TOP 3 GEMINI AUGUST Horoscope 2019 Oracle Reading from Online Psychic Reader

TOP 3 GEMINI AUGUST Horoscope 2019 Oracle Reading from Online Psychic Reader

hello hello in addition to this video
I’ve just released a few channelings of the Hindu God Shivji, of the late
rapper artist Nipsey Hussle and the founder of Buddhism Gautama Buddha links
are below for you germanized to explore enjoy and watch and make sure you also
watch my july and august 2019 for your Sun Moon and rising my name is Sonika I
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an energy healing on my website now let’s start analyzing the cards and at
the end of this video I will have a motivational message for those Gemini’s
struggling with the topic of divorce okay let’s get started okay ten of
swords upright I always say this is a good card when it’s in the upright it’s
better than when it’s in Reverse in a general reading interesting king of cups eight of swords reversed very good Knight of swords interesting swords
cards two kings and a lot of them being swords cards
here very interesting king of swords okay I do get a very like
full of communication even if that communication is with you and your own
head you know like a lot of analytical stuff a lot of a lot of this kind of
dynamic communication level mental analysis teaching learning kind of stuff
going on for Gemini’s in August 2019 let’s get started
so Gemini’s we have the eight of swords reverse now the aid of sword reversed in
the month of august indicates that there is a liberation there’s freedom now you
see the light you are enlightened now you understand something wisdom gained
perspective change maybe even being one now with something like maybe this I
feel for some of you is able to bring you into unity with someone a unison um
I get this oneness maybe if some of you might be God some of you might be a
friend there’s a spark I feel like a light and light in mint around this
eight of swords there may also be the sense of less fear less nervous as less
anxiety dissolution of those anxieties and negative energies on dissolution of
pessimism some of you yourself are no longer allowing yourself to be blinded
or restrictive so maybe you change your own perspectives ideas and thoughts and
those liberate you does help you move over to help you take a step forward
some of you this can be a get out of jail card you know so it’s like maybe
getting out of jail you know maybe you know somebody or maybe you yourself you
know might be leaving a constricted or some sort of a situation of confinement
for others this is about liberation freedom from NASA
sorry or an unfavorable non-beneficial relationship or any circumstance
situation in your life this is a breakthrough as well breaking out in
some ways this is also about being able to flex and stretch and maneuver a
little bit more so maybe there is good help vigor vitality maybe now you’re
you’re able to take care of that cramp that constriction maybe there’s relief
you know maybe he took heat cold compresses etc etc so there may also be
relief to the health the physical body the biology to chemistry I see you
smiling I see you more optimistic some of you I see you happy um there is
something here sometimes about a divine energy for some of you for others at the
aid of swords reversed your spirit guide say to me as you’re like now getting
involved a little bit more socially so you’re you’re just jumping into the mix
you know you’re getting more extroverted or just more socially involved as
opposed to isolated and that’s going to be key as well perspective change is a
very very big theme on the aid of sort reversed perspective change very very
important for you Gemini’s keep in mind Gemini there are no hard starts and
stops the energy flows life is very fluid to some people actually believe
that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a
major major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign
so some of you will start to feel these energies in the last nine or ten days of
July 2019 and then you’re gonna feel these energies again in major or minor
and subtle or more visibly apparent ways throughout August 2019 okay it’s gonna
be different for each one of you there are no hard starts and stops – energy
flows very interesting I just noticed many of the signs for August Stu
received at least one major arcana card if not two but Gemini’s you don’t really
have any but I do feel this is anyways transformational pivotal stuff going on
here like I could easily just place a major account of card and for any one of
these like us one that would be chosen by my judgement
and it would be quite fitting okay king of swords uprights now the king of
swords upright for you late July through August indicates that this is maybe
connections with a male or a female I’m getting either an Aquarius Gemini or
Libra or especially maybe for a lot of you a Leo Sagittarius Aries so maybe a
fire sign connection for some of you Gemini’s there may be a connection with
a male figure here communication dialogue intimate conversations back and
forth that you know being into like really deep conversation with this
person working something out if it is not somebody else that you’re thinking
about over and over again or missing or wondering about interacting with or just
simply you know analyzing and thinking about over and over again then this
could be maybe a it could be really anybody of any Sun sign or your own
energies and the king of swords can sometimes include a teacher an advisor a
lecture it can indicate a boss figure somebody in authority it could be your
you your own energies your own energies Gemini’s this may be the best expression
of yourself or you’re putting yourself forward in some way this is like you in
the number one position you’re putting yourself here this is your individuality
male and female Gemini’s watching so this is the expression of you you’re
somehow being more forward you’re more forthcoming in some ways in your
behavior in your energy being in the month of August sometimes this can also
indicate justice gaining obedience gaining respect authority speaking your
piece saying something but without too much emotional energy behind it it’s
