Using a Divining Rod for finding Ley Lines & Energy Vortices

Using a Divining Rod for finding Ley Lines & Energy Vortices

Using a Divining Rod for finding Ley Lines
& Energy Vortices. Firstly, What is a Ley Line? The Cambridge
Dictionary defines a ley line as an imaginary line between some important places, such as
hills, believed to be where there were very old paths. Ley lines are sometimes thought
to have special powers. The phrase “Ley Line” was supposedly coined
in 1921 by archaeologist Alfred Watkins and has often been associated with spiritual and
mystical theories about alignments, thought to have been drawn from the Chinese concept
of Feng Shui. So, what exactly is an Energy Vortex? Energy
Vortices are thought to be locations on Earth where spiritual energy is emanating from the
ground. There are many well known Earth vortex locations such as the one in Sedona AZ for
example. Some are large, some are small. Some good, some bad. There could very well be Ley
Lines and Energy Vortices all around us; and that is what I intend to find out with this
endeavor. I have decided to use the help of a divining
rod in finding ley lines and vortex locations on the plot of land where I currently live.
A divining
Rod can be used to find virtually anything you are looking for.
Divining rods are usually made from a wooden stick and can be a variety of shapes and sizes.
I am going with the classic three pronged fork style divining rod, and I have cut it
from the branch of a prominent native tree in my area. I wanted one small enough to fit
in my pocket. Some people bless their divining rods, perform
various rituals, or give it embellishments, such as wrapping it with copper wire and attaching
gems or crystals to increase it’s effectiveness. I am using quartz crystals in a bowl of water
to imbue the divining rod with a sensitivity for finding energy. I simply state my desire
to do so, and both the quartz and the water react to imbue the dowsing rod. I let it soak
for awhile before I remove the bark. Now that my rod is ready, I begin my search
by clearing my mind and walking with my divining rod out in front of me, attempting to let
it lead my way. However, I wasn’t feeling any type of guidance using that method.
So when that didn’t work, I pulled the divination rod closer to my body, near my belly and began
to walk back and forth across the property, keeping an empty mind.
The first thing I picked up on was a place where I felt like I was being pulled down
and drained. Then I walked over an area that felt good when I was near it; similar to an
electrical current, rising up my legs, and charging me like a battery.
The two vortices were in line with respect to east and west, so I began to explore the
area around them and felt like there was a ley line connection there. Then, at the location
of the positive energy vortex. there seemed to be a line of energy running north to south.
I continued to search the rest of the property, but have not detected anything else thus far.
I think it’s important to know if you have any vortex energy where you live, so that
the positive energy can be utilized for meditation and rituals, etc., and the negative energy
can be avoided. That’s all for now. I will keep you posted
if I find any more information about divining rods, ley lines, or energy vortices. Thanks
for watching, see you next time.


  • Al Schuck says:

    ivv been doing this but a little different I use L shaped copper silica welding rods cut them in half but you have to hold them far from your body because your bones radiate scaler waves and the key lines are scaler also so it interferes …the rods will turn outwards… 60 percent of cancer is caused by sleeping in the cross hairs of the let lines plus drywall reflects itself 12 inches from the wall and if there is a chair in a key line you will get depression when you sit there….one more thing I leaned is I had side by side key lines crossing one in the backyard and when I held them above it one started to spin that was petty cool…you could figure how to make a motor or generator or something with that. …i m probly acting as a ground just guessing. peace out……

  • Dakota Fenelon says:

    I dont think you needed a stick to find those spots. Walking around with atleast 2 sticks or rods makes more sense since they turn toward each other when something is found. You basically just walked into the zones and felt the energy the stick you used didnt indicate that or atleast you didnt explain how it worked.

  • David Cowan says:

    Many years ago I spent some 10-11 years following ley lines across Scotland. Every weekend I would walk at least 12 miles. I found the best way to locate these energies was to use an angle rod – see my Youtube   Just one rod in my normal right hand, as I was following only one wave, and in the bitter winters I could keep my other hand gloved. Ley lines are all around much of Scotland, as standing stones and circles have been carefully placed on top of volcanic dykes and fissures which are so plentiful here. Some are healthy, some are decidedly unhealthy and may be the cause of much ill-[health.

  • Irock 56 says:

    Very cool!

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  • Eric Jorgensen says:

    i think ley lines cross over my house, a bunch of things make me think this. birds swirl over my house and poop(lol). i see bugs ive never seen before (scarab beetle left my nieghbors manure pile behind my property and crawled into my car and died). random unique plants have grown without being planted. tons of paranormal activity, such as me and my wife seeing a white misty entity in the spring which coincided with black mold growing along my basement wall due to a water leak (fairy, concious mold spirit, elemental spirit). my son saw a white entity laying on my bed. one day i saw my son open his bedroom door and a flash and a popping noise occured in the top corner of the room, bizarre hey? theres more stuff but this is getting kinda long. oh yeah, when going to sleep i heard strange humming sounds and they arent from a manmade device like a sump pump. i think the focalpoint is above the sump pumo in my sons bedroom. ive had some WILD sleep paralysis when laying with my son at night

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  • SJ S says:

    Thanks for posting.

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