Tarot In Space Unboxing

Tarot In Space Unboxing

happy Sunday folks I hope everybody’s
having a nice weekend and I’m having a very fun weekend because I just got
another deck in yesterday came it’s one of the kickstarters that I backed and
this is the Tarot in Space by Laura Loup and I have actually gone ahead and
opened and removed all the shrink wrap to kind of expedite the process here so
that we can get right to the lovely deck and this is pretty incredible because
she just sent this from Georgia I think on Thursday and it arrived in Oregon on
Saturday so yeah a pretty amazing time there and I’m just I’m really stoked
about this deck this is so cute and if I just think it’s such a great concept
just so fun the images and it came with her little business card I didn’t get it
to focus oh maybe not hang on okay sorry I had on
the wrong setting so it wasn’t focusing by itself so here’s her card our
information I will of course put all this down below in the description a little note of thanks for the
Kickstarter backers and let’s go ahead and take a look at these cards no shrink
wrap inside oh very pretty nice solid box let’s crush it all the box it’s got
a few of the images on the back and this has different suits so comets are cups
lasers are swords planets are Pentacles and rockets are wands and there is no
little white book with this but she does have a PDF at her site that is
downloadable that explains about the story of all the characters and it’s
kind of a running little space saga I haven’t
actually read the book yet which I should have but plenty of time for that
but look at this edging isn’t this fun it’s like holographic silver very flashy
so this is just awesome I love this I didn’t even realize when I
backedthe Kickstarter I was just so impressed with the artwork that I just
backed it and didn’t notice it further down in the description that the cards
were gonna have that edging so that was kind of fun surprise so here we go
Here is our fool starting off looks like she’s getting
abducted by aliens there interesting High Priestess with four arms oops that
wasn’t the High Priestess what’d I do Oh magician sorry they’re not out of order I just
said the wrong name empress holding her little alien babies there I’m trying not to get the glare from these lights it’s that white really pops and I believe
this is actually the second iteration of this deck I think she had an earlier
version that was slightly different I think it had big orange like borders at
the bottom with the titles and I think there were borders around the cards you
can do a search on it or I’ll find the link and put it down but this is a much
more refined version I think this is much better much nicer that’s a fun
chariot it’s got a name on there can’t quite read it there’s our hermit I think he’s somehow
likes a hero of the story or something not sure my That glare is driving me crazy
see if that’s any better no no I just got the overhead lights no maybe
slightly better oh that’s a very interesting death card I just love this I just think
it’s such a cute fun take on the Rider-Waite-Smith I’m just really eager to do some
readings with this trying to help the camera a little bit
a very cool moon card somebody’s having a good time mm-hmm interesting I love
the backgrounds all the nebulas and really nice color scheme Here are our
rockets yeah look at that I mean that just really like white I still can’t
quite read what that says I’ll have to look it up in the little white book
later you know this could have almost made a nice
star card too I’m really getting a kick out of this
these are so cute and just the repeating theme of that ship mmm pretty so Ensign’s are the pages and
then all the knights are like robots or androids I’m not sure which we would
consider these oh yeah they’re called lieutenants so the knights are
lieutenants and we have Queen and King and ace of comet’s comets were oops
comets are cups okay that’s really pretty okay so yeah obviously okay focus this is just so fun I love this the cardstock is really nice too it’s
not super glossy it’s just very smooth and soft and it’s good I think it’s 350
GSM I believe should hold up for a good long time their own private fireworks show and
this card I don’t know what it is about this but this one when I first saw it on
the website reminded me of lieutenant Uhura
Nichelle Nichols you know on Star Trek I don’t know why there’s our lieutenant
our knight of comets they all seem to be able to fly through space at will mm-hmm goodness there we go Ace of lasers would be swords that’s really cool the three of swords
card very nice oh that’s kind of weird eye in the sky there and I don’t think
this would necessarily be a great first deck for somebody who isn’t already
familiar with the rider-waite smith system but I think once you have the
basics down I think this could work really well for just about anybody eight
of swords and Ensign of Lasers it’s really great art
style really nice that beautiful nebulas behind them and are comets or planets sorry these
are the Pentacles of the suit very nice oops using their anti-gravity grips there
climb up side of the ship or something come on come on there we go yeah the king yeah there’s a little
world there cause they’re very very fun deck I was really looking forward to
getting this one and it has not disappointed then I got like I said this
is one that I backed on Kickstarter and she is selling them on her website now
and as I said I will of course put the link below as I always do I hope you
guys will avail yourselves of it cuz I think this is a really fun addition to
the Rider-Waite-Smith sort of canon see how they shuffle nicely very nice I just
love that holographic coating that is so cool now these indie decks now are just
really they’re killing it and just there’s no other way to describe it
they’re just they’re so superior to most of the the mass market stuff that’s out
there now I’ve just kind of lost interest in buying most of the mass
market stuff because you get so much better card stock and you get all these
fun edgings and you know most of the creators now have gotten away from using
any kind of borders which is really nice so you know the artwork just really
shines like this yeah yeah this is going to be a really fun little deck to work
with I think I just I’ll have to do some readings with it and post them on my
blog maybe but yeah so there we have it the Tarot in space by Laura Loup and
hope you guys like this and I hope you enjoyed seeing all these cards and
and have a great rest of your weekend and although you may see this later but
have great next weekend if I missed it this week so I will talk to you later


  • Laura Douglass says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome unboxing! I did have an earlier version which is for sale on MakePlayingCards.com but it does have super thick borders and old art! I redid 99% of the art for this deck 🙂 the guidebook is pretty detailed, all in color, and gives a lot of information for beginners! Thank you again for taking the time and energy to make this lovely video. You’re the best <3 Have a terrific day!

  • Laura Douglass says:

    Oh! Also, that’s LauraLoup.com with a “u” like soup! <3 And yes, indie decks are amazing! I want to start carrying more indie decks in my shop!

  • Sadie Travels says:

    More tarot deck goodness! 🥰 Wow the edging is gorgeous, swooning. I love shiny edges. Nice work Laura, the deck looks great.

  • icic5 says:

    What a great unboxing, straight to the point and card by card, thank you!!!

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