just simply you’re saying something you know exactly as it should be said that’s
all but without too much you know emotional stuff and gravy let’s say
covering it um encompassing it this is calm cool collected energies rationality
intelligence of course super intelligence the crown chakra the mind
chakra energies higher consciousness spiritual development spiritual
consciousness definitely on the king of swords
evolved perspectives transformation of the mind of course you know again being
a judge maybe critiquing making judgments observations critical
observations but critiques that are based on objectivity not subjectivity
that’s a possibility this is not small talk this is important serious talk as
well so this is um you know this is like using the mind and putting it to work
where it matters that’s what I mean okay and the king of swords can also be about
language development speech public speaking public showcase show-and-tell
but I feel like speech or the mental faculties are relevant here very good
energy for schooling exams education institutions of learning justice system
as well legal system there may be judgments here as well because I do feel
that decisiveness decisiveness conclusions endings and new beginnings
closures definite decisiveness for Gemini’s late July through August 2019
you also have germanized the knight of swords now the knight of swords
indicates here possibly again an Aquarius Gemini your Libra personality
in your life maybe somebody who rushes in very quickly maybe is a little bit
hard to pin down this could be somebody who’s just rushing all the time now if
it is somebody else you know this could be somebody again that you’re thinking
about over and over again dealing with interacting with trying to get a hold of
missing maybe you’re sensing a lack of their availability in some ways in your
life or it could be just your own energies Gemini’s and I think for a lot
of you this is you yourself or this is you dealing with or having some
interaction with a animal like a pet there could be a chase you know you may
be chasing after a pet or an animal there could be something about needing
to rush rescue get going on things something provokes you triggers you
signals you to hop on your feet and go go go go go so there’s could be some
sudden events like this that occurs in August where you just have to jump on
your feet and get going on something simple is I’m right so that jumping on
your feet maybe suddenly you just have to do something on your laptop right
doesn’t although you have to call somebody up
really quickly so there could be some sudden events like that but it’s
important it’s relevant it’s key it wants to be represented through a
card here definitely taking one of the five spots right the knight of swords
upright can also be for some of you impulsivity charging ahead offensiveness
defensiveness having your way with your words with somebody putting somebody
down or telling somebody off speaking your truth in a rushed form this is also
brash cutting biting sharp short blunt kind of energy truth revelation maybe
truth of that just hurts or maybe you’re just some of you Gemini’s or in the mode
of like I’m just gonna let them have it you know what I mean by that like you’re
just gonna let them have it you’re gonna tell them this truth you’re gonna tell
them this perspective or indicate this to them be careful okay just be careful
it’s a general reading and that may be fine for some of you in some of your
specific situations but it may not be completely the right way to behave or
express yourself for some other Gemini’s and your other you know in your specific
situations for some other Gemini so you can always reach out to me for a
personal reading see how this plays out for you this may be somebody who just
comes in quick it’s non-committal fast news fast communication sudden news
reaches you sudden discussion sudden reason to get up and get you know huddle
into a conference room as an example so this could be sudden news communication
data information being conveyed or relayed see how it plays out for you for
some of you it could be your knight in shining armor but maybe this person
doesn’t stay too long or this person’s got some problems commitment issues or
just mixed signs and signals with this person hard to pin down hard to
understand maybe not easy to interact with either and I see a lot of
communication energy verbal communication throat chakra energy
around this knight of swords for you Gemini is very interesting and again
there may be some work here involved with animals pets wildlife okay as well
for some Gemini’s you also have Germanized
the king of cups up right now the king of cups upright indicates possibly for
some Germany connections with a Scorpio cancer or
Gemini excuse me for some Gemini’s of cancer Scorpio or Pisces male or female
energy and in general reading or really anybody of any sunshine best personified
by the king of cups upright and including yourself Gemini’s um so and
some of you may be you know sort of on the cusp of actually Gemini and cancer
okay so some of you and this is you being represented both sides of you both
shades of you let’s call it that or shades of you that span between your
cat’s Aryan and your Gemini element okay but nevertheless okay to general reading
so this king of cups upright could be you yourself Gemini’s or somebody else
in your life you’re dealing with interacting with thinking about this
person over over again or you or you might even I feel for some of you this
might be a portrait or a family portrait of somebody so it could even be like
maybe somebody you’re praying like sometimes people pray to their ancestors
they’re passed away loved ones and pets best personified by the king of cups so
if there is a passed over loved one or pet your memorializing may be relevant
for some of you this could be you know Jesus Christ for some of you this is
irrelevant to a pisces energy further Gemini’s the king of cups is about
emotional compassion emotional generosity being there listening
carefully being willing to listen hearing someone out sitting quiet and
listening for a little bits sitting still they’re saying to me this as well
