Van Paul Manely on  Career ,10th Lord and Dushtana houses in Vedic Astrology

Van Paul Manely on Career ,10th Lord and Dushtana houses in Vedic Astrology

Namaste and welcome to pramanik Astrology Channel Today we have with us one of the Vedic astrologers Vaughn Paul Manely welcome one on America’s physician
pleasure to be here thanks so much prasad yes so what you’re going to
enlighten us David we have questions around earlier so yes I think within the
top of career there’s so it’s such a vast topic that I think I think I’d like
to first address the attitude of the astrologer and talk about how do we how
do we address malefic combinations how do we work with that how do we view that
and how do we interpret that so that it is correct as well as helpful for for
people whether it’s your own
or other people’s chart yes so hmm first of all astrology is meant to be
helpful why do I say that because even in the first chapter of the BRE at
Prussia hora Shastra the classic text the the Brahmin asks Prussia about tell
us with this attitude of sincerely sincerely inquiring how do we understand
give us give us a detailed explanation of the planets the houses in the signs
and this was prosperous says your query has an auspicious purpose in it for the
welfare for the welfare of the universe for the welfare of the universe so I
mean there in the tradition in the most classic book in the very first line it
points out that the purpose of joash is for our benefit I mean but so why do I
bring that up first because so many times people get confused they they fall
into states of fear and I hear from them people call me and ask me for a reading help clarify something they read on the
internet or watch on YouTube read somewhere talk to some astrologer and
they’re in a state of fear and anxiety over it because of what they learned and
so my teacher can rouse says never leave someone in fear
and hope that it is me give you the exact quote it’s the moral duty of a
conscientious astrologer not to turn his client into a fatalist so there’s always
there’s only we don’t want to snap their will by giving this interpretation that
sounds fatalistic because there’s always the divine grace there’s always the
chance that we could be wrong yes or misunderstand the combination and
there’s always the actions that we can take there are they’re the next positive
steps that we can take so as a soldier our our our purpose needs to be in my
opinion to give the client the next positive steps that they can take why do
I say steps because that’s our Karma I mean Karma’s based on our actions our
actions are based on our thoughts so we steer people in the best direction given
the challenge they have and so then question is how do you work with malefic
combinations we have round career we have a tenth house 10th Lord somehow
connected with malefic planets or dushashana houses one of the deuce manor
houses at six eight and twelve yes so those are also called the trick houses
so do means difficult astana means house so these are you could say evil and the
fact the classic text don’t help because they already call them evil and here’s a
here’s a quote if malefic is Optifine occupy the tenth house and it’s Lord is
being associated with or aspected by evil planets and occupy the evil houses
six eight or twelve then a derp Yoga is caused okay so we read the classic text
or we talked to an astrologer who is using this terminology and people it
pushes people into a state of fear around their career what’s going to
happen everybody wants to know either or
something about career money or their their relationships their marriage
that’s a butt bed and butter of astrology that’s why people go to
astrologers typically so I was once once asked by another astrologer who is
struggling with these dilemma which all astrologers face how do we deal with
these these combinations that inspire fear and us as astrologers and certainly
if we have that attitude about it then how are we how can the clients not have
that of course they’re gonna feel a sense of fear fear is not helpful it’s
good be practical it’s good to have to not sugarcoat we need to do that as
astrologers not whitewash and sugarcoat and make things sound pretty I like what
my colleague bill Levicy says we we don’t want to cheerlead people off of
cliffs that’s obviously that’s not helpful yes so however so how did I
respond to that question and I had worked with it
and I have worked in and work with it because I have to you know if I’m
committed I’m committed to astrology as a practice as a counselor and so I’m
certainly faced with this and and then I brought up a moral dilemma for me
because I know my teacher says about not leaving the clients in fear so I found a
quote in the Course in Miracles and it says all things were
gather for the good there are no exceptions except in the egos judgment
all things work together for the good which is that’s a radical shift in the
playing group playing field right so okay then it’s also corroborated in the
Bible it says all things work together for the good very similar quote for
those who love God so so if things are ultimately working for our benefit then that’s how we should view this and I
remember I remember when I was at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Kinross school
and he was giving a class any-any he he looked very intently in the audience
and he said treat all change as a blessing well
tweet all change as a blessing and isn’t that what we’re afraid of when it comes
to career we’re gonna lose our job we’re gonna not get that promotion we’re we’re
not going to be able to find a job any case so we’re faced with a potential
change or are in the midst of a change so so treat it as a blessing this is and
so that the shift for me was in realizing okay we think we’re we think
we’re our bodies but were really souls who are occupying a body and we’re in
this lifetime as a soul were it’s all about growth and learning it’s all about
growth and learning so if we have that awareness what what is it that help us take the next positive step so
we can correct or improve our karma and that’s really the role of the astrologer
and this is how they can be helpful in the midst of these malefic combinations
so how did I answer that question to the astrologer how do you deal with these
militant combinations what do you say to people like we are he says we were
talking as like fellow astrologers how do you deal with this dilemma and I said
I don’t see that as I don’t believe it’s malefic combinations anymore
