Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects(Jyotish)

Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects(Jyotish)

planetary aspects are one of the
important tool for predictive ability today we are going to talk about the
planetary aspects in Vedic Astrology so keep watching the Muslim welcome to
Brahmanic astrology Channel I’m your host Prasad Maha Zoni help you raise
your vibrations and become your true self with the help of medical stralla ji
today we are going to talk about the planetary aspect what is planetary
aspect aspect literally means to look at it when we talk about planetary aspects
in Vedic Astrology context it simply means the planet is looking at the other
planet or the other house when we say Sun is aspecting Jupiter we simply mean
that Sun is looking at the trippity so what it means is Sun has some
significant it has some Lordships and now it is looking at the Jupiter which
results which also has some lordship and also has some natural signification so
now this gives you a hint of what’s going on in that in that chart okay
let’s look at the aspects of the planets what are the planets and what aspects do
they have okay let’s start with the Sun Sun can see seventh house from itself
moon can see seventh house from itself mercury can see is seventh house from
itself Venus can see seventh house from itself okay and Mars Jupiter Saturn and
Rahu Ketu yes Rahu Ketu as well how the special aspects we will talk about them
later in this video let’s take an example of Sun Sun is in
the first house of your horoscope and it will aspect the seventh house from
itself that is the seventh house of your horoscope if it is if it is in the
twelve thousand or scope it will aspect the sixth house which is the seventh
from the twelfth if it is in the nine thousand horoscope it will aspect the
third house of your horoscope okay and same applies to the moon moon also
aspects the seventh house from itself wherever a moon is place it will aspect
the seventh house so Sun moon Mercury and Venus have only seventh aspect okay
and what do they do with the aspect as in what happens when a planet aspect the
other planet when a planet aspects the other planet it shares some of its
signification to the other okay so when Sun aspect the seventh from itself in
your horoscope it gives light to that house it you can shine there why because
it’s Sun the brightest star in the solar system it’s the centre of the solar
system so wherever you have the aspect of Sun you will have a light in that
house okay so you will shine there so you will have a pride in that house
signification what do I mean by that if it is aspecting your tenth house from
the fourth house so you will have a pride in whatever you are doing in your
career in your Karma okay let’s move on to the moon moon can aspect seven from
itself and when we have the aspect of moon it is very nurturing and motherly
aspect if you have the aspect of Moon you will have an emotional connect with
that house if you have moon in the eleventh house so it will be seven
perspect will be on the fifth so you will have an emotional connect
with your children okay like that it works for all the houses the aspect of
mercury what it does when mercury aspects with the seventh house with the
seventh aspect not the seventh house so the mercury the aspect shows the area of
life where we like to engage ourselves where we like to gather the information
where we like to organize ourselves wherever wherever we like to share the
ideas okay suppose you have the mercury in the third house
it is aspecting the ninth house so you will always talk about the religion
philosophy the ideologies okay this is how it works and let’s talk
about the aspect of Venus when Venus aspect it gives you the comfort it is
Venus so it gives you the comfort and the luxury of that house you are lucky
about that house that’s what I have observed okay so these are the normal
aspects we are talking about and Mars Jupiter and Saturn have a special
aspects let’s talk about them let’s talk about the aspect of Mars first Mars have
a special aspects it can aspect from itself in the fourth house 7000 form
itself and 8,000 form itself okay when you have mass placed in certain houses
it aspects 4,000 form itself seventh house from itself and 8,000 form itself Jupiter aspects fifth seventh and nine
from itself what is Jupiter Jupiter is all about the
knowledge so wherever you have an aspect of Jupiter
it will give knowledge and information and a blessing about that house you’ll
be blessed about the signification of those houses or if you have a tough
planetary condition or alignment in these houses the aspect of Jupiter can
really help you improve the planetary alignments okay let’s talk about the
aspect of Saturn Saturn has three aspects the third hubs the third house
aspect the seventh aspect as all other planets and the tenth aspect okay let’s
talk about the planetary aspects of Saturn let’s talk about the third aspect
wherever you have a third aspect of Saturn you have to take an effort for
that house okay suppose you have Saturn in the fifth house so he’s expecting the
seventh house so you have to take effort for your marriage not only in the
process of the marriage but as a responsibility you always have to take
an conscious effort towards your partner get the seventh aspect as usual is for
the Saturn it puts the responsibility wherever you have an aspect of Saturn it
