Tenth 10th house IN vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

Tenth 10th house IN vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

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in this video i am going to talk about. the prominence of tenth house in a birth chart.
What is the karaka of tenth house??? What can we understand from the tenth house. Before jumping into the discussion,
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The tenth house of astrology!!! Tenth house is the house of public life and
work. Capricorn is the tenth ZODIAC sign, it is
ruled by Saturn. authorities, people who can command us, government,
politicians, powerful people of a society. Are the people related with the tenth house. Tenth house can bless you with power, followed
by responsibility. Tenth house lesson for a person is to accept
the responsibilities of the organization they work for or for his reputation.
People has to learn to absorb the pressure frm the society or the people they work under.
Saturn is a karaka of the tenth house. Sun is also a karaka of tenth house. Knees are the body parts associated with the
tenth house. Oky now, let’s see an example, if a person
has Mars in tenth house, This can show aggression, passion, energy,
power struggle, competition in connection with authorities, government, work environment And if you have a planet in tenth house, go
through my videos, try to analyze it yourself and comment below,, and I will try my best
to guide you if you go wrong. Always Remember, The effect of these planets
depend on strength of the planet. The tenth house and its lord, planets in house, planets
aspecting the first house, first lord also need to be considered.
For videos on planets, retrograde planets and ZODIAC signs, you simply go through the
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  • Eshaan Lucky says:

    Respected Sir, If Mars is placed in the 10th house in Aries will it give only energy, anger, dutyful or will it give money from land and litigations or will it give land being places in one of the Arth Trikon house and looking at 4th house and also yogakara for cancer ascendant what will be the result?

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