Understanding Astrology : The Sign Pisces in Astrology

Understanding Astrology : The Sign Pisces in Astrology

Hi. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Gnobo
A. Calypso, also known as Bryce. And, I’m here to tell you about astrology. Pisces is
the end of the astrology, the end of astrology, so it’s considered the death sign only because
everything in esoteric astrology, everything ends in Pisces. Pisces creates, takes in the
end and creates a new beginning. Pisces is a very mutable sign that’s also a very psychic
sign. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is a mutable, changeable sign. Piscines tend
to be highly sensitive. And, people find them to be very moody and they’re moody because
Piscines can go into every singly solitary astrological sign and have that feeling. They
can project a Leo. They can project a Scorpio. They can project a Virgo. Piscines deal with
the number seven which is spirituality and sacredness. And, Pisces, their highest trait
is compassion to a fault. Piscines tend to give more than they receive. Piscines are
excellent caregivers. Piscines are very good nurturers. Piscines, they show the fish swimming
in two different directions, and that’s the taking two different viewpoints. Sometimes
the Piscine influence can make a person rather wishy washy. You know where, “I can’t make
up my mind.” They can be very indecisive. But, it’s not a strong trait of Piscines.
Piscines can be highly talented, highly creative people. A lot of singers, Elizabeth Taylor,
is a Pisces. What’s most important is that in Pisces everything ends and begins. And,
it’s very, very psychic and highly spiritual.


  • haku22222 says:

    Febuary 22. It's called a cusp. We are pisces but have some aquaius traits. Cusp ftw

  • masterchiefjoe says:

    @vonnyyay or a leo because of how we pisces love to have a dominateing partner my gf is a leo and we have no problems and i always project it but rarely i project other signs

  • Kingofeurope says:

    Many legendary musicians are Pisces: Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash to name a few. Also, Albert Einstein and Chuck Norris. I REALLY look up to these guys. Greatest people ever.

  • FromQnz2King says:

    this definitely sounds like me. ~ Feb 27.

  • PoxHaunted says:

    Im Ditto!!

  • 2112dim says:

    I think he forgot to mention that Pisces tend to be self-destructive due to their feelings.

  • Cye says:

    pisces!!!! Feb 20 my best friend(for 8years) is a Aries is that good or bad? msg me back plz

  • Gaming Droid says:

    @XxMadMax593 Im also a pisces and i have an Aries best friend that i've known since the 3rd grade lol

  • Bridget Ballard says:

    @TheDM75 My best friend since 9th grade is Aries too, and I'm Pisces

  • ATDreamsofdance says:

    @EasyMovieStudios That is so awesome!

  • John Smith says:

    Kinda sucks knowing how someone feels just by looking at them.

  • John Smith says:

    @Bridget31583 Wow me too.

  • ovneb says:

    I'm a Libra, and I like Pisces. I think they're sweet.

  • Jerry Irick says:

    Its true Pisces is the most compassionate sign of the zodiac. They are suckers for a good sob story. Most pisces are generous and friendly with a great deal of talent. However their wishy-washy ways can irritate me. They are hardly straight-forward about anything and these people have you running around in circles before getting to the fact of the matter. They are absolutely caring in which i highly appreciate but what i don't appreciate is being lied to in which pisces are excellent at.

  • nick says:

    why 7? explain.

  • theheckwithit says:

    all my signs involve water in someway. Im more of anquarius but my first sign is a true blue pisces.

  • theheckwithit says:

    @djCHOKE in some beliefs and cultures, the #7 is regarded as the number of perfecton, with pisces being the most evoled( passing through each sign) it is "perfect"

  • nick says:

    @theheckwithit THANK YOU 🙂

  • catalunarocks says:

    @djCHOKE the #7 is ruled by neptune, and pisces is ruled by neptune…7 symbolizes psychic sensitivity, the mystic and hermit. 🙂

  • catalunarocks says:

    @WarriorPisces so true, i think pisces are misunderstood a lot, but we are the old souls with a lot of compassion and wisdom for sure….totally! none of the other signs have the capacity for that gentle way of kindness, and society is so into slamming everyone, all the other signs get caught up in the society stuff, materialism, etc…but that pisces kind of kindness is revolutionary and goes a long way.

  • catalunarocks says:

    @thatdeal3078 jesus was a pisces – he wasn't born in december, the romans wrote that into the bible. based on the time the wise men found him at birth and the stars in the sky he was born in spring during the time of pisces. he was a true blue pisces, the compassionate martyr. close to God and all unconditional love. true dat!

