The Upsetting Truth Behind Kurt Angle’s WWE Retirement (WWE Gave up on Him!)

The Upsetting Truth Behind Kurt Angle’s WWE Retirement (WWE Gave up on Him!)

the Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle has
had a storied career in the WWE debuting all the way back at the height of the
Attitude Era in 1999 angle was a clean-cut celebrated amateur wrestler
and an American Hero when he appeared for the first time on Sunday night heat
on the show heel tiger a leasing of an angle five hundred dollars to blow his
nose on the American flag but angle refused and attacked singh to a roaring
ovation from the crowd Angle made his first WWE wrestling televised debut at
the Survivor Series coming out to the themed medal a theme he still uses today
and defeated Shawn Stasiak and remained undefeated for a number of weeks Angle
presented himself as the WWE’s role model encouraging others to follow the
three-eyes intensity integrity and intelligence but after negative
reactions from the crowd he quickly turned heel where he boasted to being a
real athlete and questioned the fans asking them “where are your gold medals?”
Angles career took on from there and after winning both the Intercontinental
and the now-defunct European Championship he would eventually go on
to winning the WWE Championship defeating The Rock at 2000’s no mercy
pay-per-view by 2002 he was already a grand slam champion winning the Tag Team
Championship with Chris Benoit throughout his career Angle would win
the World Heavyweight Championship as well as three more reigns as WWE
Champion he was also 2000s King of the Ring winner and in fact the only thing
left to achieve (other than winning the women’s title) was winning the Royal
Rumble even though Angle was still a top WWE
Superstar in 2006 he was unhappy with his position on WWE’s B show ECW and was
working hurt WWE would not let him take the time off as a result Angle requested
his release ending an eight-year relationship with WWE he would sign with
TNA showing no signs of winding down his career as he fought harder than ever
holding the TNA World Heavyweight championships six times as well as other
titles after last appearing in the WWE in 2006 eleven years later WWE announced
that it would be inducted into that year’s Hall of Fame class return to WWE
television the Raw after WrestleMania 33 angle would not return in a wrestling
capacity as a Vince McMahon appointed Angle as Raw’s general manager he would
eventually be cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle but his current run has been
largely depressing angle would wrestle more frequently in 2018 taking part in
WWE’s World Cup tournament wrestling on weekly raw programming but he would
endure a number of heartbreaking losses matches would merely end in a few
minutes his angle tried to give it his all knowing full well he was up against
wrestlers in their prime who could outperform him in every way this run
however will be angles final one as he announced on this week’s edition of
Monday Night Raw that he will have a farewell match at WrestleMania 35 with
the crowd shouting “Thank You Kurt!” in an emotional segment on Raw Angle said I
want to thank each and every one of you you made it so fun for me I literally
had the time of my life his long and illustrious wrestling career might
suggest that he has nothing left to accomplish but the truth behind his
retirement is far more upsetting it’s no secret that after over 20 years of
wrestling professionally Angle has put his body through some serious testing in
fact he’ll be familiar with angle mentioning numerous times he won a gold
medal with a broken frickin neck he wasn’t joking either five months before
the 1996 Summer Olympic Games Angle suffered an almost career-ending injury
at the trials severely injuring his neck fracturing two of his cervical vertebrae
herniating to disks and pulling four muscles the injury not only setback his
training but it started an addiction to painkillers his neck would never be the
same after the injury and surgery was required again as his neck problems
worse than throughout the years of wrestling and traveling on the road not
getting enough rest terrifyingly angle would even complain of his arm going
numb while performing surgery meant however that he would be off the road
for an entire year which when the angle would miss WWE’s biggest show of the
year WrestleMania something he was an integral part of as he was WWE Champion
but knowing that he Oded duty to Vince McMahon and risk paralysis angle put up
surgery until after WrestleMania where the title could be given to Lesnar he
mentioned the importance of not letting Vince down it was something I just had
to do I can leave Vince McMahon and the company hanging like that I had a duty
as a performer to suck it up luckily thanks to the new developments
in neck surgery Angle didn’t need to undergo neck fusion which meant he
didn’t need to take much time off it didn’t mean that angle was going to take
it easy though as he was still performing almost every night showing no
