Tucker: Time to leave Iraq

Tucker: Time to leave Iraq


  • M T Corner says:

    I worked in Iraq, we can't leave as much as we want to. It's impossible to leave Iraq. I'm/ was a contractor- 7 years.

  • Magnificent Strength says:

    crucial updates to Iran and USA go to x22report

  • paul mc says:

    I agree, and think it is well past time to leave from germany japan and all of our other foreign posts.

  • David Richard says:

    Swallow that pride Tucker

  • adayinforever says:

    I'm a social democrat who rarely agrees with Tucker Carlson, but in this case he's 100% correct.

  • Me Too says:

    When are THEY going to leave the West?

  • bill w says:


  • One of many says:

    Tucker has fallen from the orange Trumpster GOP Grace😩 Even he has had enough of the delusional Whitehouse occupant….Tucker watch your back at FOX😉

  • Lena Romero says:

    I agree, it’s time to leave.

  • Mind Crimes says:

    Pay us for the work that was done. Don’t invite us back to fight for you.

  • finalfantasy1912 says:

    Better yet pull out of the Middle East in general.

  • Steven Wiederholt says:

    And Then What Happens?

  • Mike Wilhelmson says:

    We dont need their oil anymore. Send every American asset home, burn the bases and dont look back.

  • MD says:

    Please stop telling the Iranian people that their retaliatory strike was a farse, kind of defeats the purpose.

  • Jerry Hardison says:

    You forget Tucker, Sunnis have run Iraq forever. Iran is Shiite and supports the Shiite opposition. Iraq government is a Sunni puppet government “installed” by US and coalition governments.

  • Joe Ragu says:

    Tucker is getting ready to leave Fox and hes going to Msnbc. Good riddens! Closet liberal

  • Magnificent Strength says:

    Tucker it's time for you to get red pilled please go to x22report for an update on USA and Iran happy New Year 2020

  • sam david says:

    Tucker was wrong. Period. Love him but his die hard pacifism is clouding his better judgement.

  • Ken Guarino says:

    Bring the troops home and let Iraq fend for themselves now!

  • Ruth Hernandez says:

    Wow specifically if we are the one who starts the war

  • occhamite says:

    Garbage reporting Tucker, and you know it.

    No Tucker, the Iraqis DID NOT vote to have the US to leave: A NONBINDING resolution was passed to that effect, and that meaningless measure was taken only AFTER half the voting members of the Body had walked out.

    The US MUST remain engaged in Iraq to counter China and Russia, who will move into a vacuum immediately, try gain control of Mideast oil, and use that influence to try to peel Europe way from the USA.

    Are you bucking for a spot at CNN?

  • Aguomba Ubong says:

    I support you but when God in a way gave trump not just to you but to the world especially to a general public like in Iraq, Iran, Nigerian, etc please you are not helping trump leave him a lone if you can't help talk about other things thanks God bless you.

  • Reggie Lavoie says:

    Just an idea, get out of all the countries you have military forces in. Save the billions of dollars to better the lives of americans. Just an idea though idk.

  • C. E. Anderson says:

    This is trumps first step in withdrawing from iraq.

  • Aguomba Ubong says:

    I support you but when God in a way gave trump not just to you but to the world especially to a general public like in Iraq, Iran, Nigerian, etc please you are not helping trump leave him a lone if you can't help talk about other things thanks God bless you.

  • Ruth Hernandez says:

    Why do we control Iraq

  • Fxsti HD says:

    Hear Ye

  • Darren Eastman says:

    Sorry to disappoint you tuck

  • Selena Rickman says:

    As usual Tucker is the only media person with a brain. Leave the middle east yesterday. We don't need to be in their drama.

  • Tyson Konken says:

    Clean up the mess in your own backyard before you go knocking on your neighbors door. Should've never been there in the first place! Smh

  • Rya N says:

    It’s crazy it’s literally a play on the world stage 🐸

  • Clark Steve says:

    And Iran need to be held responsible for any proxy militias violence..

  • WHOFAN78 says:

    Send em Micheal Moore……. Iran surrenders… job done .

  • Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod says:

    Democrats have done more damage to America than Russia could ever dream of

  • Joe Ragu says:

    The [email protected] shot down there own plane! They were going to blame it on trump but ..he didnt fire back!

  • SquirrelyBlake says:

    Time to get a voice.

  • Erich Von Wachter says:

    Tucker's like a sixties hippy peacenik but favors the 2nd amendment

  • Mark Villano says:

    Leave Iraq, and it will be immediately absorbed by Iran. That would make things better for who?

  • Jamie Davis says:

    Little better tonight tucker good job

  • frump99 says:

    I normally agree with Tucker, but he is making the same mistake the rest of the media is making. They all assume President Trump is a bumbling idiot who can't think anything through. This is not the case and has been shown not to be the case over and over. Yet most of the media continue to make the mistake because they don't agree with his demeanor.

  • Anastasia Zoldak says:

    🤔So tell us Tucker who got to you?

