The Angle: Kamala’s big con

The Angle: Kamala’s big con


  • Pretty Astounding says:

    She’s on CRACK!

  • donald juleff says:

    Give up your blue ribbon gov health care for medicare and I am on board

  • galactock says:

    Medical insurance companies make a Tun of money filtered off what anyone pays for health care. JFK was pro medicare for all, we see how that worked out.

  • One Good Turn Gets Most Of The Blanket says:

    Kamel Toe Harris is crazy on all fronts. There is no climate change crisis – existential or otherwise. Humanity could do a better job stewarding our natural resources from cradle to grave lifecycle including impact studies to the ecology. Unfortunately none of the Democratic Presidential candidates have any real credible solutions to today’s challenges, or vision for future America. My vote goes to the Donald in 2020.

  • Dmac K says:

    So with government-run healthcare, it is true that no one goes without coverage, but what exactly is covered? Here in Canada, there is no real delay for urgent care. You get that. Optional treatments though are not covered. You have to pay for those as you do with medications and dental and eye care. You get basic care, no-frills and you will wait 6 months to a year for non-urgent care. Of course, if you are having sexual reassignment, that is covered. If you are a "refugee", well, jackpot, you get everything. Courtesy of Canadians. Stay away from single-payer healthcare my dear Americans. It doesn't work.

  • siafu 76 says:

    These idiots are gonna have a hell of a time taken my truck I'll go complete Rambo on all of them. I'll be a head hunter just like the predator skull and spines hanging from my halls. Don't touch my TRUCK!!!!!

  • The Great Satan says:

    Climate change makes me laugh. I'll buy an electric car when I can refill it in a couple of minutes

  • bigbangnone says:

    All Democrats support any bill than routes TRILLIONS OF YOUR HARD EARNED TAXES INTO THE DEMOCRAT COFFERS !!!

    And Kamala (adulterer) Harris is no different.

  • ass ripe says:

    Looks at title in thumbnail, clicks link
    Immediately gets disappointed when sees it's an o not a u

  • Jason Robbins says:

    I'm still waiting for validation from a third party source that global warming and/or climate change is due to green house gasses. Saying it over and over does not make it true. Having your sources say it doesnt make it true. A non bias report I may take as true with complete transparency. Meaning show me who and how it was funded with the political alignment that funded the research. Thanks I'll wait

  • John Collins says:

    Harris fake populism polling at 1%..why all the fuss? Right wing media gaslighting in full swing.

  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    Actually it is, people already use the ER as a doctor's office. So the only benefit we would see is nada with UHC. Vote NO on UHC

  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    You would have the worst doctors

  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    Great job bureaucrats 🙄

  • Ingrid C says:

    Kamala, if you would shut your pie hole, it would reduce the threat of climate change drastically!

  • Charles Jones says:

    Kamala toe

  • 163pete says:

    Kamala Harris who’s that??” She sounds stoned!!”

  • 163pete says:

    Even She does not even believe in the green new deal. She cannot stop laughing when she talks about it!!”

  • Jubeidono2012 says:

    Demonrats don't believe in borders, so Medicare for everyone in the world.

  • G. Dileonardo says:

    Even Harris laughed at the thought of "climate change"!!!!!

  • Greg Hamilton says:

    It makes me laugh how greenies want people to stop eating meat because of cow farts but want to take us back to the time of horses & oxen…

    Do they even listen to what they say?!

  • hookalakah says:

    "No discipline. No plan. No strategy." –Politico on the Harris campaign.

  • Danny Florea says:

    Science FACT mini ice age coming cold records being broken we will be praying for global warming ! Gore plan old SCAM !!!

  • Mike Foxx says:

    I've never had a doctor tell me what my coverage is, I can tell him though!

  • Saundra ONeal says:

    God she's annoying 😡 probably stoned

  • Antony Gilmer says:

    Harris my Arse, she sings as bad as Theresa May dances

  • ManScoutsofAmerica says:

    I went to a doctor once, when I was in between insurance. They didn’t care and just waited to bill me.

  • Gerald Gwynn says:

    Kamala sells dime bags of weed on the corner.

  • Shakeyriah Dunlap says:

    This woman is insane. She is not for anyone but herself. She does not even undersrtand what damage the green new deal will cause. forget her send her home she needs to go.

  • Ken Wall says:

    For a Bible believer I'm not concerned with a green new deal because it looks to me, by reading the scriptures, we will blow the world to pieces with nukes.

  • Jared Clark says:

    This woman got paid after getting put on an oversight medical commission with zero experience in any medical background in 1994. She was appointed to this position by her then boyfriend, Willie Brown, who was also thirty years older than her. For 70K a year, all Harris had to do was meet with the other members twice a month. And she missed a lot of them. And she’s going to talk about income inequality?

