Tarot & Handwriting: Slant & Depth

I’m Fiona MacKay Young and welcome to Tarot and handwriting slant and pressure we’re going to look at Tarot and how you can
add graphology or handwriting analysis to Tarot and we’re just going to look
at two traits today because you really don’t need to know everything about
graphology to be able to make a difference to your Tarot readings with it so
today we’re going to look at the slant of the writing and the pressure is
exerted on the paper when someone is writing if you would prefer to read this
rather than watch it I do have a blog post on it and the link is below in the
description box and also if you would like me to do a Tarot and handwriting
reading for you there’s also a link below in the description box so let’s
get going with Tarot and hand writing slant and pressure

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