Taurus 2020 Tarot Astrology | The Seeker |

Taurus 2020 Tarot Astrology | The Seeker |

Hey my lovely Taurus is welcome to your
2020 – 2021 yearly astrology and tarot reading so here we go guys um tourist
Sun Moon rising and Venus this is for you I do highly recommend checking out
your rising sign especially in your moon sign for the year ahead as well we’re
gonna go over the astrology and we’re you know just the big points because
there’s a lot happening and we’re gonna go way more in depth into astrology and
you know monthly energy with a month a month so keep an eye out for those and
definitely make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not I highly appreciate it and
I really thank you all for all of your support my amazing subscribers I really
do appreciate it so Tauruses um Wow let’s get into this here
this is a big year ahead we already know that we have Uranus in our sign that’s
big news and that’s already been there for about like a year and it’s gonna
stay it sticks in your sign for about seven years
this year we have so we got Uranus in our sign and that’s just been a lot of
surprises and changes and huge beginnings and endings um it’s a very
liberating and surprise build kind of element to our energy over the next
seven years and it’s really quite transformational and extreme so we got
that going on and that’s really big global changes already and then we get
six eclipses six eclipses guys so let’s start this out here
January 10th we have the first of six eclipses here in the lunar it’s gonna be
a lunar eclipse in the full moon and cancer in the North node and again
that’s January 10th it’s gonna be in our third house and that energy again energy
of eclipses stick around for about six months so that’s really gonna have us
focusing on what we want to learn since third house about communication making
hobbies into financially fulfilling situations if we’ve been too scattered
with their energy and what we’re doing we’re really um finding a way to
prioritize okay January 12th is the first of a lot of really intact it’s
really big conjunction situation between Saturn and Pluto that’s gonna be going
on for a little over two years so we have Saturn and Pluto conjunct tting and
you’re gonna hear a lot of astrologers talk about that
check out Gregory Scott white light astrology they are great with it as well
but uh it’s in your ninth house so Pluto is let me actually just bring up my
notes on this that’s why I’m looking down I got a lot of astrology notes for
you guys I didn’t want to forget everything got all highlighted and
everything so this saturn pluto conjunction it
happens every 33 or 38 years it’s a Global global Saturn return so it’s
karmic it’s gonna be karmic nature applying in the whole in terms of the
whole world okay so it’s bringing out a lot of undertones of judgment because
it’s completing an almost four decade long planetary cycle Saturn is the Lord
of karma chromic Chronos the Greek god you know brings up time and measure he
is energy of air very structural the skeleton in which things are built
around and Pluto is Hades the an actor of karma implosion and transformation so
Saturn the celestial clock and Pluto the force that comes on to power when the
time is due so Saturn and Pluto conjunction it’s gonna continue to
happen here and it’s gonna have really deep impacts on the whole world at large
for around the next two or so years and it’s gonna be a slow developing energy
now don’t expect it to be like Uranus and Taurus where it’s like hey I’m here
and BAM there let me knock that house down and knock this down and bring
change there it’s not like that if the effects aren’t visible at first there’s
slow constrained explosions that really focus on our structures built by Saturn
needing to undergo you know the test of time here what do we need to restructure
so that’s really big in terms of 2020 energy I really wanted to bring up that
anything else here we have um oh I mean you got a lot to go through here April
4th June 30th and November 12th are really lucky dates for you guys and for
a lot of people because it’s Jupiter conjunct tting Pluto is gonna be hitting
all those days there and that’s again in your ninth house there’s a lot of ninth
house energy for you guide which is travel I’m traveling in terms of you
know growth spiritually as well it’s very expansive kind of energy here so
that’s again Capricorn so it’s bringing up again travel broadening your horizons
education through travel school exploring the world
and how can you really work differently what can make you enjoy work more and
what are you really passionate about May 13th through June 25th we got venus
which is your ruling planet retrograde in your second house of money and
belongings so love gets a little bit weird
June 5th is the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius another Eclipse yep on June
5th and it’s inside at area South node because actually the nodes are entering
Gemini and Sagittarius May 5th so a little bit so actually that’s this no
that’s a month before that’s I just passed that accidentally guys so we’re
talking about the June 5th lunar eclipse but a month before that on May 5th we do
have the nodes entering Gemini and Sagittarius North node into Gemini south
node into Sagittarius so it’s much more of a focus on what we’re doing and how
we’re utilizing ourself you know what do you know the south node is really what
we’re wanting to step away from what we want to release and it’s gonna bring out
a lot of beliefs because it’s Sagittarius you know what have we
believed in in terms of beliefs spirituality and what you’re learning
now is it now what you believe or how does that all work out you know are we
