Taurus November 2018 * Horoscope * Tarot Reading * The Big Shift Is Here!  Subtítulos En Español

Taurus November 2018 * Horoscope * Tarot Reading * The Big Shift Is Here! Subtítulos En Español

Well hello hello my beautiful Taurus
how are you my gorgeous ones so you’ve got a big month coming up in November we
have a very very active sky and for this reason I’m not gonna go too deep into
anything any one thing because I wanted to kind of stick let you guys see all of it
so we’ve got Jupiter changing signs but as he changes the sign he leaves a gift
at that thing that you’ve been working on all year that goal that you’ve had
then we have the North node and the South node changing signs we have a lot
a lot of stuff so welcome welcome everyone for those of you don’t know me
my name is Cindy I am the modern day spiritual advisor I use multiple
modalities including Astrology, Tarot, Spirit Medium, all kinds of stuff
Hypnotherapy to help you on your path so my gorgeous ones listen, for the month
of November the highest viewed video in the month of December so whatever sign
is the highest viewed video, the month of December, will get a full Celtic spread
tarot reading and a full astrological reading which I’ll go over pretty much
every day we’ll look at aspects and all that kind of stuff so be sure and be the
most viewed video share this out like this
watch this and I do thank all of you that have been with me for such a long
time I really really appreciate you so hmm I
just wanted to mention that before we got started again we do have an active
sky you can always.. if I’m going too fast you can always rewind this but I don’t
want to like go too deep into anything so on the first right off the bat Venus
is already retrograde but it changes signs into Libra right and I’m about
to do the Venus retrograde series and then I’m gonna do the Pluto series then
I’m going to do December’s actually I’m gonna do the nodes and then December’s
so there’ll be videos coming out pretty much every day alright so for Venus this
is your ruling planet right so you know all about beauty and love
and luck and money right and so with Venus being in retrograde and being in
Scorpio there it’s a little bit different than when it moves into Libra
so there’s been some chaos there’s been some push of pull there’s been some kind
of figuring out what you want to do how you’re gonna have your schedule how
you’re gonna make your money how you’re gonna let go of money how you’re gonna
let go of people how you’re gonna keep people what your schedule is gonna be
like in your daily activity what you’re doing with your health and well being and
that’s all where the Venus had been sorry that’s all yeah no I’m sorry
that’s where Venus is going in – sorry it’s going into Libra because it was in
Scorpio it’s going into Libra so all of that that was going on in your seventh
out the relationships the relationships about your money in the relationship
you have with yourself the relationship that you have with others
there was some amending revising editing all of that stuff and then it moves it’s
going to so there was probably a little bit of chaos probably a little bit push
and pull you’re still trying to figure this out it isn’t done yet and then it’s
moved into Libra on the first of November where it’s gonna start to calm
down right because Venus is your ruling planet and it’s Libra’s ruling planet
right so it it likes it. It likes to be in its home it likes to be in your house
and it likes it likes to be in your sign it likes to be in Libra sign so as it’s
retrograding into Libra and it’ll retrograde back to 25 degrees and then
it’ll turn direct and then it’ll go forward again but these issues that
you’ve been dealing with probably in the last two or three weeks they’re you’re
gonna have one more chance at them when Venus comes back around to that okay to
finish it up but while it’s in and I apologize for the dogs barking while
it’s in Libra you’ll see that things are going to calm down it will actually gift
Venus will gift money gift stability in relationships a gift
the partnership kind of thing the balance and all of this so
yeah let me say this you’ll find that when it’s in Libra it’s going to you’ll
see that others are gonna do for you rather than you putting so much work in
and nobody helping out it like it could have been that way where you’ve been
putting all the work in you’ve been trying to change this you’ve been doing
this and and nobody wants to move which is kind of odd for Taurus because I
know you guys can move I know somebody got upset with me because they were like
not all Taurus are that way and I was at they’re not all stuck and they’re not
what I was thinking well you’re kind of showing that that’s what you are right
now that you’re doing this but first of all this is a general reading so when I
say general that means not everybody there’s different aspects in your chart
you could you can be a Taurus Sun and have an ascending cancer that’s like at 29
degrees and so you’re gonna probably behave and look and act more like a
cancer than a Taurus yes you’ll have some attributes or characteristics of
