Virgo Daily Horoscope and Astrology Reading November 17th 2018

November 17, 2018 Everything is looking up, including your bank
statement, as Venus wraps a frustrating six-week backspin today. Since October 5, you may have blown through
a pile of cash with little to show for it. But starting now, you can get things back
on a more realistic track, though it may require a little belt-tightening. You might have fallen out of step with some
coworkers during this phase or gotten sucked into workaholic mode during which you shortchanged
your self-care. With beautifying Venus moving forward again,
you’ll be able to bring back your own glow! But just as this good news comes in, your
ruler, messenger Mercury, spins into retrograde until December 6. With your home and family zone affected, holiday
planning could go awry. Don’t volunteer to host anything (or anyone)
that will ratchet up your stress levels!

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