VERSEAU ♒, votre HOROSCOPE du 8 au 14 février 2019.

VERSEAU ♒, votre HOROSCOPE du 8 au 14 février 2019.

(music) Hello everyone, here is your horoscope for the week of February 8 to 14. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And you can find me on my social networks, Instagram and Twitter, and do not forget, if you like this channel, please subscribe. (music) Dear Aquarius and Ascendant Aquarius, Happy Birthday! In your horoscope, one begins directly with the 1st decan and the entry of Mercury in Pisces. So Mercury leaves your sign and gets in Pisces. Mercury is a planet of verbal exchanges, I speak, and commercial exchanges, I sell, I buy. And here, in this case, since it is going to occupy a money sector, there may be “I buy” because you like it, I buy, I sell … and maybe I also trade at a commercial level, it will not be bad for you. Just a little advice, follow your intuitions, follow the movement, do not try to force, to have a hold on the situation. Things will evolve on their own, you will not have anything to do so, of course, put yourself in situation if necessary … If the situation does not come to you, go to the situation, but do not try to necessarily impose your point of view or your way of doing things, your methods. You let things happen. We continue for the 2nd decan, the end of the 2nd decan, with an harmony between the Sun and Jupiter. And besides if you celebrate your birthday, it’s excellent! We can say that your projects are featured, or one of your projects that is important to you, especially, is coming to fruition or at least will materialize in the future, in the near future. It’s true that for Aquarius it’s sometimes it’s never in the immediate future that it’s happening, it’s the sign of the future, so everything is anticipated in Aquarius, and again, even with this aspect of the Sun and Jupiter, you will anticipate something that will succeed … It’s unlikely to be really concretely there this week, but in any case it will be in your head somewhere and you know that it will happen one way or another. We end of course with the 3rd decan and who celebrates his birthday from … between Friday and Saturday. The Sun gets in the 3rd decan of Aquarius, while doing an harmony with Jupiter that you have to know, 3rd decan, that it will water you with … Good things from this week, next week, at so on. then it will last a little while, so you’re a little bit lucky because at the same time you also have an harmony of Uranus, even though it ends, it will end early March… that you also have an harmony of Mars, there too that gives you really good energy, by the way, we will have trouble following you this week since you will be fast on all levels! You will be fast and you will want others to be fast too, and that’s where it can stumble a bit because, well, no one can be as fast as you, both in action and intellectually, it goes very fast up there! (music) Two good days, Wednesday and Thursday, for you Aquarius with a moon in Gemini, a sign of Air like yours, and that shows us that you will feel particularly well. You will love yourself, which is not always the case, and so you will be full of harmony, because finally when we love ourselves, when we appreciate ourselves, the others feel it, and feel that there is this harmony in you, and we are always drawn to harmony. Except for some signs that are only attracted by, precisely, disharmonies, but it’s rather rare. In any case, it will be two good days to charm! See you next week. In the meantime, if you want more details, you can find me on the 32 10, on or on the TV magazine website. (music)


  • Christina Gnesutta says:

    Bravo à vous Christine !!!! Vous êtes là seule à détaillées les 3 décan 👍👍👍 Grande Gratitude 😇💖🌟😇💖🌟😇💖🌟😇

  • MademoiselleMoira says:

    Merci pour vos vidéos. Je suis déçue d'avoir raté votre live du 5.

  • nadege dejesus says:

    bonjour vous être super ma fille est verseaudu 8fevrier 30 ans demain elle a beaucoup de personnalité moi cancer on est fusionnel merci

  • Sonia Kovacevic says:

    Bonsoir, merci je vous adore ! Je suis verseau tout comme vous, et en ce jour de mon anniversaire tout c'est déroulé comme cela devait arriver et cela va continuer Merci pour tout

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