Taurus and you may even feel like a Taurus because that’s your
Sun it’s your it’s your consciousness right it’s your ego but you may act and
the way that people see you may be more cancer if you have that so everybody’s
chart is different this is a general reading and so if you have questions
about that or need help with that that’s why I do private personal
readings so anyway back to Venus as it’s going into Libra this is going to be in
your daily house daily activities your schedule but because Venus is in Libra
it’s going to it’s going to produce something so in Scorpio you probably
weren’t making if it was about money that you’re focused on you probably all
of a sudden weren’t making enough or weren’t making as much or maybe you were
worth putting a lot of work in and it wasn’t happening there could have been
some adjusting and amending with partners and relationships it’s not over
so but as it goes into Libra you may find that you come to some sort of
agreement with your relationships you have come
understanding maybe they put in a little bit of work this time in Libra it’s very
different so that that’s just on the first then also on the first mercury
moves into Sagittarius so Sagittarian Sagittarii very optimistic sign it’s a
higher learning it wants to make the unknown known mercury comes with the
message and this is going to be in your 8th house but because it’s conjunct
Jupiter see this Jupiter right here so they’re two they’re going to be talking
there they’re conversing and so with them speaking I feel like Mercury’s
bringing a message about this goal that you’ve been working on with
relationships and I feel like that could be connected to this Venus like maybe
you’ve been putting a lot of work in or maybe you finally decided okay maybe I
should give a little maybe I can do this or maybe maybe we can work this out
different way whatever this is you may find that it surprises you that they do
more than you think they’re gonna do that’s what I’m getting so that’s just
on the first then on the sixth another big aspect it’s going to be going on
another big thing that’s going to be going on is these nodes the nodal axis
so the North node and the South node North node or the North node and the
South node is always exactly opposite on the six they are going to be changing
signs as well so it’s going to go into cancer that’s the North node which means
the South node is going into Capricorn right now for the next year and a half a
little bit more than a year and a half you’re going to find yourself more
involved because the North node is where your path is..the North Node is what you’re
trying to experience more of what you’re trying to become more of what yeah more
of what’s what’s gonna help you grow what you wanted to experience in this
lifetime right so with the north node moving into your third house this is
going.. you’re going to find over this next year and
have that dealing with neighbors dealing with co-workers dealing with siblings
dealing with even family, dealing with the media if you if your work is
in the media if your work is in writing some sort of administrative stuff you’re
going to find yourself doing more of that okay so that’s your north node I am
gonna do the North Node series the South node where your south node is is
in your ninth house sorry so what your South Node is in your ninth
house in Capricorn Capricorn is your brother/sister sign so where you
probably spent this last year really thinking about your perception and
higher learning maybe even delving into the occult or mysticism or Astrology or
runes or something maybe even psychology where you were doing more of that in
this last year and a half that is no longer gonna be your focus your focus is
going to be more in this house of administration and paperwork and dealing
with the sort of everyday communication like I said siblings and co-workers and
neighbors and stuff like that so for the next year and a half you’re going to be
dealing with that but because it’s in cancer there’s this nurturing healing
thing that needs to go on in this house for you so it’ll be where the nodes are
shifting I kind of feel like for a lot of us it’s going to be now that we know
what we want because when the North node was in Leo now that we know what we want
this is going to help us build upon it okay that make sense so that’s on the
sixth then on the seventh we have this new moon so this new moon is going to be
in Scorpio and that again is going to be in your seventh house you guys know that
the new moon that new moons are about new beginnings but this can also be
where fate destiny miracles step in I apologize I need to
drink my my coffee so this is where fate destiny miracles
fate and destiny can step in miracles can happen with it being in
Scorpio I feel like these are this new moon is this new beginning because we
have Jupiter in there this and it’s right at the 29 degrees and as Jupiter
leaves a house its it’s made that house grow or its help that house expand and
so that’s when it begins to give you if it’s going to gift you because it’s been
in Scorpio so it’s it’s kind of not really comfortable in Scorpio it still
