TOP 5 PISCES SEPTEMBER Tarot 2019 Spiritual Reading from REAL Psychic Medium

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
psychic medium and energy healer these are your messages from spirit for this
month ahead of September 2019 for your personal questions you can browse all of
my reading options alongside two pages of real reviews at I
bring this reading to you Pisces with love and the knowledge that your spirit
guides and guardian angels love you and care about you okay
now let’s go ahead and get started all right okay eight of swords king of
Pentacles interesting for many of you I’m already being told that this is a
somebody who’s not you for most of you watching this is going to be somebody
else in your life okay Wheel of Fortune reversed interesting nine of Pentacles good and
the death card reversed interesting set of cards major stuff happening I feel
this for really all of the signs I’ve done thus far lots of interesting major
kind of cards coming up and I felt that oh hey I think in the September 1
through September 8 weekly reading that I did as well for all 12 zodiac signs
where’s like major cards coming up something very pivotal about those cards
I could just sense that just you know by four cards receiving four cards or three
cards so it was very interesting um let’s go ahead and get started so we
have for you Pisces the Wheel of Fortune reverse now the Wheel of Fortune
reversed indicates that in this month ahead of September there’s going to be
many be potentially a feeling of either failure
or surrender or giving up a bit something goes in reverse um there may
be a sense of feeling stuck in the rut you know unfortunate something
unfortunate not fortunate but unfortunate potentially is what the
spirit guides are saying to me you know I really wish I didn’t have to say these
to you but you know my work is in the field of truth right my work is truth so
I really have to stay true to your spirit guides and what they say to me
now hopefully it’ll play out in a minor way for you um you know with those
negative energies that I just mentioned for some of you this might be something
related to technology or travel issues on travel technology concerns maybe you
know you need a new tire for your car or there’s another glitch in your car that
occurs or something accidental happens or you know your your plane or your
train ride is delayed or maybe you need a new bicycle wheel or something so this
could be hassles obstacles challenges difficulties events that you may feel
unnecessary or a bit harsh possibly some of you in in those areas in travel also
in telecommunications troubles with Skype whatsapp phone calls these these
kinds of areas of life I am also being told by your spirit
guides that September 2019 is kind of a full of or too like rife with misunderstandings for Pisces so you may
have communication hassles or misunderstanding misunderstandings mixed
signs mixed signals in the month of September with other
people so do watch out because it’s a month that is very potent when it comes
to hassles unnecessary hassles misunderstandings speaking before you
really think through things carefully so all this kind of energy so you have to
be a little bit careful okay the Wheel of Fortune universe
and also indicate something that’s just moving very slow obstacles it’s delayed
maybe do you feel like it’s the same old same old reality or a part of
something’s not changing or it’s not changing that quickly this could be fate
or destiny you know moving along very slowly maybe you’re not getting the the
kind of lover you wanted love yet maybe it’s very slow as an example for others
this might be um difficulty with waiting with patience
with a difficulty with divine timing difficulty with direction knowing what
your direction is they’re saying problems with Direction instruction
directives you know maybe challenges with you know
listening to intuition and not knowing if it’s really intuition or if it’s what
your mind is kind of wanting to really force so there could be challenges with
understanding what’s your direction there could be a sense of feeling lost
there’s a challenges with the compass you know the inner compass wants compass
in life you can always reach out to me for a personal reading for guidance and
direction okay from your spirit guides of course um now you also have the aid
of swords upright and the aid of swords up right here indicates Pisces that in
this month of September you may not know exactly what to do in a situation you
may be feeling bound restricted constricted in some ways some of you
this might be you know maybe not as socially engaging as much or as well
some of you this is about confusion lack of clarity obstacles again or fear
nervousness anxiety and stepping forward very very slowly treading very very
carefully but unusually as well the spirit guide your thing because the
situation may not require that kind of behavior those energies but something is
causing you to be this way in a situation for some of you Pisceans this
this can also indicate restriction cramps body concerns physical body
issues feeling tied up or feeling restricted
feeling like you’re backed into a corner in some area of your life or in a group
situation or a circumstance for some of you this could be introverted energies
challenges with being extroverted or feeling like you can’t say what you want
to say or be who you want to be or approach the situation with the way you
genuinely want to approach it something’s keeping you bound here for
whatever reason okay so see how this thing plays out for you in the month of
September 2019 okay you also have a very interesting card the king of Pentacles
up right now as soon as I pulled the card your spirit guides up to me for
many of you essentially most of you Pisceans this is going to be somebody
else okay this could be in a general reading keep in mind that this is a
general reading not a personal one so for who for you it could be a male or a
female Capricorn burger or Taurus or really anybody of any sun sign
representing the energies I’m about to mention and for some of you this king of
Pentacles if it is your own energy then you know it’s your own energy but it
could be somebody who you’re interacting with dealing with involved with
wondering about over and over again thinking about over and over again so
somebody’s in the pic picture definitely but for others again this will be you at
your best or in you know and it’s some expression of you your individuality
your just your you your way of being your energy being an expression of your
energy being your existence in the month of September 2019 so the energies of the
king of Pentacles irrespective of who’s representing them or or kind of you know
manifesting them is being grounded down to earth but highly practical highly
focused on practical matters for some of you I do get the sense of robustness so
maybe this is somebody who’s you know not gonna be easy for you to contend
with this could be your own energies maybe your being you know you’re putting
your foot down you’re being a hardliner in some
in your life for some of you this is going to be about a boss authority
figure judge manager somebody who’s got power maybe the goods to give to you or
could give to you possessions resources this is all part
of the picture some of you this could be your father grandfather figure these
