Using Wide-Angle Adapters – Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder App

Using Wide-Angle Adapters – Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder App

In this video we’ll look at simulating shorter
focal lengths by using a wide angle adapter. In our current setup the widest lens has a
focal length of 25mm. Let’s add a 16mm lens to our kit. You notice that there are two blue placeholders
in the preview. This happens because our phone’s field of view is not wide enough to entirely simulate the 16mm on this format. Since this is a hardware limitation the only
way to expand the field of view is to attach a wide-angle adapter to the phone. There are various manufacturers out there
producing these kinds of adapters. Two of our favorite lenses for this purpose… …are the Moment Wide Lens… …and the iPro Wide Lens by Schneider. Both have very little distortion and about
the same conversion factor. For this demonstration, we’ll use the Moment Lens. After attaching the adapter, we’re selecting it in the app to adjust the preview. Now we’re able to fully preview our 16mm lens. That’s it. Thanks for watching.

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  • Dave Patterson says:

    Between the two brands, which wide angle adapters are most accurate? Is there any calibration of the app required?

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