will give you it’s just gonna gift you something maybe you’ve already gotten it
maybe you’ll be getting it but some of you will be getting it at this new moon
and new moon you’ll feel for a couple of weeks so the new moon in Scorpio this is
something that you already know of this is something that you’ve been working on
this is sort of a goal and I feel like it has to do with this Jupiter so that
happens on the seventh you have the new moon but what you also have is Uranus
okay so on the seventh when you have this new moon you have Uranus that moves
into your 12th house right and so there’s something that’s completing
Uranus likes to shift this is this inner stuff because its retrograde Uranus is
retrograde if you look here so it’s this inner stuff that you’ve been working on
and then Uranus will shift something to complete something to end something
there could be a relationship that’s ending maybe your anyone relationship
beginning another relationship I do see so that’s that for some of you maybe
you’re… business partnership and beginning a new one whatever these goals
that you’ve been working on this whole year Uranus is gonna shift this but it
should like to shift it likes just shock and also that it can liberate you and so
just watch out for that on that day as the new moon comes in as the new
beginning comes in there is something that’s going to be completing there is
something that may be something that you were working on behind the scenes that
could be shifting that could be completing you could have
I mean you guys are already very spiritual so I feel like you have very
prophetic dreams anyway so you could be getting some inspiration and prophetic
dreams but I don’t feel it like when a sign all of a sudden their 12th
house gets active and they get a lot of like their inspiration is very profound
because they don’t get it very often or they don’t remember it very often you
guys I feel like you have this a lot where it’s very prophetic or you kind of
know you’re kind of dealing with your stuff in your dreams and you get
inspiration and you get you know messages from the other world or the
dimensions your loved ones so I don’t feel too much of that I do feel some of
that where you may get some inspiration some messages but for the most part I
feel like these there’s something you’ve been working on behind the scenes that
gets shifted or it’s a completion of something for this beginning to come in
okay so just look for that that’s on the seventh then on the eighth Jupiter
changes signs so Jupiter has been in Scorpio for a year it is going to move
into its own sign it loves this sign it feels comfortable in this sign Jupiter
is the teacher the Guru the expander Jupiter loves to gift loves to it’s the
manifester right it wasn’t though it’s off so wherever Jupiter every side or
every planet comet star whatever house they’re in they have
to play by that sign’s houses’ rules so it had to in Scorpio where our lessons
our expansion came from some sort of tension some sort of pain some sort of
chaos some sort of chaos where those lessons came from that
because that’s Scorpio peeling back that onion peeling everything out just when
you thought you had it there was more to peel and there was another layer and
another layer right and this caused pain this for some of you it caused
disruption it caused you know ached and it caused tension some of you chaos
and some of you crisis it is now moving into Sagittarius where it’s no longer
going to do that in Sagittarius Sagittarians are very optimistic
periods are about the higher mind Sagittarians that are about going and
finding the secrets to the world and grounding them and bringing them back
right making the unknown known so our lessons are gonna be very different as
Jupiter moves into Sagittarius it’s going to be gifting a lot in here the
lessons are going to be very different where it was in Scorpio about can I
actually do this thing how do I even do this thing and every time I try to do
this thing another layers peeled back and I got to deal with some emotion I got
another that like all of that inside of Taurus you already know what you want
pretty much and this is more about building in that and gifting you so that
you can do that right so I am gonna do the Jupiter series Jupiter in
Sagittarius series but as Jupiter moves into here it’s got the moon that it’s
talking to and then it’s got mercury that it could bring a message about
where you’re going with this right for you guys this is in your 8th house so
this is other people’s money this is other people’s resources so if there was
something that you’ve been trying to create like you finally got focused and
knew what you wanted to do and you’re like okay I’m gonna start a business or
I’m gonna go on sabbatical and I or I’m gonna go travel the world or like
something that you’re do you focused or don’t try to do
Jupiter is now going to help you in this 8th house with the resources maybe your
loved one may be your partner maybe your spouse is the one actually getting a
really really good job a really really stable job so that you can do your thing
right so this is other people’s money you could be dealing with inheritance