that’s I deal with it because all the pre oppressor harasser also says
in the second chapter it says the divine has many incarnations the divine incarnate as the planets to
give the results of the karma to the native so this is the divine working
through the planets for our benefit when we see that okay so the other thing that
I worked with was how to communicate that and I and then that then things
shifted for me okay if we talk about in simplistic terms this is bad this is
good this is it’s a simplistic binary approach to astrology this is good
that’s what people want to hear me say like they’ll say it’s not gonna be good
or bad yes yes I mean you kicked out a lot right I’m is
this is this transit gonna be good or bad just yes go get right to it come on so bad is implying fatalistic right this
become Sunbrella I Sayed okay yeah this is bad then everything that person that
I say that follows is under the umbrella of bad and there’s not much you can do
about it just sit back try to enjoy the ride and chill out you know that’s not
very helpful like it’s not it’s also not perhaps accurate and we’ll get into some
derp yoga examples you can see that actually in a modern sense these these
so-called Durio cos I mean they they I use the word instead of instead of bad I
use challenging because people people can rise the occasion we like challenges
we want to be challenged we can rise to the challenge and in a challenge is
where we grow it’s the process that’s important are we
growing and learning as Souls and so I mean like like party organizer says of
an easy life is not a victorious life and there’s a there’s an old you know
sailor saying a smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor yeah
so we need that we need to go up against that those challenges but we see it as a
challenge it’s not like we’re you know on my lip on Maui Hawaii and there’s big
waves this is a big wave country especially at certain times of them.this
where people come for this big wave surfing like 30-foot monster waves and I
mean that’s a big force you could just feel completely inundated
overwhelmed and you could drown by by that I mean there’s great force there
it’s same with the planets I mean a planetary combination is not anything to
scoff at I mean it does have the power but just like a surfer we learn to ride
the wave and that’s where astrology helps
as a counseling practice this is where we help give people the next positive
steps like another saying as oaks go strong in contrary winds and diamonds
are made under pressure so in that sense when you see that like okay challenge
I’m in ok bring it on yes this is this means I can grow you know what doesn’t
kill us makes us stronger so so that when you when you convey that ok people
can we can rise to that and say okay I’m ready to get stronger I’m ready to do
some tapasya I’m ready to do some austerities to shift this karma and so
it’s not white washing or sugar coating not making it all sound good and that’s
not it’s being realistic but it’s not this wasn’t most yes that’s correct yes
that’s correct but it also challenges the astrologer the most and here’s why
because we don’t want to be inaccurate as astrologers and in the modern day
you’re gonna be inaccurate it’s given it’s a given because there’s so many
professions are coming out every every week the changes in society are so quick
right now that onion there are many complex professions which are very hard
to bring for an astrologer right these are we’ve never been seen before a
I for instance like how do you how can you see somebody’s going into gonna go
into robotics yes okay I mean this is now the next wave in technology so then
somebody says well how am I gonna do in robotics and you’re gonna be scratching
your head but if you use astrological logic you can figure things out the
not gonna look in the classic text for them but how do you for instance
okay so the classic sexy Durio guys are represented by malefics in the 10 pounds
or with the 10th lord Rahu’s a malefic planet
Mars another planet you’ll find that Mars and Rahu represents innovation
innovative technology and that’s where the money is that’s where a lot of
careers are headed that’s where people as where engineers are going and you
know in the classic text so my teacher says take the classics liberally not
literally well yes liberally not literally we have
to be creative in our interpretation we have to be humble and astute because
you’ll learn that Rahu is innovation and cutting-edge technology and that
represents a huge amount of potential jobs for people in careers directions
Mars also is an engineer a fix-it planet so Mars and Rahu in the tenth house it’s
not going to be bad or good it could be good for some things I mean eight house
also eight house is innovation innovative
a house can be innovative because it is against the norm the dushana houses 8
and 12 especially eight houses 8 and 12 are a correspond to the science scorpio
and Pisces is eight nine eight signs eight houses twelve houses so high the
the water signs and you could say by extension water houses eight twelve our
water houses they’re opposite the water houses or water signs I’m excuse me
earth or signs water is opposite earth in astrology
so Taurus is the earth sign opposite Scorpio virgos opposite Pisces scorpio
is is a water house so in a modern context water houses can represent going
against the norm they’re different there they are
well innovative on one hand there you know especially the eighth houses
innovation change cutting being on the cutting edge of change this this that’s
like riding the wave in in a let’s say an industry riding the front wave is the
cutting edge and that’s like a surfer on the wave riding that the 12th house can
represent going far away so what are a lot of a lot of combinations that you
see our engineers a lot of just say a lot of clients that I have our engineers
who study engineering in India perhaps in the United States and then they yeah
so their their profession changes to the United States or to another country a
foreign country so Rahu is foreign countries twelve houses foreign
countries you see these connections so we then is that bad and bad no longer
does it’s not bad it’s desired but in the classic text it’s considered evil
and even when even when even in the last century when Gandhi Gandhi studied law
and and when went to England or others left the country before this big wave to
leaving India and going to foreign countries when they came back they would
have to be purified I mean that’s not too long ago that’s