  • nicolas8344 says:

    Kamala very annoying person.Complete lunatic.

  • SCOTT SMITH says:

    Kamala is a crisis Nut leading through scare and preying one low IQ Dems.

  • Stephanie Gray says:

    This is funny, simply because government healthcare has waits for approval etc. Gimme a break!

  • Posh panda says:

    How can it cost more if you already have a working system, or have you?

  • Design & more says:

    Why don't Kamala just say she wants to bring back horse drawn carriages and smoke pot while she's goovin' to Bob Marly.

  • Pierre Jeanbaptiste says:

    Kamela Harris you crazy go back to Jamaica to be President not in America

  • NOVA RACER says:


  • NOVA RACER says:


  • NOVA RACER says:


  • D Stout says:

    If you want your country to self destruct vote for a socialist dem

  • Magnús Másson says:

    Free contraceptives for all democrats.

  • Magnús Másson says:

    Harris for the glory hole.

  • G herbie says:

    have you seen the student Drs Lately . Exactly Drs boyfriends in medicl school. lowest amount of students ever ..
    .Electric $40,000 This broad is crazy . She is all talk….

  • Luis Rivera says:

    She is a pothead marijuana head

  • Larryellis Ellisk says:

    Dont. Care. If. She. Black. Or. White. She. Dont. Need. To. In. Wh. To. Dumb. Go. Home. Stay. There

  • alpha Omg says:

    They are promoting Socialism because they know that it is attractive to the young people who has only a shallow knowledge about it, and those who doesn't like to work… They will vote for these socialist without knowing they being led into a trap.

  • Coyla Taylor says:

    She is no more black than I am. And I am from Idaho ?????

  • Nomore Illegals please says:

    It is the invaders of the last decades that are causing all these problems. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE. They are overwhelming Americas culture destroying our past and bringing their problems.

  • Shawn Begley says:

    How do i get the chip's out !!!?,,,, 👑

  • John Preciado says:

    Her and herpe mouth need Medicare.

  • Pat Boyce says:

    California Sen. Kamala "fake" Harris

  • Florentino Viloria says:

    Karma harris is another big liar like the other demons rat

  • Wesley Hite says:

    progressive Democrats are saying, 'u can not make decisions about ur own health care. the government will decide for u!'

  • Nobody Here says:

    what a stupid person lol

  • Kent Torok says:

    I just got kicked off facebook and told i was un American for supporting our president , i make music and this hurts my business …. but no one cares , it sucks …. so this stupid game better end soon

  • Mary Rubinstein says:


  • David Joseph says:

    GO blow your nose Harris

    you are a chill of the shylocks that want to tax us all with Fear of climate changes. HAARP is what creates the climate changes. wake up

  • D. M. says:

    I cannot imagine kamala as POTUS reminds me of clinton no thanks, it would be a disaster.

  • Ronald Seaman says:

    $17000 old tricks pay off must swallow

  • Banoslen says:

    I was on Medicaid when I was struggling and it was worse then my insurance I have now. I needed a surgery and it took over A YEAR to have it done. Now that I have private insurance, things get done much faster. No thanks I'll keep my insurance!

  • Rigoberto Bautista says:

    Kamala laughs like a witch

  • Bref says:

    Do Americans realise that all other OECD countries have 'medicare for all' without going broke or disastrous results! They even retain private health cover for those who can afford it. People don't die or lose their home for the want of hospital care. Medicare for all is no more socialist than schooling. Wake up America!

  • italian stallion says:

    Thanks to your bro obama, you will NEVER NEVER NEVER….. Be president… I guarantee it….. Not today, not tomorrow, not even on your birthday..

  • star star says:

    Kamala Harris can and likes to open here mouth people FOR Mr. Brown big con she playing on people if they let her.

  • Scott Stevens says:

    The demonrats are a bunch of condescending,arrogant assholes who prey on the weak and uninformed.

  • jcm says:

    She's the stupid aunt you call on when you need money …

  • Al Orr says:

    Fake human

  • Larry Southern says:

    Does anybody remember " Cash for Clunkers???" Out of my cold dead hands on my steer ing wheel. will you get my clunker vehicle!!!…CLUNKERS UNITE!!! I love my Clunkers!!!

  • marjdickson says:

    We do not receive Medicare for free, we do pay a monthly premium. THERE IS NO FREE ANYTHING… car is 17 years old

  • Tomas Tomas says:

    Nobody, even Trump, talk about opening markets for Canadian and EU farmas to open competition and push the prices of meds down. Trump used to run on this.. But now, he somehow "forgot" about it. 🙁

  • rick thunberg says:

    She's one big gross smelly turd

  • Sean Stewart says:

    So tired of hearing the words climate change. What is an essential is, poluting our water supply. Co2 is plant food. Water is the blood of life

  • DemonTed says:

    Doctors didn't go to school and pull 24 hour internship shifts just to become public servant equal to the DMV.

