Upcoming Indie Games of 2018 for PC – Top 7 – An Overview of 2018

Upcoming Indie Games of 2018 for PC – Top 7 – An Overview of 2018

[There will be mistakes]
As announced in my “bigger games coming
2018” video, here is the version for indie games and smaller titles. One reason for this
is, that this year tons of very good indie games are coming out. Actually I had trouble
boiling the list down, so the honourable mention section is a bit longer than last time. If
you have no clue what games are coming this year, I have you covered – some of them
you may have never heard of. I don’t want to spend too much time on the honourable mention
section, so I somewhat blitz through it. If you want to skip it, here’s the time code.
But enough talking, let’s start. Honorable Mentions:
Death Trash One of the titles you probably haven’t heard
of. It’s a gritty cyberpunk RPG, trying to follow the ways of Planescape Torment and
the old CRPG Ultima VII, focussing on characters, decisions and story. Maybe it’s a bit too
gritty. Into the Breach
This is the new game by the FTL: Faster Than Light developers. This time not in a space
ship, but in a Battle Mech fighting giant alien Kaiju, that try to destroy the earth.
If it is as good as FTL and has as much replayability, this game is definitely worth its money. It
will also release at the end the month. Death’s Gambit
Very hard to say for me. It reminds me of Castlevania and Dark Souls. Not sure why those
games resonate so well with me. I assume they are often not that linear, very challenging,
with focus on game mechanics and you can explore a mysterious dark world, uncovering it’s secrets
and lore. I grew up with the NES and the Super Nintendo, so this high definition retro art
style with all its little details brings back memories. I would say this game and the next
one look like how I recall they looked back in the day, but ofc the Super Nintendo had
a far smaller resolution and hardware limitations, resulting in fewer details in its art and
animations – still SNES games look great even today. A game that seems to be quite similar is Blasphemous.
This was on my E3 upcoming titles list from last year. It’s a Dark Fantasy non-linear
2D-platformer. It also seems quite violent. I hope Blasphemous and Death’s Gambit don’t
release too close to each other, else it could be a bit of Castlevania overkill. speaking of Castlevania. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming
too. This is by Koji Igarashi, one of the directors behind the masterpiece Castlevania
Symphony of the Night. And if he shows a new Castlevania, just named differently, he has
my attention. I have to say, it looks really good. Another legendary game developer is Warren
Spector, who back in the day worked at Looking Glass Studios often as a producer. Guess who
is working on System Shock 3? Warren Spector, who was the producer of the first System Shock
and a lot of other classics. In addition the company he now works for was founded by a
man called Paul Neurath, who also worked at Looking Glass Studios back in the day. Not
sure if System Shock 3 will be release 2018 though. Interestingly Paul Neurath works on Underworld
Ascendant a successor to the legendary Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, which was the
first first-person 3D RPG ever made and influenced a a lot of games. Even the guys at Fromsoft
in Japan, made an Ultima Underworld clone for PS1 called King’s Field, which should
later evolve into Shadow Tower and Demon’s Souls. So as a Souls fan, I can’t thank Paul,Warren
and their team enough for making Ultima Underworld and changing the world of gaming. Not to mention
that my favourite game of all time is the first Deus Ex from 2000, where Warren Spector
was the director. Oh btw System Shock itself gets a remake too. 2013 a very beautiful and well executed game
called Guacamelee! was released. Now the developers announced Guacamelee! 2 at least for PS4,
a PC release seems likely, but no information yet. The developers explained, that they want
to focus on the PS4 release first. Let us continue colourful with the hand drawn
action RPG Indivisible. It’s by the developers of the amazing fighting game Skullgirls. The
developers already proved, that they are good at hand drawing animations and can do deep
gameplay as well. I also want to mention Vampyr by Dontnod Entertainment,
even though it’s not really indie, where you play a Vampire and your choices impact the
game’s progression. The option to play through the game and don’t kill anyone reminds me
of games like Deus Ex. It sounds quite interesting. But now to the games I’m looking forward to
the most. The order is not set into stone and some titles will not surprise anyone who
knows me. Eitr We talked about Death’s Gambit in the Honourable
Mention section. Now here is the other game, that is reminiscent of the Souls games. It’s
an old Germanic word, which should be pronounced Eitr and means something like “poisonous”
or “evil”. I have often to do with Old Germanic words and mythology through my Lord
of the Rings and Tolkien content, so I really like the setting of the mythological Norse
world. I expected it to release last year and it
was also on my list of 2017, but it has not come out yet, so here it is again, because
I’m still very interested. It got a bit silent around the game, but the developers explained
that they are now focusing on finishing the game. So it should be out at some point this
year. If not it will be on my list for next year too. I don’t mind the developers taking
their time, as long as it will be good. The art style and it being very Souls like