that’s under a hundred years ago and maybe even 50 years ago these kinds of
these kinds of beliefs were common like in a photobooth house in the classical
decks you will see that you will be the person will be a wonderer
with wonderful yes yes go into the foreign lands and travel yes it was like
an outcast ‘red and nothing but now it is a blessing to explore the world you
can travel around the world if they have a yes yes all the photos okay I was
really big on research and research to help to steer astrology in for these
reasons to help modernize these classic texts so it’s useful it’s not useful in
the and if you take them literally but only when you take them liberally so
this is helpful as astrologers it’s helpful also as clients to understand
this so you know that it’s not just a bad outcome and when we just limit our
terminology to good and bad where we’re taking we’re taking the easy way out you
know like I don’t want have to work that hard to to talk about a texture or a new
subtlety and nuance where it could represent something much more complex
and that’s what our lives are complex so astrology is difficult and it takes
takes work so any questions about this this is a
little bit about what I wanted to share yes to have a to have a least an inkling
an awareness that there could be another interpretation which is modern and
actually innocuous harmless somebody going to a foreign country used to be
considered evil or harmful or but going to going to America or going to a
foreign country to build a life to be able to maybe send money back to your
parents in India this is obviously a positive thing and undesirable so we
have to reframe rethink these these old outdated concepts and be astute and
and curious about what else it could mean in a modern context and that’s a
that’s an ongoing thing that’s the research into what how would you see
nuclear physicist well that certainly I mean how would you how would you
understand that it’s not just a physicist but a nuclear physicist okay
so you get into much more refinement and refinement and that’s what I mean by
texture how can you see this and what you see
was is which is all so confusing for astrologers is that people that malefic
planets represent science can drown talks about this how the malefic planets
are science oriented the benefit planets are artistic oriented and artistic is is
in a broad sense meaning not fine art obviously mercury isn’t necessarily a
fine artist but the craft of writing the craft of public speaking that is mercury
you could say the craft of making a YouTube video you you’ll see that people
have who have a visual sense they’re more oriented towards Venus and the Sun yeah yeah because these are some more
complex unusual good years yes like but yeah yeah so engineers engineers could
have Mars Rahu Saturn in the ascendant and a sign of Virgo all the malefics
and they could be amazing successful engineers in that case with Virgo a
Senate Saturn becomes the fifth Lord so represents what people are interested
in studying and being with malefic planets cut it in Rahu cutting-edge
technology Mars a technically oriented fix-it planet so you can start to flush
these things out as you go through them so do you have any examples yoga as in
are they interpret and how they work yes sure yes it’s a good example or two or
yes that would be great so okay can you see this chart yes
okay so this was a client that I recently saw and she has Mary’s the
Senate with Mars and Rahu in the 10th house
yes yes Capricorn so Mars is the eighth Lord so this is a dirty oka by virtue of
the fact that it has Mars and Rahu malefic planets associated located in a
tenth house but this is also the eighth Lord in the tenth house yes so Mars has
a double role as a malefic being the Lord of the most malefic house the eight
tops okay so
it’s good or bad I mean that’s a question I mean you look
at that maybe I strides in astrology you look at that and you go oh guys this is
Mars is retrograde people have notions about retrograde what retrograde means
good bad you know they read or they they see a video online so they have
conceptions about that so if I knew when when I see this first thing I see is
Rahu Mars Mars is benefit and instead flaw
right yeah and this but it is an exalted so for how do you look at this yes so
this is this is not only the age Lord this is the first look this says a lot
about who this woman is who she is in her character she is an ambitious
person Mars in the tenth house directional
strength and exalted as you mentioned and this is also repeating when you read
the chart from the moon because the moon is in the ascendant if you also look at
the degrees over here you’ll see Mars is at 22 degrees it’s very close to his
exaltation degree its exalted and approaching its exaltation degree so
this is a Ruchika Maha Purusha yoga and this repeats from the moon you could say
it also repeats when you read a chart from the Sun this is powerful certainly
but powerful is that good or is that powerfully malefic you might ask if you
look also look at when she began her Mars Dasha
well look at her look at the sequins in her life she started her life in Venus
and Sun then Sun and Moon then Mars then Rahu and that goes all the way till 2014
so just the fact that she went into Mars at in 1989 well she would have been 17
years old almost 18 she turns 18 and in August of 1989 so this is when she’s
starting her adult life her career going to college
Mars is followed by Rahu so this combination and the tenth house becomes
critically important right later the dishes are lined up and this is he’s
wants to know about her career or you try to understand well and in retrospect
I mean I saw her a few weeks ago but now I’m looking trying to understand what
should I look at the Duchesse sequence and see what is she experienced what has
she gone through already to try to understand what’s happening now because
you’ve got to see what this is a the Duchesse sequence is a developmental
sequence now everything’s building on each other this is a soul’s journey
through time the learning the growth of a soul through time as shown by the
dishes so notice how notice how Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu what do you see
that’s common to all of them dad in Kindle yes
and shadow Russia’s wonderful sounding yes very very good very good what planet
is common in all of them common common Mars is in Mars is
expecting Venus the first – the Lord and followed by the Sun by followed by the
moon and then she goes into Mars and then she goes into rock