  • Becky Cockcroft says:

    this definitely describes me.

  • Becky Cockcroft says:

    @Irockgswift haha you just basically described me completely. im a pisces and am a very caring and sensitive person but great at lying 😉 i am also very indecisive. i never used to believe in star signs and stuff but i really think there's something in them.

  • Gama Isora says:

    @yungsal yes i do, capricorn is the way to go though, they will worship you male of female pisces, help the true potential of the pisces shine

  • Matthew Chalfant says:

    @EasyMovieStudios thats because everything begins and ends in Chuck Norris.

  • Alex Smith says:

    @WarriorPisces now that there is…. astrological signist.

  • ImHereCuzImBored says:

    KEEP REPLAYING 1:09 to 1:10

  • Mike Muniz says:

    Pisces Music, Check it out, Pisces Hip Hop, Underwater Fire!!!

  • Clive Powell says:

    Absolute crap.

  • snavarro2 says:

    23 feb!

  • snavarro2 says:

    @MMU88881 yeahh me too. i am also sensitive & romantic. Unluckily these days are not so proper for us.

  • rsohlich1 says:

    @Toro953 you might have a moon sign in pisces like me…..I am a Virgo sun sign, but Pisces is me exactly. I am very compassionate and a fan of the under dog. When is your date of birth? What year and where were you born and I will do your chart for you.

  • Kiki says:

    @catalunarocks Pisces are not the only ones. =]

  • Kiki says:

    @africanbabygirl What sign are you?

  • Kiki says:

    @XxMadMax593 Don't base your friendships on astrology. If you've been friends with this person for 8 years then I'm guessing that it's because he or she is GREAT. =]

  • FashionRawkz says:

    @catalunarocks I agree with you! Pisces is a VERY comapassionate, sensitive AND emotional sign. I know that Pisces are REAL sweettalkers and ALWAYS put themselves in another's shoes. I know they're REAL dreamers as well. Why do you think they have 2 fish opposing each other?!? I've fallen for a Pisces, I felt emotionally weak. It seems like you got a lot going on. You want a sign you REALLY don't want to piss off… Try SCORPIO!!!

  • FashionRawkz says:

    @catalunarocks I'm a Scorpio. People think we're trouble, wrong people to mess with, too sexual, and the list goes on. I agree with them. To be honest, I AM compassionate, to some extent. I'm VERY passionate in what I do and what I do best. I'm also VERY loyal to somebody and I strive to be a GREAT role model of being an independent leader. We're also semi emotional people.

  • catalunarocks says:

    @danny213rod so true! pisces are part angel and we have earned our wings here on earth…not easy…but pisces are special ,and otherworldly.

  • catalunarocks says:

    @joebobstevemcfrank true pisces always has the air of mystery. no on e can figure us out, even ourselves, haha. 🙂 that's interesting about the vocal chords, I never thought of that. people misunderstand pisces because we aren't that vocal, we're more telepathic and empathic and we don't need to speak, the eyes say it all. haha that's corny but true. 🙂 go pisces. kind and sweet we rock!

  • Secret Treasure Path says:

    I'm about as Pisces as you can get (Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces), and almost everything I've ever read or heard about this sign fits me to a T. Sometimes it seems like the greatest blessing, and sometimes it feels like the greatest curse. I'm so damn sensitive! But I get along with everyone…. 🙂

  • AlmightyCocohontas says:

    its true i can be HIGHLY-SENITIVE but i understand tht i qet misunderstood alot i rember i was invited to 2 diffrent parties and well i couldnt make up my mind lol.

  • Nicki Stalkin says:

    thumbs up if you think pisces is gay

  • rsohlich1 says:

    My mom is a pisces and she is the coolest, compassionate, person I know. She's so likeable no matter what she does. She has a very developed heart. Does my moon sign in pisces make me soo compassionate>? I always get sucked into feeling bad for people I know and I find that it gets me in some sticky places.

  • Mary-faith Cristoria says:

    Wow. I'm a Pisces, bad.

    I hear how scorpios are a good match. I have had experience with being with one for one week. he was very scorpio-like. strong connection there, but ended badly.
    but i'm still intrigued by a scorpio even though I've been hurt by one.

