Three of Cups – Abundance – tarot minor arcana meanings

Abundance, the Three of Cups, which is Mercury
in Cancer, a beautiful card isn’t it? Lets see what he’s got to say about it, This card
refers to Binah in the suit of Water, we already established that the waters are all about
Binah. This is the card of Demeter or Persephone. The Cups are pomegranates; they are filled
bountifully to overflowing from a single lotus, arising from the dark sea characteristic of
Binah. There is here the fulfilment of the Will of Love, 2 of cups, abounding joy. It
is the spiritual basis of fertility. The card is referred to the influence of Mercury
in Cancer; this carries further the above thesis. Mercury is impregnating, Mercury is
the all-father; here its influence descends upon the most receptive of the signs. Cancer
is a very receptive sign. So now this is kind of where the beauty of the seeds of it are
starting to disintegrate, he always brings in the previous card, and the next card in
sequence, and sometimes other ones too. The combination of these forms of energy brings
in the possibility of somewhat mysterious ideas. Binah, the Great Sea, is the Moon in
one aspect, The moon is down to Yesod, the moon is Pisces as well, so the moon card is
a card, a dark card. A lot of dodgy stuff to do with the Moon. And Mercury, being the
word or Will of the All-One, is the guide of the souls of the Dead. So this going to
Pisces, which we haven’t got to, but we will do. The pomegranate was the fruit which Persephone
ate in the realms of Pluto, thereby enabling him to hold her in the lower world, even after
the most powerful influence has been brought to bear. The lesson seems to be that the good
things of life, although enjoyed, should be distrusted. Its nice to think that, and not
hold onto them as well. There is a very dark element to the 3 of Cups, that is generally
missed, especially when you think of the name Abundance, which is an overflowing, excess,
but that brings a glut, and brings the price down, and you have problems with how to deal
it as well. Now it is time to move on to the 4 of Cups, Luxury.

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