Vedic Astrology – Jupiter: The Planet Of Wealth & Inspiration

Vedic Astrology – Jupiter: The Planet Of Wealth & Inspiration

Hi, it’s Lalitha and this is about Jupiter. Have you ever met a teacher who made you feel so inspired ? infinite? That everything that you wanted to do was possible. Anything that you dreamed of could be implemented, could be manifested? That is the way Jupiter operates in our consciousness. He is the planet — first of all, He is a living being in the Vedic tradition. And He is the planet of the highest thinking, the highest principles and the law, ethics, philosophy. Anything higher or bigger is Jupiter and you know, He is the largest planet in our solar system. And also, He rules Thursdays, the day of the week –Thursday. And also He rules children and so we said, teachers and also priests, because He’s also about the divine inspiration, religion and also very spiritual lifestyle. Like the lifestyle of the Yogi is primary inspired by Jupiter, So, people who want to improve themselves constantly, who want to only have a higher mind and higher thinking that they say,, “See good. Look good”, but teach the highest things — What’s the saying? “See good. Speak good of others.” So that is Jupiter. How do you strengthen Jupiter? so you can get more wealth, more inspiration and a higher mind, a higher thinking. First of all, you can connect with your teacher, your teachers and know that they will inspire you so much, they would take you to the higher Path. If that doesn’t resonate with you, you can turn to higher teachings on your own. It can be in any tradition that resonates with you. It can be Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism. And if it’s not a religion, just a higher way of seeing the Universe and maybe a higher source. Maybe what would resonate with you is that you’re not just physical body with a lot of thoughts, with a brain. Maybe, there’s more to you and then, your origins are divine. So that is the other way to understand Jupiter. But with utter positivity comes also an easier life. So, a lot of money for example , having more children. Some people consider those things a blessing. So anything that is a blessing in your life: Teachers, Teachings and wealth comes through Jupiter. So, on Thursdays you can You can recite that three times if you have no time at all. If you have more time — nine times. 27 or 108 is a great number. It’s a sacred number. You can also use Gems that are supposed to resonate with the energy of Jupiter. So that can be Citrine which is semi-precious and also, it can be a yellow Sapphire, and I wear it all the time because I’m a Jupiter person. But if that doesn’t resonate with you, you can offer yellow flowers to a statue or picture of Jupiter. You can also answer sponsor a fire ritual, a fire lab, through AstroVed & Pillai Center. And that is supposed to give the highest results, the best results possible. So, I hope this is great for you to, this is a great planet for you that you resonate with and that this video was useful and it inspires you to a higher life and a happier life. So, thank you so much for watching. And see you soon.


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  • Apollo D says:

    thank you for good and informative video
    and the coincidence is today (22/6/2017 IND) being thursday day of jupiter as you mention in the video I am watching this video made on Jupiter

    Mam I have always been interested in Vedic Astrology
    Can you guide me on how to become a Astroved Astrologer, the steps

    Thank You very much

  • Life Is What You Make It! says:

    Thank you

  • Saffiyeh Jaffer says:

    I know automatically that Jupiter is my main influence. Before i was so inspired by Islam. But i was blessed then with Yoga and Hinduism. And i am so inspired still. I love this.
    Om Gureve Namaha

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