Top 5 Signs You’re A Natural Born Genius

Top 5 Signs You’re A Natural Born Genius

Bir dahi olup olmadığını hiç merak ettin mi ? Gezegendeki bilinmeyen en zeki kişi olabilirsin. Ama yüksek IQ’ya sahip kişiler zekalarını hafife alma eğilimindedirler. Ortalama bir insandan daha fazla beyin gücüne sahipseniz bunu nasıl anlayabilirsiniz ? Zihinde tuhaflıklar mevcuttur Doğuştan Dahi Olduğuna Dair 5 İşaret Zeki insanlarda genetik benzerlikler vardır. Bunların en başında benzer niteliklere sahip olmak gelir. Dahilerin ortak özelliklerini bulmak için birçok deney yapılmıştır. Listeye göre, yüksek zekalı bireyler bir ya da daha fazla belirti gösterirler, Ayrıca, yüksek IQ’ ya sahip bireyler arasında gözlenen bazı tuhaf davranışlar vardır. 1 Numara , Doymak bilmez bir meraka sahipsin Dahiler neredeyse her şey hakkında meraklıdırlar. Onlar diğer insanları, uzayı, okyanusun derinliklerini ve bunların arasındaki her şeyi anlamak isterler. Onların merakları sınır tanımaz. 2 Numara, Okumayı seversin. Kitap okuyanlar bazen sıkıcı bilge olarak algılanmaktadır, Fakat aslında, okumak sahip olduğumuz en büyük zihin geliştirme aracıdır. Dahiler zamanlarını burunlarıyla kitapta harcamayı severler çünkü bu onların yeni şeyler öğrenmesine olanak sağlar. 3 Numara, İyi bir zihinsel değişimi seviyorsun. Dahiler yeni şeyler öğrenmeyi çok sever. Ve öğrenme sürecinin bir parçası fikir ve bilgilerinizi test etmektir. Onlar şiddetli müzakereleri ve yanlışları ispatlamayı çok severler. 4 Numara, Bir şeyleri unutma eğilimindesiniz. Unutkanlık dahiliğe bir işarettir. Hiç karşılaşmadığınız dalgın bir profesör düşünün. Aydın kişiler başka şeylerle meşgul olmaya eğilimlidirler. Unutkanlık bir aptalın değil, daha çok, parlak zekalı bir kadın ya da erkeğin belirtisidir. Son olarak 5 Numara, Kendi kendinize konuşursunuz. Bir zamanlar deliliğe işaret ettiği düşünülmüştür, kendinizle konuşmak hafızanızı geliştirir. Kendileriyle konuşan insanlar büyük ölçüde daha akıllıdır çünkü yüksek sesle kendinizle konuştuğunuz zaman, Bu fikirleri pekiştirir ve bir dahaki sefere hatırlamak daha kolay olacaktır. Eğer kendinizle konuşuyorsanız bir deli değilsiniz. Muhtemelen bir dehasınız ! Bunların hepsi zeka belirtileri. Eğer bu beş işaret sana uyuyorsa büyük ihtimalle bir dahisin. Kendi karakterine ait herhangi bir benzerlik buldun mu ? Liste dışı bıraktığımız bir belirti hissediyor musun ? Bir dahiyle karşılaşırsan onu nasıl tanıyacaksın ? Düşüncelerinizi aşağıya yorum yazın . İzlediğiniz için teşekkürler. Her hafta daha yeni videolar için şimdi abone ol.


  • Mind Oddities says:

    If you match all five signs and still doubt you're a genius why not check out ➥ for seven more unexpected signs you might be a genius.

  • Paty Saavedra says:

    I have 4 out of 5

  • Sh1r4ko says:

    You dont even relate the souces that «inspired» you to make this piece of art……

  • Royal Zam says:

    I donot think you are a genius watching this video just too make sure of it XD XD XD hahaha

  • Jaguar Punith says:


  • Hell Yeah! says:

    I'm not a genius, not normal either… But I recognize when someone is a genius, but it's not exactly like the video says, about the effort at studying, reading and learning, cause that's what people do to get a better job, you recognize who is genius by the fun they feel doing it without the pressure of tests or other external things.

  • Codie Bernardo says:

    I have all of this signs!!!

  • PlumLite says:

    Check out a great test on my channel, it will blow your mind

  • TaeTae For Life says:

    These are all true about me:)ps I go to pace math

  • Dave Lilienthal says:

    Aparenrly if i met someone who appeared distracted constantly.But,also showed a willingness to try new things…humm kinda sounds like me ! Lol.

