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hello dear taurus welcome to
this weekend reading from 10 to January 12 of this 2011
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need taurus friends we start with your reading then for the purpose of
week from January 10 to 12 and before start I want you to focus on one
of these two decks because they are going to be the tips that I’m going to give you the most
he likes choose it and in the end we will go seeing what comes out for you
Dear Taurus according to the side they have chosen come on then weekend of
10 to 12 January of this 2011 very good is one to see
it’s a weekend it’s hard where I feel that emotionally in general you will want to prioritize
Taurus I feel it’s like somehow I know what I’m worth, I know what I owe
do I know I know what decisions I have what to drink I have to respect I have
to assert my ideas before else to feel good I need
clarify a topic I need to get ahead then emotionally like they’re going to
have the power but that power is going to be because you want to make yourself
better person or have a better future so if they come with problems
related to the environment the most it is likely that this weekend
again you want to solve this to feel calm to feel is
somehow in peace even if they have problems in the
home most likely this end of week there is a new beginning things
are fixed or there are changes that allow progress because as well as
general emotional I see them better already e even in new beginning in which subjects
that have to do with family in couple issues is where they will have
certain problems disappointment the letter the star clearly tells us about
disappointment and it’s like there may be some problems between the couple the
your partner’s mother or your mother with your couple there are going to be some issues
even if they have children they may have some friction or problems related to
the children or that anyone gives I don’t know anymore attention to children but you
then they will feel a little there relocated now if they have no children
clearly it can be for third parties specially people
issues that have to do with mother in law et cetera and if they don’t directly have
couple most likely as soon as to the theme of love is to walk a little
life and without knowing what to do what decisions make good you can see the
ex-partner video that we upload Sunday days out there can take out
some advice let’s clarify this after we finish reading
but they will have to keep an eye on this topic already related to love the
family children also for some can who have had or want to have children and
maybe they didn’t have a fake alarm or they may think that maybe
they were pregnant and they say no but you have to keep fighting friends
Taurus already if it is not the case then as I tell you that there is conflict between children
yours and if they are not from your partner at better your partner prioritize theirs and
there to try to have or seek calm referring to those issues also for
others is hard i feel your end of week where
where they will even be trying to solve these problems by stopping
side a little work if they come as work-focused or half-focused media
a lot in money to work the most it is likely that they focus on
this theme related to love for as I say to solve issues
with your partner or something maybe they will understand that there should be a space
also you to start feeling to remake his life in the field
emotional already that’s why I also now of new start on the family theme because
maybe you open the door to a New relationship
there are certain issues related to money that can hurt I think that
several topics are going to come together Taurus that can be with children or children not
no no biological children but if children of your partner for example or children of the
families if they don’t have children in priorities have one brother and the other and
you who have problems with your younger parents can also
know what they leave their children with others people also watch out for that already suddenly he will look like a cat at
better excessive or discussions for how they are occupying money in the family
then they have to be careful the relationship and try to handle everything
calmly so as not to lose this tranquility or this peace otherwise
it’s like they are going to prioritize what they feel and what they want but they are
can forget what they are feeling and what others want then for
that’s super important that they have it present I think they are very good
taurus tips for the weekend what related to love ex partner the day
sunday what are you single let’s see if single in general
notice here that he already tells me that you are going to feel like
disappointed because they don’t find the ideal version is like they have a light
and illusion with someone talk dialogue and then they realize that it was not what
that you wanted to be sad because they had illusion then this kind of
situations and that is why you they have to do a job not you
first is taurus in transmute and in change things that are being asked
long ago especially the line spiritual that way if they are going to bring
to your life people who have their same vibration or that is some related soul or
person is important but of what otherwise they will bring pure people who
they are going to teach them things that they have to go changing and you don’t explain the
why don’t you find love then they must work what is more the
communication and understanding with the another because suddenly they produce rejections
that has also named me previously
the tarot for you taurus is the way that’s why it’s disappointment and in the way
of work they have to implement in love those who are in a relationship of
couple let’s see if I clarify a little more