so Rahu Ketu conjunct the shallows well Rahu Ketu they’re not only Mars as
aspect in all of those Dutchman Lords in sequence
Venus Sun Moon and then of course Mars and Bravo
Rahu does an aspect to the moon and in any case you got to get this combination
right yes it said Mars is you can see you can see
me sweating bullets understanding this right amazing
hey guys yes this is her this isn’t only a planet place in the 10th house exalted
this is her sort of Senate Lord and it’s also the moon isn’t is in Mars design is
I mean so the things about Mars I mean this is a strong woman
first of all yes it’s a very strong woman and Mars is a planet of will
determination strength fortitude so she’s gonna make it happen
whatever it is that she wants in the area of career she’s going to put forth
a tremendous amount of will and that’s that is important understand Mars is in
a position of strength and the Douro yoga in this sense is as the eighth Lord
this is innovation this is an in every business she started she’s been a
businesswoman right out of college she has not wanted to work for somebody this
is a chart of someone who works for themselves because of death ozone
I’m sorry say again because of an Telstra ah many many factors to it ya
know what Mars is independent noise is it general Mars likes to give orders not
take them Marc Mars likes to be in the driver’s seat and making the decisions
so strong Mars will will typically represent broadly speaking entrepreneurs
people into doing things independently and the eighth Lord also can represent
people in a modern context who work when the eighth Lord is in the tenth house or
tenth Florida than is in the eighth house the challenges have fit into society
because the 8th house is is innovative and unconventional unorthodox like Rahu
Rahul Rahul you can say is connected with a palace is the house of change so
if the 8th house is connected with the tenth house then it can represent
someone who likes to work in an environment of change
they want to work their own hours they want to take breaks when they want to
they want to they want to stay free of the 9 to 5 schedule very like they will
have some morning sessions they will dig break and they even have evening
sessions yes right right so I mean this is one interpretation of the 8th Lord in
the 10th house there are many interpretations but Mars is independent
you can you can bank on that that she’s not gonna want to work for she’s be
uncomfortable working for another person or under a corporation because she wants
to do her own thing in her own way make those decisions and that’s exactly what
she described after she conferred I should say after I had shared that with
her you’ve you’ve you’ve always worked for yourself and she goes yes Mars – I
went from age 17 to 24 and then rahu 24 to 40 to 18 years of rahu so mm-hmm
when she came to me she has been five years into her Jupiter – ah well you can
see that with Jupiter began at age 43 42 and goes to 58 Jupiter Dasha is the
first session in our life where Specter by Mars it’s in the minus sign
it’s in Marseilles yes and it’s a new house so there’s no service continuity
it’s not entirely different but she’s much more interested in in her personal
growth self-development as is typical with the Jupiter Dutch people especially
if Jupiter rules rules the if Jupiter is a beneficial ruler ruler of the ninth
house if it’s aspect to the Sun or the ascendant place in the ascendant Jupiter
is interested in in improving expanding and doing things in a more
under you could say Jupiter’s our planet of well-being so she’s not she’s not
willing to work as hard as she did even though Jupiter’s aspected by Saturn she
still wants to work and earn but she wants to have a more she wanted wants to
be removed more Jupiter Saturn or Jupiter is the ninth
and twelfth floor so she’s more interested in her personal growth
supplements exactly she wants to like be on the board and not be doing the
day-to-day management Mars in the tenth house can represent management monies so
the only difficulty in this chart for the Mars or 8th Lord being into the
tenth house is the brakes you said um she you could say the challenge that do
the Jenny’s was the challenge is for her to not do it all herself she wants to do
it all herself and she’s burned herself out so she wants to be on the cutting
edge of change so she’s she wants to be in control and that has
that has had a negative effect on her health so that’s why she wants now in
the Jupiter does had to be focusing more on her health and more than having more
balance so Mars is this is Anna rich – Yoga Mars aspects as the eighth Lord –
the ascendant the moon so this is this is a malefic combination could have
malefic effects in other words engaging she’s had she’s pushed and pushed which
Mars is known to do pushed and pushed through all kinds of challenges and this
is good for that although it has made her – – she’s tired essentially yes in
Jupiter – she went to our heel but yes and too much of the day-to-day
management like she’s hard it’s harder for her to give up
wants to be in control yeah and so she’s look that’s the cutting
edge for her now I still learn how to delegate more and yeah let let a business manager take
over a lot of the things that she has done so in a case it’s a we can see a
shift overall in this Jupiter mahadesh ah this is that’s it that’s one example
it’s it’s not an entirely deroga why because I mean and that’s what we see
you find variations you’ll you’ll see a partial yoga being formed you’ll see if
yoga fully being formed and partial or not at all and and in this case the
tenth Lord being in the second house it’s not a malefic house its aspect to
buy a benefit planet and the ninth Lord which is Jupiter his answer exactly
so a dirty oka that is a clean full Dorota would be and malefics are in the
10th house the 10th Lord is in a dushashana house and an aspect to buy a
malefic planet that’s so not all the factors the full factors are there but
partial gerry oginski regarding death and learn i would ask at
the end i think we can go to questions now if it’s referring to this chart okay
oh what is the difference between 10th law being in to some other houses versus
other planets into the den house like in this case tenth floor is into
the so I can take a second house but eight
loud is into the ten thousand so how do we look at these things okay so the
general principle is that we have to keep our eye on three things
hmm the house house Lord and the kharka house house Lord Karaka
it should be a song in all astrologers head house has learned Karka because