  • Let's Gaming YT says:

    Ok, now I know that am I genius or not.
    I like to read books. I like different things. I wanna know about space and other things. I normally draw every idea that comes to my mind.

  • Abdul Ghaffar says:

    i am 3 4 5

  • Lik says:

    I have a problem i match a lot of these i even match some stuff said in other videos and it makes me be more arogant than i really am i am always asking myself : Am i really a genius or is it all coinsidence(sry if i misspelled english isnt my first languege) i would like if anybody knows something that would help me about this issue that tells me i would be very thankful

  • い - 君 says:

    I'm none of them 🙂

  • MaximilianMus IsPaPa says:

    Money views

  • parkerbohnn says:

    A longtime member of Mensa, I tend to look through people instead of looking at people.

  • Siddharth Bhardwaj says:

    Oh boy!! I got all of them!!! Strange..

  • Chinmay Joshi says:

    Yeah I'm a genius 😊😊😄😄😄

  • soumit sarkar says:

    Iss tarha ke video jo log dekhte ho bo genius nahi balki* *********** ho.😂

  • D Duffy says:

    People believe they must be college educated and make super grades to be a genius. Not true!
    In fact, those of us who hated school in the late 60’s into this present, knowingly , today, or unknowingly then, something within us rejected further teaching when it recognized we were not being told the by teachers who ALSO had no sense of truth, or never questioned lies THEY were taught.
    In 2018, teachers deliberately misguide, lie, teach what their distorted mind believes.
    People believe forgetfulness is weakness, the mind is faulty.
    Not true! Yes, it’s annoying to constantly search for keys, something they just saw, need, but cannot recall where they saw an object they need.
    Why is this so? Because we are THINKING about something important when we put down our keys, or our mind was intensely focused on another topic when we saw what we now need, less than a few moments, hours or days ago. We know the image is in our mind, that we saw it. Others don’t even recall ever seeing what they are searching for.
    I analyzed myself because I get frustrated over these 2 examples above. This is what I figured out about me!
    I was once an avid reader. I enjoy videos, now. And find contributing my thoughts to others of great importance for my development, as well as vital to share another way of thinking for others. We are not here to hoard information. We are here to gather, investigate, use our minds, and to share our discoveries. This is beneficial to all mankind.
    It’s also true that experiencing life, circumstances, other people, countries, cultures is far more enriching, valuable to our own understanding, than watching a video, reading book after book.
    Get out into the world! Experience all available to you!
    Do not avoid an experience out of some religious belief, as a matter of fact, never allow religion or other people’s spiritual, political, health care, (for example) sway you from your curious NATURE.
    We see no doors, locks, barriers where our curiosities desire knowing the truth.
    I talk to and answer questions I pose to myself.
    Who answers questions I knew not the truth, the answer to?
    It comes outside of you, from Supreme Consciousness.
    Ask and know. This is what joins YOU to the All.
    We are NOT separated!. Our mind separates US from the All-ness by NOT asking out loud, therefore it never ‘hears’ that we are all empowered to know.
    If something doesn’t ‘ring true’ to you, it probably is NOT.
    Only a genius would comprehend the gravity of this.
    We want to ascend to greater heights, not be bound by gravity.
    Time to wake up!

  • Zachary Rampelt says:

    Kewl. How do I know this isn’t a cold reading that is true for everyone?

  • colin glen says:

    ok, apparently I am a,  how come I earn minimum wage for stacking shelves in a shop?

  • truth hurts says:

    I am a genius

  • MantisTV says:

    The cleverest person of the plant

  • Chester Evergreen The Space Whore says:

    I pased oll 5 thingys so am i an genus?

    Aprert from the book 1 idk how 2 reed 🙁

  • poop says:

    I'm 10 and people call me a genius

  • Khushi Dhiman says:

    I am a GENIUS
    yes it's true that I talk to myself cuz I don't have any friends and I don't like making friends
    I have only one best friend
    And we are BFFs sometimes when she is not in contact with me I start talking myself.
    Otherwise all the things matched my personality

  • Sam Chowdhury says:

    Yeahhh i have,all these qualities so i m a genius hurray😃😄😄

  • HyperCuriosity says:

    If you were a genius, you would not have watched this video.

  • bruhbruhbruh says:

    Even if you have all these that doesn't mean you are a genius, it just means that you share similar traits

  • William John says:

    Oh they thend to forget things when i look at Oxford dictionary hard words for 1 sec and then i turn the book off i forget all the words am i genius?