  • Nairda Martinez says:

    This astrology thing is freaking out. I'm a Pisces. I'm horribly indecisive, sensitive, and it's true I give more than I do receive I care about others. I'm also very artsy a singer(I'm best at this), actress, and dancer.

  • 3089280288 says:

    All Astrologist should state thier sign before speaking.

  • Emdie says:

    I am a Pisces (6th March) and i totally agree what this guy is saying.. I am sensitive, i care for others and i gave more than i do receive. 🙂

  • YourStressRelief says:

    wishy washy lmfao x D Im an Aquarious though

  • Mary-faith Cristoria says:


    Wow, you're surrounded by water. I grew up with a family mostly by Libras, and my best friends are Sagittarius'. I like it because they're a lot more simple. And with much experience with these people, i restrain myself from "whining" too much. I find it funny when you say that, because I know what you mean.

  • predatorsl10 says:

    Pisces flip flop a lot 🙁

  • Mya says:

    I seriusly dont understand this dude?

  • Kiki says:

    @africanbabygirl Awesomeness 🙂


    @ImHereToTellYou1 Me too we have zero good characteristics. We are just sensitive and weak willed, and cheat and cant get work done i have never seen anything good said about my sign except compassion and stating this is usually followed by "this is usually to a fault"

  • MsBipolar13 says:

    Aries all dayyyy whoolooolooooo 😛

  • Christos Kaltsas says:

    Chuck Norris is Pisces, he shows no compassion

  • Christos Kaltsas says:

    Tell that to Chuck Norris face to face if you dare, his roundhouse kick will be surely "artistic" in a matter of speaking

  • sarz248 says:

    im pisces, alot of the time i cant make up my mind (usually its only small things) and i love singing!! thats y these things r so weird bt cool, they get the biggest aspects of yur personality correst most of the time!!

  • GHOSTFACE323 says:

    what about a left handed pisces? (me)

  • Haywood Joyner says:

    I don't ever wanna piss off a Piscean….we had enough Hitlers and Osamas.

  • onimotoko says:

    I am a pisces, and I am quite mean some times. We are not always the kind humanitarians people make us out to be. I get stressed out very quickly, and hate pressure. The only way I feel I can release it is to yell at or put down others, or just go to my room and drink. The only times I am ever happy is when I am with my friends or when I am listening to musik or drawing/painting. I couldn't swim to save my life, so I find it ironic that my sign is a fish LOL.

  • onimotoko says:

    @Eyrynomos He is an artist actually. He is an actor, that means he acts. That requires an artistic mindset. Oh yeah, and they ARE called martial "ARTS" for a reason. Artists are not always what you think.

  • LoveNia says:

    I'm VERY indecisive! Its a big big problem for me. I hate it. Lol

  • Oriente7 says:

    @catalunarocks Wtf bro, Its describes me so well its scary. I just dont know what to think, cause I find it hard to believe.

  • Lady Lu says:

    @onimotoko wow I feel I just read a description of myself 🙂

  • onimotoko says:

    @ThePerQLator There is no "best" sign.

  • onimotoko says:

    @missarizala I actually have a group on facebook called The Piscean Council, where I gather all the fishes I can find and ask questions, post specific links, and just have random chitchat(working on that part). The point is to determine the validity of this sign's impact on people. It is my social experiment. If you want to join, just ask 🙂

  • GorillaJedi says:

    @onimotoko sure there is and its a pisces.. were the rarest of the zodiac.. whats rare is precious like a diamond.. celebrate what u r and be happy cause pisces too often are the hardest critic and judge of themselves.. i am extremely talented im sure as u r but never give myself enough credit.. go out into the world my pisces friends and family and make art and beauty as pisces do!

  • onimotoko says:

    @ThePerQLator I actually know at least 3 Pisces, other than myself. I tend to attract them granted, but they aren't all too rare. I do have many talents, but all of them are from hard work and dedication to them. I am an artist, but it's not as though my drawings and paintings will sell or something.

  • GorillaJedi says:

    @onimotoko trust we r rare.. no other signs think feel and act like pisces do.. and its not about wether u sell them or not.. its about the beauty that u create.. picasso was world renouned and had no problem selling paintings but never created anything i think was worth a shit.. so create beauty not for anything but the beauty.. u cannot sell the stars and the heavens its just there for god and everyone else to smile on..

  • 8luvbug says:

    lookat casey anthony all of this is true

  • Ricke Rozay says:

    it's not about what's the best or who's the best because the zodiac balances with its position in time and space.
    each has a meaning, and none should be put above the other because that's just the blind, short-term way of looking at things.

