Tarot Meditation, Empowering Yourself in Your Spiritual Development

Tarot Meditation hi guys welcome to becoming a better you
buy skeed I am skeed now I want to talk today about just a couple of things if
you’re following my channel great this is good for you I mentioned that I would
be doing from a video a while ago matrix video I’d be doing some guided
meditations for them they’re gonna be coming out I’m gonna be doing them I
mentioned after I had finished the finding your true self your inner self
series I will be coming out with a series of ten guided meditations or
contemplations to further that they are coming very soon just keep following the
channel click that little button that subscribe channel because they are
coming out over the next few days I also mentioned what was the other
thing I mentioned I said that I was going to tell you
where those 22 and the 10 guided meditations actually came from now I was
planning originally you’ll see the introductory video I think I said about
80 videos I was planning to do this long series of 80 videos of guided
meditations and then it occurred to me well it
occurred to me thanks to some synchronicities and following intuitions
let’s be honest it occurred to me the information was presented to me it was
given to me through interactions and synchronicities that I followed that I
could find this information very simply more reduced somewhere and I did where
did I find that information the Tarot believe it or not yes I found the
information I needed in a far more reduced 22 to be exact cards of the terror now I know the Tarot
is sorry no no a cup of coffee hope you don’t mind now I know the Tarot is all
that’s for divination all that’s tarot readings okay yeah you can use it
for that the Tarot before people used it for tarot readings and stuff it was a
parlor game where you laid cards out and you told a story that’s how it came into
the west into the estates where people you know the wealthy people play games
telling stories to each other with the tarot cards but if you keep tracing it
back it goes further than that these tarot cards came from somewhere they
actually came out of the trading routes from the Middle East keep tracing it
back it goes further it all gets a bit hazy there’s a little bit of speculation
the proof sort of dies off from after where they from before so if they found
it anyway cut a long story short the Tarot okay yeah you can use them for
readings and stuff like that if you want to go there low magic divination and
stuff like that and tarot readings that’s all you know low magical
abilities it’s considered a low magic not by me that’s just the general
consensus but they have you know the psychological
archetypes there on the terror the evolution evolution of our minds the
archetypes there on the terror and said that’s what I used
and these tarot is twenty-two tarot cards can be directly linked to among of
the things the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which also comes from the Middle East now the Kabbalistic Tree of Life has ten
Saphira and they are sort of the levels of consciousness as it were in these 22
cards linked oh the Major Arcana of the Tarot linked those ten parts together so
if you’ve done the finding a true self meditation course brilliant that’s what
you’ve been doing if you haven’t done it and you’re interested in getting and
doing you now think oh do it yeah it’s based on Terra it’s very very powerful
stuff it’s based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life very very powerful stuff it is a
cycle so once you go through it you’ll find the last video
it basically says welcome to the first video and so you can just keep going and
keep going and keep going and keep evolving and keep processing and keep
finding new depths to your true self new depths to consciousness and so I’m also
making because there are the ten Saphira or however you pronounce them I might
probably mispronouncing them sorry if I am no offense meant but I’m also going
to be doing ten contemplations or guided meditations directly on these parts if
you’ve done the series of 22 guided meditations I which I would recommend to
do first brilliant if you haven’t done them go do them first if not then you’re
free to choose you can do the ten first if you want to take the shortcut and you
might not get quite as much out of it but there are the ten and there
contemplations for you to contemplate again these ten contemplations I’m going
to do it in a similar format I’m going to use the same induction or relaxation
method then I’m going to give you the stuff to contemplate once I’ve given it
to you you then have within the guided meditation I give you certain amount of
time to contemplate them by yourself because it’s not about me
telling you it’s about you contemplating them and then if you want to contemplate
them for longer then you can just press pause I’m contemplating for as long as
you want but the reason I do this and then I finish off the video is so you
can say right this video is 10 minutes long or this video is half an hour long
right I’m gonna do this as skis laid out for half an hour and I’ve got the
contemplation time I’ve got and then I can get on with my day I can plan it
that’s why I do it like that if you want to contemplate it for longer then as I
said just turn it off before the end that’s where they come from that’s
what’s coming out see obviously the power of consciousness for a meditation
to magic is going to be continuing I don’t have stuff stuff’s got more
complicated I don’t have quite as much time now so I’m not gonna be able to be
doing you know two videos a day I will be keeping it to one video day so if you
started doing that course you’ve got more than that to keep practicing there
whilst I bring out the guided meditations
some people are gonna take you know months and months and months other
people might be more practice if they already have you regular yoga practice
and good quiet in their mind then get through that stuff so far in a couple of
weeks people who have no idea just the information in that course alone could
take them six months before moving on so you’ve got stuff enough to keep going
whilst I do this these guided meditations okay I’m renting thanks very
much thumbs up share like comment on the
video you now know what’s coming out you now know where they come from and by
following your meditation by your meditators by following your intuitions
in your synchronous it is as I said I had this huge thing plan that was gonna
take me ages to do and by simply following my intuitions and
synchronicities it showed me a way to make it far more simple the same
benefits for you guys in far less time University powerful it gives you answers
if you only know how to listen to them okay see in another

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