  • Good Speed says:

    1980 climate change 10 years or game over 1990 10 years and game over 2000 10 years game over 2010 10 years game over 2018 12 years game over , make up your mind .is it global warming or climate change , or just year change.

  • Ignacia Tishner says:

    She has a brain of a bird.

  • Timothy Archer says:

    Take what Kamala's been smoking away from her, and give it to me!

    Clearly, she can't handle it. Its making her delusional.

    It makes her think she's funny, cool, a worthwhile candidate, and a good singer.


  • hank hamlin says:

    Democrats confuses the hell out of me: is there a play book somewhere! So for climate change we should use scientific facts to understand
    But we shouldn’t use science for gender identity or for when a baby is actually a individual only supported by the mother! We need AOC to help us with these misunderstandings because she always makes sense! After AOC plans her incredible speech she can hand that off to the most understood person on the Democrats side! When Nancy talks everyone listens because the intelligence she shows during these speeches is always informative! We will have part of a answer to the question and we get a partial history lesson! Somewhere in this speech we will be able to try to get piece her argument! We employ a lot of people to attempt to find a point in that speech so that’s good and a % of the unemployment success is due solely for this purpose! Oh and after we find something in this we can send it over to shifty show so he PROVE IT IN A COURT OF LAW 😂

  • hank hamlin says:

    So are we going to power this electric on fossil fuel or nuclear

  • hank hamlin says:

    I don’t know here but it seems like we need to invest our money in the corruption market seems to make a lot of politicians a ton of money! Nancy seems to have a lot of monetary value for the salary she earns

  • Coolyguy27 says:

    The only ones that want this green deal? Are people out of work and on government assistance. And they want to give everybody a thousand dollars a month. And I am not saying government assistance is a bad thing. Because there are people out there that have run into a slump. Maybe lost there job or there husband left them with the kids. But people on it for longer than 2 or three years would have to get a job. Trump economy is at its finest. And unemployment is at its lowest. So there are jobs to be had. Bill Clinton was gonna limit it to five years? We need to put a time limit on welfare. No reason for people to be on it longer than 3 years.

  • Patriotic Waifu says:

    Love watching laura…shes so pretty! Smart as a whip too!

  • sisyphus9787 says:

    One Nation Under a groove….

  • Rail Rider says:

    Hey Harris!!…..YOUR FIRED!!!!…..🚂 2020!!

  • AssieDoGG says:

    Who's here after this fraud dropped out of the race ?? TRUMP 20/20 baby 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • John Pender says:

    Ha ha. She is out of the race already.

  • Bengal Ghost says:

    Kamala's big con? Nah, more like Kamala's big gulp.

  • Roger Tarbox says:

    Camelface with stretch marks on her throat. Goodbye mutt. Too bad the liberal morons in fagafornia wouldn't fire you too.

  • Tracy Phillips says:

    The VA is corrupt and so is Medicare.

  • Patrick Gragg says:

    A conservative X Y chromosome male reports on a liberal X Y chromosome male quitting the presidential race! How ironic can that ever get?

  • Patrick Gragg says:

    Well, listen, what a brilliant lady poor thing

  • william willis says:

    Let's try it out on Automobile insurance first, see how that works. But wait, Democrats have, They said If they make it a Law, Auto insurance is a Requirement- If everyone has it The price will go Down. What a Crock.

  • Kathryn Jennings says:

    Now she can apply for Oboma care. Ha ha ha

  • Kim Atkinson says:

    Kamala, we cant change the weather & the rest of your green deal is about controlling Americans & remember: they will take your car, guns, doctor, close the mines, shut down the pipelines, stop the oil rigs, & put people out of work & back on welfare! Know, show of hands; who wants to go backwards!!!
    TRUMP 2020-FLIP THE HOUSE-KEEP THE SENATE!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Tom Prichard Progressive commercial says:

    Looking at this Harris broad spoils my appetite.

  • Dennis Martens says:

    Bye bye Kamala don't let the door hit you on the way out

  • B1g Ch13f81 says:

    I just had a seizure because you let her sing to me. Thanks for cutting my lifespan in half. (Not really I’m fine. No seizure.)

  • Boris Petrov says:

    What an ugly, uninformed and false diatribe. Socialism is infinitely more humane than fascism

  • Stretch Cassidy says:

    Stop lying, spend the lost trillions we spend in war mongering.

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