you could be dealing with divorce you could be dealing with insurances or
taxes something like that but this is gonna be very optimistic okay so but
that’s I mean Jupiter’s just beginning it’s just starting in that sign so
congratulations to everyone this is gonna be a much better year than it has
been in 2018 2018 wasn’t too bad wasn’t even as
bad as 2017 but this is more about building on what we kind of know that we
want kind of we’re almost there by January we’re going to have to commit to
something like yeah by January we’re gonna have to commit to something and
I’ll be putting those out too so on the 16th Mars moves out of Aquarius and in
to Pisces so Mars moving out of course into Pisces is in your 11th house this
is your house in groups this is your house of networking this is your house
of the internet and influential people this is the house of gains so with Mars
moving into there it’s going to be talking to Neptune in like a week later
but Mars moving into there is going to sort of I would say because we’re gonna
have Mercury retrograde to be very careful when Mars moves into this house
for you as to what you say to others okay just be careful to soften the blow
for others because you may turn somebody off or you may irritate them or they may
just hear you wrong because we’re gonna be in mercury retrograde but I feel like
Mars has that energy the sort of go go go go go and when you’re dealing with
groups when it once it gets close to Neptune it’ll be better but when it
first starts in there you may have this like okay I got to tell them off or I
got to tell them something or I got a like or they may ask you a question then
you just tell them but it offends them right so just be careful with Mars in
this 11th house and then on that same day this is when Venus goes retrograde
so I will say this with Venus in your sixth house of daily activity of health
and well-being and this being your ruling planet it’ll begin to gift you
whatever it is that you’ve been working on this isn’t anything new this is
something you’ve been working on this is something that you know about but
because Mars goes in on that same day you know if you’ve been working a lot in
this 10th house with Mars it could be that you get not only the accolades but
the gains from it like the tenth houses accolades but like in your work or your
career but I feel like when it goes into the eleventh house you actually get the
money for it or you actually get the group of it or you go to the next level
because because Venus is going direct but again this is something you’ve been
working on this is nothing new this is something you either kind of know that
you’re gonna get or you’re hoping that you get or you’ve been working towards
getting so that’s happening on the 16th and then the very next day this is when
mercury goes retrograde so mercury going retrograde is going to be in your 8th
house now I can see where if you were dealing with other people’s resources
maybe even your husband and your spouse or a business partner but it could be
some sort of inheritance maybe you’re dealing with the court
system maybe it’s a loan or grant something having to do with other
people’s money when mercury retrogrades there’s going to be some amending and
revising and really looking at it but I also want to say because Mars is in that
11th house of groups and it’s see how it’s squaring here be very careful
it’s squaring Neptune so be very careful while it’s retrograde as to how you
present yourself to others in this goal that you’re working with that’s the best
way I can say it again because they can misconstrue information maybe you meant
it in one way and they heard it in a different way maybe you’re having –
maybe you have to like do paperwork for the fifth time you’re like done because
that person just doesn’t seem to get it right be it just be very careful you can
keep your boundaries but just be very careful because it could end up blowing
up in your face and then you have to rework this whole thing and then you
don’t get it till the end of December right all right so that’s on the 17th
then on the 19th you have this grand water trine okay so
this grand water trine is going to be the Sun in your seven so something’s
gonna clear up with this relationship with this money issue with this business
partner with these boundaries that you’re trying to set or rework
something’s gonna clear up there it’s gonna give you some clarity there but
then it has to do with Chiron in your 11th house of groups again so Chiron in
the 11th house of groups of gains of things that you’ve been working with and
that’s why I’m saying with this Mercury retrograde for you guys remember Chiron
is that old wound and I have a video and I’ll put it up at the top that you have
to work through it’s like no matter what I do no matter how many times I do it
differently I still end up with the same place and I’m tired of it like I
just can’t figure this one out right that’s Chiron it’s this old old wound it
could stem from other lifetimes it could stem from when you were a baby like
early early years and you don’t even realize it
