice – Yule Spread

Tarot for the Winter Solstice – Yule Spread

Hello! Georgina here. One of the lovely things about being a cartomancer, I mean besides the whole “I can see the future” thing, is marking the passing of the seasons with themed spreads. Hey, did you think Tarot was just for Halloween? No no no no no! Tarot is for *all* seasons. And today
I’m sharing a very special layout for the upcoming Winter Solstice: The Yule Spread. It comes from The Giant Book of Card Divination by Jeanne Ruland. And this book was recommended to me by a viewer, Jenny Amery. It utilizes multiple decks
within a single spread–something that challenged me to go outside my cartomantic comfort zone. So: Thank you, Jenny! Details about this book are down in the video description. The Yule Spread requires a little bit of Tarot deck prep.
Before you start pulling any cards, carefully separate the Major Arcana from
the Minor Arcana so that you have two stacks. Shuffle them separately and keep
them nearby. You can choose to keep the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana in the
mini-deck or you can leave them out entirely. I’m using the Oracle Tarot by
Lucy Cavendish, which doesn’t have Court Cards at all. I love the bright colors of
this deck and its contemporary illustrations. It’s a large deck, so using
it with a spread that separates the Majors from the Minors makes it a lot
easier to shuffle with my teeny tiny hands. Details about the deck are down in
the video description. So let’s get started! Our querent for the reading will
be America. (I will try to keep politics to a minimum, but hey, no promises.) Pick up the Minor Arcana deck first. You will be drawing cards from this deck for
Positions 1-7, which will form two sides of a triangle at the
bottom of the spread. Position 1 goes into the lower right-hand corner. The
card here represents your base elemental power for the season. This will be the
natural force that accompanies you into new period. Take note only of the suit of
the card. Don’t bother reading the picture, or the number of pips, or whether
it’s upside down. If the card is Wands, then this is a time of fiery rebirth. Just like the Yule Log, you shall burn brightly this season! If it’s Cups, then
you face the season with a deep inner tranquility that soothes others near you.
If it’s Swords, then you’ll feel light and airy this season. Communicating open and honestly with others is favored. And if it’s Pentacles, then this holiday will
be all about recognizing the blessings in your life. And for our reading we got Four of Pentacles, reversed. But we will
turn it around so it’s upside-up. Even if this year has been challenging, you still
have much to be thankful for. Your prosperity increases when you share with
others this season. Position 2 goes into the lower left corner. It indicates
the quintessence of recent times. You can read the card that falls here a bit like
the “Past” Position in a 3-card Past- Present-Future Spread. And the card here
is Four of Cups. In this particular deck, there is a key phrase printed on each
card. This one says “nervous about change.” Well, we’ve had a lot of change here in the States. Position 3 goes into the very
center of the spread. And it provides the central theme of Yule night. And what
do we have? Ah! The Eight of Pentacles. “Talent and skills.” Eights are particularly powerful numbers.
So I see this as a very positive sign. So during the longest, darkest night of the
year, someone is burning the midnight oil. Humbly applying their talents and skills
for the greater good. The next two positions go just above
Positions 1 and 2, upwards going upwards towards the center of the spread. Position 4 answers the question, “What do I leave behind now?” While Position
5 answers the question, “What will be born anew?” The ending of the year is a
good time to sweep out the old, and the new year is a good time to embrace the
new. So let the cards that land in these two positions provide the guidance
needed to let go of old negativity and embrace new opportunities! So what does America leave behind? Ah! The Six of Pentacles, reversed.
“Unexpected help” is the key phrase. The reversal suggests insufficient
assistance to meet necessary demands. Someone or something is not measuring up to the important task at hand. America is putting this person or situation behind
them so they can move forward again. And what will be born anew in America? Eh. The Two of Swords, reversed. Key phrases on
this card: “Balance restored, resolution.” A tense standoff is about to tip in favor
of one of the participants. This is “yuge” news. Yuge! And both of these cards are reversed, which suggests that the process of
moving on is a difficult one for America. Position 6 is in the spirit of the
season! It goes above Position 4 and it asks, “Which presents do I receive now?” Oooh, presents! I love presents! So read whatever card falls here in a positive way. So even so-called negative cards have their positive qualities. So
aptly choosing the right meaning from the spectrum of what a card can indicate
comes with practice. So be kind to yourself if you are struggling with this
in your own readings. So: Take a breath, relax, take it slow. So what present