makes you aware of that house it makes you conscious of that house and the
responsibilities attached to it like you have a second aspect on the tenth house
so what it does is or if you have a second aspect on the fourth house of
your horoscope so it gives a responsibility towards your mother so
you are a take care of her health so you have to take care of her and things will
happen that you have to take care of her okay let’s talk about the tenth aspect
of the satyrs when the second aspects with is ten thousand what is 10 percent
house is all about your karma wherever you have the second strength aspect you
have to take radical action you have to work you have to take it’s not a whole
house effort this is the actual Karma this is the actual of course not of
course this this is that karma you to the ten thousand is a radical action
based on the ninth house that is the beliefs and higher believes you have you
take an action okay so second has third house aspect and a tenth of it both
gives the responsibility conscious efforts and hard work and a
responsibility okay what is the other type of the these are the special
aspects of the planets the Mars Saturn and Mars Saturn and Jupiter these are
the special aspects and also Rahu and Ketu we will talk about it let’s talk
about the aspect of Rahu what is wrong Rahu is all about the expansion
is that planet which has only head he can eat but can’t digest
he wants it all so when you have an Rahu’s aspect on any other houses you
have to try for those things so if you have a Rahu in the 6th house and it is
expecting the 10th house you will be career minded person you want it all you
want all those things or you want all those promotions you want that the
designation and you will be so focused to get that all even if you get it
something and even if you get something you want something else beyond that you
are not satisfied because it’s wrong it’s not Jupiter Rahu and Ketu also have
the aspects fifth and ninth aspect okay let’s talk about the k2 k2 aspects are
about the detachment k2 are the things we have already achieved in the last
birth these are the things we have already achieved so we are not
interested in those things we are interested in the Rahu things wherever
Rahu is place wherever is expecting we are very much obsessed about those
things and wherever k2 is placed and it is aspect we are kind of not interested
in those things because subconsciously and genetically we have already we have
already been through that experience in our previous lives so we are not
interested in those areas in this like that okay
so wherever Rahu or wherever k2 is aspecting you will feel very detached
and separated from that house signification suppose you have Rahu in
the first house and k2 in the seventh house
so you are not much into the marriage you feel detach from the partner you
feel detach from the marriage itself you don’t want to get married okay
these are the effect of aspect of k2 okay these are the aspects after and
these are the special aspects okay first where the normal aspects the
seventh house aspect every planet has the seventh house aspect then Mars
Jupiter second Rahu Ketu have a spatial aspects okay then there is a thing
called as a mutual aspect mutual aspect is when you have planet in the fourth
and seventh house from itself also has a planet okay let’s take an example you
have Sun in the sign of Aries and you have Mars in the sign of Libra so Mars
is also expecting the Sun and Sun is also aspect in the mass this is a mutual
aspect okay there is another example of a
parivartana yoga parivartana yoga simply means a direct aspect on each other with
the sign exchange what do I mean by that Saturn in the sign of Leo and Sun in the
sign of Aquarius we are expecting each other in the
parivartana yoga okay this is a short explanation we are going to make a
detailed video on the all these aspects each house specifically each planet
specifically okay this is an introduction video okay so I am just
going through all those aspects and planets very quickly there is another
aspect called Sun the aspects and the aspect is nothing but the planets are in
different science it with when we when we consider the degrees they aspect each
other okay let’s take an example of suppose we have
a Saturn in the last degree of certain Rashi and we have Venus in a certain
Rashi which are not seven from each other third from it third from Saturn
ten from certain yet they are placed in such a way that with the degrees they
can aspect each other this is but advance okay
another misconception about the aspect is the 10% aspect 20% aspect I have not
seen that in my studies I like to use the degrees to fine-tune the aspects but
I don’t like to see the aspect percent wise I don’t understand that how it
works and I have not seen that working in my studies it only complicates the
things in my humble opinion ok so we are not going to consider the percentage of
aspects and sorry I am NOT going to do that
another thing is yes Rahu and Ketu aspects in Parrish ara hora Shastra
there is nothing written about it but in my personal experience and I have found
that these aspect and in even in my own horoscope when I try to make sense of my
horoscope the aspect of Rahu and Ketu are very important and they do aspect
yes this was an introduction video on aspect these are the aspect as much as I
could hold grasp and share with you guys if you are new to my channel please
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