To be or not to be – Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Mateus

To be or not to be – Tarot Reading by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Mateus

Good Morning Dear Mateus I’m repeating because maybe i didn’t pronounce it well Mateus Ziobersky because it is ending by sky, i’m jodorowSKY and i’m coming from Russia maybe you are from Russia, who knows? but it is not important what we are or where you are born, for me what is important is that we do what we are you choose 3 cards, 12 13 and 14.. and you didn’t asked any questions Before beginning I’ll explain a little bit I’m not reading the future I’m not reading the future I do not believe in reading the future For me, the Tarot is like a tool of lighting the present Right? That shows guide for the future, a guide but I’m not here to give any advices I’m here to show I have the major arcanes of the Tarot, 22 cards In the 22 cards there is 2 key cards the beginning and the end The Fool is zero and the World is 21 and then there is 2 series of 10 the series 1 to 10 like the hand fingers and the serie 10 to 20 and call it the toes the hand fingers and the toes communicate So if you choose the 1 it speaks with the 11 if you choose the 7, it speaks with the 17 it is communicate i’ll show you the number you choose. and after i’ll show you the numbers matching with the cards you choose it’ll complete it What is going to tell the Tarot, what do you think you say for having choose these numbers so systematic 12, 13 and 14.. something secure, in the middle and looking for security clearly here you have the 12 a deep meditation in who I am when I say I I’m talking about you.. so i stop trying to create a life choosing things I let the life create itself i’m putting my hands in my back and I don’t choose i stop to look everywhere so I put one feet behind the other and then i tied myself here and say I don’t choose and I don’t look for something right I join in this bottom my energy stop looking the world as before as normale human beings do and I let my look be natural without my guidance and I say when it can not be done I let it create itself If I can’t build myself I need to let myself build myself if i can’t create a path I take a path that create myself I let my actions making myself creating myself I cut, you can see here that there are cut branches there are humans branches because they are bleeding but these twelve cuts like the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ like the 12 months of the year it is a circle that you cut and here enter in yourself you’ll look for your enlightenment the freedom of being Nothing more, and then you choose card number 13 that is precisely that, you see? being here in the research of yourself you enter in what Saint Jean de la Cruz called the dark light of the soul it means when I don’t see anything in myself is when I really see myself but I see of myself is essentially is not me, it is the divine strength inside me that is what said St Jean de la Cruz so here advance the arcane 13 preparing the ground, plowing for a new rebirth and the 14 nothing more and nothing less Look, what amazing it is, Once it is clean the arcane 14 takes its arms behind his back and gives itself what it deserves you see? look at the feet of arcane 14, look at them It is a snake getting along with another snake here in the top in blue that conduces to the UV meet the infrared 2 extrems, one is vital active, and the other receptive i would say cold but also receptive it is the blue sky who is containing the active star so here.. you can see that the water of the pots is going to the other that receiving it but at the same time a tongue gets out of there and go to the other this means my spirit is incarnate itself in material and the material descent to my spirit this is why I meditate about the tree and choosing about to be or not to be be, not be this desire is antagonic my desire you see it is not about be or not being it is about be or not to be at the same time You are a soul that have a spirit your soul has a body and your body has a spirit at the same time terrestrial as this snaked and feather like a terrestrial snake and a bird flight the feather snake It is the ground flying to the infinite universe it is the feather snake Well there is a flower here in the arcane 14, it is.. the thought the scent thought because normally we have the head full of smelly thoughts negative thoughts… the negativity smells not healthy you arrive after finishing with the negativity for a deep positivity, you see? to the point that your eyes has become yellow because with this development your eyes has become yellow it means that the things you are looking illuminate you with you positivity you are in a very good moment so now the 12 communicate with the 2 here i have the 2 come closer the 2 has a white face white face but has here in the coin an egg an egg incubating and all her knowledge is incubating and this room that is bending itself studying herself studying herself like what is doing the hanged man it is studying itself the difference that it is outdoor outdoor, and she is indoor, she is indoor it means outdoor deepening and indoor deepening it is a unity these two strengths you see very good, very good so we can say that he is incubating he is creating his inner God, it is the God going to come out of his egg and here is going to come out the inner God from what she is studying well the 13 the 3 is action this one also is action you see, she has the scepter over the ovaries and from there from her creativity deep, vital.. she is organizing her world it is like two legs of a spiritual woman that gives birth and she is constantly in a creative state like the arcane 13 we don’t know where she is going the arcane 13 is fixing the path but doesn’t have a goal her present goal is to undo undo the negativity or the superficiality or the influence that they give you in the past free yourself from the book of the law the female pope is studying the law, the prejudgment the giving orders in a shape of a sacred book that maybe doesn’t correspond to her there she is she is freeing herself you don’t know where is she going and this skeleton is free destructive, constructive eradication and building indoor outdoor eradication and building and at last the angel is going to meet the Emperor Look how beautiful because it is a couple, the 13 and 14 the death and the life the power of the King and the power of the queen they are both creating their spirit and she is creating here a masculine eagle nothing is saying it is masculine but here we can see here the eagle has an egg the egg of the female Pope and she has the egg and his egg and the egg is masculine like her and here the Emperor has a feminine eagle so the 2 meet the feminine creating the masculine and the masculine is creating feminine these are the numbers that you choose i’m telling you anything i’m gonna take two cards randomly t see what i can find as a psychomage pascale please pick a card thank you, i do not preparing anything i’m honest so in the finger part the part more open closer to reality you have this card the Fool, total freedom travel all that you want do what ever you want Alester Crowley, a magic student really famous write a book do what you want that is the law do what ever you really want and here you have in the dark part the Moon, it tells you in the middle of the darkness i’m reflecting the light of the sun that is the divine light that is inside you find your inner sun in the middle of your inner darkness learn to valorize yourself Thank you for your collaboration to my film Poesia Sin Fin Thank You really much