could be estate inheritance matters other judgments this could be a father
figure father of a child maybe custody battles or issues I feel for some of you
this is a dealing with somebody who has in some ways the power to give and this
is someone outside of you for most of you Pisces for others if this is you
this is definitely a responsible grounded down to earth very watchful
wise nature being very observant I do feel that on this king of Pentacles this
could be a Capricorn Virgo Taurus again does not have to be could be anybody of
any sunshine for others if it manifests in the form of events are are different
occurrences than this can be you know beneficial energy and finances money
resources possessions cars real estate career life investment portfolio etc etc
okay so it’s gonna be different for each one of you very interesting card this
one is probably one of the more interesting fascinating themes I want to
say for you one of the more striking themes for you Pisces in September 2019
so expect this month this king of Pentacles to manifest in some way that
you know it definitely marks September 2019 first to some extent for you okay
you also have the nine of Pentacles up right now the nine of Pentacles upright
indicates for some of you achievement success may be feeling now you can rest
and relax holiday vacation a break are getting some bed rest taking a bit of
rest for others this might be a point where you’re now coming out with a
project or you’re completing a project graduation I feel for some of you this
is like your graduation gown for others this could be about they’re even saying
to me first Hewitt’s legged though this is a nine of
Pentacles your spirit guides are kind of speeding ahead and going right into the
ten of Pentacles that’s what they’re literally doing right now I don’t know
how to explain it to you but it’s it’s what I’m being given and so for some of
you this in fact is an closure and a new beginning this represents closure and a
new beginning for many of you Pisceans very interesting I like that that’s very
interesting I’ve no I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that message on the nine of
Pentacles or your spirit guides just kind of speed ahead and go right into
the the ten of Pentacles energy that buy that manifestation for others this could
be about success after a long journey or struggle assessing what you’ve created
thus far evaluating analyzing it be careful of arrogance overconfidence like
high self esteem but it’s almost like high self esteem that is actually self
poisonous self contamination is what there are the words your spirit guides
give to me very interesting so be careful of overdoing the energies being
overly proud but you may be shining something this could be an award a
trophy this could be more financial security or material security and
abundance it could be a feeling of more independence as well feeling a bit
liberated you know feeling a bit like you’ve been cut loose from from the ties
that did not without were not serving you well very interesting this car
design of Pentacles I likey for you okay now we also have the death card reversed
oh wow what a major interesting reading this month for September for you the
death card reversed in this month ahead Pisces for September 2019 in decades but
for some of you I feel like there’s a situation that’s not over yet I feel
like you’re contending with somebody and I feel some of you are like kind of
digging their heels into the ground when maybe there is definitely a right and a
wrong the spirit guides are saying in and you want to be a little bit careful
Pisces if you’re in the wrong or if there’s some things you really do have
to learn or grow out of is what they’re saying because a death card reversed
indicate something’s not being grown out of so there’s not evolution there’s not
the right kind of internal transformation for some of you this
could be avoiding death safety security rescues you know it makes me think about
all the people experiencing natural disasters and other kinds of tragedies
that definitely have come to the attention of the you know the news right
in the news so there’s a sense of being rescued being saved the Savior death
reversed some of you may be delaying a breakdown or separation or a
relationship a separation or letting go you may be still for example if you want
to divorce a spouse and that’s the right path for you you may be delaying it you
may still be holding on so sometimes this is about no change or very little
change or essentially no change to the status quo this is the same old same old
energy sometimes it’s a stubbornness unwillingness so some of you Pisces may
be stubborn or unwilling so your spirit events are also saying to me that for
some of you it’s like you’re very fired up in September now for some of you
that’s going to be in the form of activity getting things done
productivity but for others I feel like it’s also that plus it’s that and also
maybe you’re a little bit like to click with your tongue a little bit to fiery a
little bit to feisty if you know what I mean you’re a little bit too sharp but
to blunt with maybe your verbal communication your written communication
your text you know messages or whatever or your body language so be a little bit
careful because you might be quite fired up both in the way of productivity and
getting things done and activity and energy levels but that also and also
however with maybe not handling your relationships or different life
situations with a bit more finesse okay so maybe that’s what you need to do so
be a little bit careful they were Pisces okay now in matters of the heart
we have Archangel Jophiel okay so love soulmates connections Twin Flames
marriage or divorce matters matters of the heart liberation this is going to be
change or transformation a different idea a different perspective maybe now
you may be first you thought you needed this or that in a man or a woman in your
life or a partner in your life but now your viewpoints are different now
something has changed inside of you now you see someone for some as something
else so there’s some form of liberation here being set free or freeing yourself
in matters of the heart for some of you this could be a divorced matter
separation matter relationship separation maybe it’s a long term
relationship that may be coming to an end but there’s some form of liberation
and just be a little bit careful because I feel for some of you this could be
laced with anger with red energy emotional energy feistiness you know it
reminds me again of this vibe of like being fired up now for some of you this
could be you suddenly just having to leave a situation or a group of people
you know with this fiery energy on getting you there could be a transition
out of maybe a job or another situation or maybe you have a you have a
disagreement an argument with family members so just be a little bit careful
because I feel this liberation thing comes with the risk of you know not
handling the situation with finesse and savvy energies okay but it’s an
interesting theme some of you again there’s going to be change in emotions
changing viewpoints liberation in some way shape or form when it comes to
emotional life areas emotional relationships for Pisces in September
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