those are the three things those the three criteria that we’re looking at in
this case the house has Mars and Rahu it also has the eighth Lord the house the
Lord is in Abin if excite a very comfortable sign Saturn loves being in
earth signs and also it loves being in Venus is sign
okay so being soldered is is very comfortable in Venus’s other sign of
Taurus and Libra its exalted sign and it’s aspect of body benefics so the
house Lord is is in better shape and you could say better shape is representing
10th Lord in the second house especially Saturn can certainly mean earning is
important with regards to career Ernie is important in general when Saturn is
in the second house that’s a big word for Saturn’s placed shows where
where we have to work and response of yeah where we have where a great deal of
our focus needs to be in that in our lifetime and in a case so it’s a turn in
the second houses is very hard working for the sake of earning and security
financial security is very very important to that person so then the
Karaka you know there’s four characters to the tenth house so it’s very
complicated I like to focus first on the Sun you
know the the for carcas are are the Sun Jupiter Saturn and Mercury some is the
primary Karka so I’ll focus on that first son is Sun Also
directional strength in the 10th house son represents our public life in
general so it has inherently more connection to do with the 10th house as
a general carica so the son also is aspected by the 8th lord and on the Rahu
Ketu axis so that is you could say qualifies for during yoga so then how do
we interpret that it is not an either/or situation it’s both end it’s both end
and absolutely we have to blend it and that’s the synthesis that’s a difficult
sense of this yes ok so how can we do that in this case you didn’t if you can
give the principal in one lane yeah that’s the last idea that is a blending
so sad so we say something about Saturn in the 2nd house as a tenth Lord or have
that awareness when we’re interpreting so the image juveniles other cars going
into the 2nd house and it is one and it is bringing the
element of that second it can be mercury it can be Sun it can be ten o’clock and
be anything in our case it’s Saturn so that’s crunch those planets who bring in
their element to the second house of earnings and the Taurus sign it says
something about her character everything that’s a value a character
trait and that can be described as such and then when that when that planets
Dash’s running that that gets emphasized more does that make sense yes so she’s
security minded that would be one key word that I would say Saturn in the as a
10th Lord in the second house the security minded she’s gonna work hard to
stay ahead of the game accumulate wealth through her work she’s
not going to be someone who would be only interested in volunteer work for
instance with that combination especially also as the 11th Lord in the
second house so she’s gonna accumulate wealth and that’s I say I would say the
other challenge to this it’s not all rosy Mars and Rahu people can suffer a
lot by excess passion excess desire like no matter how much she accomplished she
always wants more especially in Mars and Rahu especially women that are together
it’s excessive Rahu ik makes things more whatever planet sits with makes it more
excessive extreme and so you could say this is excessive ambition I mean this
is this someone who is determined above all to achieve
and that that has worked against her health she’ll put her to put career
above her own health and that’s been that’s been part of the challenge the
the door the difficulty yeah boo do you have any other examples to share or
viscous yeah okay someone I spoke with yesterday mmm okay this is another droga
mm-hmm 10th Lord you can see so this person was
born April 18 1951 4:54 p.m. in Toledo Ohio
Virgo ascendant 10th Lord in the 8th house with the 8th Lord and the Sun so
we’re seeing the 10th Lord and First Lord connected with the 8th Lord and the
12th floor and in the sign excuse me the sign of Aries and I read earlier
yes and mercury is Mercury retrograde so this is mm-hmm
both the the house Lord the 10th Lord placed in the 8th houses is also the
Karaka the primary kharkov the son in the 8th house with the 8th Lord Mars yes so what would you say about this will be to say let me say how do I look
at it okay this is a again notice how the the first Lord is in the in the in
the previous example and in this example there’s a connection with the first Lord
and the tenth house or tenth yes alright so in this case mercury is is that tenth
Lord yes it’s also the first Lord the previous example Mars is the first Lord
but it’s also in the tenth house so so you could say whatever combinations are
there are very personal they comprise a lot of his character traits so then
we’re seeing also a strong Mars Mars is in its own sign and the sign of Aries so
is this bad is in is being independent bad if you do
eighties uh Mars Mars is independent yes by nature Mars and the sign of Aries is
also you could say independent Mars assigned Mars is Cardinal or Chara sign
mm-hmm right so this is this is Mars in its molar trakone assign Sun Also
exalted this is also an example of someone who has has preferred to work
his own hours work project based if I didn’t love into the eighth house
of drinks yes so like he he was a consultant he would work evenings
weekends he would not just a regular at 9:00 to 5:00
it was working with his old projects yes yes all this is happening 11 from the
tenth house it houses 11 for him and us
yes so first of all independent someone who who so you you one of the questions
you ask how do you see a difference between somebody who works for a
corporation or a job a job or business yes
Arius is an entrepreneurial sign Mars is an entrepreneurial planet it can also
represent management of being in being in a position of control if they’re
working for a business then they preferred to manage a well a department
or a project or be the lead so a position of power of strength especially
with Mars with the Sun exalted on this is excessive heat this is is a fire
Constitution than someone who can who’s very confident mmm-hmm okay and then
what about these discussing what is yeah so so he was in a Mars he was in a Mars
Dasha between 68 and 75 so can rao had indicated to me pay great
attention to the first Usha in a person’s life and also the Desha
that’s running when someone is becoming an adult those important formative years
