Virgo April 2016 Horoscope

welcome to your horscope for the month
of April 2016 this is a very interesting month because you are
actually cutting off ties with somebody doesn’t matter your done
you’re the one walking away in spirits showing me you hanging up the phone
there’s no resurrecting there’s no talking we’re done and I feel
that this is because this person they have destroyed the relationship the person who you’ve
known for a long time but I still that this person they always come to you only
to just take this is very immature person who this person they don’t they
suck at being able to take a structure of criticism it’s a friendship two words
one-sided they want to go there and only pretty much better for the year they
want to use you for their companionship but they don’t want to actually be there
for a true friendship this person is always dropped the ball when you needed
them but when you have sort of to rescue its like they feel as though like they
don’t reciprocate or give back a Friend very long time and I feel was
causing the wreck is is that this person is selfish for too long with you feel
that you’re done and this is the time where you just cutting ties the peppers
and what is really important because you’ve known this person or you have
this connection this relationship can be work or whatever situation in your life
but you had this is something that you had history with but you’re closing it
off because this person has been selfish with the way too many times and you’re
done ok all about Jesus saying you know what
I got to be more responsible and I’ve gotta take care of myself and I’m sick
and tired of having people are only in my life whenever I can give to them you
can’t work like that this is gonna be a month where you’re cutting out people
like that and you’re just looking out for what’s best for your family what’s
best for you okay go ahead talk about your obstacles month your love life and
euchre is never going to talk about your obstacle for this month optical for you this month is you are
too scared of letting go of that toxic relationship even though you have cut
off the relationship you let it go you are struggling with something like oh my
gosh and wonderful person where they were going to change what are they going
to do this person who told me that they were going to make a change that’s where
they’re going to do right by me but what you have to understand is you know only
holding on to that situation because you’re used to it it’s become a part of
your daily life has become a part of your history so sometimes you’ve got to
say you know what this person is never going to change that’s going to be the
biggest obstacle for you you still being hopeful and thinking that this person is
going to change now that things are going to get better and you being able
to just walk away so you’re going to still wanna just fix things let bygones
be bygones be the best medicine that you can give a situation is a silent
treatment the best thing that you can do in this situation is for you to walk
away from it that way people can understand that I can’t just come over
your undercover gonna be ok I’ve got a reversal better or or there will be
consequences flat-out ok but you’re struggling with letting go and even the
angels are telling you that you just need to walk away from the situation
stop holding onto my gosh it was gonna get better the angular telling you to
trust your intuition and just let it go because this person is not in jeans
person this is immature with you they suck when it comes to keeping their
promises and you gotta understand that this is a very very bad person for you word is a joint gone your life and
you’re not going to be able to go through with this kind of person that I
thought this person secretly is very jealous of you a situation where this
person secretly want to see you do bad and I guess this could be a situation in
regards to a person or a work relationship or whatever but they don’t
want the best for you and you’ve got a place where people actually want the
best for you and move on with your life can go ahead talk about what’s gonna
happen in your love life for this month this is really interesting because you
are learning that sometimes situations in your love life because of the choices
that you have me actually being surprised us because the past from
before for this person who this person is very sweet person is very sweet in
regards to their intentions with you this person may have been a little bit
too nice ok maybe you were kind of bored ok with the situation but I just feel
that this person struggled with how do I connect the dots how do I silver logo I
do love him I saw this person struggles with trust this person that’s what stood
in your way with this situation but this is gonna be a month where they’re going
to reach out to you gonna go my gosh I’ve been missing you like crazy and you
going to discover that you guys have done a whole new level of connection and
this is going to be a month of love whoever you meet this month it could be
the one just gotten seriously date this is going to be a month in your sign for
your sign particularly for you meet the one to go out and date seriously you
gotta go and go to the gas station to buy a pack of chewing gum whatever
character house cuz you’re going to be the one coming up to you take a second
look at them because this is the month for your signed it had the potential to
meet the man ok but I feel that this is going to be a time where you’re saying
you know well there is a deeper connection there if you meet someone
special I really connect with this person I know that is not BS it’s the
universe bringing you someone worth something to you so just take a number
of that stuff okay for those of you that are dating I thought this is beautiful
because I know what I actually am happy and I i can possibly accept the fact
that this person’s actually good for me ok I feel that your walls coming to beat
down ok you’re realizing that you know things are looking up and maybe I have
stood in the way because I was trying to give me a chance to relax and enjoy what
I have but I feel that there’s been an issue with how you want your life to
look here to give me the word decorate so that tells me like decorating the
