The TRUTH on Full Moon Energy Updates REVEALED (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

The TRUTH on Full Moon Energy Updates REVEALED (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
the truth about full moon energy updates and show you the real impact that the
moon has on the planet and how you can best move through it welcome back to
another video my name’s Aaron and I hope you will expand their consciousness now
this video I’m gonna be sharing with you the truth about full moon energy updates
maybe you’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube doing full moon energy updates
are they really powerful is there really something there in regards to the energy
of different full moons now right now as I film this regardless of when this
video goes up it’s actually a full moon all right last night was the full moon
and I used to be somebody that was very much like oh it’s a belief system we
feel just walking real quick got these little these little
aromatherapy things makes the like the vibe of it what I used to do is I used
to believe oh it’s just kind of like a kind of like a belief system like it
doesn’t have to have so much power over you if you choose that it doesn’t and I
used to also have that perspective because when I was when I was working at
Nordstrom’s and woman shoes every day I would go into work I would check my
horoscope so I would check so it’s called Liang Liang Liang Liang 3 I don’t
know what number 3 means I wonder so like three different versions of it it’s
like iPhone 2.0 down 10 – 10 I go in network every single day and what I
would do is I would check my astrology for the day and it’s like more of a
general astrology you know I’m a Sagittarius so it would say something
like today you’re gonna have a great day at work or it would say like you’re
gonna communicate well with people today or whatever it would say and then I
would assume and go in with that preframe now sometimes it would say
something like today you’re gonna find this kind of thing happens with people
there’d be like something negative and I would go into work and I would
experience that because it was a self-fulfilling prophecy so
while I believed that there was not that there was no power in it but I chose
because then I eventually came to a realization where I don’t have to let
this have power over me this is a powerful tool
it’s a powerful point of awareness but it doesn’t have complete power over you
so it’s something that made me kind of reframe it so for then for the longest
time especially when you hear about like Mercury retrograde everyone’s always
talking about Mercury retrograde I’m like people what do you do about buki
retrograde and I’ve always kind of been like you know I think I think that when
people focus on Mercury retrograde sometimes what happens is people create
that to be even more of a reality within themselves
it’s like they give an excuse that if anything goes wrong with television or
not television but I just looked at television a technology that it’s
because it’s Mercury retrograde now the thing is is I’m gonna share with you in
a minute the way that I view this process but the thing is is many of
these things are self-fulfilling prophecies they are self-fulfilling
prophecies the power is really within us now with that being said when it comes
to a full moon what I believe a full moon does is it amplifies whatever is
either there consciously or unconsciously it amplifies they say that
there’s more people that’s why they call it a lunatic somebody that does some
crazy thing because during a full moon Luna the moon it amplifies whatever
emotion you’re feeling and I could feel that right now I feel that right now as
you know right now today is the launch of my shift experience I think I’ve been
making for the last six to eight months now there’s a certain level of the
energy that I feel about it you’ve got the you’re on the other side
of the world right now so I feel like we’re just I don’t know I just feel I
feel the energy amplifying whatever is is unconscious or like we’re not
necessarily aware of does that make sense
so normally this is also a time of shadow work I remember the last time
that Lou or went to Europe it was kind of a similar thing and it was around a
full moon well and it was like there was just this
this clearing his energy coming up whether it was like missing each other
or it was just being apart not quite sure what it was but in general these
things come up because they’re being amplified so they’re there regardless
but they’re just being amplified the moon is in a way an amplification system
and what it will do is it will amplify to you a lot of the things that haven’t
been dealt with and I know with certain moons they also have certain they also
have certain energies so for example I remember back in December there was a
lot of old past like earlier in my life memories that were coming up that I had
to deal with for that full moon it was a cancer I believe cancer is very
emotional and then there are different full moons and different with different
intentions so it could be positive but in general they amplify what is
unconscious now let me show you something that I think is I’m gonna I’m
gonna get my little bird to over here oh I wish you I wish out you can also know
