Using Tarot Cards for Writing

Using Tarot Cards for Writing

Hi guys! So, just a pre-warning, in this video I am going to be talking about using tarot card’s for writing. So if you are at all uncomfortable with the use of tarot cards, or the topic of tarot cards, I suggest you leave now. Sorry about that. To those of you who don’t know, tarot cards are extremely helpful tool for
flushing a character’s um, when you have writers block, general
inspiration or even world-building. Might seem a little
strange, but is really helpful I’m not gonna pretend that I’m like an
expert on tarot cards but I’m going to show you what I use sometimes, and what you could use too. If you have anymore, like, in-depth questions about tarot’s, I wouldn’t say you should ask me; I’m just kind of….basic knowledge. So yeah, let’s get started. So in this case um this..I’ll do it from your direction so;
past, present, future. There are these little cheat cards but they’re not really as and depth as going right into the book. And I don’t have to memorized, so don’t feel bad if you don’t. When it comes to
writing just looking at the images can help
spark ideas; but in this case I’m going to tell you what they all mean. So this is the emperor. and it says here that uh the main meaning is good in power
influences come in your life. achievement and honor will come through
incidences of a strong supportive male. If the surrounding cards are positive this is a good time for business affairs if the surrounding cards are negative, take great care what you do and say. and then we have the 5 of Wands. So it says; an unforeseen obstacle or opposition suddenly appears in your path. Malicious gossip could cause you harm.
New competition threatens your life relationship or career. And then we have the Kinght of Pentacles. and it says; this card may represent a
new job location: or experience. A new psychic talent, magical art, or creative ability is awakening. So, yeah. as you can tell, there’s quite a bit of idea’s here. Like, uh, this one, it could be like a character is faced with gossip like…um…people are saying that their mother is a traitor to the Kingdom or something like that. And in this one could be like
an male character comes up to them and, I don’t know… says that they have to start a new career….like go on an adventure basically. And the Knight of Pentacles; this one could be taken literally. It could be a character to regain their-or start gaining their magic. So, past: a strong male character changed their business life. Present: gossip. Future: gaining powers. And that’s just like the first one’s off the top of my head. So yeah, like I was saying, this could be used for pretty much anything. This could be what’s leading up to the problem. This could be the current
problem, and this could be a possible solution to the problem. Or, this can be backstory your current character, and/or your possible character in the future. Whatever problem you’re coming up with, with your novel, this….is really handy. Like you know how you go online, and there is those fantasy plot generators where you like… type in in a name, and it like comes up with, basically, D&D plot lines? um. That’s what these cards
do. its super handy to have on hand and yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you next time!


  • Blair Mirth says:

    I use all kinds of Tarot for my writing and spiritual life- I have some videos up on my channel Bittenbybooklust if you wanna check them out. What Deck are you using. I like the art work.

  • Jessica Dunn says:

    So cool that my first deck (and only one) is the same as your deck!

  • Ross Kemp says:

    Which deck do you use. Do you have a link were I could purchase a deck. Thanks!

  • Nxy The Wolf says:

    my take on the cards would be that a man, maybe a family friend helped someone grow his/her own business and because of the last cards I'm going to say that it is an occult shop/magick shop. once the business opened the main character started to work there, she started to learn more about the magical world by working there. Someone started to send hatful messages in the form of threats and vandalization. To deal with the problem the main character and the shop owner used their combined magic to drive the threat away.

  • Art Lyons says:

    I just found this video & am thrilled to see someone else use Tarot to jumpstart stories.
    I have been writing a series of short stories in an anthology style. The characters of each story have connections with other characters from other stories. The main character from each story is inspired from a chosen Tarot key. The stories are woven together to create ("A Tapestry Called Life" ((copyright)) .Each of the 78 cards are represented.
    I was inspired to do this book years ago when I was using the Tarot to teach students how to read Tarot by creating a story for each card. From this, I got the idea for this book.

  • Myxter Hyde says:

    I'll be using this tomorrow. All day.

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