signs of slowing down his performance or his addiction he was also lucky to be
alive as he confessed he was taking a mixture of up to 65 painkillers a day to
cope with the pain as he was still wrestling full-time it was so bad that
WWE reportedly pleaded with angle to get help when he refused they released him
hence his career in TNA there his addiction worsened and he was
accompanied by a number of run-ins with the law the thing is everybody drank
down there in TNA so I started drinking with my meds and then I started
manipulating my meds I would save all of them until the evening and drink it all
with alcohol and it got me into a lot of trouble for duis in five years Angle
would clean up his act and find sobriety in 2013 and of course this helped him
come back to the WWE where he would be cleared by WWE’s doctors to wrestle
again but unfortunately you’d be a shell of his former self in the ring he was
far less mobile in the ring not even able to stand up straight it wasn’t
apparent during tank matches but when angle was booked in singles competition
it became more and more obvious that angle just could not go in the ring
almost age can be a contributory factor the main culprit was the years of
punishment he put his body through this was evident in his match against Baron
Corbin at a WWE live event in San Antonio as the Wrestling Observer noted
the report we got is that this was a bad match she’s kind of said since angled
bell-to-bell was an all-time great he looked hurt and moved slow the
original plan was for angle to put over a number of rising stars on the roster
once he did that with Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre
it wasn’t in very convincing fashion and it was obvious that he can put over as
much talent as WWE wanted him to do many sources reported that WWE had given up
on him and took him out of various plans backstage angle looked to be much worse
with reports suggesting he even has trouble getting out of his car
Brad Shepherd mentioned on the oh you did no podcast no korangal can barely
move I’m told he moves up Mick Foley backstage you know standing still he
looks pretty good you can see that in the ring but when you watch him I’m told
getting in and out of his car is unfortunate so Kurt Angle is not in good
physical shape at all and is on his way out as a company while he probably isn’t
on his way out of the company angle himself even admitted he is unable to
perform at the level he once did saying it was really tough for me to come to
that decision it actually has been nipping at me for
the past year I’m 50 years old I know I’m not the same as I used to be I’m
slower in the ring I can still get the job done but if I can’t perform at the
Kurt Angle of 2006 I don’t want to perform at all you finally know when
your times come and you’ve got to make a decision and I’ve decided that I want to
keep my legacy intact and I think that retiring is the best decision for me
angle will be wrestling his final match in WWE and possibly the last match he’ll
ever have at WrestleMania 35 but who should his opponent be which one
wrestler deserves the opportunity or right to be his final opponent multiple
superstars come to mind and it usually involves those who are obviously on the
current roster but it has to be someone he shared a rich history with someone he
is notably feuded with in the past former WWE Champion and future
hall-of-famer the Undertaker comes to mind this both were heavily involved in
the resurgence of wrestling during the attitude and ruthless aggression eras
and not only that they feuded with each other on a number of occasions and had a
phenomenal match at No Way Out in two than six there was also talk in the past
that the Olympian would be the first one to defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania
ending the streak prematurely but the only problem is that the Undertaker’s
mobility in the ring is only slightly better than angles plus there doesn’t
seem to be any sign of the Undertaker wrestling at all at the show of shows
this year alternatively we would like to see the 16-time WWE Champion John Cena
come up to the plate to challenge angle at mania those who were watching during
their ruthless aggression era might recall Cena’s first-ever official match
in the WWE was against Kurt Angle in 2002 on Smackdown live with a doctor of
thuggin omics may have even fuelled speculation that a matchup mania could
be on the cards by posting a photo of a young kur angle on his Instagram page
John Cena is also booked for Wrestlemania so there is a high
possibility that he could be his opponent while other much younger
superstars could benefit from the win none would carry the same sentimental
value as John Cena but who should be the one to retire Kurt Angle in your opinion
let us know in the comments down below subscribe if you haven’t already and
I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content


  • afk devz says:

    i am a big fan of you please pin me

  • James S says:

    I wish he would of never left WWE his TNA run forgettable.