this right now so I’ve got my handy dandy marker are here now look at this
so what we have is every single one of us oh man I left this I left this is the
thing yeah I left this thing I’ve been I’ve what I’ve been doing is I’ve been
using these markers and then leaving them open like that like all day like
two days okay here’s another one let’s see if this works oh yeah look oh that’s
a messed up moon I don’t know maybe that’s really the shape of the moon who
knows say this is the moon right actually I say this is the earth
continents and stuff continents can’t I don’t know what that is that’s Australia
and then yeah okay this is the earth now around the earth well we all every
single one of us yay yay every single one of us has an energy field around our
body all of our energy fields are connected together and then there’s this
big in JEDEC field around the planet now within
this energetic field is what we call the collective unconscious it’s in a photo
like that the collective unconscious so around we have the what we’re aware of
like think of it like our own bodies we have our emotions our thoughts our
beliefs within our auric field and that’s going around to our body and then
we perceive of the world through that lens and we meet other people that
resonate with our org with our fields and what we believe we deserve and all
these different things now just like we individually create our reality there’s
seven billion people on the planet that has within it what we could call the
collective unconsciousness Karl Yune did work on this and I asked bizarre
questions about this too I asked Bashar about the collective unconsciousness he
said they’re frequencies they’re archetypes archetypes are an example of
this their frequencies that we all pick up on the collective unconsciousness
you’re heard of archetypes so for example we have archetypes like that of
the hero the magician the seer the the victim all these different things are
different archetypes and that’s why sometimes we may think we are thinking
our own thoughts when in reality we may be picking up sorry I don’t know if I
was in this frame we may be picking up on other thoughts that around us
thoughts are literally things thoughts are literally things we don’t see it
with our eyes they may be invisible to our eyes spectrum but when we think
thoughts there are actually things that when you walk around society when you’re
walking in public you’re actually walking through different people stop
forms the reason it feels chaotic when you’re in public is because you’ve got
thousands of people with different thoughts going in different directions
when you go to a rock concert or a hip-hop concert or you go to a football
game or a basketball game you have unity of thought that’s why people feel a rush
of energy when they’re there so in the same way these thoughts broadcast energy
now what happens is when we have that of a full moon
the full moon amplifies that emotion the moon in a way represents a motion the
moon represents a motion and if you’ve noticed when it’s a full moon
the tides I had just I just had a crack in my voice I’m going through puberty
the tides what happens is they go in to go out depend on the moon well is it
ironic it’s not ironic but the macrocosm micro/macro cause in microcosm we are
over 70% water and the earth is over 70% water and in the same way that on the
full moon that the waters change the water which represents emotion changes
within us so it’s very similar in that symbolism now what happens is as this
gets increased this collective unconsciousness also gets increased and
we feel it even more this is when it brings up stuff that’s buried deep
within now here’s the thing what people that can read the energy foam wood
energy updates what they’re doing is they’re interpreting their reality and
the themes they see and other people’s realities through this collective
unconsciousness that is then becoming conscious and what they do is they
perceive of it and when they perceive of it they’re then able to interpret it so
that you can move through it a little bit easier and in general you will
always find that what you are the vibration of so whoever you find for
that is going to be somebody that you resonate with their thought process of
what they’re going through and maybe if it’s completely different from millions
of other people on the planet who are into full moon readings it doesn’t
matter because you’ll always find that what you resonate with it’s all perfect
timing so full moon energy has a powerful amplification on our planet and
it is amplifying the themes and amplifying what’s inside and each moon
carries with it a different vibration that we can move through now
this is the key though yes there are people that can look at that and they
can tell you different things about the themes and all of that and I think it’s
great what I’m saying though is don’t confuse and think that the map is the
territory even though we can use these things to interpret our reality the true
power is within us I will remember I was reading part of a
book called autobiography of a yogi’ which is the I always say this just so
people know it’s like a it’s not just some woowoo book Steve Jobs read it he