  • Angel28luv Lefan says:

    Not sure how anyone would know for sure but i heard there are less pisces on earth than any other sign.

  • FaintAura says:

    @ThePerQLator I disagree with Pisces being the best sign (bear in mind, I am one). It's just hard to be a Pisces in the selfish, careless society we have today. So I sometimes find myself isolating myself from people, just as a protection mechanism.

  • FaintAura says:

    @Angel28luv That's because Pisces runs through the least amount of days of any of the signs (because February is the shortest month).

  • FaintAura says:

    @tmleafs75 Well, I have Sagittarius Moon, so I'm kind of too blunt for peace-making sometimes, lol. I tend to tell it like it is, which might get them mad at me, but I can understand what you mean. I get taxed after lengthy social encounters all the time; it's like we Pisces absorb everybody's energy, both positive and negative.

  • FaintAura says:

    @tmleafs75 You have to know your exact birth date and time (or within the hour). A site I like to use is Astrodienst; it gives you your Moon, Rising, etc. I'm interested in knowing what your Moon and Risings are, since they are the most important aspects in one's birth chart.

  • FaintAura says:

    @tmleafs75 You're welcome, did you find everything out?

  • greyzone1974 says:

    Pisces are infact very powerful projection or amplifying emotional signs in that they can control/influence the humans. As the emotion strength of this sign so vast that once they master their emotions, the powerful ones can hail forth a tsunami of both benefical love or extremely toxic hatred. I know of a dark pisces whose great compassion was poisoned by undeserving exploiters, this person's strength of hatred could put a scorpio's to shame. his act of revenge extends for generations.

  • DominicanRegulator says:

    George Washingtong was a pisces also Albert Einstein and my self. 😉 HOLLA !!

  • Info Tech says:

    I love them all too. 🙂 I felt we do not like silly signs, that too far from us, I mean the thinking and acting styles. 🙂 To us, love is only once and forever. Therefore, we are super picky to partner too. Prefer have none than just get some ready offers around. 🙂 Love is more than anything else for us because we also naive believe in it. 🙂 Also because we all love ourselves truly too. 🙂 This is very super. 🙂

  • Info Tech says:

    When you want figure out what kind of a person you do not know is, just do a little observe about who they partner with, is , enough. 🙂

  • nabil nayan says:

    all signs are equal :)=

  • jamel davis says:

    Im a Pisces(:!!!!!! Pisces are The best

  • NYWAORCANZ says:

    Finally,an astrologer that did not slam the shit out pisces people

  • JemelleLebelle says:

    @lizzy141236 We have the same birthday.!!!!

  • jamel davis says:


  • TheLastVampireChild says:

    Im a pisces, my sister is one, my grandmother, my great aunt (her sister),my little cousin and we have a bond that we cannot describe. Most of the people in my family are born in the same week in february. so We are a school of fish….LMAO.

  • TheLastVampireChild says:

    thats my bday tooooo =D

  • TheLastVampireChild says:

    and so is Kurt Cobain.

  • Emily Rose says:

    bin larden was a pisces. i dont belive in astrology.

  • spikkel70 says:

    I think thats true I have the same thing

  • spikkel70 says:

    Bin Laden was highly spiritual

  • Emily Rose says:

    so are many people.

  • rayjones31692 says:

    @Jaymontana94 soft? have you ever been in a ring with Floyd MayWhether? ever read Bin ladin's mind?

  • Bronco Zion says:

    fuck off

  • info Finance says:

    That is why we love thinking and religious things. And I felt also interesting this sign symbol why exactly like our Chinese YinYang sign which created by a divine emperor there many long long time ago??

  • info Finance says:

    To me, I think in movies, and anything very intuitive to human, time and space is not exist at all, isn't it? So, I call them long only, means thousands of years or tens of thousands of years. 🙂

  • info Finance says:

    I guess I maybe will be excellent in teacher or teaching work too, cause a lot image and intuitive ideas will come out to me and also because I have good patient to explain a lot more than other signs to students? Teaching job also very creative too. 🙂

  • Bonnie Legion says:

    pisces can be indecisive because they take everything in, its hard to decide with so many options and ways of doing things which they understand all aspects, they feel each option and opinion.   

  • Richard B. says:

    Didn't think I would miss 2008.

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