  • badia jourji says:

    I've got all these signs but I'm still doubting that I'm a genius because these could just be a wind up

  • Richard Fericks says:

    Yay! I'm a genius! Personally I didn't need this video to know that.

  • Bromy kitty says:

    Teacher : where is ur homework.
    Me: Mam I forgot to do it
    Teacher : How could you do so..
    If you be like this. U can't
    be a genius.
    Me : Really??!! Then I saw a video yesterday. Forgetting is a sign of genius..
    Teacher 😶😶😶

  • Cass Norwood says:

    If you call yourself a genius, you probably aren’t one.

  • Danyal Zahoor says:

    It is false

  • Muhammad Ahsan says:

    No 06 would be "Don't want to be Best Friends with anyone"

  • Carlos says:

    I think alot and have alot of ideas sometimes its too overwhelming I write things down just to help my mind organize then I throw it in the trash. I keep my Ideas to myslef

  • druzy woozy says:

    well my grandfather on one side is a electrical engineer one of the toughest degrees to get at israeli universities which most are considered top in the world my grandmother on the other side has a doctor degree in chemistry and her partner in life my grandfather was really good at math and made a fortune in his life time which my dad OFC had to destroy and me well i have asperges and i just see everything different than most people when i say something to someone i think about if i think that about myself and i remember data from studies that i saw and try to analize the world around me mathematicly

  • Mirolan says:

    1 yes
    2 sometimes
    3 sort of. depends
    4 well I forget everythung
    5 yes i do

    but overall, I'm sooo freakin dumb
    dumb ppl reunite here 😂

  • starrystarrynight52 says:

    I had all five signs, but I make way too many mistakes to be a genius, lol.

  • Crystal Melody Stone says:

    So only geniuses watched the video and commented because then I think everyone is a genius.

  • Friendly Boo says:


  • Schneiden says:

    I got them 4/5. I don’t like mental thinking when it comes to math!

  • VLOH says:

    6. You watch Jimmy neutron

  • pari saxena says:

    I do not win it the geunis most imporyant thing honest people

  • ferlyn maningo says:

    I have everything there so am i a genius?

  • ferlyn maningo says:

    They call me the genius one

  • Youtube Red says:

    The 5 signs relate

  • Konu Singh says:

    I'm curious about anything,,and I talking with myself

  • Aryan khullar says:

    The 1st point and here i close this video, obvious fkin bullshit

  • Anchal Dubey says:

    I don't enjoy reading books but l am a genius

  • athavan yuvaraj says:

    I debate for all things I used the word why many times in my life

  • GiRrAfE Girrafee says:

    Well I don’t talk to myself, I talk to Siri.

  • Matys says:

    You forgot that when talking to people you use specific type of speaking that other people cannot understand. And then you feel like you have the knowlege but you can't share it

  • KM RD says:

    actually all of us are genius its just that some of us dont know how to use it right

  • Imran Akbar says:

    First comes brain and above the brain there is Kashaf and above Kashaf there is Wajdaan and above Wajdaan there is ILHAAM and above ILHAAM there is WAHI (message from The GOD) and above every thing there is GOD, Al Aziz ul Hakeem (The sole possessor of the most powerful wisdom)

  • sei eun says:

    The fifth one, especially.

  • piotrekkk88 says:

    im genius

  • Kim Yoo Suk says:

    I fit none im retarded

  • bubblegumlover6020 ! says:

    I’ve been reading and spelling since I was 2 but I can’t say I’m a genius

  • Riøt says:

    Well, I do acquire all 5 of these traits but I still highly doubt that I am a genius… In fact, I could be the stupidest person in the entire world, and I don't see myself as intelligent… Even recognizing myself with intelligence feels over-confident to me and I see myself as stupid. Yet, I am often told that I am very intelligent and wise, however I'll still never believe it no matter what is said. I don't know the entirety of the truth as to why I do this but I do seem to match almost every trait that defines genius and intelligence… Meh, xD

    Great video by the way

  • Dr Ria S Karadi says:

    I'm a genius too

  • smiling pizza roll says:

    Top 5 Signs You're A Natural Born Genius Normal Person

  • Ashy 4 life says:

    Wow I’m a 10 year old genius 😂

  • DrAL00isin says:

    I enjoy videos with tests and riddles, and like to see what videos like this have to say, but real genius is rare. We all like to think we are smart, but genius is thrown around way too much. If your waiting for someone to validate you and tell you you're a genius then you certainly are not. If you're not pushing the boundaries of science or some other field you certainly are not.

  • Mr. Blue says:

    Well everyone is a genius because everthing said 1 to 5 is someone watching this video. But thank it nice to think I AM A GENIUS.