stillness stillness is important for some Gemini’s in the month of August
stillness you know that that principle of stillness that is expounded through
for example Buddhism and Hinduism etc etcetera right so stillness will be
beneficial for some geminis um the king of cups upright is also about you know
no matter what’s going on inside of you the storm on the surface you remain calm
cool collected its control over the emotions control over emotional tides
and cycles and even mastering the moon cycle moon phases
the moon can do to people’s energies right both women and men that’s the
truth and the king of cups sometimes is about also travel over the Seas Cruises
boats a very good energy command having the sense of command and authority of
yourself when it comes to emotions but also about the sea so maybe some of you
are like captain’s you know or some Gemini’s may be looking forward to
traveling by water and this is this is protection this is very very good energy
very positive energy for travel over the seas over water of any sort see how this
theme plays out is definitely about intuition intuitive intelligence as well
okay now Gemini’s you also have the ten of swords up right and the ten of swords
up right here indicates that in the month of August 20 1940 I as well
possibly maybe like July 28 through July 30 there’s going to be conclusion
endings resolutions understanding perspectives maybe something that will
had a real mix of good and bad or it was like a very difficult situation it comes
to an end there may be a breakdown or a separation but this is often a blessing
in disguise even though the card looks very gory and it is we don’t want
something – we don’t want – usually in a general reading as a as myself a
practitioner want to see people either having something be like continuing to
bug them out or hanging in the air it’s in suspense it continues to hang over
their heads there’s issues instead it’s better for it to just conclude if it’s a
troubling situation and irritation and annoyance of frustration it’s better
that the swords just hit a conclusion comes in and you’re able to see the
light see the light see the light only breaks through when the card is in the
upright so this is something that maybe you’re willing also – maybe you’re
willing towards transformation maybe you’re willing to change maybe you’re
willing to have an ending or a breakdown or separation or a release or a letting
go freedom liberation you’re willing to change purse
maybe or you’re willing to give up a little bit of your ground in order to
conclude a situation or to make peace to form an alliance or be a liaison in some
way and the light starts to come in the darkness starts to break up so it
may be a little bit hard to take it might not be meeting all your ideals
something in your life but you maybe are gonna realize that I have to give up
something in order to gain something needing to give up in order to get and
maybe you don’t get that this month of the spirit guides say meaning that maybe
what the part of the equation that is the get part right giving up something
in order to get something maybe you’re gonna get whatever that something is for
you that you’re hoping to get through through kind of giving up some ground or
making some compromise or kind of trying to get your stability and peace here
with the ten of swords upright that may come in later months okay so see how
this thing plays out it’s very interesting emotional healing emotional
a need for to like emotionally I feel like cuddle up and I feel some of you
need somebody they like a friend or need somebody to vent to um but I like this I
see this as perseverance for a lot of Gemini’s oh definitely definitely
as soon as they give me this word perseverance a lot of energy coming on
it for you Gemini so perseverance okay you can always reach out to me for
personal reading now Gemini somewhere messages came through your channelling
okay very very interesting message travel telecommunications reaching out
long-distance meaning local domestic or international distance matters very very
important this came in with the strongest energy out of all the other
messages through the channeling so a lot of you are maybe thinking about a travel
or vacation or there’s just somebody for you to communicate without a distance
telecommunications maybe you have to be focused on global or world events
whatever this means to you travel distance telecommunications faraway
places ranges ranges reaching out multicultural connections the homeland
this is going to be a key feature definitely
feature for a lot of German eyes throughout August 2019
this is very interesting it reminds me you know before I even saw the card some
of what I got through the cards they said to me listen like kind of like
symbolically sit and listen German eyes but even though you’re hearing out
possibly someone else’s perspective or an opposing viewpoint somehow you still
have an upper hand of some sort like there’s still this sense of knowing that
either you are right or you are mostly right or the other person is not
completely right while you are somehow in the correct position in the higher
position in the more better in excuse me in the more good position in some ways
so somehow you have a little bit of a upper hand or maybe more authority or
maybe more more power in some sort of a dialogue or dilemma or interaction with
another person but you do need to sit and listen and even hear things out like
hear it out but somehow there is some more sensibility or logic or legitimacy
a little bit more to like your understanding or your perspective or
whatever your point of view is or your reality is you’re places in that dynamic
okay that was very interesting some of you I see very medical focus
medicine I’m needing to focus on medicine some of you I I did get a
message of needing to like dip into your savings like so reach into your savings
for the some medical efforts or medical healing or focus on medical recovery I
do wish you well I really hope you don’t have to dip into your savings or reach
into your savings you know what I mean but I have to stay true to what your
spirit guides say some of this may be destined for some Gemini’s where you