  • Janoy Cresva says:

    Why do you guys still want to see angle wrestle? He looks like an old man in there.

  • Russ Green says:

    At first I was like "Nah Cena vs. Angle"
    But seeing as Kurt doesn't move so well fits with Cena. Cause Cena can't wrestle 😂😂😕

  • Jarrell Daniel says:

    Thanks for remembering Barry Horowitz

  • Jackie Naef says:

    If you want to know who would be a fair opponent for kurt is say Kane

  • Mad Here says:

    Sadly his match will be against Barron Corbin which is a crappy choice it should be against John

  • George Bova says:

    Cena should wrestle him

  • Brandon Thunder says:

    John cena

  • Donald Fields says:

    The Undertaker

  • James Earl Cash says:

    Angle is facing Corbin for WM 35.

  • Christopher Nicholson says:

    I would have loved to see Bret hart vs kurt angle but sadly I don't think that's going happen it would have been a great match Bret hart's technical skills and kurt angle's Olympic style

  • Nooralam khan says:

    he will fight baron corbin

  • r j auto says:

    The rock or HHH or Randy Orton

  • Laurie E says:

    I would like to see Kurt Angle take on Randy Orton Randy Orton is the Legend killer you know

  • HypnosisV1Games says:

    "Kurt Angle was on WWE's B show" Ahem…. ECW was their F show… Smackdown was the B Show… Heat was the C Show… Velocity the D show….. Then WWE Byte This! was their E…

  • HypnosisV1Games says:

    Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin… eww

  • MW G says:

    Fortunately, Angle never really had to rely solely on his in-ring abilities. Being able to play the part of a wacky loon character that can laugh at himself is almost as much reason for him getting over as being an Olympic Gold Medalist.

  • Hdot l says:

    Bet you any money if they gave angle painkillers he'll be like brand new and you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. You'd be surprised what you could do once the pain is gone and those painkillers definitely take away the pain.

  • daniel s says:

    whats with the glove?

  • Zack Reynolds says:

    All good things must come to an end

  • Benjamin Strong Kimberly says:

    For wrestling mania Kurt bring back your early 2000's mind of fighting to beat Baron Corbin 😡😠😫🙋

  • Terror Knights says:

    Swagger and angel woulda been an epic tag team

  • LiveWithBrent says:

    Baron fuqin Corbin seriously? Ugh

  • fun entertainment says:

    Come on mick Foley fall of a cell and still so kurt should continue

  • fun entertainment says:

    Undertaker future hall of fame
    Kurt angle is a hall of fame
    Undertaker join in 1990 and kurt in 1999
    Explain that wwe

  • Simon Templar says:

    He deserved better for his retirement match. Cena was the perfect choice.

  • Udo Oparah says:

    Cena’s gonna come out and interrupt Baron Corbin giving some bs speech, then face Kurt. That’s how I dreamed it would happen anyway!

  • Jason Sutton says:

    Kurt Angle was one of the all-time greats in the ring but this Last run has tarnished that….and facing a no talent like Corbin is only gonna make it worse.
    I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish he never returned to wwe to wrestle.
    I'm glad he was put in the wwe hall of Fame but that should have been the end of it.

  • Patrick Bateman says:

    I’m sad Kurt Angle run isn’t good 😢but atleast will have the memories

  • Jeptobal says:

    "If I can't perform like Kurt Angle of 2006 I don't want to perform"(paraphrase) sad truth

  • Terence Riess says:

    How sad its baron corbon…..

  • pimpfatlr says:

    Wrestling is fucking fake there is no out performing someone it's all about the push look at hulk

  • Shaikh Jasem says:

    I would prefer with Chris Benoit, these two guys had phenomenal chemistry.