there is feeling again betrayed and again the
children theme look fight for the children or because one
wants to have children the other does not want or because they have children
let’s say you give priority to your children but you have left them aside
or frost or slab or you women your partner does not have them on your side
how can it be that you feel that you are giving everything for your
children and their partner cannot be too that there is some related topic out there
with children with other people or that they come from other relationships and there that
so you don’t know your partner spent money on it and not yours back to me
repeat the same this weekend to be careful with that topic to talk
calmly what we are going to ask the same for
I work because we didn’t go any further from the family to see the Taurus I believe
that work there is no kind of problem no problems
only that the emotional can play against what I’m telling you
problems with family or partner or love and others I see it well
even those without work I also see that there is a call or can
have positive news regarding money somehow they manage
but I don’t see them badly at the weekend who want to travel from taurus
those who want to travel this end of week goes wonderful spectacular yes
they want to travel somewhere go to visit someone a pleasure trip and
even to stay as I tell you easy to find that
balance they need is going to be but very well those who want
travel those who want to buy or sell something important in this weekend
around here you are going to have to have careful because here there may be true
conflict between family issues careful too taurus hire with ex
couples as if for example I my ex-partner called and sells me such a thing
because your partner is new you can anger
ok or also with I don’t know how to sell something or bring something home or buy something that
belonged to his ex-partner i don’t know that guy of things they have to avoid because yes
they will not have conflicts and also avoid buying things for a couple or
for your ex partner or your ex’s children couple and not for the new or the new
because somehow they will have conflict keeps repeating it to me
then to be careful with this guy of things also very carefully
Taurus that may be in a triangle loving to buy something for your
lover and that your partner notices me it’s funny because that can also be that
already in terms of purchases in general people
for family issues if they agree ask before it is not something that
need try to prioritize things that they need if they are going to buy and if they are going
to sell something also that is of the family agreed in the case that
they also have to say good directly for friendships
Taurus to see friendships I think here there is no there is as good
communication with friends I believe that are in a transit process with
the best meeting new people but also for some taurus they say that
you have to mature the logo letter me talk about immaturity some are um no
they are communicating with friends that they want too much here in the letter of
judgment is like waking up and also have a self-analysis of what they are
of the relationships they have had with the some friends are bored or
Taurus you are bored of certain people who are not good for you
and many also feel judged by the environment for those friendships but
you are going to have to decide I feel that he is that the universe is going to
take the right path and late or early comes a solution for these
issues of conflicts with friends in quotes ok
Taurus let’s go then I feel it is a good weekend in general is a
good weekend let’s go with what they chose this side which are the halls
with his advice for the weekend from 10 to 12 the children tell us
look and talk to him all the time about children there is a lot of topic related to
children this weekend your connection with children is part of the purpose
of your life then try not to fight neither argue for children or understand
also to their children those who have children maybe he is being asked too
have better communication with them to sometimes they are being very authoritarian
maybe and not very flexible try to see that topic those who chose this side
left what they chose the side right what are the angels tell us to heal
your body tells you what you are doing with your conscience or ice this speaks to us
of the taurus that have problems with health or some disease because your
body is talking to you so that you are to heal something related to
emotions or with your awareness something that they have there that doesn’t let them live
calm is manifesting in his body in health to keep an eye on this
by healing now and let’s go with a number of luck and a letter that will
represent or will you finish them advise for this weekend of 10
as of January 12 Taurus
we are going to choose one and the one that comes out is right death
that speaks of positive changes death talk about rebirth talk about changes
towards positive after going through complicated problems but also speaks
to be born again in terms of spirituality maybe to your vision of
life to feel again that life is nice that you can live it then talk
that positive change is coming that should keep fighting to be happy taurus the
lucky number for this purpose of week is number 13 ok for them
serve transmutation cycle change positive changes
Taurus very grateful Taurus for his support in the channel see you on sunday in
the ex-partner reading and also in the direct that we will start doing the
Tuesday days attentive to the community to the community tab of my channel because there
I will be informing the schedules of the direct where you can ask a question
free if chosen and remember join the channel as members thanks

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