‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast on Their Characters & the Meaning of the Series | MTV News

– I think now’s a good
time to tell this story because Umbrella Academy
is a bit different than things we’ve seen
from superheroes already. With Umbrella Academy
we can go a lot deeper. We can just get past
the really boring stuff about what it means to be a superhero and get right to their problems. – [Narrator] Everything
about our family’s insane. – I have adopted six children. Gifted with abilities
far beyond the ordinary. I give you the Umbrella Academy. – I play Luther Hargreeves. He is, number one, his alias is Space Boy. – I play Cha-Cha, who is
a time traveling assassin who has a partner who’s Hazel. – I play Vanya Hargreeves number seven and she is the sibling
in the Hargreeves family that is just ordinary and without powers. – Allison The Rumor, has the ability to alter reality and change
people’s decision making. – And I’m number four, Klaus, who can see dead people and stuff. – I play number two, Diego Hargreeves. – I play number five, a 58 year old time traveling assassin who gets stuck in his teenage body after traveling back from the future to save the world from the apocalypse. – Boom. – I jumped forward and
got stuck in the future. You know what I found? Absolutely nothing. – When’s it supposed to happen? – In eight days. – Oh shit. – What about the apocalypse that makes it so good for a story? I mean, I think if you were to find out that everything is ending, it would probably change a lot about what you were gonna do. – Mmhm, yes. – For that eight days,
for how you would think or how you’d feel about
the people around you. – The air is really thick in that house. – There’s lots of things
that have happened through their childhood into young, sort of adults, I suppose, before they disbanded that has formed all these riffs, really in their relationships. Ultimately I think they needed this time to really figure out who
they all are as people. And ultimately, they realize that they all need each other. Ya know, they all have these problems that stem from their father, really, that the only way they’re
gonna get through it is by relying on each other. – This is a story about
knowing who you are and having to accept that and be that no matter what the circumstance is. Hazel, at some point, loved his job, and loved traveling through time assassinating people. But, at some point I
think that just became really depressing. It was really fun to play a bad guy who doesn’t know themselves and doesn’t know who they
are or what they want. – I think you hope that whenever we, when we’re watching
something, at least for me, of course when you identify something that you’ve
experienced or gone through and it hits you emotionally. Hopefully that’s offering,
I don’t know, just that… – It’s very relatable. – Yeah, and I think people will have different entrances into, I think everybody responds to trauma or things in their past, or the feelings that make them different or whatever it manifests in different ways and you have these characters who are all sort of trying to exist as adults who had this really
quite traumatic childhood. – I hope audiences get the fact that we’re all a bit broken
and fractured in some way and that we can get through
that kind of thing together with family or with friends or loved ones.

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