  • Adriel Collymore says:

    Baron Corbin will face angel

  • HawkeyeSTiGuy says:

    I actually bumped into Kurt Angle a few weeks ago in Robinsn Twp. in Pittsburgh. The years of wrestling clearly took a huge toll on his body. Both knees were wrapped up & he could hardly walk. I have the utmost respect for him as a person & an Olympian, but his body is beat to hell at this point. It's sad really. Especially when I think back to when he started in WWE & was jumping around. The same is true for countless great football players forced to retire relatively young. Jerome Bettis, Heinz Ward, & Troy Polamalu come to mind. Wrestling & contact sports are a young man's game. He has a family to care for anyhow.

  • Topper Mcnabb says:

    Does anyone remember the fights between Kurt vs Benoit vs Eddie? I miss them!

  • Chris Rock says:

    Why is it sad? I'm sure the older he gets the more the injuries he sustained over the years will take their toll. Why add to that? Let him enjoy his retirement. I've had 4 back surgeries and after 8 years of taking painkillers finally tapered down to almost nothing. Wasn't easy.

  • justin M says:

    Would Love to see Kurt turn into a manager or something less physically demanding…Imagine if WWE brought back Jack Swagger? With Kurt being his manager..Immediately it would Send Swagger to one of the top Stars…He could be a heel manager or face..Switch would be amazing.

  • ArigatoDBD says:

    it needs to be cena

  • Bruce Wayne says:

    Nobody from this trash pg era deserves to retire kurt angle. Kurt would do better just retiring than jobbing to the talentless trash in the pg era roster.

  • Jo Vega says:

    Get ddp on this!

  • You're Right says:

    Kurt Angle is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. He was the best true wrestler in the ring. He was great in a comedic roles as well. The one thing he did with SCSA when he wore the little hat was so funny.

  • 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Content says:

    Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a broken frickin neck. You know who else won a gold medal? Henry Cejudo

  • Orgasmatron 93 says:

    I dont watch wrestling anymore havent really since like 2007 or 8 but I keep tabs on it and watch old matches for whatever reason probably because I can find out where I was in life based on what month and year and seeing kurt angle retire just makes me sad I used to hate him in 2000, my cousin at the time explained to me who he was and being 8 or 9 a year or two older than me he said "oh he runs away alot" probably because he was heel but eventually I was sucked in he was entertaining as hell, funny, great wrestler, could be face or heel, he is the man. Seeing my favorite wrestlers like angle, taker, hhh, hbk and y2j slowly but surely dwindle away from.the company in various ways and forms makes me kinda sad. Have I grown up that much? Wrestling always had the ability to plant me somewhere in time and at the same time I cant believe it's not 2001 still

  • Charlie Brown says:

    6:48 is that a fat Connor mcgregor refing? Lol

  • Dan Weeks says:

    I don't know that taking pain meds when one has legitimate pain is "an addiction."

    Pain meds are for treating pain. If the pain doesn't stop, neither does the treatment.

  • Dyounus 531 says:

    The match should have been against taker not Cena or Corbin or who ever the fuck you think of. This isn't about Cena and his first god damn match this is about Kurt and who he wanted and it was always taker he wanted that mania match but Vince decided no for some fucking reason.

  • James Bowman says:

    Thank you Kurt.

  • TheWatchernator says:

    but is his neck bigger than Takeo Spike's?

  • Captain Jazz says:

    Financial failures beanKURT…

  • Terminator X says:

    Im from the future. His opponent will be Baron Corbin.

  • Ryan Royles says:

    They dropped the ball with that one. Cena should have been his final opponent. That would have only been right. Oh well

  • Ray Baker says:

    I'm sorry to say this but this year at mania he lost to Corbin

  • Dr_Doctor says:

    A bit late but I would love to see Lesnar as his final opponent. Both had some memorable matches together.

  • freespeechisdead isdead says:

    So they wouldn't give him time off for his neck, so he left for TNA. But then they had pleaded with him about the pain pills which is why they released him which is why he left for TNA. I comfused.

  • Soca Empress 〈3 says:

    Only thing that was upsetting was the bullshit person they gave him for his retirement match 🙄🙄 he has done his dues for the company

  • Randy Green says:

    Best of luck to Kurt Angle after he Retires from the WWE, he's more than paid his dues.

  • nevada bob says:

    They should had let him win at the last WrestleMania.