so we have our birth which is our formative years our childhood formative
childhood years but then we have our formative adult years our formative
career years you might say and that that’s early 20’s people are making
decisions about what career they want to go towards and so
this is Jupiter’s very strong in his the fifth Lord is also very strong so
yes we can’t we can’t decide or interpret one’s career solely on the
position of the 10th lord or are they condition of the 10 pounds what planets
are placed there or the d-10 chart which I also have up here yes so we have to
see the chart as a whole Jupiter’s in a hamsa maha purusha yoga so he he became
a counselor and the eighth house relates to psychology mm-hmm he’s also very interested in writing on
literature Mars is a third Lord with thee in with
Mercury Mercury’s is a Senate Lord so he’s a
writer he said he’s a teacher he’s a counselor he’s an astrologer oh yeah
so he isn’t this is the chart of mark Boni okay dear friend of mine colleague
and someone I also learned a lot from over the years both fellow student of
camera and in a case I was talking with him yesterday here is his his we he and
I have talked about his chart a lot and I’ve used this chart as an example a
popular article I have in my website gifts of the eighth house any case he
helped professionals in career counseling he he was a headhunter before
he was before he was teaching astrology and working as an astrologer full time
he was a he worked in corporate he was he worked with powerful business people
going through career change career changes or business transitions so he’d
worked with Rajas you know the kings of yes the Sun is exalted so 10th Lord is
with exalted son in the 8th house and he was assisting them through transitions
either finding another position as a headhunter or counseling
them with with regards to their their businesses so helping them 8th house is
a house of death and rebirth so it’s a house of transition it’s not a
bad thing I mean you’ll see people 10th Lord in the 8th house if there’s kin if
there are combinations that represent counseling it can they can help people
or be help people through business leadership decisions how do I take this
business in a dilapidated state in a broken-down state and how do I revive it
how do we take this in next level so he did that kind of counseling so that like
how do you take something in a state of death into a state of rebirth when it’s
a business that means like a business transformation so this is part of the
work that he did in addition this is because dead plug collective in the 8th
house of both in Denton 3 both well it’s a double signification because this
isn’t only the 10th Lord in the 8th house this is the 10th Lord with the 8th
Lord and we’re seeing the 10th Lord with the 12th Lord so these are houses of
transition 8th and 12th houses our Moses are the houses that are as hard to phone
another teacher I had early on when our studying astrology used to say that the
8th and 12 houses are both houses of transition they represent the place in
the sky of the sunrise and sunset the yes so they represent transition moving
from one from night today day to night so mm-hmm
so there’s a we’re seeing a repeated pattern and that’s really what we need
to do as astrologers is to find those clues and add them up astrologers are
really detectives we’re looking at the symbolic language here of the chart and
we’re trying to we’re trying to decipher it we’re trying to
we have to add up clues and and make our build our case right by the number of
clues by the quality of the clues and then we make our interpretation so
it’s its analysis and synthesis yes so now that’s a that’s a repeated pattern
meaning it’s a it’s a well reinforced combination with the temp Lord in the
eighth house combining with the eighth Lord and the twelfth Lord that’s a lot
of transition and that also the eighth house represents astrology because the
eighth house another way to understand the house is that is represents well in
the twelfth house are watery houses right so they it’s like going been it’s
like it’s like scuba diving you’re going beneath the surface into the depths
finding the pearls of a cult hidden knowledge so this can the eighth house
is very much it’s very important to the study of astrology I remember when I
first arrived in India in November 1992 and I had my tutorial lessons with our
santhanam was the first astrologer in India that I worked with and and he was
looking at my chart and he said oh you study you started astrology in the
subduction of your eighth Lord which I on caprica and he goes I also started my
study of astrology in the – of the 8th Lord when people get in
cold knowledge so it’s a very it’s a very innocuous it’s it’s not easy god
it’s on it’s not a harmful interpretation it’s not in and of itself
a dangerous order or evil combination you just it’s not a bad thing it’s just
a thing yes it has its meaning and it’s neutral yes neutral I mean a nostalgia
study of astrology isn’t is is not an evil thing it’s a neutral thing it’s as
something that’s another form of research the ape house also relates to
research it’s a it’s a study a deep study that represents profound knowledge
helping us understand the core core patterns so so another way to interpret
Adder yoga you know in a it’s another viewpoint we’re seeing
other viewpoints to help to broaden our perspective so we can we can start to
develop an understanding interpretations of these ancient classical texts which
need to be updated yes that are in our modern culture is is requiring that we
update it because this or else it’s not useful
we need to astrology be useful it’s a great tool for helping people navigate
through their lives it’s a it’s a it’s a map for navigating through time just
like we use maps to navigate through space like find where we are we can look
at the chart and see where we are and what are the planetary influences coming
in so then we can make again find the next positive steps I remember I
remember I had a was in a counseling program in high school called peer
counseling we were working consoling with underclassmen or lower classmen so
and the teacher that I had she said you don’t have to give somebody a whole
bouquet you don’t have to give this just get them one flower give him one or two
give him something that is going to be helpful for them to understand where to
take a positive step how they can move their life forward move their karma
forward so we’re all we all the manager might say our karma so our
karmic load is our lifetime so how can we improve proof this so that’s that’s