switching our beliefs in the face of new and light and main understanding
probably whoo sorry there’s a lot to go through here yeah so again that lunar
eclipse on June 5th and Sagittarius in the South node is in your 8th house of
you know you in connection to others so developing something of your own and
maybe becoming independent through what you’ve learned here June 21st we have a
solar eclipse um a new moon in cancer North node so
that’s the 3rd house as well the way you think nurture yourself and others on how
can you be of service to the world is a question that you guys are gonna be
really switching into in terms of career it’s not so much how can I be service to
myself how can I help the world you have more humanitarian and expansive views of
I want to bring something back to the world and give back to society so it’s
really nice and it can help bring about some into financial trevor troubles july
5th we have the lunar eclipse full moon and Capricorn in the North node in your
ninth house again so continuing your desire to learn studied skills and
travel November 30th we have another lunar eclipse full moon in Gemini North
node so that’s your second house of communication
so it’s energy pulling in in terms of how can you improve finances how can you
improve work situations money December 14th we have a total solar
eclipse new moon in Sagittarius in the South node sober he needs to be letting
go because it’s south node so we’re letting go releasing of you know being
reliant on others you know a beautiful kiss for you guys this year is relying
on just yourself so that’s gonna be you know living life on your own terms how
can I stop relying on other people in situations December 21st the great
conjunction is happening this is really huge and it happens once every 20 years
the last time it happened was around 9/11 actually so big big stuff here guys
big stuff Saturn which is security structure and then we got Jupiter good
luck and expansion are conjunct in here and the structure of humanity’s are
really going to be tested it’s in your tenth house in Aquarius so what kind of
work again are you doing for yourself and how can you help the planet big
stuff it’s gonna be huge in terms of global changes and understanding and
again how humanity gets tested I’m a little worried about it we’ll talk more
about it when we get there whoo sorry I had to kind of like blast through all
that astrology here but let’s get into your reading now we’re using the morgan
greer for your yearly read here i don’t know why but this deck really wanted to
be used for you guys so let’s check out we’re gonna pull one card for each month
and then we’re going to pull one card from a different deck for your overall
energy your overall focus for the year here okay i’m not saying the word right
but that’s okay we’ll get there alright so what is the theme of january
for tourists so i’m in rising in venus taurus January January 2019 oh my god
January 2020 not in January 2019 January 2020 for Assad is up right Oh everywhere I came right out and I
liked it let’s get on now to March March for
Taurus what is the theme for March general energy of March tourists um why
your car keep having guys it’s really annoying alright Sun man rising in Venus all
right I’m gonna kill you guys why are you throwing my cards on the ground and
they’re all facedown so I can’t even take them January February March let’s
look at April April tourists Sun moon rising and Venus what is the general
theme and energy of April for Tauruses in both 2020 May 20 2010 rising and
Venus June 20 2014 moon rising and Venus this is good so far I’m really liking
this year especially as opposed to 2019 right all right
January February March April May June July
let’s get July for Taurus July theme of July energy in terms of July I might
have to leave this one as a double because we get some big stuff there
actually and I can’t ignore that so interesting we’ll talk about I’m a
current leave them both out but we’ll talk about what came out in July all
right let’s look at obvious August for tourists huh August anymore her August Taurus
okay your gear thing is looking good this year it’s looking good there my so
couple of cars that keeps showing up behind car it’s like two swords and
eight of swords which to me show a need to it feels like we’re having a hard
time seeing you know which way forward what decisions we need to make and we
need to kind of open our eyes dad stop allowing ourselves to be stuff because
two of swords eight of swords both talked about putting yourself in that
position and feeling stuck feeling at a loss so let’s look at September
September for tourists September 20 2008 2019 2020 for Taurus general theme hmm
alright October for Taurus October 20 2014 moon rising Venus mmm-hmm
November your cars aren’t coming out that fast it’s kind of frustrating
it’s November for Taurus your general theme and energy November 20 24 forest
one card please oh okay and December 4 2020
December 20 24 it’s how are they finishing out 2020 what is the energy
what is this okay pretty good pretty good there’s a couple
it feels like hiccups here along the way but Uranus is in your sign we have to
expect major to changes and I would expect something pretty big in July
energy is kind of indicating that all right so your first or actually before
we even start looking at the cards that we got let’s get your overall theme of
the year overall theme of the year for tourists on new
and Venus overall theme of the year Taurus sunrise there’s Venus for 2020
what is their overall theme of 2020 one card please okay that’s an
interesting one but we’re gonna take in Wow so your overall theme is a card that
