TAURUS NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

TAURUS NOVEMBER 2019 Who is Your Future Partner Tarot Reading | Extended Forecast

hey everyone welcome to you November
readings this is Lauren with the clarity cure how are you guys I know it’s kind
of been a while I missed October Tarot scope readings I do apologize so
much I’m not going anywhere I’m still here I just was working on a couple
creative projects with my daughter and time just got away from me so I
apologized profusely this channel is for you guys so I’ve been playing around
this last year I don’t know if you’ve noticed but trying different readings
who’s my future partner og which I’m gonna do this month for November but
general and love readings let me know below in the comments what you prefer
what you would really like to see on this channel as far as what type of
readings I’ve also you know every once in a while we’ll do a pick a card
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god bless you guys i want to wish you a wonderful holiday season I can’t believe
this year is over already but the time has come and we’re moving
into a brand new decade and I’m really excited about that and you’ll notice in
a lot of the readings there’s a lot of endings and new beginnings so let’s
clean up what we need to and move forward into 2020 and be happy healthy
and successful thank you very much and we’ll see in the next round okay bye bye
okay Taurus we’re going to jump right in let me take a look here your overall
energy for the reading its judgment this is my renewal card this does represent
cancer and Scorpio you have cancer here as an overall energy card this is about
needing to make a decision this is a rebirthing process you kind of rising
from the ashes and finally once and for all hearing the call and I think this is
about you moving on this is about you healing and accepting your single status
so you can heal your past you also have the high priestess here things could be
coming out that you were unaware of so you have cancer twice twice three times
cancer energy and Scorpio twice you have the tower card which is Scorpio another
transformation card and there’s cancer scorpio energy with the judgment card so
you know like many of us and this came through on the on the aries reading as
well we’re in the final Mercury retrograde for 2019 but when you really
look at it it’s the final Mercury retrograde foot for the last decade it’s
powerful so whatever’s been going on in your life for ten years it’s time to
move forward it’s time to create the major changes that you need in your life
because the tower is blocking you and the towers the remover of blocks and
obstacles its spiritual growth it’s a disruption to your life that would catch
you pointed in the right direction anything false in your life needs to
come tumbling down a couple of things I feel is going on here there’s a cancer
energy that you need to heal and move on from and move forward and I also feel
for some of you there’s a Leo that could be very predominant coming into your
life for your future offering coming in with an offer to get to know you okay
but you’re juggling a lot you know you are at a completion cycle in your life
you’re in a very good place you’ve been single for a while perhaps some of you
single status card but maybe you feel like you want more so that’s good in
order to get more or create the relationships that you want there’s also
a time here to renew and see the truth in your situation and end where you’ve
been in your life for this past ten years and making an important plan for
your for your future because you’re completing a cycle it’s amazing I mean
this is the truth card here baby okay so something in your life you need
to look at to find the clarity this wake-up call to finally move on okay
tower card is your obstacle so what are you avoiding what are you afraid that’s
gonna fall apart okay is this about facing your truth okay let the let the
shit at fall let the chips fall as they may
let this disruption come in and wipe the slate clean it’s time to make room for
bigger and better things in your life you’re mending so you’ve come to a place
where forgiveness is necessary if you want to move on and move forward then I
see you’re gonna do that you have the six of swords here moving away from
difficulty focused on your future you want this is the energy that you
know if you follow along if this resonates for you this is what you need
to do maybe taking a trip getting out of town okay feeling like you’ve been in
between this void of being able to heal it’s here for you it’s here for you and
the High Priestess as your outcome indicates it’s another moon cancel card
here that you have to follow your own intuition this is this process has been
a spiritual growth cycle for you but I feel what I’m hearing okay
is that there’s new information new insights coming through to help you heal
and finally move forward so I would keep this all to yourself whatever
transformation do you feel like you’re going through you might even be
enlightened as to what where you are finally once and for all
okay now who is my future partner whether they like you receive the Sun
card this is a very happy person this is like joy feeling complete this person is
yeah very positive maybe in the public arena somehow they are in the spotlight
okay they you’re definitely this is I feel like you know the shiny what do
they call that shiny syndrome when you’re really attracted to this person and this is who they really are this is
a very happy person leo some fire energy for you here
maybe lighting your but once and for all you know lighting that fire underneath
you to to finally heal now it is very possible that this cancer person could
be coming back rounding it and this is a second chance
to renew your relationship but this person because you’ve been single for a
while maybe you guys broke up but I don’t feel that’s the case for everybody
I feel that this Leo person is new and they’re coming in you’re gonna meet this
person maybe even through friends through your single status going out
being in a good place hanging out with your friends just being of some in a
place where you find your success and I feel that’s even in business okay so you
go out to after work with friends you know what I’m saying and this person
comes into your life or they’re in your community somehow or you could even
maybe know this person or you’re attracted to this person and with the
page of coins here what they really like is making you an offer this is a new
truth coming in for you and that’s why I was saying you need to up is here you
need to face your old truths in order to embrace this new truth okay they’re
presenting you with an opportunity to get to know them but you have to walk
away from any difficulty that you’ve had in your life in order for this to move