liked it Steve Jobs read it every year last 40 years he was alive which is a
true story and it was the only it was the only book in his iPad and it’s
called autobiography of a yogi’ and in it he talks about how he was told
certain things by different astrologists you’re gonna have this part of your life
is going to be this way you’re gonna have this way and what he did is he
counteracted it using his own will using his own energy to show that the true
power is not within the astrology not within these different things the true
powers within us we may identify we may relate with certain things that are
happening with a mate we may relate with other people that are able and interpret
certain things but we can all interpret these things just what is in your
personal life what are the themes you’re currently going through that’s what the
key is the key is the power is within you and we can use these as signposts to
say oh this is what’s happening but just like you know just you we use these
tools for a period of time we may eventually get we may not need that tool
anymore who knows I use astrology for a while and I still I still think there’s
value in astrology numerology but I still see it as a tool it’s just the
tool somebody some people sometimes say oh my astrology says I’m not supposed to
be wealthy well are you gonna let are you gonna agree to that like it the only
way that becomes your reality is if you agree with it and then you just
surrender to never you know I’m not meant to ever have money or whatever and
I’ve seen people that have been told that before and it’s really
disempowering to them when in actuality we’re creating our own reality we’re
creating our own reality so this is up to us and how we identify with
these different things but in general the map is not the territory don’t think
that these things have power over you if it resonates with you then use it as a
tool as a powerful signpost and use it as something that helps you to become
more aware of who you are at the same time become aware that there’s curtain
themes inside our collective unconsciousness you may be picking up on
some of those themes maybe it’s like family down dynamics or this is
happening or communication or your electronics whatever it is you could be
aware of it but also be aware that you must first agree to something before as
power over you you must first agree if you don’t accept it then it doesn’t have
much power over you so the point of this video is to show you a little bit about
the how the energy works and what the moon is but the moon kind of represents
to us as far as the energetic scope and then also to understand that it can be
powerful but at the same time don’t give away your power in thinking that
negative things have to happen just because of something that you saw or
read so that’s my perspective I wanted to make this video because it’s a full
moon right now and I felt I felt that last night and it just got me thinking
like how can I share what the full moon represents to people that maybe normally
wouldn’t be open to what full moon full moon energy is or you know like that’s
that’s will woo stuff well there’s it years a different perspective of it
using Union psychology and stuff like that that the collective unconsciousness
and anyways I hope you enjoyed this video I have that of a full moon
meditation that you can listen to every full moon and it’s really powerful to be
on top of the scripture box below also if you have it turn on notifications you
have to turn on notifications because I will be doing more videos like this
and I have a lot more I’ve different series coming and the only way you can
see the daily videos on YouTube now is if you push that notification bell so
when that being said I hope to see you on another video
peace much love and namaste


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    I Love our beautiful Grandmother Moon and all her whimsical beauty. Aug's full moon is Aug 15th 2019💜

  • Ashley Flowers says:

    Aaron, with all due respect for sure I love ur videos, but when you make these videos, "not what we think " you are actually taking something significant from someone that gives them hope when otherwise they would be hopeless. Reguardless if you are right or wrong. That's unfair. This is something like religion and there goes someone trying to shake a faith on something that gives someone something to look foward to. I dont understand why u cant just let this type of subject be what it is to those who live for the moon energy. It's like a rainy day at mg picnic

  • Jasper Forsyth says:

    i think its probably worth trying to see the horoscope for your day at the end of the day so you can just feel just some parts of it and not all of it like you said Aaron

  • B. Wolfe says:

    Nice home.

  • Gayle Lucas says:

    Been thru Shadow xxxx

  • Glossy Drop says:

    I practice Witchcraft,during the Full Moon I usually meditate and feel the emotions of the intentions I set during the other Moon Cycles

  • joseph milimo says:

    The shape of your head

  • Keep It Simple Jaye says:

    Lol blues clues was my guilty pleasure as a child too!! 😉

  • Hue Q. says:

    My body felt so much energy last night that I couldn’t be still? 🌚

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