but Chiron you have to work through so there’s something in that with groups
and relationships moving towards this forth this North node the North node in
your third house sorry so I feel like for some of you it could be like how
many times I have to freaking do this paperwork or how many times I have to go
to the court or how many times don’t have to talk to this person or like I
feel like you’re frustrated but you can turn this around take the higher
perspective understand that we’ve all we all have our issues we all have things
that we’re growing in you never know that the person that you yeah I’m
getting this like you never know like the person that you’re that you could be
so frustrated at because they couldn’t get their stuff together like you have
no idea what they’re going through like I’m seeing they’re about to lose their
home they’ve already lost their spouse and I mean death lost their spouse their
children was maybe they lost a child five years earlier maybe they’re like
holding on a string you know holding on and all
they can do is make it to work every day and try like you never know what people
are going through so that’s what I’m saying with this Grand trine it can be
a gift for you I felt on an emotional level but take the higher perspective in
some of this I’m not saying everybody this is just what I’m getting there will
be some clarity as to where you’re moving in this next it’s going to give
you an indication about where are you going with this North node that’s what
I’ll say because it’s a grand trine so it’s an opportunity to sort of kick off
and that was just a scenario that’s not everybody but yeah I mean they had me
see that and show them showed me that for a reason again that’s not for
everybody then on the 22nd on the 22nd we have
this full moon in Gemini so this full moon well 22nd for some 23rd for me so
we have this full moon in Gemini which is in your sixth house so there’s
something you’re releasing there’s something you’re letting go maybe it’s a
divorce maybe it’s that you’re having to let go some valuables or something that
you value or some money that you made maybe you’re having to let go of some of
that but excuse me when you look the full moons are about the Sun being very
as opposite of the moon where it shines light on to an area in this house that
you haven’t seen before so it’s gonna clear something up so that you can
release right and with it being in Gemini and I’ll do my new moon full moon
video but with it being in Gemini there’s this chance of understanding of
learning of being happy because Jim and I likes to be happy okay so that’s all
I’ll say about the full moon but remember when you release some stuff
this allows you to have Roo to be able to have the miracles the destiny the
Fate to come in okay so then on the 24th 25th 25th for me
this is when Neptune goes direct right so Neptune goes direct, but it’s also
going to be talking to Mars now Mars Neptune
usually don’t do well together I mean you would think that they don’t do well
together well most times they don’t do well together
but when these two are in particular houses together and they’re conjunct you
can have huge stars you can have huge celebrities huge public figures huge
like like I said before people like Michael Jackson they have this Mars
Neptune conjunct so there’s other people off the top of my head I think Marilyn
Monroe I can’t remember who else there’s other people anyway so Mars and Neptune
Mars is about me I’m getting what I want I want what I want I’m gonna get it now
right Neptune is about we the illusion the let’s have everybody understanding
everybody get what they want let’s have everybody happy and yeah so with these
two balance me and we in your 11th house there could be excuse me there could be
especially in this house for you because I drink that coffee especially in the
11th house for you if you’re in the entertainment industry if you’re in the
music industry if you’re in the sports industry mmm a dancer yeah public figure
of some sort the seventh the second I’m sorry the seventh the 10th the 11th
those houses and even the ninth sometimes those houses when they have
these two aspects together if you’ve been working in that and you are that
like you are in the entertainment industry you’re an artist or you’re a
dancer you’re in the sports entertainment industry like a football
player or a baseball player something right or musician if you’ve been working
towards this when these two come together this could be a blessing for
you you could get this big contract you could get this big part this big role
you could get this big contract with you know I don’t know one of the football
teams or baseball teams or like something is something can happen here
so I know that’s not for everybody but I know that that there are Taurus
that are you know that are really good actors actually The Rock, is
one actually so they’re Taurus that are really really good actors so and you
see like he’s got that Mars you know that action he’s an action character
right yeah and then Neptune so anyway so this is gonna be in your 11th house so
