The Key to Ancient Astrology Map discovered in Indian Temple?

Hey guys, today I am going to show you something
special, some special carvings on the ceilings of Ancient Indian temples. This is the Panchavarnaswamy temple which
has several carvings related to Time Travel. As you can see it is very dark and it is very
hard to see what is really there on top, but I did zoom in with a different camera and
took pictures. Once I looked at the pictures, I was surprised
to see these motifs carved on them. What is this weird creature which looks like
a twisted shark with protruding teeth? Is this some kind of a prehistoric animal? Who is this guy holding a pot? If we look carefully at the entire picture,
we can see the 12 signs of the zodiac, just like what we use in today’s astrology. Going in a circle, we can see Aries or Ram,
Taurus the Bull, Gemini or the twins, Cancer or Crab, Leo the lion and Virgo the virgin. Remember in India, a different type of astrology
is used called the Vedic Astrology, it is somewhat similar to Western Astrology but
there are some big differences between the two. The rest of the zodiac signs are the Libra
or scales, Scorpio or Scorpion, Sagittarius, the archer who has half the body of an animal,
Capricorn or Sea Goat, in India the Capricorn is called Makara which is a feathered crocodile
like sea creature. The last ones are the Aquarius the water bearer
and the Pisces or Fish. Now, why does this temple have these 12 signs
carved on the ceiling? Remember, many ancient temples have these
strange carvings in inaccessible locations. For example, you won’t be able to see these
carvings with your naked eye. So, why carve them at all, especially at this
height and where there is no light? This temple is at least 2000 years old, but
let us go to a temple called Gangai Konda Cholapuram, which is about a thousand years
old. Again, inside the temple, as you can see,
this is a very dark area, and nobody really observes these carvings on the ceiling, but
again, we have the 12 signs of the zodiac. Why would anybody make these carvings and
also deliberately make sure that nobody can see them? Unless you are like me walking into the darkest
areas with a flashlight, you are not going to see them. Is it possible to really understand why these
were carved? To decode this secret, we need to go to a
temple called Kalugasalamoorthy temple. This is a 1300 year old temple and in the
ceiling of this temple, you are going to see something that will blow your mind. This is the map, this is the key that explains
everything about astrology and even ancient astronomy. Look at the complexity of this, what kind
of patterns are these? are you able to make any sense of this? This can cause information overload, so focus
on this particular square, here you can see the 12 signs of the zodiac. You can see all the signs like Sagittarius
with bow and arrow, Scorpio and scales or Libra. When I showed this to mainstream archeologists
and historians, they agree that yes, this particular square in the entire panel shows
the signs of the zodiac, but they think that everything else is just a bunch of random
carvings, I mean you see animals, you see these circles, and in the center, there are
also a variety of symbols which make no sense. They make no sense to experts, because today’s
experts don’t know much about Vedic Astrology. These 9 symbols in the center denote the 9
factors or Navagraha in Vedic astrology, sometimes mistranslated as 9 planets, these are 9 factors
which are said to affect us. These 9 symbols have the Sun in the center,
the moon, and planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the ascending and descending
nodes of Moon’s orbit known as Rahu and Kethu. You can compare them side by side with the
ancient symbols, these symbols are only rarely used today even by Indian astrologers. Ok, so I have shown you these 9 symbols and
you have seen the 12 signs of the zodiac, but the rest of the numerous carvings around
them, these dozens of random animals in this square are just for filling up the empty space,
just for decoration or artistic purposes. This is how mainstream archeologists will
talk about this, but that’s not true. Remember, nothing is random in Ancient Indian
temples. Yes there are dozens of different animals,
but if you count, there are exactly 28 squares. Look carefully, each animal is a little bit
different from the other, each animal represents one of the 28 Lunar Mansions, also known as
Nakshatras in Indian astrology. A lot of Indians think there are 27 Nakshatras,
but they don’t know there is a 28th one, a hidden lunar mansion called Abhijit. People whose astrology has this lunar mansion
will have a very abnormal life, they would have deep interest in occult science, spirituality
and meditation. The Abhijit is shown here specifically with
a big difference, this is the only square which does not show an animal. This is literally, the odd man who does not
fit in with the rest of the lunar mansions, in English we call this as Vega, the brightest
star in the constellation of Lyra. The outermost square consists of 36 small
squares, inside each square is a circular or cymatic pattern. Each pattern represents something called a
Drekkana or Dreshkaan, in English these are known as decans, each decan represents 10
degrees of the entire 360 degrees of the Zodiac circle. Now, remember the entire map you see should
have all been circular, this is the basis of astrology. Astrologers use squares for convenience, but
we know in reality, this entire panel should have been a large circle. So the entire system is based on splitting
this 360 degree circle progressively from smaller divisions to larger divisions. From the center, if I start making exactly
45 degree angles, between any two angles I would have a symbol from the Navagraha. Now, if I make 30 degree angles, I would get
one sign of the zodiac between any 2 angles. I have intentionally not explained this particular
square which has a ton of interesting information, but I challenge you to find out what it is,
and do leave a comment about what this square really means. If I make 18 degree angles, I would get one
of these patterns between any 2 lines. If I use about 12.85 degrees, I would get
one lunar mansion or Nakshatra. And finally, if I make 10 degree angles from
the center, I would get a decan between any two 2 lines. So, now mainstream archeologists and historians
can really explain to us how primitive ancient builders were, after looking at this. And there is something much more extraordinary
about this, it is as though the ancient builders had psychic powers or abilities of Time Travel. They knew someone in the future would come
here and split this panel into various degree angles and try to decode them. Why do I say this? Because look at these really small circles,
what are they? Ancient builders carved them in these specific
spots for us to make these angular divisions, I did not measure 30 degree angles to see
the signs of the zodiac, I just jointed these circular marks on this particular square. I joined these circular marks on the largest
square, and I automatically got the decans between each 10 degree angle. But what is the reason for carving these symbols
of stars and different planets on the ceilings of ancient temples? Today, the ceilings of new Hindu temples no
longer have this feature, but ancient Indian temples were built for a completely different
reason, they were built to spread knowledge. But, even in ancient temples, why did they
not carve these constellations on pillars or walls? Why only in dark areas and Why only on ceilings
which are unreachable and completely inaccessible? Were these carvings specifically designed
as a key to unlock the mystery of the stars and planets? When I talk about unlocking the secret, it
sounds like some fancy theory, but I literally mean that. Did you notice this strange protrusion in
the very center? Yes, this is in fact a door knob, which will
open this stone door. And you may think, well, it may not really
be a door, but if you look carefully, you can even see the gap between the door and
the doorway and you can even see other protrusions which indicate there may be a complex mechanism
to open this ancient door. Is it possible that what lies on the other
side of this door, may finally reveal the real secret of the stars? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
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