  • mariel carranza says:

    Hola, desde Uruguayo un placer escucharlo. Como puedo comunicarme?.gracias saludos.

  • deprecor says:

    Beautiful reading!

  • Tazmatik says:

    Saludos maestro
    Como puedo tener un tarot reading con usted ?

  • SOSOGOOD says:

    Amor, Amor, amor.. You taught me since my 20

  • laura fátima lópez sáez says:

    Gracias Maestro Jodorowsky. El amor y la entrega que usted brinda en cada lectura del tarot es una fuente de inspiración. En ese misticismo que me acompaña desde que tengo uso de razón, surge esta llama motivadora que me insta a aprender este arte divino. Lo tomo con tanta seriedad que me pregunto si todos tenemos las capacidades necesarias. Por qué será que, (según mi madre), el abuelo paterno decía que yo no era de este mundo. El mensaje que usted me deja Hoy es: "Valorízate". Gracias!!!

  • TSB Soundbrothers says:

    La magia de la vida en las manos del maestro Alejandro J!

  • Valérion de la Vallière says:

    Merci beaucoup.
    Je ne connaissais pas la nuit obscure, il y a des choses inédites dans cette interprétation par rapport aux autres vidéos.
    Comme d'habitude les concepts abordés résonnent fort en moi.
    J'ai le sentiment que tu me soignes à travers ces vidéos, je suis souvent profondément touché.

  • Ulises de Laney says:

    Muy-buena-lectura! Creo que voy a no perderme ninguna… Abrazos muy grandes!

  • Yolanda Bautista says:

    AAYY MAESTRO!! Te reconozco🙏🙌😍👀

  • MsLarisca says:

    Grazie per la tenerezza e l’amicizia che ci fai percepire.. solo così possiamo essere amici con noi stessi e con l’umanità ferita..per l’eternità ’

  • Nohemy says:


  • géraldine Eelbode says:

    Beautiful !! How can i ask you for a reading ? Much Love

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