  • Liza Anwar says:

    Omg i hv all this.

  • Aakash Shetty says:

    i talk to my self while taking serious decision

  • DarkPandaLord says:

    1. Eh kind of. Honestly, I have no idea if I'm curious or not. It's kind of a mix. I want to know things because I want to know them, I don't necessarily have a proper curiosity, nor no curiosity at all :/

    2. Yeah, reading can be a pretty engaging activity. When I'm not reading and I think about reading, I usually want to do something else, but when I am deep into reading a book, I feel very incomplete and bad when I need to stop reading for some reason. I also deeply respect books and reading.

    3. I can enjoy a good puzzle/mental challenge if it's engaging and I know it will really help my brain grow. I occasionally do puzzles online to train my brain. I don't necessarily LOVE mental challenges, but they are damn good time passers and benefits for serious brain power and growth.

    4. Eh. My memory is sort of a mixture is not great and OMG BEST MEMORY EVER. My memory SOMETIMES likes to play around a bit. But let me tell you, when my memory is good, it is like SUPER MEMORY.

    5. I don't talk to myself. Not at all.

    Conclusion: I don't think I was really born a genius. I was just born an average person. I do believe I'm just a BIT above average, but that's it.

  • Mavi says:

    I got them right but wait im stupid

  • Hae_ Bae_ says:

    Idk…my friends and even my parents said that i don't study because i keep asking question constantly, they feel annoyed, though..
    I'm really sad about it

  • Blaze Assault says:

    hell no im pretty sure everyone got 2 wrong xD

  • alan spagnolia says:

    Alright, everyone; if you want to really "FIND" something extremely
    valuable, try searching for JESUS CHRIST, and learn of HIM, and Accept
    HIM as your Lord & Savior TODAY !! This will bring you love, joy and
    peace that everyone/everything in the world CAN'T give you. AND you
    will inherit eternity in HEAVEN !! Do this and you will truly have a
    "high IQ" !!!

  • indigo la end DTRWHo says:

    So fucking stupid

  • Zyfus DragonLily says:

    All but number 5 apply to me. I talk to myself all the time in my headd, if that counts.

  • anna lossy whêst says:

    OK some people lie on comments that they are smart they are trying to get likes or to be noticed as a good biggo or some do this cuz they want to for no rason im not here to show off who I am plus think deeper that these people might not smart

  • Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I'm an actual genius and I know the secret.

  • Emiliana Stvil says:

    They do not enjoy parties much

  • somdip bhuti says:

    Without genius world will stop working.

  • goitselegoete says:

    u saved my ass with 5. thanks.

  • I have me and that's all i need says:

    Oh fck y'all in the comments, i want to feel like a genius once, ONCE.

    Nah, i know i am

  • Killer Girl says:

    In 0:08 its people not persons!
    If your writing this test atleast write it correctly.
    Also is this fake because i’m all these things yet i dont think i am a genius 😕

  • DMFG Dunkirk says:

    What’s your guys IQ? Reply to this comment!

    Mine is 135

  • Akuma Sin says:

    no shit

  • Captain Spencer says:

    Damn… all five apply to almost everyone I know including me

  • Justin Lyricals says:

    I m a genius I scored 💯 in JEE

  • ferric0243 says:


  • TheAvirus says:

    Too bad entitle people dont enough brain cells to be consider smart

  • randøm persøn says:

    lol no I’m stupid

  • K. a11en says:

    Y'all don't get it in the comments the question is why?

  • SokunAvenger says:

    5/5 wow!! I am too genius!!

  • Elbor says:

    I’m doing everything. Am I really a genius?

  • Elbor says:

    I even forget my mind home…

  • Pat Brennan says:

    on the forgetfulness part alone all i can say is, einstein, tesela ,caprinicious, confucicous , newton. you guys are very average.

  • Joe Zavorski says:

    Well that was an unrewarding waste of time

  • Pio Sarkis says:

    This video is a hoax and they just made this info up to make people like the video because they think that they are a genius and then they’ll like the video because they feel proud of themselves and all of these stuff are really common for people with an average IQ or lower to do. And doesn’t everyone love learning something new?!🤔

  • Ventrishero says:

    1: you’re curious.
    Me: Mkay that’s me I’m a genius
    2: you enjoy reading
    Me: nvm I’m not a genius


    I got everything except reading, noice!

  • アリア says:

    omg I can tell my mom I'm and genius let me do an impression of my self
    me: most of these are me I'm shook. (talking to myself) number 5 talking to myself
    me: I'm a mental genius 😁

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