  • GLAZIA says:

    Kurt Angle: “WWE, why are you giving up on me?”

  • Philip Kennedy says:

    The Rock should be his final challenge 👍

  • Christopher Brand says:

    Didn't drew McIntyre retire him in tna, see what would be good is drew did same here

  • The Badboy Live says:

    You can see from the day that he came back that he has absolutely no mobility in his neck and back. He cannot turn his neck at all. When he turns he’s got to turn his entire body, which is a sign that you have horrible stenosis or at sometime had surgery and metal inserted that is haulting your ability to turn.

    Kurt is so limited, then he makes the undertaker look in his prime. I think the undertakers problem is more ring rust than actual mobility issues. He generally only wrestles once a year, whichcan affect your timing and chemistry. He’s also probably not very happy that they are using him to put the young guys over. If there’s ever a wrestler who should not be used in that fashion, it’s him. Every time I see him wrestle the only thing I can think of is it’s almost as if they’re putting a Horse out to pasture. His character is too strong for the capacity they are using him in. It diminishes peoples expectations and enjoyment of his matches by basically telling everybody that he’s going to lose every match that he wrestles from here on out. They need to re-strengthen his character and I want to see him go out with a win and not on this back. I know that’s customary, but not him.

  • Jason Cooley says:

    The only reason Kurt angle was losing so many match is because that the way wwe were booking them

  • Lee Bower says:

    I fucked kurt angle in college he was the best blowjob I've ever had

  • Jose Dominguez says:

    Shane McMahon

  • Dontayperkins says:

    I'm Just gonna say it was Barin Corrbin how ever you spell it

  • Tim Frederick says:

    It was time for him to hang it up

  • Hans Moser says:

    this guy wearing american-flag-clothes, so he had to quit sometime.
    haha, give a fuck to ya boneheads,



  • Kai0nTheMoon says:

    I loved to hate Angle when he debuted. He's one of the guys who got me back into watching WWF after spending years away from it. I constantly wanted to slap him in the face so badly, but I also realized how talented he was. That is the sign of a great heel.

  • Anthony K says:

    He never should've lost to Boring Corbin

  • Nasir Aameen says:

    Sorry but he should of stayed in Impact. His farewell tour in Impact was greater and more respectful

  • Nasir Aameen says:

    Never understood why they didn’t let him wrestle when he was just wrestling in IMPACT

  • Shaun Clancy says:

    Would love to see Kurt rematch with Shane O'Mac. That was one of the greatest matches ever

  • Conway Red Bear says:

    Kurt Angle should of retired after being GM for Raw.

  • Teague Vox says:

    He and Brock Lesnar have quite a history together. I would say Brock should put him down, but Brock might be too far over the top for him… Although, ironically, I think if Kurt had his way he would choose Brock just to be put out in the most intense way possible. And by someone he would have, at one point or another, considered a friend.

  • Believe in Yourself says:

    enough with the old guys

  • wwfattitude2011 says:

    Nope the WWE didn’t give up on Kurt Angle. Father Time Cought up with him, & his body & years of wrestling caught up with him & it was time to hang his boots. I just wish his final match was against somebody better than Baron Corbin

  • Wang Chung says:

    Nah all these old assholes sticking around too long are getting what’s coming to them for not hanging it up. To many injuries and fucked up brains from CTE.

  • Shi Sim says:

    stop the lies kurt angle said 4 years ago he wanted to go back to wwe to get into the hall of fame not wrestle much but apart of his contract was to wrestle 1 or twice a year , he was ready to retire in tna but he knew wwe give legend contracts to wwe hall of famers . I like your channel but lately u been putting out total nonsense , all u got to do is go look up kurt angle 2001 -2016 talking about how he wanted to get back to wwe to retire and finish his legacy where it started and u got videos of wwe stars refusing to not retire kurt needed to retire he was slow and u can see taking bumps hurt him

  • Andre Giles says:

    So they sent Kurt Angle off with his Farewell match being against Baron Corbin.. BARON CORBIN! Are you fuckin kidding me? This is one of the very reasons WWE Lost over 1 million viewers after WrestleMania. IT'S TRUE! IT'S DAMN TRUE!

