Vedic Astrology: Timing of Marriage(2018)

Vedic Astrology: Timing of Marriage(2018)

today we are going to talk about the
timing of marriage in Vedic astrology what is the natural suitable indications
of timing for your marriage based on your horoscope coming on namaste and
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like this one in today’s video we are going to talk about the timing of
marriages in vedic astrology O O we have lot to talk about
till that chair okay so what is the first thing we will look for when we are
looking for the timing of marriages in Vedic Astrology
there are two main significance for the marriage in Vedic Astrology
first is the Venus venus is the Karaka of the marriage the companionship or any
long-term committed relationships so its marriage so Venus is the first thing is
the first Karaka is the first significant and the other significant
which is Jupiter in man’s chart we have signifies his wife and in women chart
Jupiter signifies the husband when we are looking for timing of marriage in
your horoscope we have to look for these two planets in your horoscope the
dignity and the houses they have occupied for any event to happen there
has to be the confirmation from the transits the transits of Jupiter and the
transit of Saturn has to be examined before confirming the
timing of the marriages that positive transits of Saturn and Jupiter are
required for any event to happen so transit of Jupiter and Venus is very
important for any marriage to happen what are the houses we have to look for
when we are looking for the timing of marriages the second house which is the
house of your family first house is yourself second house is your immediate
environment second house is your immediate environment that is your house
that is your family okay and it can also be your family after marriage so second
house and the second Lord also becomes important what is the other thing we
have to look for the seventh house and the seventh house Lord the seventh house
is as we all know is the house of marriage is the house of the
companionship first house is yourself seventh house is the other self the
person we are looking for okay it’s about the marriages so seventh house and
the seventh Lord also becomes important next is eleventh house eleventh house is
your house of wish desire hopes and if you want to get married if you want to
get involved into the long-term committed relationship if you are
looking for a wife if you are looking for a husband if you are looking for a
companion for a long term you have to look if your desire is going to get
satisfied is your desire is going to get fulfilled and this confirmation we can
get from the eleventh house Venus and Jupiter are the natural carcass for the
marriages okay these are the natural carcass but apart from it
there are the functional carcass like seventh house Lord
may be anything depending upon the rising side if you have the Libra
ascendant you will have the Aries as the first lady’s as the seventh touch if you
have the new ascendant you will have the Aquarius as the eleventh seventh house
so the dynamics change what you have to look for is the second Lord
the seventh Lord and the eleventh Lord the transit of second Lord seventh Lord
and eleventh floor from any of these houses is really favorable for the
marriage perspective okay what do I mean by that suppose you have the Virgo
ascendant so what is your second house Libra so Venus is the lord of the second
house no Radames Venus what is the seventh house
seven thousand prices that is Jupiter is your seventh Lord and what is the
eleventh floor 11th Lord is our cancer that is moon is the eleventh Lord so
Venus Jupiter and moon becomes the carga the functional Karaka for you to
decide the timing of the marriages okay – ah under – ah of these two really
helps and gives the favorable environment to get married today we are
talking about the timing of the managed what it signifies when you have this
planet in 7,000 s planet in 12 this is not the subject for today’s video we’ll
make a separate video for it but how to look for a timing is you have
to look for a Dasha first thing you have to note is the vamoosh artery – ah
you’re running em shorter a Dasha is a time period is a unique unique feature
of vedic astrology which sets it apart from all other streams Dasha is you you
are always reading under some – on the Dasha starts with your
nakshatra Lord and it has the specific sequence so if you are starting with the
run then if you will go to the time period of 18 years of round then 16 year
old Jupiter 19 year of Saturn then 16 years of mercury then K 2 then again 20
years of K 2 set for 7 years and 20 years of Venus after Keiko this sequence
of planet and the number of years for each planet is pre decided it is already
it is already it’s already set so and it can start from anything if you if you
have an action Lord if you’re not shutter Lord is Venus you’re – I will
start from Venus and the sequence will remain the same
okay so the first thing you have to do is you have to look for a – ah are you
going through the Dasha of the planet which is ruled by which is ruling 2nd
7th or 11th Lord boom you are good to go ok this is a favorable period and if you
are going through the Dasha of the Jupiter or Venus
this also is a favorable period for marriage but you have to look for the
seventh Lord and where it is placed and look for the dashes and enter dashes for
the city so let’s summarize how to look for the timing of marriage in Vedic
Astrology for you you are to look for the natural significations and where
they are sitting next thing you look for is the house
lords of two seven and eleven house okay then you have to look for the Dasha then
– our Lord and Mary sitting and then you have to look further the shows and under
the shots of the planets which we have got from all these steps okay then you
can decide the timing of the horoscope or you can decide the timing of the
marriage so yes this was my analysis of the timing of marriage in astrology if
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  • Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) says:

    Vibrate Higher Become Your True-Self

    Love and peace
    Prasad Mahajani

  • Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) says:

    Important Houses to look for in the Timing of Horoscope are 2nd House 7th House and 11th House

  • Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) says:

    2nd House is the Hours of Family and immediate environment
    7th House is the House of Marriage
    11th House is the House of Your desires and Wishes fulfillment

  • Rajesh Kannan says:

    My data birth:11,5,1992,
    Birth time:6:05 am,
    Birth place: ariyalur,
    Hello sir how are you, u explain my 7th house?

  • Shiva Krishna says:

    I think you should explain one example chart fully by showing the slides so that everybody can understand


    some of points u r missing..
    2nd lord and 11th lord dasa isnt marriage given .. 7th from rulling mahadasa planet give it more.. there is will be some ppl ..running saturn in thier youth part still they got married ..
    another thing .. saturn and jupiter transits can give marriage ..but u need to check first for marriage is there for native or not .. or early or Late
    u forget totally navamsa chart .. for marriage …
    Biggest thing is astrology cant be easy .. so dont make ppl ..think that astrology easy .. And i Dont know ..did u consider transits for asc, or Moon…but it always should be Moon

  • drbandanasoren says:

    What if jupiter and venus both are debilitated during jupiter mahadasha

  • samir shaikh says:

    sir, i going through rahu mahadasha and my 2nd lord is mars 7th lord is mercury and 11th lord is saturn, so tell me the timing.

  • drbandanasoren says:

    Ok in navamsa jupiter in pisces and venus in leo … the result will vary from birth chart

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    Sir, my Jupiter is in capricorn in 9th in D1. And Jupiter is in aries in 2nd in D9 . My 7th lord in D1 is mars. What'll happen when Jupiter Saturn and mars transit over my natal Jupiter? Will it trigger marriage??

  • Review Eagle says:

    According to BSP my 7th house activate at the age of 24 becoz of Ketu in 8th house.So,my 7th house is activate this year and my lord of 7th house(Jupiter) is in 2nd house with Rahu, Venus and Sun in libra sign

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    Thank u for everything u do. Its great to see that u don’t take idiotic comments seriously and respond them positively. I am a newbie in learning astrology. This is definitely helpful. Cheers 😊

  • Bock says:

    Hey mate, In PROPER ENGLISH, we don't add a "THE" prefix for nouns, it's not The Rahu, The Jupiter, it's Rahu, Jupiter during sentence formation, unless you say The Moon or The Sun, please look up, a good Grammar book….your content is good, but grammar needs work…Ta.

  • Yesha Lakdawala says:

    Is astrology truth or myth? Because there are no of children who born same day,same time (same hour ,same minutes, same second) but there life is completely different to each other and there is so many types of astrology like vedic astrology, tropical astrology, western astrology if astrological predictions are accurate then why so many types of astrology ?why not only one method to predict future? and specially in vedic astrology there is so much negative prediction about western astrology and vedic astrology the sun sign calculation completely different so which type of astrological predictions we consider vedic or western or tropical….???

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  • Ramesh Maddipoti says:

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    Sir what are ur consultation fees

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  • Sab says:

    Running Mars dasha as Gemini lagna Aries moon.. mars is in my 10th with Venus.. currently Jupiter transits my natal Saturn.. so could marriage take place once Jupiter joins Saturn? Since they will be both transiting my 7th from lagna? Saturn is my darakaraka

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    Please explain with chart it becomes difficult without it.Rest ur knowledge is good

  • Aniket Patil says:

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    Sir i am having aquiris ascendent and shani is retrograded at 27 degree in 1st house? shall i do any remedies to make is more strong?
    2.sun at 2 degree, venus at 10 degree and mercury at 25 degree in 8th house. and 5th house is empty with sun lord.
    so here is the confuse.
    1.Shall i do remedies to make sun strong ? or could it make venus weak as it become strong by remedies. please suggest.
    2. I have come to learn that sukra is good in 7th house in aquirise and also increase bhagya.what's your views to the same and how it will affect marriage life in my chart?
    3. how mercury give results in this house.
    4.i am also worried about mars and ketu in the 9th house.please provide with their affects on marriage life.
    Also kindly consider that jupiter is in 10th house at 15 degree.navmans acsendent is cancer with moon in 1st house and birth nakshatra is punarvasu.
    I am really hoping to receive an honest reply to this.(specialy regarding marriage life) Thank you.
    love and peace !

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