have to maybe pay up or pay out for some sort of a healing okay some sort of
medical topic or area of your life another interesting message I got was
strength you know watch your words be careful how you say things okay watch
your energies including your body language and how you just come off with
some of your emotional emotions or emotional reactions don’t really be too
reactive okay and the other message was for some of you there’s like sort of
like you will be living in this appreciation of God’s grace on you and
also us but what they meant by us is like humans or the world so there’s a
sense of connectedness oneness you’re appreciating God’s grace God’s blessings
God’s power on you and us some of that us is I really felt like the earth
family right the connected consciousness on this 3d earth plane and for others
that US may be like you and your family or you and you know a number of people
who mean something very close to you and then the final message was there may be
somebody you befriend or somebody like you almost befriended I see you staying
away from a particular person purposely avoiding it I saw in some vision like it
was a very interesting vision it kind of made me laugh a bit I saw some Gemini’s
ducking like you know how we we see somebody ever like only God I don’t want
that person to see me oh my god and I saw you kind of ducking under a hood
yeah I’m so you so there’s some somebody I feel like a pretty decent number of
Gemini is not a very small number not a minority but maybe like I’m I don’t know
how to explain it maybe a medium amount of Gemini’s or avoiding staying away
from and I felt like your spirit guides gods God was like on your side like
there’s a there’s logic there is something about that that’s actually
good if you’re avoiding if you’re ducking for some of you I’m staying away
from a particular person in your life it’s a mix of male and female so it’s
different for each one of you okay now Gemini’s in matters of the heart for
you know some of you it’s divorce or marriage matters for others it’s love
soulmate connections and for others it’s about your twin flame connection twin
flame recognition twin flame union twin flame separation we have Archangel
Gabriel very powerful or angel for actually communication which is
interesting I just realized communication and emotion especially
communication considering you have all these swords carts and he now also gave
me the love card for you and matters of the heart you have inspiration so some
of you Gemini’s there’s like more optimism there’s a boost there’s a new
beginning there’s trying something again there’s an attempt again there’s a
there’s a fresh perspective or just a fresh like a clean slate there’s
inspiration in that form the energy has increased optimism for others you may be
inspired with somebody you’re interacting with
to like go forward on something you may be like business partners with that
person you may be doing other things with that person you may be building a
home with that person random examples I’m using but there’s inspiration for
some of you this is very disposed very well for pregnancy family planning
having a child family planning matters this really is a very healthy very good
card for that divine inspiration for others this may be connected connecting
with God asking for what you want in matters of the heart and for others this
is going to be God’s love for you this is like divine beings love for you it
may not have to do with you know our human 3d earth world romantic love form
and sexual love but it could be more like love for God or connectedness and
love with God okay so see how this theme plays out there is definitely a form of
enthusiasm zeal zest inspiration it can be about passion chemistry lust you know
experiencing these energies these emotions these feelings in your you know
maybe serious or casual whatever you know kind of relationships I don’t
really put a label on them energy is very diverse so see how it plays out it
can definitely be about zeals Eston thoose e azam motivation really you know
getting intimate that’s a possibility as well this is definitely a boost of
energy this is a nice healthy boost of energy in matters of the heart some of
you may be inspired to you know kind of like really fight for what you want in a
divorce situation for example or you’re now somebody you have somebody support
behind you and now you know exactly what you want to get out of a
situation so see how it plays out this is definitely going to be inspirational
in various ways for each one of you into general reading okay now Gemini’s please
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well you can also give my readings as gifts to family and friends for the
holidays and birthdays okay now Gemini’s for those of you struggling with a
divorce my motivational message is this how should divorce be viewed a chance to
start over again a chance to do right by you to learn and understand your inner
world very very important and how it relates to everything else many times
divorce is the event used in a person’s life to resolve a lesson or relationship
not quite mastered in a previous life or lives including ones that don’t
primarily have anything to do with romantic love and sex many divorces do
not even recognize this fact Gemini’s but evidence I’ve come across through my
many spiritual readings indicates we come together and grow apart for
profound reasons our spirits are open to learning and have agreed to learn prior
to reincarnating in this lifetime your marriage was not a failure and it may
have been a situation calling for you to pay back a very big karmic debt that you
may owe to yourself more to yourself more than anyone else
shifts in perspective and words definitely help
above all the absolute truths truth is that all is happening according to a
divine plan for your spirit which ultimately defines your identity which
is the being you are or the being you are Gemini’s just like there are divine
plans for the earth and for the universe okay
so this is the motivational message I wrote for you okay
for this month German eyes check me out on my website don’t miss out on a
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