  • Jeffrey Devine says:

    Fox news is just as guilty of lying! But they are the best! At news, I mean!

  • Anthony Escalante says:

    That was one of the promises that our great President made was to remove our forces from other countries and return them home where they belong… this is how we're going to keep America great…

  • Leisure and Work Style Magzine says:

    Leaving Iraq is not necessarily bad. We spent too much money protecting other countries. It is hard for any country to maintain that kind of military expense. I strongly felt we should focus on education, technology development, infrastructure, and making American' life better.

  • Darren Eastman says:

    At what point does tuck see that it’s not the same as the last 27 years we finally found someone who want America to succeed.

  • Steven Wiederholt says:

    What I see here is a perfect example of something I've saying for some time….Just because you are on The Right, does not prevent you some saying Really Really Stupid Things.

  • Matt J says:

    Yeah. You're right tucker.

  • azli rosley says:

    ask Bush Jr. who start 2nd Gulf War 2003,

  • Robert Wigen says:

    Let's get out and stop the near 20 year war. Let the world be civil, if they attack out of pure passion then defend our nation. Let none walk upon us and let us walk upon none. Let those in power find a way to peace.

  • James Bertrand says:

    Let’s leave but let them know if it goes to hell we will be back with no holds bard, we can turn sand to glass

  • Luis Montes says:

    82nd airborne division on way

  • David Adrian says:

    Great show, Tucker!

  • rich allbritten says:

    It's because we never bothered to learn the difference of Sunni, shia or kurd.

  • Mac Tek says:

    We will leave when President Trump is good and damned ready! And not a moment sooner.

    So stick it where the sun don't shine, Tucker.

  • T. D says:

    Tucker, what's going on in your personal utopia world lately?
    I'm a fateful listener of your show but lately, you are losing Patriots. Don't tread on us Tucker stay your course. 🇺🇲

  • Burisma Biden says:

    Yes yes yes!

  • Rob T says:

    Finally a Fox host reporter telling the facts

  • J B says:

    Love you, Tucker… but you over-react sometimes brother. I couldn't agree more, however, with this clip! Let's take our toys and go home. I've served for over 25 years and been fighting in these sh!tholes the entire time… time to pack out.

  • Micheal says:

    We shouldn't have went there in the first place

  • bruce dunning says:

    We was never at the brink. You do NOT see the long game going on here. Trump it 20 steps ahead of you. All you know is todays news. This is a game that Trump and the patriots already know the end game.

  • Santroff says:

    Iran: provokes local superpowers
    US: responds
    Iran-Controlled Iraq: "Get out"
    Iran: "Yeah! Get out!"

    Pretty thoroughly explains why Iran has been so provocative lately.. Pushing to give Iraq and excuse to kick everyone out.

  • الحمد لله says:

    Btw tucker the reason the us want to control kid east oil is not because the us doesn’t have any. It is because they don’t want it to fall into the hands of China or russia. Basically, they want to control the oil that China and Russia buy.

  • Trish says:

    Yes Obama was the founder of ISIS.

  • Count Chocula says:

    Bring all our men and women home, they can protect our own borders

  • Prideace93 says:

    They said that there was Russian intervention in the 2016 but never thought of Israel interference. How odd when you look at trump meetings Netanyahu

  • Aquilla Fleetwood says:

    Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
    Christ is the only hope for this world!

  • Cis Hansen says:

    Careful Tucker, you’re making too much sense.

  • Jonny Deth says:

    I don't see a bigger opportunity possible than right now without a war that would be so bloody, it likely wouldn't be a world war but equivalent enough before we could then leave and not face retaliation.
    If this turns into a cold stand off as I have predicted and hope, we should leave the Middle East entirely ASAP. The sad truth after the facts is, American tourism, cultural flavors and exporting our blue collar class luxuries will bring more sensibility to their nations than fighting with them will.

  • A. Osmond says:

    Bush and Barack Obama must be arrested and hanged for treason and crimes against humanity. That fool is one person I will rejoice to see him face justice. Spineless Obama.

  • red pill says:

    we have more to fear from the left then iran

  • John Morrissey says:

    War with Iran is inevitable as long as they are determined to get a nuclear weapon either we will stop them or Israel will and we'll join in then. There is no wat people that want to blow themselves up for their religion can be allowed to have that technology. What I find funny is Tucker and people like him moaning about how bad it will be for America. Trump isn't going to in invade Iran there will be a naval blockade and the full power of the air force unleashed and within a few days their navy and air defenses will be gone. Then it's just a matter of how hard we want to hit them just take out the nuke sites or go full bore and hit all military bases, weapons factories, bridges, water plants, electrical plants and refineries and leave them to overthrow the mullahs or starve.

  • Star Simpson says:

    These are some !helpful! *leads*…(resources…) I thought y'all might like.

  • Truth Finder says:

    We should leave the Middle East but first pack up every single Democrat, bring them there and leave. That would be 2 birds with 1 stone. That way they can see how it feels to live in real Tyranny, they deserve it.