  • jacob salt says:

    I want to see John cena instead of the undertaker because John cena first match was against Kurt angle time for Kurt to pay his due come on wwe

  • Krowman84 says:

    He was pretty beat up. even everyone in Tna talked about it…

  • Conor Condon says:

    How did you leave corban out

  • Edgehead10075 says:

    I predict that Kurt Angle's WM 35 opponent will be Baron Corbin and that Angle will do a clean job.

  • nzgersfan says:

    Oh wow I did not realise this was the reason he was in TNA never knew he had asked WWE for release😯

  • edgy sprikle says:

    Kurt should have fought Shane O’mac at the grand daddy of them all…..that never happened….WHAT THE FU-


    Angle and Benoit arguments were the best even when the big show got angle slammed

  • Peter Smith says:

    Vince will bring him back
    He will not let legends retire
    Golberg vs undertaker worst match

  • Joey Cates says:

    How about Brock Lesnar or Batista? How about AJ Styles? (since they both used to be in TNA.) How about sting vs. Curt angle? yes sting is retired but if angles going to retire why not Wrestler icon. ( but they did both Wrestlerl in TNA.

  • AngelBird says:

    Who is every one trying to fool. It's going to be Lesnar.

  • JOHN says:

    You could see he was money straight away in his debut

  • Worthy says:

    Kurt Angle did retire in his farewell match at WrestleMania 35 it was this year Kurt Angle will go down as one of the greatest in the WWE industry in the WWE greatest of all time he's in Olympic gold medalist he won the Olympics with the broken neck he moved his butt off every week in the ring I know Kurt Angle may have lost the Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 Baron Corbin Tapped Out the day before WrestleMania 35 in the day after WrestleMania 35 Kurt Angle got is Baron Corbin the tap out and night after WrestleMania 35 he's probably going to be coming to the raw reunions next week so with that said Kurt Angle will go down as the Olympic gold medalist and a wrestler that he was and the general manager that he still is not I know he's still may not be a general manager hopefully he will be in the future so what that said Kurt Angle will go down as one of the greatest in the wrestling industry for the WWE and I know Kurt Angle had a farewell match with Bobby Lashley and TNA Impact Wrestling so it was a good match between Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle and I know Kurt Angle lost to Bobby Lashley fair and square and TNA Impact Wrestling and Bobby Lashley defeated Kurt Angle fair and square and TNA Impact Wrestling he tried Kurt Angle had tried to defeat Bobby Lashley fair and square and TNA Impact Wrestling I got to give the props to Kurt Angle for defeating and almost defeating Bobby Lashley in the farewell match in TNA and I also got to give her give credit and give props to Kurt Angle for almost defeating Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 in evenTHOE he may not have one but he did try to defeat Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 and the night after WrestleMania 35 he got Baron Corbin and forced Baron Corbin Baron Corbin made himself and forced himself to tap out the day before WrestleMania 35 in the day after WrestleMania 35 Kurt Angle is one of the greatest Undertaker will be in the WWE Hall of Fame in the future he is a future WWE Hall of Famer so the WWE Universe fan set thank you Kurt well thank you Kurt thank you Kurt thank you Kurt thank you Kurt he got to get in the ring with mr. Sir Baron Corbin although he may not have one he may have lost but he tried to pick up the win and I know he may have came up short and he may have lost but he did get in the ring with Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 he did get in the ring with Baron Corbin.

  • Ryan Zad says:

    Kurt Angle is a living legend, god bless him

  • Kyle Kallies says:

    The last match should b John cena

  • PhestoLIVE says:


  • MacBurnin' Man says:

    His performance at Wrestlemania 34 teaming with Ronda Rousey should've ended there.
    Later that fall then into early 2019 was hard to watch

  • Mark Welch says:

    Why not John Cena as Angle' s opponent?

  • resistance1207 says:

    65 painkillers a day? How the fuck did he survive that? That’s gotta be blown out of proportion, cause taking a handful all at once can kill you.

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