instantly got my attention. Esp. after the Souls series ended, I’m hungry for more. I
like the protagonist, enemy and boss design. It has something very unique. They also use
some modern post processing and lightning techniques for their pixel art look.
However the most important part of a game like this is, how it plays. The controls have
to be very responsive and the animations have to be detailed at the right places. Hits have
to feel heavy and impactful. The mechanics must be challenging and hard to master, but
easy to learn, without missing complexity. I hope they can get this part right too, because
they nailed the art style already. Should it play great and it having enough content
too, this could become a very good game. Objects in Space This might be the biggest surprise on my list.
A game about space travel, but it plays more like an Submarine simulation. In this regard
it somehow reminds me a bit of Paper’s Please. You have many simple tasks, but somehow they
all have great impact and a story evolves through doing those tasks and making some
tough decisions, without actually showing a lot visually. Much is just you thinking
about it and your imagination. I recommend watching the gameplay video linked
in the description. Basically you are not seeing what is going on. The game abstracts
every mechanic, your position and the position of other ships on few control monitors. And
with those you have to make decisions, that influence you and other space travellers heavily,
like flying a real space craft. Here an example from the video. This game is for sure not for everyone, but
I think it can create very tense moments and pull you in, because the game uses the players
own imagination and just gives you tools on a very abstract level. It’s interesting how
in games like this you actually don’t bother if nothing happens for some time, because
you know how stressful it can become if something is happening. With this and knowing about
the potential that something might go totally wrong very soon, the game creates a very powerful
suspense, we know from those submarine games. And that is something only few games do these
days. Griftlands You probably saw this one at E3 2017. It’s
an RPG by Klei Entertainment. The trailer shows the adventure of a character, who wanders
this alien SciFi world and meets other characters. It seems that the plot can change depending
on what decisions you make in the game, what character you meet and what characters you
take as companions. They also use procedural generated content, which has ofc some risks,
but if smartly used at the right places, has a lot of potential. They also explained that
they want to give you a lot of options outside of combat and also allow some morally questionable
decisions. This might be something like the “Narrative Legos” Ken Levine, who is ofc
not involved in this game, sometimes speaks about. There also will be combat that looks round
based. I have to say if the combat is just ok, I would not mind, because the narrative
options and decisions you can make, are the most interesting part for me. If the combat
is great too, that’s a nice bonus. I hope for a very free RPG and an interesting world
to explore, with interactions, that allow a huge number of possible solutions and outcomes. So in my imagination this game has huge potential
and I trust Klei Entertainment, because I liked a lot of their games. E.g. I still play
Don’t Starve Together with some friends from time to time and I hope Griftlands will be
good too. Sunless Skies It’s already available as an Early Access
title on Steam – maybe they released it a little bit too early. As explained last
year, I think their previous game Sunless Sea, was one of the best written games I have
ever played. The world and ideas behind it are so unique and well done, I have trouble
to find words, to praise it. Even though it has been years since I last played it, I still
have memories of very unique moments and things that happened in the game. It looks quite
simplistic, but manages to surprise you and creates tense and uncanny moments accentuated
with an amazing soundtrack. I expect Sunless Skies to be very similar
and just hope that they will evolve and polish the gameplay further compared to Sunless Sea.
It could end up as Sunless Sea just in space. And even that would be enough for me to be
honest, but for a general recommendation this could not be enough. How ever this game is
far from finished, so I still see a lot of potential and development. Ofc nobody should
expect a masterpiece of combat mechanics. But expect a masterpiece of writing and world
building. If you are looking for a tense atmosphere and well written texts, that describe very
bizarre and lovecraftian places and events in a way you have not seen before, this game
might be interesting for you. If you don’t mind grinding a bit or maybe
cheating to overcome the grind, then I can also recommend Sunless Sea. It’s not like
that the gameplay it totally garbage, but it pales to the writing quality and is just
quite average. To make it further into the game you have to grind money and stats a lot,
which was often criticized. I would say it lacked a bit of balancing here and there.
Sunless Skies now has the potential to improve here and I’m sure it will. Still no release
date, but I would expect a release around July, but as mentioned it’s already available
as an Early Access title. The developers also announced a new big update coming soon. The Last Night This art style resonates so well with me and