  • SneakyPete says:

    You nailed it tucker. Time to go. Shouldn’t have ever been there in the first place! Time to put the USA FIRST and worry about ourselves here at home.

  • mollesjohn says:

    I should do a video on how Tucker is utterly INSANE to imagine terrorism won't come flaming back if we leave Iraq now. To STOP terrorism, you HAVE to make certain terrorists do not have borders to hide behind to train and recruit. Tucker has NEVER figured out this very obvious necessity. Most of us have PREVENTION built into our brains. Tucker doesn't have that part of his brain intact.

  • Jeb Reed says:

    Yep. As Trump said. We dont need the middle east. And tbh. No need to fight Israels battles either. Let the Saudis deal with the area.

  • Amai Perry says:

    Sometimes media television make fake information..and share opinion and acting to person them talk about. Kinda funny ! Let Trump do his authority working. And media do a right Truth for information to people for what Trump said. Haizz

  • J G says:

    the DEMS are backing isis

  • Clark Seger says:

    We need to pack up and leave. Let these middle east fools fight themselves and hold the rest of the world at ransom for oil. Then the rest of the world will take care of the Middle East

  • Mr. Wick says:

    'I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.'

  • Marc Padilla says:

    We don't want to turn Iraq into Iowa or another Minnesota.

  • ant fer says:

    You make homeless,i ba base.

  • Troy Mathis says:

    Dems ruin the lives of millions of people in cities and states so what makes anyone think they can lead a country? Look at Commiefornia, Baltimore and Chicago. Homeless drug-infested horrific corrupt places.

  • R Lionheart says:

    The key questions are these. What price are we willing to pay to keep Iran from joining the nuclear club? Are we OK with a regime like that of Iran commanding the power of the atom? Would we rather undermine our own leadership in our approval of Iran gaining nuclear weaponry? Or do we support our leadership in seeking a path to stability even if that path demands we terminate a monstrous villain intent on murdering our troops?

  • hydra xc says:

    If they want us out, it's not as simple as "Oh okay, bye then!" Trump will make the right decisions because he is informed. He has to be because that's his job. I have confidence in this, not because I blindly follow Orange Man. But because I choose to. I respected Obama's office even though I couldn't stand him (I voted for him in 08, shame on me). This time, I actually appreciate the POTUS, and have utmost respect for President Trump. KAG!

  • Ryan A Leenders says:

    Those Trillions could have created a new Golden age of ideas, information, training and infrastructure here in the states… Huge opportunity costs… But of course, try having said that in 2003 and not been tarred and feathered

  • ago1ca says:

    I agree that we should leave. The problem is that the terrorists may get stronger and greater in numbers. Then there will be bigger problems than what is there at present. I think that the President in his speech today said it best. He basically said that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon and that he does not want a war with Iran, if Iran behaves like a peaceful nation.

  • plantation free says:

    Tucker, I'm so disappointed with your liberal relapse the last few days.

  • Sun Shine says:

    Yes, should’ve taken Trump’s advise in 2007

  • Walker Nicholas Barr says:

    Tucker how was Epstein’s Lolita Express? Heard you and Eminem were on it.

  • Bill Carson says:

    The Democratic commentators here have been going on and on in hysteria about how World War 3 just started and Trump is to blame. I said in several places that WW3 probably has not started and that if it doesn't, none of these slanderers would walk it back or admit to being wrong. We all know that Democrats have no conscience, but at the very least, never forget how FOS they are about being wrong and then acting like it doesn't matter then going right to the next wild accusation no shame. Still waiting for that great depression they predicted under Trump? By now you should be about as confident in something a Democrat says as you are in trusting your dog to guard a piece of meat.

  • YUZHE NI says:

    Iran, listen. It's time for you to leave Iraq.

  • Robert Sawada says:

    Yeah they showed us they have better technology than us they couldn’t take us out to dinner patriot missile never even work

  • monkeygraborange says:

    It's time for the Middle East to leave America. Enforce the Travel Ban and keep these people out of our country, and out of our government!

  • katicouture says:

    Really. MOTHER TUCKER?!
    TRUMP 2020!!!

  • R K says:

    Always a fan of Tucker, honest to his values.

  • David Joseph says:

    Well thanks to the Bush war criminals Iraq is more dangerous without Saddam Hessein running that part of the world. BUsh operatives knew very well what they were doing getting rid of Hussein?They knew it would destabilize that area. This is why Iran is running Iraq or have big influences.

  • Ima Gsusman says:

    Tucker why are against pomposity yet your own opinion means more because you say it does??(thats pompous)..Why are you against think tank when you sir think your a one man think tank?…PRIDEFULNESS…THATS WHY!!!

  • Jared Franc says:

    Two things to remember, Trump wanted us out back then, he knows what he knows now, hopefully he deems we can get out. But at the same with this untold US investment we should withdraw carefully. And let’s not leave all of our military equipment there this time around.

  • john poole says:

    The problem is that Iran said they WANT us to leave

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