house that tells me like you want things you want your household to look a
certain type of way you want your life to look a certain type of way and even
trying to get across to your partner and I thought that this is a month where you
just create harmony in the bond things are going to definitely go overseas
moving in at around ok but those you that have not been so happy in your
relationship this is going to be a time where you’re going to start sneaking
around and talking to somebody else I thought that this is my before and you
realize what you have with a person’s a lot stronger than once you have a smile
and you were actually interested in getting back together with a person this
is gonna be a time where you are being the aggressor you’re the one going on
reaching out making that connection happened absolutely and you’re not
apologizing for it you realize and sometimes you know what real love is
worth taking a risk on all I can say is listen very well whatever you do make
sure that you closed at one door before you open up a new one cuz it sucks to
have someone that they were led on its not working just open up your mouth is
not working I’m sorry I’m a little bit bored next ok for those who they’re
married this is beautiful because I feel that you have a one unit this is
something where you guys are stronger than ever and I thought you guys were
actually giving advice to people this month relationships show me a verbal that’s
sitting there with their partner giving out of bias well this is what we did in order for us
to make it this long so you going to teachers this month for other people ok but also very crowded house you gonna
be the house to be a very beautiful like your mother and I thought everybody so
it’s very beautiful very synchronized month for you and your partner to really
just bond and just so everybody this is what we have haha ok but I was kind of
bad because your house a little overcrowded ok this is going to
be one of the worst it’s kinda hard to set your front door because people are
pressing the front door anyways opening the door heart and what that tells me that you’re
going to have a hard time saying no to people that are coming in at the house
you not like having time that cut out the lights with the slow jams and you
know the special oils ok this is gonna be a time where you’re going to have to
say okay can you guys get out of those the you have not been so happy in your
marriage is I feel this is beautiful because like I said last month you were
being the aggressor bombings in my else this is a month where you’re gonna do
you all bands definitely intact because you actually have some I do you have
your eye on standby in yuan actually start going out and eating this is a
month where you don’t be surprised if you find yourself going shopping you
want to make yourself look extra track before somebody special with this is a
matter of those you there are myriad you’re not happy to work you’re going to
have people flirting with you out of nowhere if you’re a woman male whenever
you are people giving you are kind of eyes this is a weird show me some ideas
in your office to so do not be surprised if yes then pop
out of the blue with a crash or a little bit extra flirtation going on there this
is a big time for those you there are still involved there are so happy for
you to meet somebody that actually has a variety but this actually that’s well
I’m very very strong energy for you to be careful thought and say let’s go
ahead talk about what’s going to happen in your career sector in your career
sector this is going to be a month when I feel like when I told you is your
closing off a relationship this is gonna be big time in your workplace because
this is gonna be a time realizing that you are in a very toxic situation I
thought that this person has it out for you this person’s trying to create the
drama cuz they cannot stand anybody else having the spotlight are doing a better
job in them at your job at a time when you have people there’s seriously being
catty and this is going to be a time when you’re saying you know what I’m
done I will never trust this person with even an ounce of information because
this person clearly the hater this person’s clearly out to get me I thought
that this is going to be a month for competition is on high for you could
people just don’t want to see you people are just haters but I thought for your
signs were simply people are going to try to seriously try to point the blame
on you but I thought because this person they wanted to included in what they
have to be included in the group they have to outside people in order for them
to feel comfortable with themselves but I feel that this is going to be in that
relationship that you’re cutting loose could this not worth it is not enough
money in the world for me to want to sit here and put up with this drama this is
a time where either you if you are a business owner you cutting off your
connection with a client or you’re cutting off connections with some sort
of situation regarding your workers your descendants not enough money in the
world to do it this way to drama I don’t come to work with us this is as
ridiculous as this is not high school schools out this is not what I want to
do it the next day you are walking away from a bad situation emotionally by saying you know I’m
checking out the situation I’m not even gonna get a situation my energy and my
time I tension you gotta do that this person was people that are just need you
I bet they have to be included they have to create some sort of drama there has
to be somebody to bra underneath the bus and forgery very what happens to be you
just try your best to just say you know it’s not where I’m so sorry there’s
other things going on in my life besides person in their petty behavior and just
move forward ok to have a beautiful month never lost a strong this month
understand that sometimes life relationships have to get cut off in
order for us to make better choices for ourselves and sometimes you got off to
understand that you know what just because people are in our life as we
know they’re necessarily good for us ok have a good model would love to have
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