Tarot’s Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands

Tarot’s Minor Arcana: The Suit of Wands

teros Minor Arcana the suit of wands
hello again Tarot fans this is part 2 of bessie’s deep dive into the 56 cards
that make up Tarot’s Minor Arcana in case you missed the first part check out
our video on the suit of cups in order to catch yourself up before watching
this one today we’re going to look at the next of the four Minor Arcana suits
to give you an overview of all 14 cards that make up the suit of Wands before we
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readings the suit of Wands is associated with motivation and passion it is linked
to the things that we want to accomplish in life either in the shorter or longer
term career goals social or political activities or other personal projects
the suit of Wands is also closely tied to the classical element of fire and as
such can also be interpreted as being linked to fire signs from the zodiac
Aries Leo and Sagittarius incidentally all three of these signs are commonly
associated with things such as liveliness ambition and inspiration
making this a fitting comparison according to Tarot experts the cards of
the suit of Wands can be representative of your core drives and motivations
personality ego self-concept and your internal and external personal energies
the more negative sense the suit of Wands might also represent flaws such as
impulsiveness egotistical behavior and a sign that you’ve lost your way and are
currently lacking in a concrete direction or purpose if your tarot
reading is predominantly made up of cards from the suit of Wands it could
mean that you’re beginning a new transitional period of personal growth
and development or seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning of life or
it could mean that whoever fold the deck prior to your reading
didn’t do a very good job but be either one really on that note let’s take a
closer look at the 14 cards that make up the suit of Wands and unpack the
commonly agreed-upon meanings and interpretations behind each card as they
appear in a tarot reading Ace of Wands first up in the suit of Wands is the Ace
of Wands depicting a disembodied hand grasping a stick the ace of cards in
each of the four Minor Arcana suits are typically seen as being meant to
symbolize new beginnings and the Ace of Wands is no exception
according to expert tarot readers this card is all about embracing new ideas
and beginning new projects it represents a creative spark that can ignite your
passion to accomplish bigger and better things if this card shows up in your
reading reversed ie upside down it could potentially mean that you’re currently
suffering from a creative drought or find yourself waylaid by delays and
distractions at times like these it’s always important to remember to stick to
your guns get it two of Wands in the art of the two of Wands we see a man
standing between two upright branches potentially symbolizing two branching
paths that he can possibly take similarly the two of Wands card is often
interpreted as symbolizing an important decision to be made usually between two
distinct choices you may be feeling as though the grass is always greener on
the other side or might you find yourself at the point where it’s time to
start planning for the future when reversed this card can represent the
fear of change fear of the unknown indecisiveness
and a lack of planning or self-doubt 3 of Wands the three of Wands is all about
progress travel foresight confidence and new opportunities especially overseas
like the person on this card overlooking the ocean
this card symbolizes that you’re at a point where you can see everything that
lies ahead of you all the challenges and obstacles that are about to come your
way maybe now’s the time to do that backpacking tour through Europe that you
and your best and keep hyping up unless this card is
reversed of course an upside-down 3 of Wands represents a lack of foresight
unexpected delays lack of confidence and restrictions 4 of Wands if the 3 of
Wands is all about travelling overseas then the 4 of Wands is all about the
journey home this card represents reunions happy families homecomings and
relaxation it can also represent that you’ve just completed a major life goal
or milestone and it’s time for some much-needed celebration if reversed this
card can represent canceled celebrations or conflicts between loved ones or it
might represent a more personal celebration or achieving inner harmony 5
of Wands as you might have guessed by the not-so-friendly looking picture on
the front of this card the 5 of Wands represents conflict arguments
competition disagreements and distinct lack of cooperation this card can often
be interpreted to denote a clash of personality maybe you’re having a hard
time getting everyone on the same page for a group project or you recently got
into an argument with a close friend on the plus side a reversed 5 of Wands can
symbolize compromise the end of a disagreement harmony and problem solving
or it could represent an inner conflict of fear of confrontation six of Wands in
the six of Wands we see a triumphant figure on a horseback their head held
high as they parade their way into the frame sure enough this card can be
interpreted as being symbolic of success and victories public recognition praised
confidence and being in the spotlight this card can appear in a tarot reading
to congratulate you on a job well done or it might be there to inform you that