I’m no exception. It’s the colourful retro pixel look, combined with modern 3D rendering
techniques. Basically the world is – or looks like – 2D, with a lot of layers, that generate
depth through e.g. parallax scrolling, but lightning, particles, shadows, reflections,
physics and post processing effects are so to say 3D. This combination plus tons of details,
create an art style so unique and gorgeous, that I would pay just to watch it for 2 hours.
That’s art. And as someone who loves Scifi and Cyberpunk, this game is really high up
in my list. I also like 80s Synth wave from SciFi movies like Blade Runner, which the
game has covered too. However we don’t know too much about the actual
gameplay. It could end up as art style the game. As far as we know, it will be possible
to explore the city relatively free and it will also have some stealth and gun fight
elements. I actually thought this would be more like an adventure, like the Blade Runner
Adventure game, but it seems, that it will have platforming elements too. Maybe a mixture
of all of these elements. We will see. In the meantime I recommand watching the old
Blade Runner movie and the new one too. Great movies 😀 Return of the Obra Dinn No surprise. I mentioned Paper’s Please before.
A game about controlling passports by Lucas Pope. Never would I have thought, that a game
about controlling passports would be one of the best games I have ever played. So here
is his new game: Return of the Obra Dinn. It has a very unique art style and he also
posts a lot of information about the game’s development on a forum – I will link it down
in the description for those interested. The game is an adventure playing in the early
19th century, where you have to find out what happened to the crew of the East India Company
ship Obra Dinn, that vanished and reappeared 5 years later, but with no crew on board – a
ghost ship. You now have to find out and reconstruct what
has happened. To help you, you have access to this strange artefact, that let you see
past memories by touching objects. I think you complete the game, when you have figured
out the fates of all crew members and passengers. And yes this has the potential to get boring
or confusing at some point, but if there is one person, who can make it work it’s Lucas
Pope. I think the premise of the game seems really interesting and that the game is not
holding your hand, so you can feel like Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery. I hope the game
is challenging with a good story. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Morpheus once said to Neo: unfortunately no
one can be told what the Matrix is. This also applies to Mount & Blade. It’s difficult to
explain what this game is, or why it’s so good and addictive. You have to see it for
yourself. From the outside it looks like a clunky mess of hot garbage, that does everything
but nothing right. But somehow the combination of all it’s mechanics make it a game to be
remembered. I often tell the story, how I bought Mount & Blade Warband for like 3€
during a Steam sale over the holidays. And then suddenly it was like 200 hours later.
I had to stop playing, because it consumed my whole free time, not because I didn’t like
it anymore. So what do you do in Mount & Blade? Well it’s
also an RPG. So you create a character, do bad and repetitive quests, find companions
in cities. But somehow it’s also a strategy game. So you recruit men and train them to
soldiers, creating an army and commanding them in the battlefield or lay siege upon
other cities. But you also fight with weapons in the third person perspective yourself using
a relatively complex combat system, even riding a horse, so like an action RPG. But you can also buy goods and trade them
with other cities, you can join a faction or create your own and conquer castles, cities
and villages – and upgrade them. You have diplomacy and subordinate lords, who you can
give own armies and fiefs. You can then send them to defend certain parts of your kingdom.
And sometimes you have to defend your self against sieges. You can also get defeated,
imprisoned, so you potentially have to start anew, when you manage to escape or get freed,
planning your revenge until you finally defeat the one who has once imprisoned you. So it’s
also a sandbox game. Considering all of this, a game like this
could not exist, but it somehow does. And we will get a new game – hopefully this year
– with Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. I just expect an updated version of the old Mount
& Blade with again good mod support and slightly improved siege combat. That’s all I need.
Some sort of coop would be nice too. Not sure if I can handle this game, should it be good,
but I will try 😀 Thank you for Watching.


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    Same question: what are smaller games you are looking forward to? Do you know some secret gems?

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    Escape from tarkov?

  • Rima Dichman says:

    yo Deaths gambit just in the honorable mentions

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    Thanks for bringing these games to the light, definitely going to check some of them out; the only one I had heard of was Bannerlord haha

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    can't wait for bannerlord, got 900+ hours in warband and still not boring. i'm against pre-ordering games but bannerlord is one of the few where i would pre-order. but i dont think they will do any pre-order or early access wich only makes them more awesome!

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