really the that’s really how astrology becomes a way that we can be of benefit
and mm-hmm provide benefit in society why
it’s a great counseling tool because you can’t go to a counselor and find about
the future you might be able to understand the past but a counselor
it’s the occult sciences that are going to give that in and and be able to see
the continuum of someone’s life through the Duchesse sequence and the transits
combined with transits and particularly if you’re using multiple dutchess
systems and it becomes very sophisticated and very refined and it
could be very very accurate very very helpful and that’s the purpose it’s not
a help not helpful why do it it’s not benefiting people why do it you’re just
if you’re leading down people down a road that is creating more fear and and
basically paralyzing people into action we need to feel the we need they need
more help than that and so you can provide it so this is a great
aggregate to land but you need use the tool just like with any tool you have to
learn how to use it mm-hmm okay so do we have a time for example another example
and a very talented third floor I would love to work at either a coleslaw or
10th Lord associated with the 12th Lord or 12th house I mean or debilitated tens
loan or something if you have any example handy just happen to
you okay all right so this is similar so this is this is a chart of a man who
did very well abroad and you can see how the 10th Lord is again with the 12th
Lord just like in the previous example ok and the 10th Lord is with Rahu so
Rahu represents foreigners foreign places and then also with Mars the 8th
Lord so again we’re seeing some similar patterns here Mars and who Moses with
the flow flow and the 10th oh yes yes so in his Venus Dasha actually be miss
being in the 10th house excuse me the 12th house Venus being in the 12th house
Venus took him abroad and if you look looking for confluence for looking for
that repeated pattern we can see in the d-10 chart how Venus is in the 12th
house so you could say there’s in the in his natal chart there was the capacity
or the possibility of him to go abroad first lord 10th Lord with the 12th Lord
and Rahu both Lord is with the dead phone and rung Mars
yes and he started his life in in mercury Dasha so for for for a sentiment
on going forward there has to be connection between the 12th floor and it
comes to me because I get a lot of questions about them whether I would be
able to I’m a blonde or education well I think I
think it’s it’s fair to say there could be those accommodations yes because
because this is why astrology is tricky why it’s difficult because there are
there’s always exceptions and and here’s one exception he goes into he began his
life in mercury Dasha but he and he had exposure to foreign countries early on
but he didn’t go abroad until his Venus Dasha
so he’s in mercury followed by K 2 and then Venus so at age 19 he started Venus
Dasha nineteen to thirty nine was Venus Dasha so it didn’t happen in mercury or
k2 although he’s always had an interesting going abroad it actually
happened in Venus so does Venus connected with the 10th house No it’s in the trough it’s in the Tri
house mmm it’s also in the 12th house in the d-10 chart so he started his own
business in a foreign country yeah you’re gonna be this way bigger that’s
right yes so generally when people people can just go into a Rahu Dasha and
have more connecting with for hours and more possibility of going abroad just
simply being in a beat Rahu Maha Dasha or untoward Usher’s booty solo who’s
Rahu primarily is the planet if you’re gonna if you’re gonna pin one planet to
going abroad within with a purpose of career growth expansion its Rahu that’s
my experience just I have I have dozens and hundreds of examples because I talk
with so many Indians who have gone abroad and k2 also possibly yes Rahu and
Ketu ki and both represent exotic faraway exotic places 12th house
connections and if there is a connection with the fifth house or 9th house and
they go abroad for study typically or the connection with Jupiter the ninth
house kharak or fifth house car and fifth house Karaka so you’ll see
examples of that if we have more time we could do that but then in a case if
going abroad for a work in this case venus is the second Lord
in the twelfth house in his natal chart Venus is also that the u.s. in in this
yes so it’s rules to houses of wealth so
wealth abroad certainly indicated and then if you venus is also in the second
house from the moon so venus is is yeah it’s it’s the 11th lord in the second
house from the move second Lord ninth Lord in the twelfth house so there’s
there’s a connection with earning so Venus was
entrepreneurial dasha or is enough I have one question
if Rahu has connection with the seventh large house do these people travel with
their partner to the Vorlon even just the seven even just being in the seventh
house can connect people with going abroad the seventh and twelfth house can
both represent abroad there’s two houses for going abroad the seventh and the
twelfth you’ll see the twelfth house more often than the seventh house in my
experience and yes yes there’s a connection with seven thousand seven
Lord or Venus the Karaka House house Lord and Karaka again connected in that
combination yes then certainly yeah and also of course we haven’t in this class
we haven’t gone into divisional charts but you’ll also see all this playing out
as in the divisional charts if the if the division if the birth time is
correct then you should see repeated patterns and that’s why the divisional
charts are so important for accurate predictions can’t do everything in one
class but yes yes the charts it’s lost and especially looking at multiple
charts yeah and then okay give the planets in all the division charts and
connecting them with the Minnesota militia well at least at least the
relevant ones that you’re looking at I mean relative to people’s questions
mm-hmm but I think it’s certainly good to know
where them but this my hellos yes this really makes sense how these will tell
you my other hand Lords planets are lined up give this person the foreign
settlement with Venus and all these planets character that work floor float
from the moon in the 10th house yes amazing yes
yes yes yeah don’t have couple more questions can recover this I think I
think if they’re brief but I think okay so just a quick just a quick question
oh can you tell us a couple of points about because I get a lot of questions