forward okay let’s clarify this High Priestess because I see you all in all
in the end that you’re still gonna need to connect with your higher self through
prayer through meditation through opening your heart by going within and
listening to your flashes of insight it could be something coming out about
this person to even about your past or even this new person let’s see what we
have let’s see what the cards one to say we’re clarifying High Priestess okay
this the coins very generous offer so it’s going from a page to a six of coins very interesting let’s see what else we
got set them swords yeah I’d be careful here Taurus now you have the seven of
swords oh and the tower yeah and you finally moving on so whatever this offer
is coming in for you it’s false it’s not real that’s what the cards are saying
it’s very Libra and energy here this is you may be just feeling blinded to the
situation about this person there’s no truth there’s no integrity here I feel
like it’s financially driven like this person maybe can offer you look the
comforts of life this person has the money and the means to take care of you
but it’s false it’s not it’s not a genuine offer because here’s the tower
baby carts are coming through twice here and eight of cups just like the six of
swords has that that energy where you you’re like oh hell no so you’re being
all called here to really really keep your antennas up here as far as this new
person coming in and also any offer from this cancer energy this is your truth
this is this is time for you to stand in your path
and continue to move forward here with the four of Wands even though it might
come across like a happy surprise mmm how will they affect me this is a card
of action making change you know creating new memories trying to build a
foundation I don’t think there’s a solid foundation here at all
I think it’s financially driven by this person I don’t feel this really love
here they could maybe offer you to move in with them even possibly get engaged
very unexpected surprise well you think it’s it’s something super positive but
it’s not shit’s gonna hit the fan over here and there’s there’s information
coming out this healing from your past is gonna be healing necessary coming
here into your future as well with this with this new person to so it’s it’s a
double-edged sword here but I don’t think you’ll be fooled at all Taurus it’s not an honest offer and the angels
and your spirit eyes are on your side here you have help from the other side
coming through so pay attention to flashes of insights go within do a dream
journal your spirit guides and your angels are trying to get through to you
hear that whatever this offer is from this person and I even feel like it’s
this Leo it’s not you know they’re offering you money coins there’s not a
lot of romance here as far as I’m concerned this is this is all about
business this is about convenience for them possibly you know all right
so rising from the ashes seeing the truth in the situation mm-hmm Wow
got a lot going on here you motional e while you’re closing doors Taurus you
got somebody coming in as well which could confuse the situation but you have
the power here to stand in in who you are because you are in a very good place
you’re your own successful business owner the master of your own destiny
so nobody’s gonna hoodwink you here and you know I’m feeling nostalgia too
that’s why I thought for some of you definitely this could be somebody coming
back around again but this is also being super receptive you know and connected
to the home family it’s cancer you got the four of Wands here your foundation
stability happy home abundance taking time out to relish your accomplishments
okay should be your focus is what I’m picking up on mm-hmm that’s right next
to the nine of coins you know there’s two people in this cart there’s there’s
an energy of you being able to celebrate your own rewards for working hard and
doing what’s meant to be in your own life and maybe not focus so much on a
new relationship coming in because there’s still some healing that needs to
be done here don’t forget we have can’t we have also Scorpio we had a new moon
in Scorpio here at the end of October so there’s this huge transformation for you
really moving into the new decade with a clean slate as long as you’re mindful
that mmm-hmm you’re not gonna be hoodwinked here hoodwinked
anybody knows what that means or that you’re gonna be swayed or lied to her
cheated on this is not good when you see the tower next to the seven of swords
I mean it’s somebody looking to steal from you in some way they’re offering
you what seems like possibly and everything maybe that you’d ever want it
but it’s false it’s not real and you’re gonna be made aware that you’re gonna
know you’re gonna pay attention you’re gonna see the lies and you’re like I’m
out of here mm-hmm not working for me anymore you
know some pretty powerful tourists tap into this energy of the High Priestess
she’s like the all-seeing mother but in the spirit world so you were you’re
protected okay and I feel like some of you might even have your own psychic
abilities here so use them well be smart play your cards close to your chest let
the chips fall as they may take take down this blindfold put down these
swords because anything needs to heal from your past as well is shining
through see yeah your spirit guide and they’re all trying to communicate with
you see they’re all up here in heaven this is what denotes what I mean by that
right the angel of mercy is here and these are your angels and spirit guides saying let’s take a look at this you
know let’s let’s put an important plan together for your future the clarity the
the it’s almost like this like I feel like the veil is gonna be lifted from
your life especially for those of you’ve been struggling to heal over a past
relationship as well there’s some great awakenings here for you Taurus I love it
the energy needs to clear okay got the mending card there was hurt okay this
hurt in acting everything that you do every hurt
every joy everything gets attached to the body so closing your heart off and
not dealing with any past emotions is not what it’s not the answer yet you got
to heal any wound okay that you’ve not dealt with ask yourself what would love
do only good will come out of forgiveness and being honest and upfront
okay with yourself first and foremost all right so I hope you enjoyed the
Reading Taurus it was an interesting one god bless you we’ll see you in December
have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll talk to you soon all right bye-bye

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    Thank u for the reading…it resonate big time…just waiting for a new love to come…more power and god bless u❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

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