whatever you’ve been working on working through when these two come together you
could get some sort of reward some sort of blessing some sort of something comes
through remember you were working in this Chiron and if you worked this out
in this grand trine you could be getting something so that’s gonna sort of end
out the month for you guys again I will have I’m gonna do the Venus retrograde
series next and then I’m going to do the Jupiter series and then I’m gonna do the
nodes and then I will do December okay so be sure to hit that Bell if you
subscribe be sure to hit that Bell so that you know when these are coming out
and you can also follow me @yourindigopath on Instagram because I’m
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there as well so you can follow me on yourindigopath on Instagram like
I should have the link below I haven’t done that in a while okay
so let’s see just cutting cards these cards do not want to cut you guys need
to like take a breather okay so what’s happening in November
you have the tower I feel like some of you are gonna make it like some of you
your life is gonna shift yeah some of your life is gonna shift I don’t know
why I am feeling a lot of like public life so the tower is about a shift
coming the tower is about in Tarot it’s whatever hasn’t been built on a
solid foundation must come crumbling down
so how solid is your foundation and whatever isn’t solid it’s going to come
tumbling down so that you can rework this so that you can build it stronger
right and so in the month of November I feel like a lot of you have shifting new
changes new things your life is gonna be very different than it’s been you kind
of already seen this coming and a lot of you are prepared for it because you know
it’s a little bit unsettling as much as you want this to happen it’s a little
bit unsettling that it actually could possibly happen like I feel like I
wanted to happen but whatever those happen right so this could be talking
about relationship this could be talking about your work this could be target
about your career this could be talking about a family this could be talking
about friends it’s gonna be talking about business partners whatever your
focus has been this is what this tower is about I don’t feel like it’s just one
thing I feel like it’s almost like a domino effect one thing goes the next
the next the next okay but you’re it’s not that you’re not prepared you are
prepared for this I feel like you’re prepared for this so what’s their advice
in this situation you have the chariot so remember when
these things happen their advice is when these things do
happen remember you have choices to make don’t become where it’s like you’re the
victim or this thing happens so I have to do this remember that you are now in
control of your life remember that you have worked very very hard to take
control of your life and so they’re saying don’t stop now stand in your
convictions and make your choices when these when this tower comes shifting
right don’t get into that place of this always happens or now that this happens
I have to do this you always always have a choice and
they’re saying don’t get stuck in the middle where you’re like I don’t know
what to do you kind of already know what to do you’re just afraid to take the
step to do it some of you not everybody but some of you so they’re saying
remember standing your convictions make your choices we trust that we got your
back and that all you got to do because we’re dealing with free will all you got
to do is put the energy and do it and say that that’s what you want and
they’re gonna help you come through this okay so how does that month end out you
have the two of Pentacles it looks like you will be balancing these things that
you’ve been working on these goals that you’ve been getting I don’t feel like
like I don’t feel like some of the some of you this shift I’m hearing like I’m
getting this fear I don’t want you to feel fear because the shift could be
something great and you kind of know that it’s gonna be great but you’re
still you’re still there’s a little fear there because it’s like oh my life is
gonna change I’m not gonna be able to stay home on the weekends you know I’m
gonna now have to be out and about I have to do these things right it’s like
it’s a good change for a lot of you so there’s two of Pentacles to me is about
balancing those like now that you got what you wanted now that you’ve gotten
these gifts now that the shift has come now that you know where you stand with
people and you have these relationships and you are in charge of your life now
it’s about actually building on them and doing them and trying to make them and
incorporate them into your daily life which is that sixth house right that
Venus so in that Libra very balanced very and these are these are Pentacles
these are things that you’ve worked on these are things that you wanted these
are things that you’re gonna nourish okay so my gorgeous ones have a
wonderful wonderful month I’m very very happy for you guys and I will be getting
the rest of video videos out soon love you love you love you bye


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