does America receive now? Ah, the Five of Swords, reversed. Hmm. This card is that of a bully and his victims. And its reversal indicates that the bully’s fall
is imminent. Position 7 goes above Position 5 and it asks, “Which present
do I give to the world?” Again, read whatever card that falls here in a
positive way. Okay. What can America offer the world now is the Seven of Cups,
reversed. The keywords on the card are “decadence and indulgence.” But it is
reversed, which usually indicates a willingness to do the hard work
necessary to achieve lofty goals. Or it can signify a rejection of delusions and
return to reality. And with that, we have completed the lower half of the spread.
Now switch over to the Major Arcana cards. Here we go! And we will be drawing cards from the Major Arcana deck for Positions 8 through 11. Somewhat in the
mirror of the lower part of the spread, forming one big X. Positions 8 and 9 are
above Position 3 and they are read as a pair. They’re described in the book as
“companion” or “support” cards. They identify “which heavenly forces are standing by my side, accompanying me, or working with me now?” And for the greatest impact, consider reading the cards that are drawn for these two positions with their most
archetypal or spiritual essence. The cards in these positions for our
reading are the Moon. (The Moon. That’s nice!) And Justice, reversed. I’ll combine the keywords and phrases printed on the
cards here. Working for America right now is a “yearning desire” for “honorable
choices” and divine justice. And a few side notes here: In my own system of
reading, Justice, reversed signifies man’s system of laws, which of course are
flawed. And the Moon card suggests self- analysis and introspection. Diving deep
into the universal unconsciousness and resurfacing with valuable insights. I
also associate the Moon card with the sign of Scorpio, so those born under that
sign are being called upon by the cosmos to help guide America right now. Position
10 is in the upper left-hand corner. Its meaning listed in the book is a bit
unusual. And I quote: “Under which star does the upcoming time stand?” And this
may be a quirk of the translation from German into English. I interpret this as,
“What greater external influences affect my experiences in this time period?” Read
the card here in the same manner as you would the 8th position of the Celtic
Cross. That is: External influences. So let’s see what we have here. Card 10 is
the Magician, reversed. The Magician is usually a positive card, but when
reversed it signifies deception. Oh, we live in interesting times, my friends!
Liars and con artists surround us. Position 11 is placed in the upper right-hand
corner, and concludes the spread with the following: “Which force does the cosmos
give to me?” This position is a little bit like that of Positions 1 and 6. But
because they’re drawn from the Minor Arcana, which are usually easier to
understand because they deal with a more mundane personal issues. Up here, in
Position 11, we are pulling from the Major Arcana. “Finish with fireworks,” as I
say. So closing our reading the force that the cosmos gives to America is…the
Empress! And after so many reversed cards in this reading, this is a welcome sign!
So: “Creativity, fertility.” The loving care of Mother Earth. Also leadership and
guidance from women in general. So what do you think of this spread? How will you
use it this Yuletide? Comment below. But don’t click away just yet! Because as
we say in my family after a holiday meal, “Save your forks; there’s dessert!” Yes! For
those of you who may be leading a ritual for the Winter Solstice, the author of
the book provides three additional positions. Position 12 is drawn from the
Minor Arcana and it is “What needs to be observed with the Yule ritual?” And then
Position 13, drawn from the Major Arcana: “Which force accompanies our ritual?” And then Position 14, which you can draw from either deck: “Which force protects our
ritual?” And the Yule Spread can be used with different oracle decks. Not just
Tarot. It can be used with Lenormand cards or even regular playing cards. You
can even mix and match different oracles in one spread. How cool is that?
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the cards, the magic is in you! So: Be good, be kind, and as always…Be awesome! Bye!


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    It's been a whole month!! Nice to see you again, Kool spread!! And very cool cloth…just had to come back and say that

  • Purple Moon says:

    I like this spread so much but what I even like better is that this deck {I'll go and check it out} has no court cards. You see I always read tarot…. without the court cards.

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    Thanks for this yule spread…I'll try this one on my yule celebration. The book looks great…do you review this on another youtube video? Best wishes for this Christmas and yule time.

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    Very interesting spread! Both the mechanics of the spread, and this specific reading =D Thank you for sharing. I am going to check out this book too. Happy Holidays! ~Amy

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