about it I know that’s a Jamie diamond set and that is sick I think we should
say everything we should save that one because that’s mixing we’re primarily
kids everything that comes easily okay so yeah I need this for Dean woodchuck
sticking with pro shree shree methods rather than Jai many methods yes yes has
aspects and yes exactly so I think it’s it would do a disservice
maybe to move this that’s a problem with that’s a problem a big problem with how
in how internet astrology has muddied the water as you might say it’s like
everything is uh right I think you have to learn you have to really get a
foundation in the fundamentals and and and fund amount the fundamentals are the
are the main drivers of an accurate prediction you have that then you have a
great foundation and that’s where that’s the place to begin
um is I mean not that that gemiini is not important I don’t
and I don’t guess you have to put it off I let I think but I think but I think
there’s a there’s I mean we all have we have the we all have a point where a
different point where we hit the hit the wall and where we have analysis
paralysis just too much that’s a that’s a trick to balance that yes any other
another quick question no I have okay I hear I have one thing one thing that is
important to note is that retrograde retrograde also is maligned as a very
malefic combination and it is it is Canada has a great key word for this
malefic I mean retrograde planets are erratic I love that keyword because I really
it’s it’s shifting so just like Rahu and Ketu are amorphous they’re that they are
squirrely or tricky to interpret they’re erratic in the results it can give a
changeable erratic results in same with retrograde planets and in fact Rahu Ketu
of course are always retrograde or and retrograde planets act like the nodes of
the moon on that note okay so they can be also represent going against the
grade of society they’re under an unconventional indication for instance
Mercury retrograde is often seen in the Church of astrologers I got that a lot
of the soldiers have that so there’s interested in studying what is
unconventional and a cult or hidden and it’s not a bad thing no again this is
this is just a thing it’s a neutral thing it’s just a proclivity it’s just
an interest and so retrograde also if you understand from an astronomical
perspective what retrograde means retrograde means that the planet is
is appearing to go retrograde it’s not actually retrograde and it’s closer to
the earth and that’s why it appears beach-going in
retrograde motion it’s close to the earth and therefore it’s brighter so
we’re looking at planets that are that are visibly larger and brighter and
slower so – yes but they can be more effective in an erratic manner so you
can’t count on say you know normally one thing that can Roz says is you know
benefits and angles are great they help to solidify the chart in a benefit way
it gives overall protection and well-being although if the benefits are
retrograde then less so can’t count on them for that same benefit so um so
again retrograde gret retrograde can be more powerful because they’re brighter
and they’re closer there’s and they’re slower they represent an area like Rahu
that that we need to pay attention to in this lifetime can represent some some
some pattern from a past life this is what I remember I can remember almost
everything I learned from our scent and I’m when I first had those days with him
he was he shared with me how retrograde represents something some something
unfinished business for a past life so that could be good you could just come
in with a strong desire to do something doesn’t have to be something that you’re
working out in a you know a challenging area certainly can certainly represent
that like Rahu can so I hope this has been helpful in terms of
here’s some other perspectives so that we don’t just fall into the trap of
thinking good and bad yes and to start to see this as complex more complex or
more nuanced more texture to an interpretation so we understand our
lives in them as they are which are statistic on flex to also respect our
this system of astrology as something that can provide that kind of detailed
sophistication and I think this is this is I mean how it can be made disservice
to be thinking in in terms of this binary good and bad it it limits the
depth is kind of like it’s kind of like taking a tool and using it in the way
that it’s like taking a blunt tool a very blunt dull tool and trying to do
something with it it’s so so also it can help with this kind of this kind of
understanding then we can see our lives in and the study of astrology in a truer
sense in my my my belief is this is really about our learning and growth as
Souls this is our karma and in that way it’s all good it’s all we’re all
learning something and and even in a practical sense people said oh god I
hated losing that job but it’s been the best thing I’ve now I’m doing this or
you know what what what was I remember I’m years ago I was really really wanted to
get that house and and it didn’t come through and had all these features that
I liked and in case it didn’t come through and then something else came
what was better much better so so treat all changes of blessing miss I guess I
would say and and all this is for our benefit and learning so thank you so
much for saying yes yes joy and pleasure and yes thank you for sharing your
knowledge with us and enlightening us with good and bad and how we judge them
career and tenth of things and to do gas and how to integrate them know things
more – yes your same word challenge that we’re challenging to think of it as a
challenge yes like I mean if if we can convey something realistic as an
astrologer like this looks very challenging like you really need to
commit to this and sometimes I have to say that to people you know with regards
to health like this is a big hurdle and it’s going to require diligent regular
regiments to improve your health and and get on the other side of this so I think
when we use when we see it as there’s something they can they there’s
something they can do to improve theirs their condition their lives and that’s
why successful yes that’s right yes yes thank you for
coming to the channel and fingers understand these complexities of the
eight thousand ten thousand gentle Lord thank you way that you reach people by your effect
I really appreciate know your heart you bring a heart into work yes as well as a
very sharp mind I appreciate that yes thank you yes see okay how do you


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