you’re about to get your big break if reversed this card can instead mean
failure or fall from grace or on a more positive note it might represent a
private or personal victory you’ve achieved outside of the public eye
seven of Wands here we see a person on top of a hill swinging a wand at unseen
attackers approaching from below like the five of Wands the seven of Wands is
a card that symbolizes confrontation in the case of the seven of wands this card
represents standing up for your beliefs rising to the occasion and fighting your
corner receiving this card means that you may be in a situation where
obstacles and challenges are attacking you from all sides and it’s time to
knuckle down and hold your own against these hardships reversed the seven of
Wands represents feeling overwhelmed or exhausted giving up or folding your
beliefs eight of Wands the eight of Wands is a dynamic card that represents
momentum common key words attached to this card include hastiness speed moment
change in action seeing this card in your tarot reading can actually mean
that exciting times are in store for you in the near future or it could mean that
you’re about to embark on a very important trip reversed this card can
represent a resistance to change a lack of speed or action slow or
delayed progress bad timing or loss in momentum nine of Wands on the
front of this card we see an injured man catching his breath
amidst the forest of upright wands the nine of Wands card can represent fatigue
or weariness from a long ongoing battle but it can also represent the courage
persistence and resilience needed to push through and succeed if you feel
like life has been beating you down recently this card could be assigned to
keep on keeping on like the man on this cards illustration it could be that
you’re just waiting to receive your second wind if we’re first the nine of
Wands can represent a stubbornness or rigidity and unwillingness to compromise
or paranoia 10 of Wands on the illustration of the 10 of Wands we see a
person struggling to carry what appears to be more sticks than you can shake a
stick at this card can represent times when you
might be feeling overwhelmed saddled with responsibilities and
obligations are weighed down by stressful situations the card might
signify that you’re feeling worn down are burnt out or that you currently find
yourself in the middle of an uphill battle if reversed the 10 of Wands can
represent an insurmountable obstacle or collapse under pressure or it could mean
that you’re able to shoulder the burden and persevere through this difficult
scenario page of Wands this brings us to the end of the suit of Wands as we get
into the suits for face cards first up is the page of Wands this card can be
used to denote good news inspiration a surge of new ideas and limitless
potential alternatively it might also mean the spreading of information either
through phone calls word of mouth or by some other means maybe even the
discovery of your new favorite YouTube channel and hint it reversed however the
page of wants can be a little less optimistic an upside-down reading of
this card can instead point towards hastiness gullibility a lack of energy
or focus or self limiting beliefs it could also represent newly formed
ideas that still need time to develop knight of Wands next up in the face of
cards is the knight of Wands this card can be read as a symbol of energy
impulsiveness inspired action confidence and assuredness in the rider-waite tarot
deck the knight of Wands wears armor decorated with pictures of salamanders
which in older times was an animal commonly associated with the element of
fire if reversed this card can represent more reserved passions such as personal
projects or it can be meant to warn you to stay clear of arrogance a scene as’
and scattered energy queen of Wands the queen of Wands sits confidently on her
throne with an adorable black kitty seated at her feet this is a card that
can be used to denote courageousness outgoing or independent nature an
association with this card implies that you’ve got a lot of balls in the air
right now but also efficiency and determination to keep
your hectic life organized the reversal of this card tells a different story
it can either denote someone who is introverted in nature or someone who is
overly pushy or overbearing demanding too much for mothers while being
spiteful and self-righteous king of Wands last but certainly not least we
have the king of Wands this is a card representative of natural-born
leadership grand visions experience charm and leniency it’s a card that
promises long-term success and important endeavors though it can also represent
someone too controlling or hot-tempered to currently reach their full potential
the reversal of this card can to pick someone with more leadership skills or
high expectations a person with a volatile temper who sets a bad example
for others heavy is the head that wears the crown as they say and with that
we’ve reached the end of the suit of wands hopefully the information in this
video will help you get a better understanding the next time you decide
to test your luck at a psychic reading or maybe it can help you impress and wow
your friends the next time you decide to whip out a tarot deck of your own just
remember that Tarot is more of a fun hypothetical exercise than a proven
science so try not to take the cards too seriously what did you think of this
video are you enjoying our series on tarot cards so far let us know in the
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