isn’t even part of the traditional Tarot and it’s for my pagan other worlds you
see desk and again we’re using the morgan greer for your man spread it’s
the seeker for me this car brings out the sensation of you know seeking
something deeper seeking out you know truth seeking out sign what the heck
there’s a net over here to make me crazy ah but the seeker is the card of looking
deeper at things you know i think especially spiritually you guys are
going to be growing quite a bit this year you’re going to be seeking out a
new spiritual development a new way of looking at things and you might be
getting more in touch here with your higher self and with your cosmic self
here and you know again whatever it is you’re trying to get in touch with your
spirit guides I always recommend your higher self and your guides to first
connect to it and a lot of you might be doing that are you know dipping into a
more spiritual place in your life here or you know exploring spirituality in a
different way seeing it in a different way experiencing it differently but
we’re gonna see how this plays into your reading here because the seeker seeks
out you know life at a different level it seeks out a more fulfilling
emotionally spiritually and financially life you know it’s it seeks something
out that is more it feels like we’re on a journey to find out more to learn to
experience things on our extremely deep and connected level so this is amazing
and again like I was saying that your year is very very what it I’d say it’s
very um well with Capricorn it’s just very um when is that 9th house for you I
said sorry I have to look at this for a second I’ll get myself confused I’ve
been writing notes on this like for days so I get a little bit lost sometimes but
yes it’s very very you know cancer and Capricorn energy for you guys okay which
is like their I think that’s like third house ninth house forgive me
if I’m not counting it right and I said it earlier probably right but it does
feel like a year or learning a lot a lot about ourself and where we want to go
anyways January we get the king of Rods awesome right that’s a really great way
to start the year we’re in a great position of control people are probably
looking to us and saying that’s a leader Horace leadership is in your cards this
year leadership is something that I just feel that you guys are stepping into are
trying to become again a leader in your life a leader in business a leader in
some aspect you are taking on this king of Rods passionate you know go get her
you know I’m gonna make this happen kind of energy and that’s really really good
the king of Rods is very noble very honest conscientious he’s very aware
very in control and especially in terms of communication in terms of leading
something he is you know that kind of you know fiery liked on it type of boss
so we’re you know possibly taking on larger roles of leadership taking
control of something or again are in the focus in the main focus of a social
group of some type here in the beginning of the year but it feels like you’re
stepping up and you’re wanting to take a bit more leadership centric role here in
terms of business and stuff six of Pentacles is February so receiving offer
is getting things back that we’ve put into here having things balanced out
financially it is the lower echo of justice so things coming back into
balance in terms of truth and justice here you know seems like from a
different perspective if somebody has offered you know owed you money it’s you
know generosity being repaid through you or being repaid back to you here and you
could also be receiving some money some help here but whenever it is you’re
putting out you’re getting something back so know that in February what you
put out you get back and I really like this guy to get a second six two months
in a row so it’s a really nice start to the year six is from your indication
from your higher-self that you’re on the right path you’re moving forward things
aren’t going great six of Wands is success so March is success you guys
I’ve earned this people might be congratulating you you might be you know
getting a new job moving house whatever it is having a certain level of success
that you’ve been trying to get within a business a relationship but
overall things just feel like they are golden for you you know January February
March it feels like things are just smooth sailing really good and then when
you guys get to April and for my Torres for my April Taurus is I’m right on that
zero degree cusp of aries taurus so I am excited April looked really different
both of those times so I’m pretty excited guys because ASA wants is your
April card that is great that to me is a new offer new energy coming in a new
direction that new sense of passion excitement drive here it is at your
doorstep to offer you you know this source of you know strength the source
of energy it’s just very Inspira and you know inspirational creative you know
especially in terms of you know if you’re creative if you’re an artist if
you’re a writer there is ideas coming and there is new
beginnings there’s things you want to create that are successful and good
because then in May guys your other month for birthdays is the star that is
um that is just incredible and yes we have some big planets moving into
Aquarius we’ll talk about that you know as it happens throughout the year I
can’t get through all the astrology this 2020 was like it’s too much but we’ll
get to it there but on this kind of talks about that Aquarian humanitarian
aspect that comes in here how can I help you know yes I’m helping myself but is
that help is what I’m doing what I’m creating what I’m bringing to life here
especially in terms of career business vocation how does it give back to the
world was a big focus for you guys it’s also about coming back into this really
healed inspirational transcendent way of life here a lot of you guys again
spiritually are getting more connected receiving messages maybe connecting
through on nature through connecting to your higher self it just feels like
especially if you’ve been trying you know to grow in some spiritual way you
know April May they’re a new path there there’s excitement there’s new energy
put into that things just seem to kind of come together in this really
beautiful way where it’s like I knew the universe had this for me I knew it and I
thought I was coming in all of 2019 and here it is in 2020 2020 is the year that
we’ve been waiting for it feels like for a long-ass time right alright Jimmy get
page of Rods that is you know new knowledge new beginnings
I like the page of Rods because he is ready to research he’s ready to
communicate he’s ready to you know learn and again this is a really big year in
terms of learning and communicating to you like it for you it’s about you know
how can we study more what can we what do we want to learn what do we want to
bring to the table what will help our business what will help you know what we
have to put out into the world here what’s going to help us get where we
want to go so we could be following new veins of interest here the you know the
the page of Wands or page of Rods here is about information and often he is
kind of spiritual in a strange way so again expect a lot of spiritual
development career development and how can I kind of almost intermingle these
things into bringing something back to the world here bringing something back
to humanity society as a whole it’s like really beautiful you guys are
transforming into you’re becoming so spiritual and like incredible and I love
it guys I really do love it like in terms of vocation and spirituality you
guys are growing and really expanding and becoming something incredible I’m
really proud of you guys alright so let’s move on here to January February
March April May June July I was like I noticed the big one but which month is
it July behind this card I saw the death card
I saw the ten of swords and I saw the five of cups what we see and what is
shown to us in July will be transformational it might be painful it
might bring out some end it might bring some things to an end that maybe we
weren’t sure but we needed to know this for the future this is like if you
wanted to know something if you needed to see something that you know in terms
of a relationship in terms of a work situation in terms of whatever is that
you have needed to end that maybe didn’t end in 2019 by July like it’s gonna
force its way into your life but also I don’t feel this is super negative you
know whatever ends at this time it’s in your benefit and it’s going to bring you
know harmony happiness all this wonderful stuff into your life but it
might not seem like that it might not appear that way it might not feel that
way at first but it is what you’ve wanted it is what you’ve been
manifesting and then in September guys I mean you get so you know you have built
yourself up you have worked hard for this position
this energy where you’re at you’ve become a more stable strong abundant but
also adaptable Taurus I know that the knight of Pentacles doesn’t feel that
way but I feel especially what comes up in October here that you guys have let
go of a lot of roots and structure and earthy elements of your life and are
more open especially with Uranus in your sign by this point your transformation
to things getting you where you need to go you’re like whatever is happening I
now realize that it’s building me up into this more amazing person that’s
more incredible abundant you know secure with who I am fulfilled
emotionally materially physically it’s like you have it all here spiritually
but you have you’ve allowed yourself to transform you but loud new energy to
come in you’ve allowed yourself to see what needs to be seen in order for you
to change and change is something that a lot of people say Taurus is out of
trouble with we don’t all fixed signs do first of all all fixed signs have
trouble with change it’s not comfortable for any fixed sign out there but um you
guys are known for that but I do think that with Uranus and your sign it’s like
you guys the most adaptable and changeable like you might even call
yourself a chameleon this year because you are changing there is new energy
coming in and it does force you to shift and you’re fine with it ten of Pentacles
reverses October and I know that seems kind of negative and kind of strange and
maybe it is that we’re leaving a family a home a place where we’ve built a life
here and there’s just a great year for again ninth house stuff of travel of
expansion so for me I think that a lot of you guys will be moving this year and
if you thought 2019 was that year it’s 2020 it absolutely is
so if you’re willing to let go of something that you’ve built up to let go
of a situation you could also be experiencing problems with parents
family home situations or again there just seems to be an uprooting here in a
situation that you know where you’ve built a home where you’ve been living
that’s why I say that because then in did I miss count the months here I feel
like I did one second guys January February March
April May June July August so I’m sorry August was nine of Pentacles let’s
really embarrassing guys this is August it’s because for me personally as a
reader I for some reason always associate Magna Pentacles
with Virgo season so I associate it with I associated with September so I
apologize this is September not yeah this is I’m sorry this is August not
September August not September is what I was just talking about so by August you
know we’re getting to this really stable like where am I going and then it feels
like September is when we start moving when we start picking up our roots and
saying alright time to close out this really big maybe even again when I get
ten of Pentacles that’s like ten years we’re ending a decade we’re beginning a
new decade here we’ll be in September of that new decade but things you’re gonna
notice by this point have really really changed you are not the same person you
were and I would say September is a really good time to look back and be
like where was I ten years ago and how have I changed make a list
take note how would you want to keep growing and changing here but you know
for some of you it feels like you have to let go especially if you’re doing a
career path or something that a lot of family members or you know people look
down upon or you know you feel like they you’ve got a loss of reputation in some
aspect let it go whoever and whatever holds onto that you don’t need them at
all you’re building your own kind of tribe and family this year and it’s
going to suit you a lot more in the coming years then what has been you
needed to grow you needed to let some people go and shed some skin and for
some of you it could even be you know physical you know your family your blood
family or maybe a friendship group something but you thought you’d be at
home at and that you could build a home there you’re like no that that never
works out so now like pick up my roots move on October 7 of swords mysteries
coming in something sneaky possibly on urine it feels like if you were sneaking
around or something that could be a possibility I’m sorry I don’t know why
there’s like that there’s something around here and I don’t know where it
came from or why it’s here so I apologize they’re not orbs it’s
probably a net that’s in front of the screen here but seven of swords is also
the car of secret things coming to the surface
seven of swords is actually Aries overall yearly energy card where it to
me again it’s like you can’t possibly see what’s coming in this month there
are surprises there are things that you don’t know that will come to light and I
don’t feel like it’s negative I really don’t think it’s negative I just think
yeah you know you can’t foresee everything it’s that yeah Taurus and
Uranus energy of you know you never know when this is gonna come back around and
hit you with something new it doesn’t feel bad but it does feel like something
that you really just don’t know yet there’s success in coping with the
situation but you can’t know you’ll have all the details yet there are surprises
in October all right keep an eye on that one page of cups is November that’s nice
that’s some nice energy that’s that essence of love and you know emotion and
communication we could be you know making some apologies having new um also
interests especially creatively could have bursts of creativity you know I
want to do this or maybe a new offer from someone younger if you have
children you know you’re having a good time with them they’re having a lot of
connection or they’re playing a big role in November but overall the page of cups
is just a really develop a sense it’s the car of you know developing emotional
understanding through exploring you know the emotions that are overcoming us at
this time it could also be starting something new in terms of love offering
up love having somebody else come in and you know show interest in us because
then we end out the year with him with the card of the choice the lovers and
that’s could also be seen as you know coming into a really intense loving
relationship to people coming together in true love however it is known as the
choice and does bring up conflict between you know two different
attractions or different paths that we could take different choices here the
necessity of choice here it brings about you know what is our responsibility in
this situation you know this responsibility
this responsibilities Trump over you know our emotion and what we truly need
so I would say with you know the year ending with the lovers I mean it’s
beautiful energy but it’s also you know choices that need to be made you might
be at the cusp of a choice that by the end of
20:20 that can bring him into a brand new place or a brand new energy even a
relationship by 2021 for some of you it could be that you’re getting engaged
you’re falling in love with somebody new you have a choice to make in terms of
love or again you’re falling just very deep in love with somebody it again that
could be your soulmate this is a really it seems like a very beautiful year for
you guys and I would say the energy is seek ask questions speak your truth put
it out there look for what your truth is look for your beliefs here this is a
year to seek you are the seeker and I love that that’s gonna be the name of
this video 2020 is the year of the seeker for you in Aries is surprises all
right so I hope you guys enjoyed this do check out your yearly reads for your Sun
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year of 2020 guys see you in the monthlies and the dailies love you my
Taurus gang namaste


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  • Invictus Arcana says:

    Haah this was a crazy read to watch. One of my new years resolutions was to use tarot more frequently (doing dailys for myself), The seeker is a good nod to that. January I am starting my brand and going to be promoting my art/tarot friends on my website. Feb I am launching the webshop. Pretty excited, this was a great read!

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